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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for BeHappy


audio source plugins are grayed out in combo box if source files are unsupported
update qaac.exe, opusenc.exe, ffmpeg.exe

add button 'show script' to immediately inspect the avs script
add encoder commandline as comment to avs script
jobqueue tab is splitted horizontal to make jobqueue/log panels resizeable
fix too much spaces in some generated encoder command lines
show number of loaded source files in groupbox text
add option 'StartJobsInstantly' to start jobs immediately after enqueuing
state of 'omitEncoderScript' and 'startJobsInstantly' checkboxes is saved in config file
add linkLabel with context menu as head to source and destination groupboxes to make related tasks accessible in a more obvious way (concept stolen from StaxRip)
add some tooltips to 'Tweak' section
add tebasuna51's extension additions and fixes
mark some encoders as deprecated
show in status column if file is currently indexed
add wiki link to 'about' tab
some encoder updates

2015-06-21 (jones1913)
* newer wavsplit.exe

2015-05-31 (jones1913) r76729
+ added file type filters to show only certain encoder/source plugins (use right click on source/encoder combobox)
+ added <IsLossless> field to extensions
* cleaned up about-tab a bit

2015-05-24 (jones1913) r76678
+ added siella's extensions

2015-05-17 (jones1913) r76645
* time stretch dsp now use the TimeStretchPlugin() function

2015-05-17 (jones1913) r76644
* enhanced extension system and replaced all extensions (commented samples in "BeHappy/extensions/extension_specs/*")
+ added calculator to internal timestretch dsp plugin

2014-12-27 (jones1913) r76062
* start next job only if previous running job has properly initialized

2014-12-03 (jones1913) r75896
+ encoder plugin item in combobox is grayed out if the needed encoder executable is missing
+ added a button to automatically set the recommened maximum of simultanously running jobs

Same than previous beta BeHappy- with new plugins versions

2014-11-09 (jones1913) v0.2.6.34898
+ multiple files/folders can be opened at once

2014-10-19 (jones1913) v0.2.6.18337
+ added parallel job processing
+ some gui modernization/tweaks

2010-09-01 (Chumbo) v0.2.5.30809 (changeset 50128)
+ updated 2010 project
- removed compile.bat from inclusion in 2010 project
+ added compileVS2010.bat to 2010 project
+ confirmed project compiles in the IDE and via compileVS2010.bat

2010-09-01 (Chumbo) (changeset 50127)
+ updated the properties CurrentPriority and CurrentPriorityIndex from default getters/setters to use member variables so the project compiles with the batch file compile.bat. Note the project compiles fine with the VS 2008 and 2010 IDE.

2010-08-28 (Chumbo) (changeset 50042)
+ Added ResourceGlobal files to VS 2008 solution/project file
+ Successfully Rebuild All on VS 2008

2010-08-21 (Chumbo) (changeset 49821)
+ added priority warning for user when High is selected
+ added a project global resource for possible future language translations

2009-10-12 (Tebasuna) v0.2.4.20767 (Change Set 28802)
+ Now encAacPlus need libmp4v2.dll (Winamp folder) instead MP4Box/MP4Mux to output .mp4/.m4a files.
+ Recover the low limit for CT encAacPlus to 8 Kb/s, available for mono audio, and the option to force MPEG4 AAC streams.
- Delete the obsolete option to select NeroAacEnc SSE.
+ Add info over Header option.
Release Notes
+ Added process priority control. Available when jobs are started and persists through all the jobs in the queue. Defaults to Idle every time a job or set of jobs are started.
+ Fixed a bug. It's possible the creation of the .State file may fail due to the use of an enumerated type. I changed it to use an int since it can be cast easily and works fine.
+ Added exception handling in the SaveToFile() method so if a problem occurs we'll be made aware of it in the future.
+ Fixed the issue where selecting the priority before the encoder actually starts (that small delay between hitting Start and, for example, aften starts) would not affect the priority.
+ Added tool tip for priority pull down list

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