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AviUtl 10/3/2019 ver 1.10
Updated build environment and adjusted accordingly.
The video cache was secured in shared memory.
The specification of the cache size was specified by the memory capacity.
Enabled to retry by adjusting cache size when memory allocation fails.
LARGEADDRESSAWARE is always enabled.
Some of the default system settings were changed.
Improved so that the shared memory cache can be used by plug-in external functions.

(Download the Extra pack and install it first and then replace the avitutl.exe with the new version 1.10 to get english menus)

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.14 Release Note

This release is a temporary fix for broken download of FFmpeg and iTune. This installer now gets all the files from a dedicated Dropbox. This is safer but also means update will be less frequent until I find an automated solution.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.13 Release Note


Moved x264 and x265 download sources from 3rd party sites to dedicated dropbox server.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.12 Release Note

A minor update to fix broken links. Notably the old x264 builds and 32bit x265 10bpp are no longer available.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.11 Release Note

Since this version (1.11), I知 moving to an installer-based distribution format. This move has several reasons:

Easier to maintain
User can choose what to install
Bilingual (This installer can install both Japanese and English version!)
Automatic LargeAddressAware support to relieve memory stress
Reduce confusion on audio encoder setting and qaac dependency
Reduce confusion on 4K-video support
Hide components on machine with unsupported hardware to reduce error chance
Easier to update L-SMASH (Works) and encoder GUIs without making a new release

Differences from EP 1.10

VCEEnc for AMD machine is dropped. There has been no development activity on this plugin for more than a whole year.
You will need to review the paths for x264, x265 and FFmpeg in the encoder GUIs.
Apple Application Support will be installed automatically when choosen to install qaac audio encoder.
L-SMASH, L-SMASH Works and the encoder GUIs(Japanese version only) will be updated around once per month. Just re-run the installer.
A few new effects: 3d custom flare, trump card. Please visit 壮 AviUtl support thread for details and sample files
All license and readme files placed in a single folder

= AviUtl English ExtraPack 1.10 Changelog [Win7] =
2015-02-05 by Maverick Tse

== Summary ==
This pack is mainly about plugin optimizations. All dependencies on ImageMagick have been removed! Some of the original features have been replaced by new plugins that utilize Intel IPP and Cilk. The new version of L-Smash Works file reader now provides MUCH better support for Variable-Frame-Rate video. Old WMV8 files should now have little problem on A/V-sync. Note that the Direct GIF Export lugin (DGE2)may have problem saving settings to INI. So ALWAYS check the settings at the first GIF encode after you launched AviUtl. DGE2 now implements ordered dither in the "Correct Way", with far less clipping and preserves a lot more details. In exchange, the encoded GIF is considerably larger.

You MUST set the FULL ABSOLUTE PATH to gifsicle.exe (included in ./3rdParty folder) for optimization to work!

== Updated components ==
* L-Smash, L-Smash Works File Reader

== Removed components ==
* Animated GIF Export
* ImageMagick Feature Pack
* FFT Spectrum Viewer (Due to false virus warning)

== Additions ==
* SigContrast+/- (replace the old sigmodial contrast)
* SigBrightness+/-
* Auto Level (ImageMagick independent)
* PS Level (Photoshop-like Level adjustment)
* Liquid Rescale (ImageMagick independent)
* IppRepair (Similar to mtDeSub but faster, does not use OpenCV)
* Direct GIF Export 2
* Tracking Line FX by Tesu and a sample project

= AviUtl English ExtraPack 1.10 Changelog [XP] =
2015-02-05 by Maverick Tse

** Summary **
No big change in this release, except that L-Smash Works now support VFR video a lot better. Old WMV8 video should now have little A/V-sync problem.

== Updated components ==
* l-smash, L-Smash Works File Reader

== Additions ==
* TrackingLine FX Script by Tesu and sample project

== Removal ==
* FFT Spectrum Viewer (due to false virus warning)

AviUtl English Extra Pack 1.9 Change Log

This release reflects the cumulative bug fixes and feature additions from 2014 Sep to 2014 Dec. Existing AviUtl user should test out this pack extensively before deleting your old pack.

Important Note: Avast Antivirus marks one of the new plugin as malware (FFT Spectrum Viewer). If you use Avast, please temporarily disable it. You may just let it to be quarantined if you do not need this plugin. (Affects Win7 and WinXP Packs only)

About AAC Audio Encoder: Please install iTune/QuickTime and choose the qaac encoder in x264/x265guiEx; OR get Nero AAC Codec and set its location in the encoder GUIs.

About Opus Audio Encoder: MP4 does not support it yet, but you can use it with MKV.

