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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for BDInfo


Changes since v0.8.0.0-beta

Fix scanning from network folders (#42)
Downgrade to Avalonia 0.11-preview 4 (#39)
Allow passing folder/file names as arguments to the applicatione executable to start scanning on start (#38)
Allow drag&drop folder/files onto the main window to trigger a scan
Make light theme default and add a toggle to switch to dark theme (#40)
Make windows and window elements smaller and use smaller font sizes (#40)
Use Ready2Run compilation for faster application start up (#40)


Changes since v0.7.6.2-beta

Using Avalonia UI Framework ( instead WinForms from now on.
Change target .NET framework to dotnet-6.0 (
Linux and MacOS (latter one still untested) support
Split GUI and core functionality


Changes since v0.7.6.1-beta

Add PGS Subtitle parsing (Resolution + Caption count, on full scan only)
Fix reporting correct AVC profiles and levels
Fix reporting correct HEVC levels
Fix reporting wrong mastering color information in some cases
Add missing HEVC frame type reporting (also fixes avg frame size calculation)
some more code fixes
Some more tweaking to the reports formatting


Changes since v0.7.6.0-beta

Fix reporting wrong video bitrate (regression, addresses #24, #21, #36)
Some tweaking to the reports formatting


Changes since v0.7.5.8-beta

Fix report file writing when ISO Disc Label contains non-safe characters (#35)
Fix incorrect frame counts in reports / graph (regression, #34)
Do not fail scan on Disc meta XML file reading (#29)
Improve bitrate calculation for the rare cases when consecutive packet timestamps are not increasing
Correctly detect MPEG2 audio streams
Add support for AAC audio streams (#25)

Changes since v0.7.5.7-beta

Make stream detection more reliable; Trying to work around mastering problems, where a playlist can reference multiple stream files with different stream types for same ID


Fix file filter in the ISO selection dialog (regression from previous version)
Fix file size column naming in the playlist window
Make AVC and HEVC stream parsing more reliable by respecting the emulation prevention bytes


On non-3D BDs do not report 'Left/Right Eye' on video streams when multiple video streams available
Fix High-DPI support.
Add a new setting to switch between human readable and raw byte formatted file sizes in the playlist/stream view
Add support for HDR10+ (@stanionascu)


Remember last window state on closing the application
Fixed reporting of DD+ core track stream type
Fixed DialNorm reporting on DD/DD+ streams


Fix 3D BD Bitrate scanning


Fix individual playlist scan if "Display chapter count" is enabled in the options


fixed weird resizing behavior of main window. After minimizing and restoring from taskbar the window should have correct size again


fix parsing of discs which do not contain 'Meta' folder
remember window size & location
display chapter count in playlist view (can be enabled/disabled in settings, default off)


Read and display disc title from metadata if disc contains any
Added support for lossy DTS:X streams (based on DTS-HD High-Res Audio)
Fix alternative stream format names (which are used in reports)


Implemented HEVC bitstream parsing (Code based on MediaInfo)
Implemented functionality to copy full playlist or stream file path to the clipboard using CTRL+C, depending on which list is focused
Made stream detail reporting configurable
Changed the way how TrueHD bitrate is reported
Fixed bitstream parsing for audio streams with very high bitrate
Fixed number formatting. It does not rely on system culture/language settings anymore.


Change the way how TrueHD bitrate is reported
Fix bitstream parsing for audio streams with very high bitrate
Implement HEVC bitstream parsing (Code based on MediaInfo


Fix reading DD+ streams without extended bitstream info.
Fix parsing of TrueHD/Atmos streams where the embedded core track could not be detected sometimes.


Fix reading of already mounted ISO images
Fix reading of DTS-HD streams without extended Metadata
Re-enable ISO button after previous read has failed


Fixed reported disc size with 3D-ISO images


Fixed parsing of Dolby Digital Plus streams with more than 6 (5.1) channels
Added detection of Dolby Atmos metadata in DD+ streams
Added detection of DTS:X metadata


Add ISO Support


Dolby Atmos support
Display left/right eye video stream information in 3D-BD playlists


UHD Bluray support.
HEVC stream detection.

Version 0.5.10 by git4kUHD

I built an updated version for BDInfo that supports UHD playlists.
Requires .NET Framework 4.5.

