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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Burn

Burn 3.0.5

Added support for more aspect ratios.

Burn 3.0.4

Fixed aspect ratio problem when converting videos.

Burn 3.0.3

Fixed an issue with .wav files on Audio-CD discs

Burn 3.0.2

Fixed an issue with burning Audio CD discs (no sound problem).

Burn 3.0.1

Fixed a bug.

Burn 3.0

Added Apple Silicon support.
New icon (thanks to João Gomes).
Fixed some bugs.
Big Sur layout improvements.

Burn 2.7.9 released
Sun, 08 Mar 2020 15:57:32 -0000

Fixes audio speed problem (due to lower or higher audio rate).
Fixes track order on Audio discs when adding them (Thanks Don!! :).

Burn 2.7.8
Fixed several bugs.

Burn 2.7.7
Signed and notarised Burn so it can be opened in the Finder in newer macOS versions.

Burn 2.7.6
Fixed a problem with Audio-CD track order after re-ordering the track list.

Burn 2.7.5
Fixed some Chinese (Traditional) localisation issues.

Burn 2.7.4
Fixed a problem with the localised support menu.

Burn 2.7.3
Fixed a problem that caused Audio-CD tracks to end in noise.
Updated conversion tool (FFmpeg 4.2).
Added support menu item.
Removed unmaintained languages (French, Japanese, Korean and Czech).
Small improvements.

Burn 2.7.2
Fixed a problem with opening help when the selected language doesn't have a translated version.
Fixed a problem which caused Burn to indicate there wasn't enough room on the disc (occured with Video and Audio discs).

Burn 2.7.1
Updated conversion tool (ffmpeg).
Applied workaround for macOS bug, which crashes Burn when creating a DVD-Video with menu.
Fixed bugs and small imrpovements.

Burn 2.7.0
Re-added DVD-Audio support (dvda-author).
Updated conversion tool (ffmpeg, lame).
Updated (S)VCD creation tool (vcdimager).
Fixed a VoiceOver problem in the preferences window.
Fixed a problem burning VCD and SVCD discs.
Fixed bugs and small imrpovements.

Burn 2.6.9
* Fixed problems erasing discs.
* Fixed VoiceOver issues.
* Layout improvements.
* Added move to "Applications" folder dialog (needed in order to update Burn).
* Fixed Audio CD noise issues.
* Bug fixes and internal improvements.

Burn 2.6.8
* Improved VoiceOver support.
* Other small (non visual) improvements.

Burn 2.6.7
* Problems with creating DVD-Video discs and disc copies solved.
* Improved creating DVD-Video chapters.
* Improved Italian Voice Over.
* Solved some other small bugs.

Burn 2.6.6
* Improved Italian Voice Over localisation.

Burn 2.6.5
* Improved audio time display appearance.
* Improved Italian Voice Over localisation.

Burn 2.6.4
* Restored old disc type selection interface to work on Mavericks and show sheets in the right fashion.

Burn 2.6.3
* Improved Voice Over localisation in English, Italian and Dutch versions of Burn.
* Added an option in the preferences to toggle automatic updates.

Burn 2.6.2 released
* Added missing Voice Over localisation in Italian and Dutch versions of Burn.

Burn 2.6.1 released
* Retina 3x support.
* Dark mode support.
* Made tools 64-bit.
* Beter memory management (automatic).
* Implemented macOS notifications.
* Bugs solved and internal improvements.

Burn 2.5.1 released
* Fixed VoiceOver issues (Thanks to: Josè Tralli, Vainer Broccoli, Roberto Fortunati and IBRISAN).
* Better VoiceOver support for English, Dutch and Italian languages (Italian thanks to: Josè Tralli).
* Fixes converting files to DVD-Video mpg.
* New 64-bit PowerPC G5 and Intel build.
* Added support for m4a audio tags.
* Fixes bug preventing to edit CD-Text tagless audio files.
* Fixes problems with CD-Text when re-ordering, adding or deleting Audio-CD files.
* Other CD-Text bugs fixed.
* Several bug fixes for Burn on Mac OS X 10.3.9.
* Doesn't re-encode Audio-CD files all ready in the right format.
* Support for re-ordering multiple files on audio and video discs.
* Updated PowerPC G4, G5 ffmpeg-mt build.