= AviUtl English ExtraPack 1.9 Changelog [Win7] =
2014-12-06 by Maverick Tse
*Important Note: The Win7 Pack now REQUIRES 64-bit Windows by DEFAULT. If you are using 32bit Win7, get the Minimal Pack and use the containing aviutl.exe to overwrite the one in Win7 Pack.

== Updated components ==
* Animated GIF Export (bugfix)
* SVG Renderer (bugfix)
* FFmpeg(zeranoe, x64), x264-kMod(8bpp+10bpp, x64), x265(8bpp+16bpp, x64), qaac, flac, mkvmerge, l-smash, l-smash works(based on FFmpeg+libopus)
* Automatic Field Shift (performance)
* x265guiEx, ffmpegOut
* D&D file support
* LUA intrepreter (VC2013 build)
* Turned on Large Address Aware by default
* Minor Language File Fix

== Additions ==
* x264guiEx (x264 and x265 GUIs are now separated)
* Automatic Field Shift (video filter version)
* PMD-MT denoiser[original author: aji, rigaya,] * Audio FFT spectrum viewer[original author: makki] * opus audio encoder
* AutoShrink Bitmap Reader
* mtDeSub2
* Field Separation and Weaving plugins (for applying FX directly on interlaced video)[original author: makki] * presets for ffmpegOut(VideoStab, WebP, etc.) and x265guiEx(lossless mode)
* Utilities: SlideShow Helper(.NET), EXO Stacker(.NET), EXO2Sub v1.1(Python3 script)

= AviUtl English ExtraPack 1.9 Changelog [XP] =
2014-12-06 by Maverick Tse

== Updated components ==
* x264guiEx (WinXP backported)
* x264(8bpp/10bpp_kMod)
* ffmpegOut and presets
* Automatic Field Shift
* l-smash, l-smash Works
* FFmpeg(win32_zeranoe), qaac, flac, mkvmerge
* svgrender
* D&D file support
* Minor Language File Fix
== Additions ==
* x265GuiEx (WinXP backported)
* x265 (XP-compatible, 8bpp/16bpp)
* Automatic Field Shift Video Filter version
* Filed Separation and Weaving (for applying FX directly on interlaced video)
* AutoShrink Bitmap Reader
* PMD-MT denoiser
* Audio FFT Spectrum Viewer
* opus audio encoder
* Utilities: SlideShow Helper(.NET), EXO Stacker(.NET), EXO2Subs v1.1(Python3)

= AviUtl English ExtraPack 1.9 Changelog [Minimal] =
* Added newer LUA DLLs for use with Large-Address-Aware.
If you want to use LAA on 64bit Windows, please delete
or rename ./lua51.dll and copy the content on ./lua_new
to the same folder as aviutl.exe
* Minor Language File Fix

AviUtl English Extra pack v1.8

== Common Changes ==

* Increased dialog and button width of Advanced Editing (courtesy Mr. hksy)

(If you prefer the old UI, just rename/delete exedit.auf and rename exedit.auf.original to exedit.auf)


== Win7 Pack ==

* Added new plugins: ImageMagick Feature plugins, CSRI Subtitle Reader, AFDither

* Updated Animated GIF Export Plugin and SVG renderer (now support i18n file name)

* Tweaked exedit.ini to include D&D support for subtitles. Changed GIF to Video object

* Added HandPainting and Calligraphy FX scripts (author: rikky)

* Moved all VC2012/2013 Dlls into root folder

== XP Pack ==

* Added new plugin: CSRI Subtitle Reader

* Updated SVG renderer (now support i18n file name)

* Tweaked exedit.ini to include D&D support for subtitles. Changed GIF to Video object

* Added HandPainting and Calligraphy FX scripts (author: rikky)

* Moved all VC2012/2013 Dlls into root folder

== Minimal Pack ==

* Added back Lua51.dll

= AviUtl English ExtraPack 1.7 Changelog =
2014-08-018 by Maverick Tse

== Updated components ==
* L-Smash [Win7,XP]
* L-Smash File Reader [Win7, XP]
* x264 [Win7, XP]
* x265GuiEx (Muxing HEVC into MP4 now enabled, bug fixes) [Win7]
* AdvQSVEnc (Various workaround and fixes) [Win7]
* MKVMerge [Win7, XP]
* MotionTracking MK-I, mtDeSub (bug fixes) [Win7]
* x265 8bpp (Snowfag build 2014-08-04) [Win7]

== Replaced components ==
* LibAV with FFmpeg (base+libOpus)

== Additions ==
* LUA Effect scripts by Satsuki. NUMEROUS effects, suggest to explore on your own slowly;
(The effects starting with 典A- are specially for TEXT object, and mostly need the 1 char 1 obj option enabled)
* Various scripts previously published individually: BreaskShake, Puzzle.
* Other scripts: Planar3D(Adding depth to 2D object by duplication along Z-axis)
* qaac audio encoder (using Apple痴 AAC encoder that comes with iTune/QuickTime/Safari)
* Animated GIF Export Plugin v0.06 [Win7]
* DirectShow File Reader [Minimal Pack]

