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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Avisynth Virtual File System

2015.03.25 -

- Updated to newer PFM dev kit, build 174.

- Converted from "PFM Audit Package formatter DLL" to a standalone executable. This has various benefits to installation, documentation, and code reusability, but does give up some explorer integration.

- AVS script output is now exposed from a mount point under c:volumes , instead of through a virtual mount point that replaced the script file.

- Added logic to automatically reload the AVS file when it is directly modified. This is in addition to being able to edit the AVS file through the mount point.

2010.05.23 -

- Fixed audio truncation when no-interleave option is used in script.

- Updated to newer PFM dev kit, build 154.

- Added no-index and offline flags to virtual media files, to let explorer and shell extensions know not to open virtual media files. Requires PFM build 157 or later.

2008.08.08 -

- Fixed divide-by-zero fault when outputting clips that are shorterthan 1 second.

- Various output file format improvements.

2008.06.14 -

- No significant changes.

2008.06.09 -

- Added background read-ahead cache to improve CPU utilization on multi-core systems or when serving data through the network. Includes some tunability via AVFS_ReadAheadFrameCount script variable.

- Added AVFS_AVI_VidFcc script variable, to allow overriding video format fourcc code. Useful to improve compatibility with specific encoders or readers that do not recognize the YUY2 or YV12 fourcc codes used by default.

- Added some diagnostic/status tracing, visible using Pismo Trace Monitor. Shows the frame number and audio sample offsets that are being accessed to satisfy read requests.

2008.06.02 -

- First release

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