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Changes in Avidemux v2.8.0


The part of video preceding the presentation time of the first frame is now excluded from created segment, making all videos appear as if they "start at zero".
When saving video, the frame matching the B marker is now excluded from the exported range. Therefore, if the B marker is set to the last frame of the video, it needs to be reset to the full duration for the last frame to be included into the output.
Loading Matroska files with HEVC video tracks takes longer as slice headers are decoded to detect the frame type.

New Video Filters

Blur (on selected area)
Color balance (adjust shadow, midtone and highlight)
Chroma hold (monochrome effect with kept colors)
Chroma key (replace "green screen" with an image)
Deband (reduce banding artifacts)
DelogoHQ (clean up arbitrary shaped logo)
Dynamic threshold
Fade from first image
Fade in (combination of multiple effects)
Fade out (combination of multiple effects)
Fade through (combination of multiple effects)
Fit to size (resize and pad to the specified size)
Flip (vertically/horizontally flip the image)
Grid (video wall effect)
Image stabilizer (reduce camera shakiness)
Luma stabilizer (reduce flickering)
Quadrilateral transformation (four point transform)
Wavelet denoiser
Wavelet sharpener
Zoom (partializable crop filter)

New Features

HDR video can be converted to SDR with tone mapping using a variety of methods.
FFV1 encoder is back (it was available in Avidemux 2.5.x).
TrueHD audio tracks can be decoded and are supported for Matroska containers.
Decoding support for WMA9 Lossless codec.
Filter previews have got a unified method to quickly compare filtered and unfiltered inputs via the "Peek Original" button.
Blend and motion interpolation options added to "Resample FPS" filter.
Mark cut points (segment boundaries) on the navigation slider. New buttons and shortcuts are provided to jump to these cut points.
In the Video Filter Manager, active filters can be temporarily disabled.
Preference added to load sequentially named pictures in reverse order, allowing to reverse video by exporting selection as JPEG images and loading the first one.
During playback navigation is possible via keys or by dragging the navigation slider.
Other Enhancements
"Resample FPS" and "Change FPS" filters can handle up to 1000 fps.
"Crop" filter's preview has got a translucent green masking.
"Crop" filter's Auto Crop function can achieve perfect crops (if the selected frame is not too dark).
The maximum output resolution of the "Resize" filter has been increased to 8192x8192
The "Resize" filter has got a nearest neighbour scaling option.
Improved HiDPI scaling in previews.
x264 video encoder plugin now allows to specify color properties.
Maximized window state, widget visibility and toolbar position are preserved after application restart.
Timestamps in format 00:00:00.000 like copied to clipboard by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C can be pasted into the "Go to Time" dialog using CTRL+V.
PulseAudioSimple audio device has been replaced with full PulseAudio, making an in-application volume control available (Linux only).
ALSA audio device plugin has been modified to use soft volume, providing application-specific volume control which works with every ALSA device.
In the Video Filter Manager, navigation by keyboard has been enhanced.
The VU meter ("Audio Metre") has been redesigned.


Occasional UI unrepsonsiveness during playback should be fixed.
Prevent navigation key events piling up.
Thumb slider, displaced by mouse wheel, is now automatically reset if the end of video is reached, stopping Avidemux log file from filling disk space.
Purple tint in old "Fade to" and "Fade to black" filters on macOS fixed.
Green tint in "MPlayer eq2" filter is fixed.


Bundled FFmpeg libraries have been updated to 4.4.1 release.

Changes in Avidemux v2.7.8

New Features

Many new video filters added by courtesy of <a href="">szlldm</a>
A dedicated MOV muxer is now available, replacing silent fallback to MOV muxing mode within the MP4 muxer.
A subset of color info relevant for HDR support is retained in copy mode when both input and output video are stored in Matroska / WebM containers. Settings to add or override color info have been added to MKV and WebM muxers.
The indexer in the MPEG-TS demuxer now detects resolution changes in MPEG-2 and H.264 streams which are entirely unsupported and suggests aborting indexing. If the user chooses to continue, it records file offsets of all resolution changes to the log. This allows advanced users to split the file at these offsets using other tools like head and tail into chunks which can be processed with Avidemux.
YUV varieties of the lossless Ut Video codec are supported now for decoding and encoding via bundled FFmpeg libraries.
Uncompressed 24-bit audio is now supported for a subset of file formats.
Limited support for 7.1 channel layout.
Decode and stream copy support for XLL substream in DTS audio tracks.
Audio properties are now updated on resuming playback. This allows to start saving after an audio format change. When audio format changes during playback, the FFmpeg-based audio decoder will output silence and keep format rather than producing garbage.
An option to keep the identity of markers A and B instead of swapping them automatically has been added to Preferences.
The keyboard shortcut for "Delete" action has been made customizable with alternative keyboard shortcuts enabled.