== Removal ==
* x265GuiEx [XP]
(No longer compatible with XP due to the use of Windows SDK 8.1-specific libraries.
Please use 吐fmpegOut+FFmpeg Zeronae build instead if you need encoding HEVC on XP)

***Notice on AAC Encoder ***
Nero AAC Codec seems no longer available on Nero痴 English site,
but still available on Taiwan and Japan痴 sites.
Due to uncertainty around this encoder, the qaac encoder is introduced.
To use this encoder, you need to first install iTune or QuickTime.
Then in the Encoder GUIs, choose the qaac encoder option.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.6 Changelog
2014-05-29 by Maverick Tse

== Common Changes ==

* Two new rewritten language plugins
(You can switch back to the old one from the File>Setting>Language menu)
[They just differ by font-face, Gothic vs. Lucida Sans; both compiled using mingw-w64; Sourcecode now hosted on GoogleCode:]

= XP Pack =

== Updated components ==

* L-Smash (Updated libav)
* L-Smash Works File Reader to rev726 (fixed some memory leaks)

== Additions ==

* Scalable Vector Graphics support (See sample project for demo []

* Alert sound(s) on encode completion (File>Settings>System)

* FAW AAC I/O plugin (for loseless AAC editing. TURN OFF SPEAKER BEFORE USE []

= Win7 PACK =

== Updated components ==

* L-Smash (Updated libav)
* L-Smash Works File Reader to rev726 (fixed some memory leaks)
* x265GUIEx v3.21->v3.29 (support recent versions of x265, recompiled with VS2013)
* Adv. QSVEnc (Supports additional QuickSync features on newer Intel CPUs with IntelMediaSDK2014)
* MKVMerge (can mux HEVC video)
* MotionTracking MK-I (bug fix and recompiled with OpenCV2.4.9 and VS2013)
* x265 binaries (ICC builds, all 64bit)
* x264 binaries (kmod, 8bpp version is 32bit, 10bpp version is 64bit)

== Replaced components ==

* FFMPEG with self-built LibAV (avconv.exe)

== Additions ==

* Scalable Vector Graphics support (See sample project for demo []

* Robust(but slow) subtitle remover plugin: mtDeSub [] (Be warned, this plugin is HEAVY!)

* Alert sound(s) on encode completion (File>Settings>System)

* FAW AAC I/O plugin (for loseless AAC editing. TURN OFF SPEAKER BEFORE USE []

== Regression ==

The x265GUI may produce weird progress status when encoding with x264, but that does not affect actual encoding

== Others ==

* Re-organized folder structure and removed redundant files

* Plugin SDK in English comments now on Google Code

* When encoding to HEVC, please mux to MKV instead of MP4. The default mp4 muxer cannot mux HEVC into mp4.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.5 Changelog

Upgrade instruction

Existing users of Extra Pack 1.4[Win7] do not need to upgrade unless you want to try out the 10bit encoding stuff. Otherwise
Unzip the archive into a new folder;
Copy NeroAACEnc.exe(if any) to the new installation inside .exe_files
Copy user-defined encoder presets from .Pluginsxxxx_stg from old AviUtl directory to corresponding folders in the new installation (if any)
Copy any user-created EXO or EXA over to the new installation (if any)

Common Changes

L-Smash Works (import plugin) updated to v709
x265GuiEx updated and translated to English
Minor Interface translation changes
Updated x264 and included 10bit binary
Upgraded 鼎hapter Editing (with silence segment search function and time update function when cutting the original video)
Encoder GUIs included the option to use FFMPEG痴 native AAC encoder
Win7 Pack Changes

Included 溺otionTracking MK-I (SSE2/Static version; AVX/DLL version can be obtained from HERE)
Included x265 binaries for 8bit(x86) and 10bit(x64) encoding
Included mkvmerge v6.2 for muxing x265
Removed x264GuiEx since it is now integrated into x265GuiEx. (Click on the [x265] button on top right to switch between the x264 and x265 modes)
WinXP Pack Changes

Removed VCEEnc and x265 binaries
(if you have an x265 encoder v0.7+170[with stdin] or newer that works on XP, you can set it in the GUI and use it)

EN-Mod Changes

Now act as a minimal pack without plugins(except exedit). So users do not need to change the UI language manually

Other Notes

The x264 and x265(8bpp) binaries included are 32bit versions. Feel free to replace them with 64bit versions if you are running 64bit Windows.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.4 Changelog

New SFX highlights:

Year 2014 coincide with the release of Extra Pack 1.4. Here are the details:


NeroAAC encoder binary has been removed from this distribution after discovering its license prohibit re-distribution.

