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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for BOX4

(Changes since last beta 4)

Allow folders, as well as files, to be 'drag and dropped' for input.
By default, auto select (enable) subtitle track if its 'Forced' flag is set.
Tidied up a couple of minor '.Opacity Fade' issues.
Cleaned up the final bits of code.

BOX4 version 3 update: beta 4

Changed, updated, and shifted, the input/import scan worker procedures slightly.
- Now all files load in almost instantly.
Updated the input parsing routines. (both file input and subtitle import)
Cleaned up the dialog message window.
Cleaned up a few GUI properties.
Amended some coding type conversions.

BOX4 version 3 (BETA 3)

Complete change and re-write of the input error checking routines:
-Error checks changed for simplcity and continuity.
Complete change and re-write of the input compatibility checking routines:
-Compatibilty checks changed for simplcity and continuity.
Complete change and re-write of the input checking and parsing routines:
-Including Video, Audio, Subtitles, and Attachments.
Added more checks, and resets, to the default 'Settings' values upon load.
Extensive extra checks added to the verification of user inputted filter values.
-Inclusing both value and scope.
Changes to the reboxing (muxing) processes, checks, and workers.
-Speed improvements over earlier versions on most systems.
Added support for opus audio.
Notification dialog changes.
Some trivial GUI/control/geometry changes and alignments.
Hundreds, yes hundreds, of minute undocumented changes not listed.
Updated FFMPEG.

BOX4 version 3 (BETA 2)

New version 3, re-written from scratch.
-Switched over to WPF:
-Slightly new interface which should be more responsive and easier to understand.
-Easier to move the program window around.
-Easier to switch between various windows like settings|tracks|profiles. (without having to close each window individually)
-Job and track scrolling smoother and improved.
Made some of the previous options clearer to understand (settings).
Input file audio and subtitle track limits increased from 8 to 16.
Added the 'loudnorm' audio filter.
You can now import additional subtitle tracks (including YouTube VTT), and set the language code.
Audio default track flag can be changed.
Subtitle default and forced track flag can be changed/set/unset.
-Final release (for now).
-No new additions since last beta, just code checks and tidy-up.

UPDATE (beta 4-2)
-Fixed the audio channel problem. (I'd forgot to uncomment out some code.....)

UPDATES (beta 4)

-Added stereo channel AC3 and multichannel AAC audio encoding options.
-Due to above, had to completely re-write the profile and audio routines.
-Had to completely re-do the profile controls, although not noticible for the user.
-Fixed an audio compatibility check test fail - was falling back too easily.
-Added/changed/amended lots of compatibility tests and checks.
-Added an audio codec override - passthrough if codecs match.
-Added more robustness to the input parsing.
-Added various 'error catch' code in important areas.
-Started to add some basic 'quick help' screens. (only one at the moment)
-Added and changed a few control|selection options.
-Started bringing in the subtitle font attachments and passing through if needed.
-A few little changes in the way the video information is displayed.
-Added the ability to add, or amend, the title of the movie.
-Huge amount a code changes and tweaks.

BOX4 v2 (beta 3)

-Changed from traditional parsing to JSON objects for the input files.
-Changed from arrays to 'Lists' for streams.
-Changed folder input files to 'Lists'.
-Changed from arrays to 'Dictionary' for language codes and selections.
-Job will auto-disable if source and destination files are the same.
-Fixed a folder button flashing problem when an incompatible file is in folder mode.
-Cleaned up and simplified the output options parsing routines.
-Added 'OUTPUT PATH' selection dialog to the SETTINGS screen.
-Many other miscellaneous bits 'n' bobs.

BOX4 V2 (beta 2)

Moved some things that were being run in the parsing loop when there was no need.
Changed all the input structures to classes and properties.
Simplified culture related parsing.
Made input parsing more robust.

Fixed culture problems with value inputs.

Amended some path displays.
Streamlined a lot of the basic code logic.
Shifted some subtitle (profile change) compatibility checks out of the audio loop (doh!).
If default stream selection set to language that isn't there now defaults to none.

Output stream specifier selections fixed:
There could have been certain scenarios where the selected streams to be copied or encoded were not chosen correctly.
- This would have also been a fault with the original 'BOX4 v1' too.