Other Enhancements

Multi-threaded video decoding is now available for the bundled FFmpeg. On powerful multi-core CPUs, this can drastically improve decoding performance. A maximum of 8 threads can be created, but a conservative custom upper limit of 4 is recommended. Values above 8 cause decoding failures. Multi-threaded decoding and HW accelerated decoding are mutually exclusive, changes require application restart to have effect.
The maximum supported resolution has been increased to 8192x8192
The bundled FFmpeg has been updated to the 4.2.4 release.
Non-standard display aspect ratios can be configured in MP4 muxer by specifying display width.
MP4 muxer accepts now MPEG-1 and MPEG-2.
The configuration dialog of the x265 video encoder plugin enjoyed massive cleanup and refactoring by <a href="">Trent Piepho </a>, more Adaptive Quatization Variance methods have been added.
Python interface has been substantially extended, includes now methods to query segment properties, the number and filenames of loaded videos, PTS of keyframes, methods to seek to time with preview updated, to open file dialogs filtered by extension and a built-in method to split filename extension from a given path.
Scripting shell now supports unicode characters.
On macOS, files can be loaded via Finder context menu or by dropping them onto Avidemux icon in the dock.
On Linux, Jobs GUI and the CLI executable can be launched from AppImage by creating a symlink with _jobs or _cli in filename respectively and running the AppImage via this symlink.


Rate control was broken in some video encoders, especially in VP9 and in NVENC-based encoders, fixed now.
Multiple issues in cut point checks for H.264 and HEVC streams in copy mode, leading to incorrect check results, were identified and resolved.
The first two frames of external AC3 or EAC3 audio tracks are not dropped anymore. This regression from enhanced protection against false positives, added 3 years ago, has been finally identified and fixed.
Indexing of MPEG-TS files with HEVC video was broken when video stream lacked access unit delimiters. The issue was identified and fixed right after 2.7.7 had been tagged as released and is the reason why version 2.7.7 was superseded by 2.7.8.
VU meter was grossly ahead of audio output on Windows, now it is just a tiny little bit ahead.
Numerous other fixes and overall polish.

2020-07-07: 2.7.6: Another nice release, completely done by Euma

* New Feature:Detect and warn when cut points in HEVC video streams may result in grave playback issues despite being on keyframes

* New Video Decoder:Add libaom-based AV1 decoder

* New Video Encoder:Add libvpx-based VP9 encoder

* New Video Filter:Add hardware accelerated deinterlacer and resizer based on VA-API (Linux only)

* FFmpeg:Update to the 4.2.3 release

* Core:Increase maximum supported resolution to 4096x4096

* Core:Fix crash on macOS with HW accel. decoding enabled and H.264 video streams containing both frame- and field-encoded slices

* Encoder:Extend configuration options for NVENC-based H.264 and HEVC encoders, add 2-pass mode

* Demuxer:Support MPEG-TS files with duration in excess of 13:15:36

* Demuxer:Use DTS core from DTS XLL audio in MPEG-TS files instead of rejecting the track

* Demuxer:Fix mono MP3 audio tracks in MP4 files misdetected as stereo

* Demuxer:Try to correct timestamp jitter in MP4 files produced by older Avidemux versions

* Muxer:Fix timestamp rounding which caused pseudo-VFR output from CFR sources

* Muxer:Fix saving to network shares on Windows using the Mp4 muxer when index should be moved to the start of the file

* Muxer:Support LPCM audio in the Mp4 muxer by silently switching to the MOV muxing mode

* Muxer:Add support for Vorbis audio to the Mp4 muxer

* Filter:Fix "Fade" and "Fade to black", broken on macOS

* Filter:Allow to toggle rubber band visibility in "Crop" and "Blacken Borders" video filters