Please choose 吐dk-aac(actually ffmpeg痴 libvo_aacenc) as audio encoder, or download NeroAAC Encoder from official site yourself (


>Denoiser: Wavelet(and setting helper), NL-Means Light (and for GPU), Ringing Canceller, Chroma denoiser

>Restoration: Delogo, ImasUncaption (hard-coded subtitle remover)

>LUA Scripts: AutoTarget100 (~SureTarget in AE), Skydome (~Horizon in AE), Multi-color gradient, Cylinder Mapping with cross-sectioning, Thunder, Rainbow, sepia noise and many others.
[For usage, please investigate the included Sample projects (.aup files in the "SamplePrj" folder)]

>Expanded file type support for Drag-and-Drop (Adv.Editing)

Minor Changes

>In L-Smash import plugin, changed AVS bit-depth to 16

>Removed x265-10bit binaries. (If anyone can get AviUtl working correctly with x265-10bit, please inform me.)

>Updated FFmpeg

>Rearranged video filter order due to expansion of plugins. Please revise the order yourself if you find something not working as expected.

>All components, except x265Gui, should now be displaying GUI in English

AviUtl ExtraPack 1.31 Changelog

This version mainly addressed a bug after English localization:

Playback cursor in Adv.Editing panel not in sync with the playback/preview window.

Other minor changes:

Added drag-and-drop support for AviSynth script (*.avs) for Advanced Editing.
Added more samples in the figure folder.
Bug Details:

In the AUL file, I have named a window as 撤review window, while in exedit.auf, I have translated the same (hard-coded) Japanese text into 撤layback window. Somehow the cursor in Adv.Editing panel requires these two text to be exactly the same (case sensitive) in order to work. So the bugfix is to change the corresponding text in the AUL.

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.30 Changelog
Posted on November 22, 2013

Updated Components

mkvtoonix to 6.5.0
L-Smash Works to r694
L-Smash to r789
QSVEnc to 1.11 (JP)
Adv AVI/BMP Export plugin default to English version
AviUtl interface (should) default to English on first launch

x265GuiEx (JP) [Experimental support for encoding using x265 HEVC!]. Please use K-Lite Codec pack and MPC-HC to play the encoded file
x265 v0.5 (8bpp/16bpp-32bit, default using 8bpp) [If x265 complains that it cannot be run due to missing components, try getting the VC2013 redistributable]
DirectShow Filter import plugin [If you can play a file in Windows Media Player, you should be able to use it in AviUtl]
Sample EXO files [in EXOSample folder. One for OP warning and one for End Credit/Staff Roll. To use, just drag-N-drop the EXO file onto Adv.Editing Panel. The Staff Roll EXO also lets you examine how "Camera work" function in practice]
Sample 堵raphic [for demonstrating how you can expand the list of simple shapes other than polygons and star. File placed under the figure folder. Accessed through: New media object> Graphic. In the pulldown box at the bottom left corner, there should be a new item called "leaf"]
L-Smash r785 rigaya痴 build [Needed for x265 to mux. Official L-Smash builds does not work somehow]


Most parts of mkvtoolnix EXCEPT mkvmerge
Old mp4box

AviUtl Extra Pack 1.20 Release
Posted on September 13, 2013

Extra Transition Effect files (吉里吉里) has been renamed to English.
x264GuiEx is now 99% localized in English (some Japanese still pop up in the command line window)
Updated L-Smash Works and x264-L-Smash
Included AFS+10 deinterlace filter
Included Resize Filter (default using SSE2, you can try the AVX option if it does not crash)
Cleaned up some unused file

AviUtl 2013/4/1ver 1.00
Modified to reflect the value when moving with Home and End keys in the track bar of the filter setting window.
added an error when ini file writing fails.
Added batch output related command line options.
The default color conversion setting is now automatic.

AviUtl 2012/6/17 ver 0.99m
Added a function to move directly to the position clicked on the track bar.
Added to the most recently used file when saving a project.
Added support for automatically changing the window size when opening a file.
Minor improvements in volume control when playing in the main window.

2012/5/2 ver 0.99l
Added a function to display video playback in the playback window on the main window side.
The right-click menu of the setting window is not displayed for unnecessary filters.
The file filter extension in the file open dialog is not duplicated.
Enabled to set whether to activate the window when dragging and dropping a file.
Corrected that color conversion was not processed correctly when the width was an odd number with BT.709 when inputting / outputting with YC48.

AviUtl 2012/1/22 ver 0.99k2
The color conversion setting is reflected when inputting / outputting with YC48.
The sampling rate conversion process was improved a little.

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