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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Baka Tagger

2012.11.11 v1.0.0 initial release

2012.11.17 v1.0.1
- removed 255 symbols description cap

2013.01.11 v1.0.2
- minor changes

2013.08.11 v1.0.3
- faster processing of files
- switched to NeroTag as CLI tool
- executable is not packed anymore
- better icon

2013.09.10 v1.0.4
- fixed Windows XP support
- improved translations

2014.03.21 v1.0.5
- improved processing of multiple video files
- fixed crash when cover image had incorrect format or file path
- removed useless progress bar
- various minor tweaks

2015.01.18 v1.0.6
- application manifest now includes compatibility GUIDs for new Windows versioning API
- dropped support for Windows XP and Windows Vista
- fixed minor memory leak occurring during startup arguments processing

2015.03.07 v1.0.7
- enhanced drawing of the poster preview to match Windows 8 Explorer
- fixed broken tagging (oops!)
- fixed crash on startup when some command-line arguments were provided

2016.03.17 v1.0.8
- added support for Windows 10
- added Dutch translation (thanks to Wim Lobeek)
- fixed crash when launched with elevated privileges

2016.04.30 v1.0.9
- added Greek translation (thanks to
- fixed issues with text extraction from Year textbox

2016.07.19 v1.0.10
- switched to build with Visual Studio 2015
- browsing for new video file(s) or folder(s) now always clears list of video files
- various minor improvements

2016.10.11 v1.0.11
- changed the way Baka Tagger stores temporary files, tools and stuff are now stored in %TEMP%,
this fixes tagging of files stored at locations where hardlinking are not supported (such as ReFS volumes)
and at locations where writing to root is prohibited (such as C:)
- added protection of tools from being deleted while encoding
- removed delay between finish of the current task and the start of the next one
- fixed About dialog not showing close button in window caption

2016.12.05 v1.0.12
- fixed problem with non-English translation sometimes being picked by Windows Resource manager
if none of the translation languages are in the preferred languages list

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