* Filter:Fix keyboard input in "Resize" video filter by recalculating values only on moving focus to another field or on accepting dialog

* Audio:Add HE-AAC and HE-AACv2 profiles to the FDK AAC encoder plugin

* Audio:Support external audio tracks in DTS format

* UI:Fix navigation slider with RTL locales

* UI:Restore the shutdown option in encoding dialog on Windows

* Scripting:Add PTS query and keyframe seek methods to Python interface

* Miscellaneous:Allow user-defined fragment size for auto-append of chunked MPEG-TS files

* Miscellaneous:Improve handling of field-encoded video streams throughout the chain

* Miscellaneous:Improve handling of H.264 video streams with parameter sets changing on the fly

* Miscellaneous:Try to keep track of video time base throughout the chain

* Miscellaneous:Numerous other fixes and polish

2019-08-31: 2.7.5: Win64 oops

Some support libraries were not properly generated. That led to issues with x265 and png support.

This release only updates the support libraries for win64, no other changes


New Feature:Detect and warn when cut points in H.264 video streams may result in playback issues despite being on keyframes *
FFmpeg:Update to the 4.1.4 release *
Core:Fix MSVC++ builds do not run when the path to user directory contains non-ASCII characters *
Decoder:Fix DXVA2 HW accelerated decoding on Windows 7 *
Decoder:Fix DXVA2 HW accelerated decoding stops sometimes on cuts *
Decoder:Enable HW accelerated decoding of 8-bit HEVC for recent versions of Intel graphics driver on Windows *
Encoder:Fix regression with saved x264 and x265 profiles not found (MSVC++ only) *
Demuxer:Dynamically load VapourSynth Script library to avoid error messages on Windows if VapourSynth is not found *
Demuxer:Provide correct average audio bitrate in the Mp4 demuxer if the exact value for the particular codec is unknown *
Demuxer:Fix crash loading MP4 file with number of audio tracks exceeding the max supported *
Demuxer:Support audio tracks in fragmented MP4 files (the variety with empty moov only) *
Demuxer:Support E-AC3 audio tracks in MP4 files *
Demuxer:Fix ASF demuxer still broken by chance with MSVC++ only, the fix relevant for all platforms *
Demuxer:Support more varieties of BMP images *
Muxer:Optimize output of the Mp4 muxer for streaming on Windows too *
Muxer:Add option to the Mp4 muxer to output fragmented MP4 files *
Muxer:Label HEVC video in Mp4 in a way compatible with QuickTime on macOS *
Filter:Fix assembly in Yadif deinterlacer with MSVC++ *
UI:Enable automatic application scaling on Windows for recent Qt versions *
UI:Fix silent mode, automatically confirm dialogs instead of choosing the default option *
Audio:Support WMAPRO audio codec for decoding *
Audio:Support AAC with signal band replication (SBR) in external audio tracks *
Audio:Fix saving AAC audio tracks with SBR to a file *
Audio:Improve resilience to false positives when probing external audio files for AAC *
Miscellaneous:Fix crash with OpenGL or DXVA2 video output in 32 bits Avidemux on Windows (better late than never) *
Miscellaneous:Fix regressed handling of empty frames in MPEG-4 and FRAPS video streams *
Miscellaneous:Numerous other fixes and polish

2019-03-22: 2.7.3: VC++ bugfixing release

Please uninstall 2.7.2 first., update is not fully working
* Vapoursynth is now dynamically loaded to avoid error popup

* ASF/WMV demuxer fix

* BMP decoder fix

* Re-enabled PNG decoder

* Basic save current state when crashing

* Misc small improvements

2019-03-15: 2.7.2: The VC++ ibeta has some teething issues
* If you are annoyed by the warning about missing vapoursynth library, remove plugins/demuxer/libADM_dm_vapoursynth.dll (as admin)

* The PNG reader was broken, fixed in the nightly (

* BMP reader is unreliable

2019-03-11: 2.7.2: Another nice release from Euma. It contains a lot of changes and be considered semi-beta (i.e. more beta than usual).

* Win64 version are now compiled with Visual C++, it should help stability wise. You should de-install the previous version first

* New Demuxer:Native AviSynth demuxer (MSVC++ 64 bits Windows builds only), 64bits avisynth only !

* New Demuxer:VapourSynth demuxer to directly load .vpy scripts (MSVC++, macOS with Homebrew, custom Linux builds), 64bits vapoursynth only on win64!