Burn 2.5 released
* Fixes a problem with authoring DVD-Video discs.
* Added support for a joliet long filename hack (103 characters). (thanks to mkisofs).
* Fixed a problem with 'Apple Intermediate Codec' video files.
* Fixed some aspect ratio problems.
* Creates an .isoInfo file to make Audio-CD iso files reproducible in Burn.
* Fixes copying Audio-CD discs (would crash).
* Fixed French spelling error (thanks to: Alexandre Leroux).
* Fixed problem with mono audio files (fixes the chipmunk problem :-).
* Fixed NTSC VCD size (used for calculating bars).
* Fixed DV conversion to NTSC DVD or SVCD.
* Updated convertion engine, new ffmpeg binaries (thanks to the FFmpeg developers).
* Fixed some sync issues with mp4, m4v and mov files.
* Ac3 sound of avi files is used when converting to DVD mpg.
* Added support for QuickTime chapters.
* Fixes mount / eject setting (after burning) (Thanks to: Brian D. Wells.).
* Other bug fixes.

Burn 2.4.1 released
- Updated Spanish localization. (Thanks to: J. Pablo Pérez)
- Fixed a problem with remuxing external MPEG2 streams.
- Keeps track of temporary files and only deletes those files ((when files should be deleted on quit).
- Sorts files dragged from the Finder.
- Improved Greek icons.
- Better progress when adding individual audio files.
- Fixed a problem when trying to open 'Copy Help' (German localization).
- New iconset thanks to Lachlan Coles (see 'Extras' on Burns site).

- Fixes a problem with burning DVD-Video discs.
- Fixes a problem with burning Dual Layer DVD discs.
- Added Italian localization. (thanks to Stefano D'Armini)
- Better compatibility of files in AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders. (thanks to Brian D. Wells)
- Added support for '.dvd' files and corrected display of images bigger than 4GB. (thanks to Hajo Nils Krabbenhöft)
- More realistic default CD and DVD sizes when no disc is present.
- Better size calculation for Audio-CD and (S)VCD discs.
- Much better error handling.
- Better support for foreign filenames and strings.
- Adjusted the data list to work more like the Finder.
- Added menu item to go the Burn site (to all localizations).
- Much more accurate Audio-CD disc creation (fixes noises on Audio-CD discs).
- Addedappropriate volume label limits.
- Added 'rmvb' and 'mts' extensions to media types that can be converted.
- Now creates titles instead of chapters on menu-less DVD-Video discs.
- Removed 'pls', 'midi' and 'm3u' files from the types since they don't work.
- Fixed copying disc when using one drive to copy and burn a disc.
- No Spanish localization this version (hopefully temporary).
- Better loging.
- Adjusted interface to better fit to Apple Interface Guidlines.
- Replaced Console with 'Details' in alerts.
- Some spelling errors fixed.
- Cleanup of the complete source (Burn was born in 2003).
- A lot of bug fixes.

- New method for creating Audio-CD discs.
- Much faster DVD-Video disc image creation and burning.
- Much improved DVD-Audio creation.
- Support for multi-channel audio files used for DVD-Audio discs.
- Fixes a bug preventing Burn to burn cue / bin images.
- Added Spanish localization (thanks to: Emilio Perez Egido).
- Corrected burning time.
- Themes are now stored in the "Application Support" folder.
- Added an internal console for finding problems.
- Bug fixes (see SVN log).

- Added Korean localization (thanks to: Jeremy Yun).
- Added Greek localization (thanks to: Sotiris Papathanasiou).
- Improved Chinese (traditional) localization (thanks to: Sato).
- Seperate G3 build (due to broken Altivec detection in ffmpeg).
- Fixed the binaries to work on 10.3.9 - 10.5.6 again.
- Fixed a bug where dvda-author asks for a config file.
- Progress while preparing DVD-Video / DVD-Audio discs.
- Fixed a miscalculation preventing to create DVD-Video discs.

- Added latest version of ffmpeg-mt.
- Uses multiple cores when encoding (thanks to ffmpeg-mt).
- RealVideo (1.0 - 4.0) support (thanks to ffmpeg-mt).
- Doesn't create a title menu with one title.
- Fixed wrong free space display for certain discs.
- Better logging support for finding problems with authoring.
- Removed unused images from the main application (saving some space).

- Fixed a crash when using QuickTime 6.5.2.
- Updated dvda-author to the latest version (8.12).
- German localization improvements.
- Brazilian Portuguese localization improvements.

- New interface (thanks to: Pico Mitchell).
- New 512 pixel icons (thanks to:Frank Brancato).
- New burning and erasing dialogs.
- Combining option in burning dialog (when possible).
- Sound effects.
- Shows available space and used in the main window.
- Quickly access options in the main window.
- Rewriten help and available in more localizations.
- A much smaller memory footprint.

