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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for SuperSimple Video Converter

2015-03-09: SuperSimple Video Converter 2015, list of changes:

[chg] Minor changes in GUI
[fix] Problem with resizing multiple files where size was constantly shrinking

2014-11-28: SuperSimple Video Converter 2014.2, list of changes:

[fix] Output file size wasn't displayed for small files
[fix] Opening files in SSVC from Explorer context menu didn't work
[fix] Converting part of an audio file didn't work (it would convert entire file)
[fix] Won't waste time attempting to open files with non-media file name extensions

2014-11-05: SuperSimple Video Converter 2014.1, list of changes:

[new] Merging multiple files into a single output file
[new] Output file size displayed in the main list
[new] Added a 4K resolution 3840x2160
[fix] 854x480 resolution was snapping to 856x480
[fix] Invalid estimated time when skipping files that were already converted

2014-01-03: SuperSimple Video Converter 2014, list of changes:

[added] Apple Prores 4:2:2 video editing codec
[changed] When modifying a preset it asks whether to update existing or save a new one
[fix] New conversion engine failed to recognize video resolution of MPEGs
[fix] Wrong encoding settings for some less popular output formats

2013-12-13: SuperSimple Video Converter 2013.4, list of changes:

[added] Available as both installer and portable (zip)
[change] Updated conversion engine
[change] Minor changes in GUI

SuperSimple Video Converter 2013-09-24: SuperSimple Video Converter 2013.3, list of changes:

[change] Automatic renaming of custom profiles to avoid overwriting
[fix] Fixed gradient problems in GUI

2013-08-28: SuperSimple Video Converter 2013.2, list of changes:

[change] Renamed to SuperSimple Video Converter
[change] Minor changes in GUI
[fix] QuickTime MP4 files are now saved with the MOV extension
[fix] Resetting in/out points didn't always work

2013-04-23: Best Video Converter 2013.1, list of changes:

[new] Deinterlace filter to fix artefacts in interlaced videos (e.g. DVD)
[change] Improved video quality and conversion speed
[change] Improved user interface
[fix] After conversion some files would have invalid width
[fix] Setting in/out points for one file was applied to all subsequent files
[fix] Higher video bit rates were listed in non-ascending order
[fix] Output folder was re-created on program startup even if not used

2013-01-09: Best Video Converter 2013, list of changes:

Custom formats are now at the top of the format list
Displays estimated final size of the currently processed file
Fixed: Settings could not be saved on non-english Windows editions
Fixed: Unsupported video and audio codecs are displayed in a clearer way

Best Video Converter 2012.4 (2012-09-18)

Added support for unicode file names
File names can be passed via command-line
Fixed: Resizing videos to some resolutions didn't work properly

Best Video Converter 2012.3 (2012-08-28)

Added start/end points to convert just a part of a file
Added audio volume adjustment
Files with invalid header that show much shorter duration can be converted in full length
Moving files up/down in the list
Fixed: Not all options were saved to the config file
Fixed: Some profiles changed from fixed resolutions to automatic
Fixed: Minor bugs in GUI

Best Video Converter 2012.2 (2012-08-13)

Added a nicer sound at the end of conversion
Minor changes in GUI
Fixed: Exploring output folder did not work if recent output files were manually deleted

Best Video Converter 2012.1 (2012-08-06)

You can choose faster (lower-quality) or slower (higher-quality) encoding for H.264 and WebM formats
After conversion is over opens the output folder and plays a sound
User interface slightly improved
Fixed: Encoding to WAV, MJPEG-PCM and FLIC was broken
Fixed: Better support for some "exotic" audio formats
Fixed: Dropping shortcuts properly opens the target file

Best Video Converter 2012 (2012-07-30)

Initial release

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