* New Installer:Replace NSIS installer with Qt Installer Framework for native MSVC++ 64 bits Windows builds

* New Encoder:Add FFmpeg-based VA-API HW accelerated H.264 encoder (Intel/Linux)

* New Encoder:Add FFmpeg-based VA-API HW accelerated HEVC encoder (Intel/Linux)

* FFmpeg:Migrate to the 4.x branch

* Decoder:As a result of the FFmpeg upgrade, HW accelerated HEVC decoding on macOS is now available when supported by the hardware

* Encoder:Fix issues with image quality and skipped frames in the MJPEG encoder

* Demuxer:Fix audio delay calculation in the Mp4 demuxer

* Demuxer:Fix crash loading large MP4 files with LPCM audio

* Demuxer:Fix multiple issues in the ASF demuxer, allow to cancel indexing

* Demuxer:Allow to cancel indexing of MKV files

* Demuxer:Re-enable multiloading for MPEG-TS streams cut in chunks of 256, 512 MiB, 1, 2 and 4 GiB in size only

* Demuxer:Fix MPEG-TS indexer to start a H.264 or HEVC frame with the Access Unit Delimiter

* Muxer:Add Annex B to Annex B video stream filter to deal with misplaced frame boundaries

* Muxer:Add support for setting rotation flag to the MP4 muxer

* Filter:Add rubber band selector to the "Blacken Borders" filter

* Filter:Add option to deal with anamorphic display to the subtitle filter, fix issues in SRT to SSA converter

* UI:Autosave session on video close, add session restore feature

* UI:Add file name extension when saving audio for some audio types

* Audio:Make maximum level in the "Normalize" filter customizable

* Audio:Improve AAC sampling frequency detection

* Audio:Add decoding support for multichannel Opus audio

* Miscellaneous:Fix regression playback stuck after going to the previous picture

* Miscellaneous:Fix regression "Fade to black" reset when starting filtered playback close to the end of video

* Miscellaneous:Fix regression stopping playback rewinds to the start of video if seek back to the last displayed picture fails

Changes in Avidemux v2.7.1 v2.7.2

FFmpeg:Update to the 3.3.9 release
Encoder:Fix issues with image quality and skipped frames in the MJPEG encoder
Demuxer:Fix audio delay calculation in the Mp4 demuxer
Demuxer:Fix crash loading large MP4 files with LPCM audio
Demuxer:Fix multiple issues in the ASF demuxer, allow to cancel indexing
Demuxer:Allow to cancel indexing of MKV files
Demuxer:Re-enable multiloading for MPEG-TS streams cut in chunks of 256, 512 MiB, 1, 2 and 4 GiB in size only
Demuxer:Fix MPEG-TS indexer to start a H.264 or HEVC frame with the Access Unit Delimiter
Muxer:Add Annex B to Annex B video stream filter to deal with misplaced frame boundaries
Muxer:Add support for setting rotation flag to the MP4 muxer
Filter:Add rubber band selector to the "Blacken Borders" filter
Filter:Add option to deal with anamorphic display to the subtitle filter, fix issues in SRT to SSA converter
UI:Autosave session on video close, add session restore feature
UI:Add file name extension when saving audio for some audio types
Audio:Make maximum level in the "Normalize" filter customizable
Audio:Improve AAC sampling frequency detection
Audio:Add decoding support for multichannel Opus audio
Miscellaneous:Fix regression playback stuck after going to the previous picture
Miscellaneous:Fix regression "Fade to black" reset when starting filtered playback close to the end of video
Miscellaneous:Fix regression stopping playback rewinds to the start of video if seek back to the last displayed picture fails