BOX4 v2.0

VIDEO: AVC H.264 | HEVC H.265 | VP9 | VC-1

AUDIO: AC3 | AAC | MP3 | COPY (Dynamic Audio Normalizer (D.A.N) option when encoding to STEREO)
SUBTITLE: Both TEXT and BITMAP formats (TEXT in MP4 are Apple compatible)

BOX4 v1.0.0.0
Final 'non-beta' release.
Changed a bit of code around and done the final bit of housekeeping.
No major changes from beta 7 except for a few code clean-ups, rearranging, and further tests.

BOX4 v0.7.0.0 (beta 7)
Added 'Drag and Drop' to the main interface - you can drop files directly onto BOX4.
Modulated the input routines.
Made the input collection more robust and linked continuity between input folder,file,D&D.
Profile behaviour has been changed:
The default profile for all input files is now set within the PROFILES window.
Individual JOB profiles can still be individually changed as required.
Cleared up a few hidden controls left behind from earlier development and testing.

Please Note:
The programming environment was updated (Visual Studio 2015 update 3).
Minimum .NET Framework (v4.6.1).

v0.6.0.0 (beta 6)
Enabled the folder mode option - You now have the ability to load multiple files.
Simplified and enhanced the input file processes, resources and parsing.
Coded a 'get out clause' for problem input files.
Simplified and enhanced the output file processes and resources.
Changed the start and stop process events.
Right-clicking the MP4 profile button (JOB PANEL) now sets it for 'web-optimised'.
A few little GUI changes and updates.
Added job numbers to jobs in the queue.
Added a marker to the track (GUI) to visually show the default input streams.
Added notification text to an input subtitle stream marked as forced.

v0.5.0.0 (beta 5)
Multiple audio tracks can now be selected.
Multiple subtitle tracks can now be selected.
Added a colour change to track numbers if incompatible with selected settings (eg: bitmap subtitles into MP4 output).
Fixed possible incorrect default scenarios for profiles/settings which could be raised after jobs were added.
Changed and added different options in the profiles window.
Removed the MP4 fallback option in favour of a primary/secondary audio setting for both MKV and MP4 output.
Sorted out the tab order.
Changed the error dialog box if you're ever unlucky enough to see it.
Added more error detection routines to different sections of the workers.
Prevent further operations, and thus a 'viscious circle' of errors, if error detected in workers.
Major internal changes, expect the worst.....

v0.4.0.0 (beta 4)
> Job listings and track listings windows seperated to allow independent lists.
>>> this is to prevent:
>>> 1. the job list reseting to the top after viewing track options.
>>> 2. to give independent control over the smooth transition of the track display.
> The above, to the user, is somewhat trivial but internally is a major change (expect anomalies).
+ Started to make changes that will aid multiple audio and subtitle selections if added in the future.
+ Started to make additions to the code to allow folder inputs in the future.

v0.3.0.0 (beta 3)
+ Encode panel now displays job ETA (roughly).
> I had accidentally left in some incorrect parameters in the D.A.N options (beta 2) - now fixed.
> Changed some trivial GUI stuff.
> Other minimal code changes and clean-ups.

v0.2.0.2 (beta 2)
+ Added default audio and subtitle automatic selection mode options:
... Input audio|subtitle track (stream) can be auto-enabled depending on:
... No automatic selection (disabled), first track (stream), or matching ISO369 code.
+ MP4 audio codec fallback option in profile for when copy audio is not possible.
+ MPX (camera) input files supported.
+ H265 and VC1 input video supported.
+ PCM_S24LE input audio supported.
+ MP4 validity checks for both output audio and subtitles.
+ Input files containing no audio supported.
- Transport stream (TS) support support removed (I'll look at that later).
> Fixed some 'MOV_TEXT' subtitle handling and configuration.
> Corrected the new file job settings not being refreshed depending on profile.
> Tidied up the file job custom control allocations and structures.
> Better memory management of jobs along with their associated controls and data.
> Other elements not noted or forgotten (expect anomalies). Beta
This is first beta release, expect some quirks.

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