Version 0.5.9 by robena

I made a small update to BDInfo 0.5.8, replacing the old XP style Browse dialog with the new Vista one.

2011-12-08: Version 0.5.8

Blu-ray 3D SSIF scanning fixes (ex. [UK] The Hole 3D).
Blu-ray scanning fixes for certain titles with playlists containing multiple M2TS (ex. [US] Enter the Void).
The settings "Keep original stream ordering" and "Enable SSIF scanning" are now enabled by default.
Added "50Hz Content" indicator to the main window and report when a disc contains any playlists with 1080i50 or 576i50 video.
Added milliseconds display for the Playlist Length field in the report.
Added drag-and-drop folder/file support from Explorer and the main program window.
Browse button will now start the folder browser in the location specified by the "Select the Source BD-ROM" textbox.
Fixed bug with empty custom playlists.
Upgraded source code solution to Visual Studio 2010.

20XX-XX-XX: Version 0.5.7 (Not officially released)

Blu-ray 3D SSIF scanning fixes.

2010-09-08: Version 0.5.6

* Fixed problem introduced in v0.5.5 with incorrect bitrate charts and chapter peak/average measurements for BonusView titles.
* Changed playlist scanner back to using M2TS instead of SSIF by default due to problems with certain Blu-ray 3D discs.
* Added option to scan SSIF instead of M2TS to settings.
* Added additional debug logging to report when file scanning errors are encountered.

2010-08-29: Version 0.5.5

* Added video bitrate analysis and charts for MPEG-4 MVC streams on Blu-ray 3D discs.
* Changed calculation of disc size to exclude SSIF files for Blu-ray 3D discs.
* Changed calculation of playlist size to include interleaved companion files for Blu-ray 3D discs.
* Changed playlist scanner to use SSIF instead of M2TS for Blu-ray 3D discs.
* Changed startup and full scans to skip unreferenced M2TS.

2010-05-22: Version 0.5.4

* Added detection and reporting of PSP Digital Copies and Blu-ray 3D.
* Added separate reporting of VC-1 BI-frames, instead of grouping them with B-frames.
* Added ability to create custom playlists from "incompatible" files.
* Fixed volume label detection problem when scanning a folder rather than a disc.
* Fixed incorrect reporting of audio codecs on certain multi-file playlists.
* Fixed problem with autogenerated reports being written to the wrong directory.
* Fixed problem with reporting of negative peak times for small files.

2009-10-11: Version 0.5.3

* BDInfo source code given an LGPL 2.1 license.
* Added marking of "hidden" tracks - i.e. streams which are present in the underlying CLPI/M2TS, but absent in a given MPLS.
* Added grouping display and sorting for playlists that share M2TS.
* Added ability to multi-select M2TS when creating custom playlists.
* Added display of DialNorm values (offset from -31dB reference) for AC3 and DTS audio tracks.
* Added detection of D-Box Motion Code presence.
* Changed handling of copy-protected and damaged discs to hopefully display better error messages.
* Changed option to hide "invalid" playlists into separate options for hiding looping playlists and playlists under a configurable runtime length.
* Changed detailed report display for multi-angle playlists to display more information.
* Fixed bug that prevented all streams from being displayed sometimes in custom playlists.

2008-01-18: Version 0.5.2

* Fixed bug that prevented detection of BD+ with newer revisions of AnyDVD HD.
* Fixed bug that prevented proper stream identification for certain playlists.
* Added setting to preserve original stream ordering.
* Added quick playlist summary output to the text report.
* Added "rescan" button to refresh disc contents from last folder scanned.
* Added feature to remember the last folder scanned between BDInfo sessions.
* Added default filename to chart image save screen.

2008-12-01: Version 0.5.1

* Added BDInfo version number to text report output.
* Fixed bug that prevented report display for certain playlists.
* Fixed bug that prevented full bitrate scan of certain playlists.
* Fixed bug that caused reporting problems when a playlist contains streams of different types with the same PID.
* Fixed detection of CBR for "open" bitrate DTS audio tracks.
* Fixed channel count detection for 6.1 DTS-ES tracks.
* Changed constant bitrate display of 1536 kbps DTS tracks to a more technically accurate 1509 kbps.
* Changed text report to only display stream diagnostics once for each M2TS in a given playlist.