2.7.2 190309 Nightly

[qtifw/VC++] Dont bundle vapoursynth
[VC++] Fix preprocessor define, write admlog.txt to disk prior to using it
[editor] Map codec ID 0x706d to AAC
[coreUtils] Fix build on macOS
[gui_save] Check input length
[winInstaller] Update release changelog
[cmake] Bump Avidemux version
[i18n] Regenerate translation files
[coreAudio/editor] Add sanity checks for audio tracks
[gui_save] Allocate buffer large enough for the max path length of the respective platform
[vs] Vapoursynth is c++, dont handle it as C
[editor/ad_lav] Handle implicit SBR in AAC audio tracks
[coreUtils] Rate-limit warnings from getRecoveryFromSei
[ADM_edAudioTrackFromVideo::getPCMPacket] Give up immediately if we don't have a decoder, fix debug message
[editor] Print frame numbers for the min and max time increment to the log
[demuxers/MpegTS] Assume SBR for AAC in LATM with sampling frequency equal or lower than 24 kHz
[audioFilter/bridge] Rewind only once when creating bridge, remove unused variables
[ad_lav] Trust decoder if it disagrees with demuxer about the number of channels
[coreAudioCodec/editor/audioFilter/props] Allow audio decoder to overrule demuxer if they disagree about the number of channels
[ad_lav] Use default channel layout as fallback if lavc can't make its mind
[demuxers/Mp4] Avoid crash if parsing AAC extra data gives zero channels
[winInstaller] Update release changelog
[VapourSynth] Count successful VSScript inits per instance to fix VapourSynth demuxer broken by closing video after append, print libpython name we try to dlopen to the log, remove unused variable
[coreVideoEncoder/dynVideoEncoder] Don't try to load a shared lib for copyADM, unify indentation, remove tabs
[osxInstaller] Check location of prerequisites collected by fixup_bundle, remove libzimg
[vapoursynth] Grab the right python to dlopen at build time
[vsProxy] Don't miss out cleanup in case of connection timeout
[ffmpeg] Prefix symbol versions with ADM_ to avoid a clash with system FFmpeg libs (thx to mean00)
[VapourSynth] Remove unneeded includes
[VapourSynth] Disable build of vsProxy on macOS, the demuxer should suffice
[osxInstaller] Fix bundle creation with VapourSynth demuxer plugin enabled
[VapourSynth] Fix demuxer, ensure we call vsscript_finalize() exactly as many times as vsscript_init()
[demuxers/MpegTS] Handle DTS audio track, code copied from the MpegPS demuxer
[coreVideoCodec/YV12] Mark all frames as keyframes
[VapourSynth] Set _isvideopresent
[VapourSynth/cli/qt] Don't call ADM_InitMemcpy() on macOS
[VapourSynth] Enable demuxer plugin build (VapourSynth's ffms2 plugin doesn't work)
[coreDemuxerMpeg/dmx_io] Properly fix peek8i(), don't be wasteful with disk reads
[coreDemuxerMpeg, coreUtils] Lower the minimum fragment size for detection of automatically split files to 256 MiB, make probing slightly more robust
[coreDemuxerMpeg/dmx_io] Restore clean state when peeking across file boundaries
[demuxers/VapourSynth/qt] Get last read folder from Avidemux, remember the last loaded file for the current session, improve enabling / disabling of controls
[coreUtils/infoExtractorH264] Truncate frames instead of dropping when the number of NALUs exceeds max, this can happen with filler data present
Merge branch 'ffmpeg4x' of into ffmpeg4x
[plugin] Re-enable vapoursynth for VC++ to see if it works in release mode
[demuxers/Mp4] Set higher hurdles for bumping frame rate to max FPS, calculate average frame rate based on increased movie duration
Merge branch 'ffmpeg4x' of into ffmpeg4x
Merge branch 'ffmpeg4x' of into ffmpeg4x
[vapoursynth] Fix compilation and link with VC++, but there is a runtime error so disable it for now
[ffmpeg] Update to FFmpeg release 4.1.1
[demuxers/Mp4] Take media time in the second edit list atom entry into account for track delay calculation, bigger values advance the track / delay other tracks
[demuxers/Matroska] Use sorted list of PTS to set DTS in case of variable frame rate / wrong default time increment
[Also] c++-11 fix
[core] C++-11 fix
[plugins] Re-enable vapoursynth
[demuxers/MpegTS] Remove redundant test and variable in tsPacket::open(), neither score can be equal zero
[demuxers/MpegTS] Don't get misled by a spurious TS marker detection, retry up to an arbitrary number of 4 times at an offset to get a meaningful TS1 vs TS2 score
