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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for AviSub

Whats new in ver.2.3 :
New : Bug - Fixed version
Updated : About box GUI
Fixed : Contact links

Whats new in ver.2.2 :
Added : Vietnamese support
Updated : Paypal donation link

Whats new in ver.2.1 :
Fixed : Header bugs
Fixed : Settings Window Bug
Fixed : 'File not found' when output header change option was checked

Whats new in ver.2.0 :
Added : Option for header change of the input avi
Added : Option for header change of the output avi
Added : Settings menu

Whats new in ver.1.9 :
Windows Vista Ready version
Fixed : Smaller window size
Added : Saves more options
Added : Updater Function

Whats new in ver.1.8 :
Added : The subtitles with tags (<i>,<u>,<b>) are now processed without the output of the tag on the screen.
Added : Now the avisub checks if the file is generated or not.

Whats new in ver.1.7 :
Fixed : The subtitles are now centered !

Whats new in ver.1.6 :
Updated : New version of divxmux added

Whats new in ver.1.5 :
Fixed : Process bug [100% cpu utilization]

Whats new in ver.1.4 :
Fixed : Interface not supported

Whats new in ver.1.3 :
Added : Vobsub support
Added : Subtitle language
Fixed : No audio sound after the mux
Fixed : Many bugs fixed
Removed : Subresynch
Removed : son support

Whats new in ver.1.2 :
Added : Full support of *.son subtitles
Added : Subresynch in order to convert Vobsub->Son . So vobsub->avi subbed is now possible !!!
Added : DivxMux tool provided by divx Labs
Deleted : Fuse tool because DivxMux is now used.

Whats new in ver.1.1 :
Fixed : Color Pallete restricted. If you used the blue color for example you could have transparent subtitles. Now this possible error is gone. The colors now are 100% secure ;)

Whats new in ver.1.0 :
First public release...

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