2008-11-18: Version 0.5.0

* Source code published.
* Added detection of channel layout, bit depth and sample rate for DTS-HD High-Resolution and Master Audio tracks.
* Added immediate display of constant bitrates after the initial startup disc scan for DTS-HD and DTS Express constant bitrate tracks.
* Added display of alternate angle M2TS files and video information for multi-angle playlists.
* Added detection of Dolby Surround for AC3 2.0 audio tracks.
* Added ability to generate charts for secondary video tracks.
* Added ability to generate custom playlists for reporting purposes.
* Added "Measured Bytes" tracking display to MPLS playlist and M2TS stream file lists.
* Changed UI layout including resizeable main window.
* Changed chart X-axis timescales from seconds to minutes.
* Changed layout of frame type charts to fix text overlap problems.
* Fixed support for MPLS playlist files that reference only part of an M2TS.
* Fixed bug in subtitle and chapter average video bitrate calculations.
* Fixed bug in frame type count and size charts that excluded final video frame.
* Removed display of VC-1 BI-frames from frame type charts - these are now counted as B-frames.
* Removed CSV export frame dump option.

2008-08-04: Version 0.4.1

* Added frame type (e.g. I/P/B) to CSV export frame dump.
* Added two new charts to show frame type counts and avg/max sizes.
* Added option to display all playlists (i.e. disable automatic "invalid" playlist filtering).
* Added display of volume label (for disc images) to report.
* Added display of codec and language name to stream diagnostics report section.
* Added summary section to end of output report.
* Changed default autosave names to include volume label.
* Changed subtitle bitrate precision to three significant digits in report.
* Changed default graph image export option to PNG.
* Changed codec name of secondary DTS-HD PiP audio tracks to "DTS Express".
* Changed behavior of chapter processing to combine final chapters of length less than two seconds into the stats of the next to last chapter.
* Fixed bug in playlist processing of Blu-ray folder output produced by TSRemux.
* Fixed bug that occasionally prevented the report from being displayed.

2008-07-25: Version 0.4.0

* Added display of basic video aspect ratio (4:3 and 16:9).
* Added display of video codec profile for AVC and VC-1.
* Added warning message if copy protection or disc corruption errors are encountered during the initial scan.
* Added new settings screen to store program options between sessions.
* Added option to write out measured frame data to a comma-separated-value (.CSV) file.
* Added option to autosave report upon bitrate scan completion.
* Added new report fields including per-chapter video bitrate averages as well as peak bitrate values and locations.
* Added bitrate display charts for viewing video bitrate and frame sizes over time.

2008-07-01: Version 0.3.1

* Fixed bug in initial disc scan that occasionally prevented correct display of audio header information (i.e. channel count, sampling rate).
* Fixed bug that caused BD+ and BD-Java to be mistakenly flagged on the next disc when performing multiple scans in a row.

2008-06-30: Version 0.3.0

* Fixed bug in processing of playlist files that prevented Profile 1.1 Bonus View video tracks and some audio/subtitle tracks from being displayed.
* Added detection of DTS-HD Master Audio 96kHz sampling rates, but 7.1 channel counts are still not detected.
* Added chapter marker list to output report.
* Some minor performance improvements to the initial disc scan.

2008-06-28: Version 0.2.3

* Fixed overestimation of TrueHD and DTS-HD variable audio bitrates.
* TrueHD core track bitrate is now subtracted from the reported TrueHD bitrate.
* Added BD+ and BD-Java detection to report.
* Added stream diagnostics option to report to show stream byte and packet counts.
* Fixed bug with cancel followed by a rescan of the same playlist.

2008-05-30: Version 0.2.2

* Fixed another bug in processing of certain playlist files.
* Fixed bug in detection of Dolby TrueHD audio channel layout.

2008-05-21: Version 0.2.1

* Fixed bug in processing of certain playlist files that contain multi-angle information.

2008-05-12: Version 0.2.0

* Changed language display to show name of language rather than ISO 639-2 three-character language code.
* Changed estimation of Dolby TrueHD audio bit depth to be more accurate (although still a guess).
* Changed forum report audio bitrate for multi-file playlists to reflect averaged bitrate across all playlist files.
* Changed time in / time out file display in report to reflect playlist relative times rather than file relative times.
* Fixed bug in processing of certain playlist files that contain multi-angle information.
* Added playlist filter to remove assumed "garbage" playlists from display.

2008-04-28: Version 0.1.0

* Initial Release.

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