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ffmpeg4x
Merge pull request #177 from nikoss/greek-translation
Greek translation 003
[Qt/encoding] Add vertical spacer between progress bar and priority combo box below
[Qt/processing] Add vertical spacer between progress bar and dialog button box, it looks unbearably ugly without
[build] Fix typo in the last , oops
[build] Add more system directories to the CPack RPM generator exclusion list
[build] Fix CPack generated Avidemux Qt GUI RPM claiming ownership of system directories
[core] Add a stack like allocator, not allocating data on the stack
[vc++] more stack increase
Merge branch 'ffmpeg4x' of into ffmpeg4x
[VC++] Increase stack size to 4Mb, might be needed also for Cli
[aacinfo] Bail out if we can't get the channel layout
[build/createDeb] Fix exit status when bootstrap script fails
[build/createRpm] Fix exit status when bootstrap script fails, don't overuse arrays
[build] Factorize Fedora RPM generator script, fix build dependencies list, add options
[build] Update RPM generator convenience script for Fedora 29
[git] Ignore generated appdata.xml file
[muxerAvi] Set biCompression and fccHandler for uncompressed bitmaps (DIB) to zero
[lame, i18n] Remove superfluous colon at the end of checkbox label in the LAME configuration dialog, fix Russian, add German translation for this label
[i18n/ru] Fix a few atrociously wrong translations
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ffmpeg4x
Merge pull request #176 from warchlak/master
[automation] Treat argument directly following --portable passed as the first option as file to load
[i18n] Update qtbase translations to upstream 5.12 branch head
[xdg] Fill in Avidemux version and build date automatically
Merge branch 'master' into ffmpeg4x
Merge pull request #175 from eszlari/install-linux-data
Merge pull request #174 from nikoss/greek-translation
[i18n] Update Russian translation
[Qt/file] Remove restriction on path length on Windows, fix max path length on Linux"
[Qt/file] Get the size of QString right, finally
[Qt] Fix loading and saving files with non-ASCII filenames regressed by 1879d9f25660155cb19e5ebf00c3d8ceab424f9e
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, update German and Russian translations
[muxerMp4] Make rotation degrees translatable
[muxerMkv, muxerMp4] Remove non-effective option
[winInstaller] Update release changelog
[muxerMp4] Allow to set rotation flag
[winInstaller] Tweak changelog appearance a little bit
[winInstaller] Start to populate Beta release changelog
[nvenc] Add cross compilation root folder to search path for nvEncodexx.h
[vidAss] compatibility with VC fix
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, drop obsolete and vanished entries for the sake of clarity, update the German and the Russian translations
[ass] Unify case in translatable strings, modify one string so that a developer can understand it
[Qt] Enable post-processing menu action only for software video decoder and old codecs
[commonUI/editor] Default to post-processing disabled, apply default post-processing settings, add a deinterlacing option, remove redundant UV swap from dialog
[coreImage] Add deinterlacer (ffmpegdeint) to post-processing modes
Merge branch 'ffmpeg4x' of into ffmpeg4x
[qtifw] Partial implementation of update vs fresh installation
[cmake] Skip useless check for NVENC on macOS
[cmake] Don't even check for FFNVENC_INCLUDE_DIRS being set
[cmake] Fall back to find_path to locate NVENC headers as ffnvcodec.pc file seems to be broken, remove tabs, fix indentation, convert to Unix
[gui_main] Don't add crash recovery script to the recent projects menu
[coreSubtitles] Accept period as decimal separator in SRT, don't drop the last subtitle on conversion to SSA when followed by EOF instead of an empty line
[coreSubtitles] Fix SSA timestamps generation
[i18n] Trying to debug jobs
[jobs] update cmakelist for msvc
Merge branch 'ffmpeg4x' of into ffmpeg4x
[qtifw] more generic setup
[demuxers/Mp4] Use track ID from TFHD instead of sample description to find the matching track
[demuxers/Mp4] Simplify indexify()
[qtiw] update license
[qtifw] update installer : fix theme, add shortcuts
[qtifw] Keep ~ the same naming rule as for NSIS
[qtifw] convert from dos to unix
