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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for BeLight

Release Name: 0.22_RC1
-Add AVI as input files support.
-Add new fresh encoders : AAC(ND&CT-Winamp), AC3(Aften), FLAC(Flake).
-Add new priority threads.
-Remove Nero Bundle dlls encoder.
-Update Lame & Vorbis librairies.
-Update some Presets.
-Fix a lot of bugs.

Release Name: 0.22 beta 9
-Add LST & MUX files support.
-Add Nero dlls detection. If they are available then BeLight copies them automatically to his own folder.
-Add a function to find Nero dlls version. If dlls belong to Nero 7 then ND PS-AAC Presets are enabled otherwise this is disabled.
-Add a Manual Gain option.
-Add "Go to" functions in Options Menu.
-Add Japanese, Greek, German, Nederlands and Italian languages.
-Rewrite & Improve BeLight ETA section.
-Update some Presets.
-Update some BeSweet libraries.
-Update Command Line Part.
-Fix some bugs.

Release Name: 0.22 beta 8
- Fix negative delay insertion.
- Fix Enabling/Disabling Azid Options for 5.1 choices.
- Fix Multiple Files processing.
- Fix Engines Frames choice for AAC Presets.
- Fix BeLight Position/Forms Resizing.
- Fix disabling BeSweet Command Line Window.
- Update PreGain/PostGain processing.
- Update Bitrate Range for WinAmp multichannel Encoding.
- Update AAC Output Channels Order for Mux file Wizard.
- Update Spanish Language.
- Update several internal operations.
- Update Nero dlls missing Message.

Release Name: 0.22 beta 7
- Add Portuguese, Hungarian & Slovenian Languages. Many Thanks guys ;)
- Add Unicode Support.
- Add Dimzon Framework (i.e FAAC, WinAmp aacplus, 3GP Reference Encoder and Speex).
- Add Enabling/Disabling Tabs for Output Format.
- Update lang files.
- Update AAC Presets with PS.
- Update Settings saving.
- Update Mux File Wizard.
- Fix Output Folder changing.
- Fix Command Lines refreshing after running session.
- Fix multiple files processing.

Release Name: 0.22 beta 6
- Add Belight log file (Menu View --> Log). Many thanks to 2Cool for the suggestion.
- Add Italian Language. Thanks to Drak0
- Fix the input lower case extension missing.
- Fix the loop transcoding process with N input files.

Release Name: 0.22 beta 5
- Add q negative settings for Vorbis Encoding.
- Add some info in the Hint when we select the file in the Input File List.
- Add Polish & Russian Languages.
- Update the AAC presets by introducing the Fast Quality Mode.
- Fix the transcoding aborted flag.
- Fix the mono CBR Mode Setting at 96 kbps.
- Fix the ProgressBar Position for MPEG and Vorbis files during the transcoding.

Changelog for the 0.22 beta 4 :
- Fix the warning loading concerning the aac dlls missing.
- Fix the hints which were disabled.
- Update the Azid command even if the Input File List is empty.
- Update the command line for the 5.1 channels with Advanced Settings.
- Update Spanish language.

Changelog for the 0.22 beta 3 :
- Fix the '*.' missing concerning the mp2 files.
- Fix the "-azid( )" command when input are different as AC3.
- Fix the disabling options with multiple selection at the opening.
- Fix internal error when we have 2 or more files to transcode.

Changelog for the 0.22 beta 2 :
- Add List File Writer.
- Add "No ID3 Tags" option.
- Add "Copy" Command line (in the ClipBoard or anything else) option.
- Add direct links for some help.
- Fix the BeSweet Command line Function.
- Fix Access Violation bug.
- Fix a lot of another things.
- Improve the Multilanguage support.
- DTS support partially introduced (not finished).

Changelog of the 0.22 beta 1
* Added some other input formats (mpa, mp2, mp3, vorbis, wav[*]) compatible with the Batch Mode.
* Bugs fixed concerning Opening & Checking input files.
* Edit window for BeSweet Command Line is now updated then we decide to change settings.
* Several internal tweakings.
[*]only stereo files for the moment.

Changelog of the 0.22 alpha 2
* The window of "Edit BeSweet Command Line" option is resizable now.
* Bug fix for the shape concerning the Mux file Wizard.
* Bug fix regarding the pause button during the process.
* Added some goodies (icons for the Main Menu).

Changelog of the 0.22 alpha 1
* Drag & Drop function.
* Batch Mode.
* Append output log file option.
* BeSweet mux file Wizard (thanks to LigH for the tip).
* Preview & Edit BeSweet Command Line are 2 options independant now.
* Some improvements concerning the design.
* Bugs fixed for AAC Presets.
* Others some bugs corrected.

0.21 (01-24-2005) :
Added : VOB input files support.
Added : Priority Choices for the process.
Added : Overwrite asking if your output file is already in the output folder chosen.
Revisited : MP3 part according to Gabriel Bouvigne recommandations.
Improved : Bitrate Management for Vorbis, AC3 and MP2 output formats.
Fixed : lot of stupid & cosmetics bugs.

0.20 (12-18-2004) :
1. Added : Presets.
2. Added : Bitrate visualization for Vorbis Q Mode.
3. Added : Possibility to select either lst or mux files in the input list.
4. Fixed : PreGain available for normalization if AAC is chosen.
5. Fixed : Languages can be saved now.
6. Fixed : Plugins part when it's saved.
7. Fixed : Some problems with LFE and Output Mode in Azid Settings.

0.19 (12-03-2004) :
Added : View & Edit BeSweet Command Line.
Added : Soundtouch Commands.
Added : Spanish language.
Fixed : the choice of bitrate for Lame commands.

0.18 (10-26-2004) :
Added : Loading & Saving your own Settings.
Added : detection of the Nero dll in BeLight folder.
Fixed : --resample Lame function.

0.17 (10-23-2004)
Fixed some errors for the bitrate of Lame Alt-Preset commands.
Much more Lame Settings for Advanced Users (ATH, PSY tunings, Error Protection, Sampling Frequency for the output file).
Added 5.1 Dolby-Digital Wave support.
Added German Language (thanks Brother John ;-)).
Fixed some internal errors.
Clean code to prepare Job List Management.

0.16 (10-20-2004) :
Fixed some internal errors.
Added Presets for AAC output format.
Added SuperEqualizer.
Much More Hints.

0.15 (10-18-2004) :
Create Multilanguages support (French & English).
delay Detection from the input filename.

0.14 (10-17-2004) :
1st public release.

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