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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for AviSynth Batch Scripter

version 1.0.1

* Removed bug where only 3 letter extensions where reconised by the scan, you can add extensions of any length to the .ini file now.

version 1.0.0

* Added check for updates
* Removed some minor bugs and created a final stable version
* Did a complete overhaul on the look and feel of the program and the website
* Moved the AviSynth Batch Scipter websites to a different location


* added a setting "only show if .avs does not exists"
* added mode ("One for all" and "All for one") to settings.ini


* At many request, I have put the settings button back on the form
* Clicking on the splash screen no longer causes unload
* Added a statusbar at the bottom of the screen with the number of files found and the current set template

- added "One for all" and "All for one" modes:
- "One for all" is the normal mode, creates one script using the template for each of the selected files, so outputs MULTIPLE scripts. (NORMAL)
- "All for one" is the batch mode, creates one script using the template and repeats this for each of the selected files, so outputs ONE script.
- changed splash screen in optional setting
- rearranged some controls

- re-wrote %PATH% generation code, should work properly now
- added a splash screen
- added consequent errorhandling (does not crash anymore and on error writes a errorlog in the application directory)
- fixed bug where program crashes when comming across a "permission denied" folder
- fixed bug where intellisense became visible when moving up from a filter word
- menu option "build script" now initializes disabled

- added "intellisense" listbox! Now recognises AviSynth filter words in Scriptbox and suggests (and completes) your filter word
- added function to expand script window, for more room when scripting
- added functional variable %PATH% (replaced by path of clipfile when auto-building scripts) as variable in script template
- if template path setting in settings.ini is non existant, now load default.avt in Templates directory
- moved setting to separate screen (available in menu file > settings or settings button)

- removed a bug that causes a lost "|" in the settings.ini when adding and removing directories

- created a new setup (smaller and safe)
- moved .avt templates to .templates directory

- you can now let the scripts build in the same folder as your clip or into all in a specific selected .avs folder
- added script extensions, you can now choose for batch generating e.a. AVS, BAT, CMD, JOBS (extendable)
- when opening the 'folder' dialog, it now opens in a previously selected directory
- added a menu on the top of the screen
- added logical tab index
- added extension .mkv .ogm .mp4 .m1v and .m2v to extension in the settings.ini file
- added a logo to about screen
- moved settings to a collapsable settings frame to create more room
- added functionality to choose more then one scanfolder

- added avisynth filters, comment and parameter syntax colouring in scriptbox
- added list with avisynth filters (for syntax colour scheme) to filters.txt (extendable)
- changed aboutbox appeareance
- added movie extensions to settings.ini (extendable)
- added last used script template to inifile (now load last used on startup)

- added 2 example templates (.avt) to setup (installed in application directory)

- scan harddrive for movie files (extentions: AVI, MOV, MPEG, MPG, DIVX)
- batch write AviSynth scripts for chosen movie files
- load AviSynth script files from templates
- save AviSynth script file as template
- functional variable %CLIP% (replaced by moviename when auto-building scripts) as variable in script template
- functional variable %EXT% (replaced by movie extension when auto-building scripts) as variable in script template

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