[qtif] Lower cmake minimum version
[qtifw] Right branch
[demuxers/Mp4] Fix broken debug message from the last , oops
[demuxers/Mp4] Fail to supply frame instead of returning garbage data when trying to seek past the end of the file
[demuxers/Mp4] Fix indexing of chunks > 2 GiB in size
[demuxers/Mp4] Try to delay track index allocation
[cmake] Rely purely on pkg-config to find ffnvcodec headers necessary for NVENC
[nativeAvs] Update comment
[coreUtils][muxerGate] Prepend NALU start code prefix with zero byte where necessary
[cosmetics] Unify indentation in TsIndexerH264::run()
[demuxers/MpegTS] Retrieve offsets at NAL_AUD to fix displaced frame boundaries
[demuxers/MpegTS] Really stop rewinding at the first previous keyframe when fetching random non-IDR frames, fix faulty check from my previous fix for fetching random non-IDR frames
[muxerRaw] Add configuration dialog to switch between Annex B and ISO type of video stream
[demuxers/MpegTS] Fix HEVC indexer to start each frame at NAL_AUD
[savenew] Re-enable AUD remover for HEVC
[videoStreamCopyAudRemover] Try to reconstruct access units spread over two consecutive frames in HEVC streams
[core/videoInfoExtractor][muxerGate] Handle HEVC specially when converting from Annex B
[VC] NativeAvisynth: use float_pcm when it is, avoid double conversion
[audio] introduce PCM Float pseudo codec
[coreAudio] Add float PCM as stream type
[VC] nativeAvisynth : samples are not per channels
[VC] Native avisynth, forgot audio
[VC] Add native avisynth, mostly working, audio still not ok
[VC] Also remove QT open GL from nsi
Merge branch 'master' into ffmpeg4x
[openGL] Fix build bustage
[VC] Remove QTGL5 altogether
[Qt5] Also check for Qt5OpenGL
[VC] update (again) nsi to include more support libraries
[vc] update nsi installer
[plugin:ass:msvc] With MSVC use external libass, it manages better the paths on windows without mingw structure (/etc etc..)
[nsi/vc] Update component name
[VC] Revert blind fix
[vc] Blind fix
[ass] MSVC needs explicit link to iconv
[videoFilter:Ass] Emulate missing function with vc++
[coreSubtitle] Proper symbol export on win32 + rename slightly to keep it in sync with other libs
[nsi] update coreSubtitle name on win32
[core] Try to fix build when we have a mixed setup (mingw+visual studio)
[ass] dont include c++ /unix stuff , VC++ does not like that
[VC] update nsi installer for win64/vc++
[dxva2/vs2015] Remove problemeatic include, might break mingw
[build/vs] update include files
Merge branch 'master' into ffmpeg4x
Merge branch 'master' of
[vFilter:crop] Make bound static
[vFilter:BlackenBorder] Copy/paste crop code
[editor] Try to guess PTS for WMV3 too
[winInstaller/crossQt5] Try to fix opening changelog, broken on obsolete Windows versions
Merge branch 'master' of
[vFilter:crop] Make bound static
[vFilter:BlackenBorder] Copy/paste crop code
[editor] Try to guess PTS for WMV3 too
[videoCopy] Initialize currentFrame
[audiocopy] Don't try to fix up audio stream for WMA
[demuxers/Asf] Set image flags properly
[filter:Blacken] Begin to add rubber
[filter/blackenBorder] Prepare for qt5 mouse controlled
Merge branch 'master' of
[avidemux/render] Swat u and v for yuv422/uyvy
[muxerAvi] Use WMA extradata provided by the audio stream
Merge branch 'master' of
[decoder] YUV : cosmetic
[decoder] YUV : Let postprocessing handle it. U &V are swapped but at least it is consistent
[demuxers/Asf] Skip audio DTS sanity checks in the editor
[coreAudio/editor] Allow to circumvent audio DTS sanity checks in ADM_edAudioTrackFromVideo::getPCMPacket, useful for streams with variable number of samples per packet
[mp4/demux] Fix typo
[mp4/demux] Better workaround
[mp4demux] Dont try to use the Sn information if they are inconsistent. It is not a proper fix, just avoiding a crash
[demuxers/Asf] Adjust video duration to account for shift
[demuxers/Asf] Allow shift past the first audio seek point, this fixes issues with hugely delayed start of audio with some samples
[ad_lav] Flush buffers on seek, this might help against decoding of WMA broken after rewind
[coreAudioDevice] Provide volume stats for mono too
[demuxers/Asf] Improve handling of replica size = 1 in packets with multiple payloads
[demuxers/Asf] Deduce remaining data length from the packet length, add more sanity checks
[Qt/working] Simplify dialog by using grid layout and dialog button box, use the default font weight across all labels
[Qt/processing] Adjust function descriptions
[Qt/processing] Simplify dialog, replace custom button for cancel with a standard dialog button box
Merge pull request #172 from pterjan/master
Add support for Arm64
[demuxers/MpegTS] Reduce verbosity, give up when we skipped 32 MiB without finding stuff to make false positives from guessing content less aggravating
[coreAudioDevice] Log channel mapping on audio device init
[coreAudio/audioUtils] Ensure that we copy the correct number of bytes to a temporary buffer when reordering channels
[editor] Detect and try to fix broken PTS = DTS in MPEG2/4 with B-frames
[demuxers/Matroska] Double the sampling frequency when we create AAC extradata and SBR is detected
[coreAudioParser/aacinfo] Don't cut corners too recklessly when copying someone else's code, fix sampling frequency detection for AAC encoded by lavc
[ad_opus] Use fixed frame size
[cmake/ad_opus] Add support for opus audio with more than 2 channels (incomplete, channel mapping issues with downmixing disabled)
Revert "[coreAudio] Don't believe demuxer if it reports number of channels for opus > 2"
[coreAudio] Don't believe demuxer if it reports number of channels for opus > 2
[audioDecoders/opus] Try not to crash if the container lies about the number of channels
[demuxers/Matroska] Don't double AAC sampling frequency in case of SBR as ADM_getAacInfoFromConfig provides the real frequency now
[demuxers/Mp4] Use existing core function to check AAC
[coreAudioParser] Support HE-AAC in ADM_getAacInfoFromConfig
[demuxers/Mp4] Handle AAC with low sample rates
[coreUtils][demuxers/Mp4] Try to get the right sample rate from the AAC header (code stolen from libavcodec)
[core] Apply some pointless code cosmetics to sequenced file detection
[gui_play] Go to the next picture if seek to the current one on stopping playback fails
[Copy] Engage AUD remover only for H264 for now
[demuxers/MpegTS] Fix crash when PMT scan fails (regression from 43bf1b3)
[core] Fix off-by-one in the detection of sequenced files which broke auto-append
Merge branch 'master' of
[i18n] CN and TW translation update by Lee,Shin Chun
[demuxers/MpegTS] Check whether PATs match
[demuxers/Asf] Fix handling of large files, allow to cancel indexing
[demuxers/MpegPS] Allow to cancel indexing without displaying error dialogs, rely on detectPs alone when probing (this may be risky)
[save] Aud remover fix off by size copying check
[save] slightly better aud removal
[save] AnnexB AUD remover, not completely tested
Merge branch 'master' of
[save] PlaceHolder for AUD remover
[demuxers/Matroska] Allow to cancel indexing
[editor] Allow to avoid displaying error dialogs when user cancels indexing
[demuxers/MpegPS] Fix fetching random non-intra frames
[core/h26x] Factorize split NALU
[save/copy] more generic way of handling annexB
[muxer] Put h26x code that deals with different flavors of copying in its own function (annexB, aud,...)
[demuxers/MpegTS] Fix fetching random non-IDR frames
[coreUtils] Make mixDump output more legible, remove tabs
[codeMuxerFfmpeg] Keep pushing audio packets until the video delay is reached, this should fix audio track ending slightly earlycommit
[demuxers/MpegTS] Don't rescale video timestamps to get first frame dts = 0, it breaks A-V synccommit
[demuxers/MpegTS] Fix video timestamps calculationcommit
[demuxers/Mp4] Fix track delay calculation, media time is in track timescale units, not in movie timescalecommit
[run_avidemux_template] Simplify
[run_avidemux_template] Replace hardcoded relative library path with the one read from ADM_coreConfig.h
[linux] Add template for a convenience script to run Avidemux without installation
[demuxers/MpegTS] Try harder to get a useful PAT
[automation] Skip portable mode switch silently
[ad_lav] Bump score for AAC to always win over faad
[demuxers/MpegTS] Re-enable prompting for consecutively named files as auto-append is less likely to concatenate files belonging to different streams now
[core] Restrict multi-loading to streams split at 2^n GiB threshold with 1 MiB tolerance
[appImage] Skip probing fontconfig version if ADM_APPIMAGE_USE_SYSTEM_FONT_LIBS is set
[appImage/fontconfig] