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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Bytessence MPxConverter

Version 1.2
- The list columns are now stored in the settings file
- The remaining time indicator is now more accurate
- Added a more reliable way of calculating the total progress
- The progress is also shown on the titlebar while converting
- Added drag and drop support
- Fixed a bug with the input path in the "Add video" dialog
- Fixed a bug that was preventing the main window to show up after closing it
in minimized state (from the taskbar)
- Added Urdu, Turkish and German translations in the main package
- Updated code for PureBasic 4.30
- Re-compiled the included AMV-Codec-Tools FFMpeg executable (SVN-r589)
- Made other minor changes (changed item highlight color, formatted the code)

Version 1.1
- Made all the paths relative (for languages and log) for full portability
- Removed the useless window color
- Fixed the video remove action mixing colours in the video list
- Added multiple file selection feature so you can add more files with a single click
- Added 'estimated time of arrival' column so you know how much time is left until a
video file is converted
- The video options you last used are now stored in the settings file
- The program now remembers the position and the size of the main window
- Different profile files can be now chosen from the Settings dialog
- Added splash screen upon startup (it can be turned off in Settings)

Version 1.0
- Added LibFAAD support for the included FFmpeg build
- Added .mp4 extension to the open file dialog on Windows version
- Added updated Hungarian, Italian and Spanish translations in the package
- Fixed a small bug (conversion wouldn't stop when the button was pressed)

Version 0.9
- New design (as requested), closer to the old AMV converter
- Now the conversion parameters are stored in a file so you can add custom resolutions, tweak the quality, etc.
- The conversion options aren't mixed together anymore, they're now separated (e.g each player has it's own recommended values, preventing "Format error" warnings)
- Fixed a small bug where the log file was created even if the option was deactivated
- Removed RockChip / Anyka from the list

Version 0.8
- Added Italian translation
- Fixed problem with xvidcore.dll (now it's built as static lib in ffmpeg)
- Made other minor changes

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