- Advanced data disc editing.
- Better folder size calculation.
- Improved the data list.
- Invissible files are hidden on all filesystems.
- UDF support in Panther.
- Basic HFS Standard support.
- CD-TEXT support.
- MP3 tag editing.
- Can create folders based on artist or album tags.
- Added DVD-Audio support.
- Now standard creates compatible DVD-Video discs without creating an image.
- MP2 as standard since AC3 seems to cause problems.
- Added a option to loop DVD-Video discs.
- DVD-Video Chapter support.
- DVD-Video menu support with themes.
- VIDEO_TS can be dropped in the Video tabs list.
- VCD support in Panther.
- Now can copy Audio-CD discs.
- Now creates a back-up when working witch one device.
- Raw image and disc support in Panther.
- Limited cue/bin support in Panther.

- Save borders (needs some refining).
- Overburning.

- A lot of invisible (internal) and visible changes, bug fixes etc.

- New localizations:
Finnish (thanks to Markku Reunanen)
Indonesian (thanks to Aryo Sanjaya)
Korean (thanks to Jeremy Yun)
Polish(thanks to Bartosz Petryński)

- New icon (thanks to: Frank Brancato).
- New localizations: Swedish, Spanish, Catalan and Chinese (Simplified).

- Fixes random crashes.
- Fixes language problems in Panther.
- Now localized versions display the audio tab properly when QuickTime 6 is installed.

- Added Brazilian Portuguese localization (thanks to: Eduardo Lamblet).
- Added experimental folder calculation (is very consuming though, set it in the Preferences > Advanced).
- Folders dropped in Data tab are added as disk (outside the list).
- Added Growl notifications.
- Now all files show the same as in the Finder (extensions and language).
- Added a option to show hidden extensions.
- Added a user guide.
- Added a FAQ.
- Files can be reordered for Audio CDs, DVD-Video disks, VCDs and SVCDs.
- Reorganized Copy tab.
- Disks can now be dropped in the Copy tab.
- QuickTime 7 is no longer required.
- Now asks if the user wants to create compatible DVD-Video disks (one time).
- Now all aspect ratios are supported for VCD, SVCD disks.
- Corrected aspect ratio handling for DVD disks.
- Now dragging and dropping from iLife applications works.
- Some minor interface changes.
- Several bug fixes.

- Fixes a serious bug preventing audio files to be converted to mp3.

- Added Russian localization (thanks to Michael Krekin).
- Fixed a problem creating compatible DVD-Video Disks in the data tab.
- Movies without audio can now be used on VCD, SVCD and DVD discs.
- Moved the preference option "Create a fully compatible DVD-video
disk" to General since it's used for both Data and Video tab.
- Fixed some small bugs.

- Added Danish localization (thanks to Toke Riis Ebbesen).
- Added Norwegian localization (thanks to Per Trygge Flemmen).
- Added Canadian French localization (thanks to Ronald Leroux).
- Fixed English spelling errors.
- Added a option to force MPEG2 encoding.
- Fixed some aspect ratio problems.
- Fixed problems with reference movies.
- MMX support in the encoder for Intel Macs (thanks to ffmpeg).
- WMV support without Flip4Mac (thanks to ffmpeg).
- iMovie projects support (both 4:3 and 16:9).
- Changed "PC + DVD" to "DVD-Video" (since it's mainly used on DVD-Video discs)
- Data discs burned with "DVD-Video" format will be compatible too, when selected in the preferences.
- Fixed bugs opening .burn files.
- Localized icons (Japanese ones thanks to Sato Akira).
- Fixed some small bugs.

- Added Czech localization (thanks to: czechxteam).
- Added a option to remux MPEG2 streams.
- Added a option to mux audio and video streams (.m2v, .ac3/.mp2).
- Added a option to force DivX encoding.
- Some bugs fixed.

- Fixes Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther) problem.

- Solved a issue with QuickTime movies with mp3 sound.
- Solved a issue with some wmv movies.
- Added a option to create fully compatible DVD-video disks (needed by some standalone DVD players).
- Fixed some localization issues.
- Added Traditional Chinese localization (thanks to: Ayee).

- Fixed DVD-video authoring problem.
- DVD-video with ac3 sound solved.
- French localization (thanks to: Laurent Hermant)
- Fixed some localization problems (thanks to: Sato Akira).
- Improved Japanese localization (thanks to: Sato Akira).

- Fixed some small bugs.
- No more LAME dependency (compiled in ffmpeg).
- AC-3 decoding (thanks to: liba52).
- Japanese localization (thanks to: Sato Akira).
- Corrected version display.

- Recompiled some Intel binaries (thanks to Carlo Gandolfi).
- Added German localization (thanks to Sascha Lamprecht).
- Added Italian localization (thanks to Nicodemo Mistiti).
- Fixed a bug preventing to burn SVCDs.
- Fixed a few spelling errors.
- Fixed a bug preventing some wmv files to be converted.

- Initial release.

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