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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for BluRip

v0.5.2 (2010/12/31)

- French translation
- Video preview with vlc plugin (needs installed vlc >= 1.1.5 + activeX plugin)
- Progress bar for encode/mux with Windows 7 taskbar support
- Always recreate .avs on encode
- New encoding profiles
- Option to edit CropInfo
- Hardcode subs with SupTitle.dll
- Support for 3D blurays
- New plugin system
- Changed default 'settings.xml' location (AppDataRoamingBluRip)
- Get language tags for tracks with no prefered language
- Always delete index files if older then video
- Option to add additional AC3 track for all DTS tracks
- Lots of fixes & minor enhancements

0.5.1 (2010/08/16)

- Some minor GUI fixes (don't reset position on language change etc)
- Option to disable mkvmerge header compression (for audio + video tracks)
- Resize method selection
- Edit functions for demuxed stream list
- Option to edit AutoCrop values (crop, addborders, resize) by hand
- Lots of minor bugfixes
- Show expected size/bitrate in mainwindow when 2-pass profile selected
- Compatible with latest DGDecNV

v0.5.0 fix

Fixed .exe for BluRip 0.5.0

v0.5.0 (2010/07/20)

- Complete GUI redesign
- Skin support
- Multilanguage support (english + german)
- Support for PGS subtitles
- Lots of minor bugfixes
- Optional path for encoded video
- Shutdown possible when not using queue
- Prevent standby when running
- Process step selection
- Preferred language selection for audio and subtitles
- Option to set forced flag in .mkv for first forced track
- Compatible with latest 64-bit x264 build
- Switched to .NET 4.0


- Improved subtitle handling
- Improved index generation handling
- Fixed bitrate calculation
- Option to mux lowres subtitles (for popcorn players)
- Fixed PCM track handling
- Updated MediaInfo.dll


- Split almost all processing steps into seperate DLLs
- Support for 64 bit x264 using avs2yuv
- Improved subtitle processing (faster/split tracks that contain normal&forced subs into 2 seperate tracks)
- Added bitrate calculator for 2-pass profiles (not using any overhead calculation yet)
- Added a lot of new default profiles
- Advanced options for audio & video tracks (on stream selection tab)

- Set output format for each audio track
- Include additionally AC3 track
- Disable autocrop/set framerate/resolution manually

- Support for PCM tracks (AC3 by default)
- Only needs .NET 2.0


- Code rewrite to allow gui redesign later
- Fixed some bugs in stream selection
- Delete index files if "Delete demuxed files" is checked


- Removed check for CuvidServer.exe


- Show return codes of all external tools
- Do not select AC3 surround tracks if other tracks are available
- Use DGMultiSource instead of CuvidServer
- If "delete input files" is selected, index files are deleted
- Added LoadPlugin command to avs files
- Updated MediaInfo.dll
- Moved shutdown checkbox from tab control to mainform (to allow changes while queue is running)
- set chapter language correctly
- Set framerate based on string parsing if mediainfo fails


- DGDecNv support
- Option to use untouched audio
- Option to shutdown after queue
- Option to convert DTS to AC3
- More subtitle mux/copy options
- Recognize more Ac3 types


- Load/save projects
- Queue system
- Changed avs input source selection


- Option to save log to file (right click in log window)
- Option to start AutoCrop window minimized
- Show encoding progress in title/taskbar icon text
- Fix for empty profiles on first start
- Option to only mux forced subs into mkv
- Option to copy all subs to 'Subs' folder
- Option to copy all subs but forced to 'Subs' folder


- Added option to downsample AC3 & DTS tracks
- Added DTS Hi-Res to dts audio tracks
- Resized GUI (smaller)
- Added some file existence checks


- Added AviSynth profiles
- Support for muxing untouched video
- Support for 720p resizing


- Added support for 2-pass profiles
- Bugfix: Subtitles were not muxed
- Bugfix: Stream number for subtitles in Sub folder not incremented


- Added support for .m2ts files


- Option to use -core for DTS-HD tracks
- Quotes around all filenames


- Removed MediaInfoWrapper - used interface form MediaInfoDll
- Fixed typo for crop modes
- Log windows for each step
- Copy subtitles in same order as in streamlist


- First public release

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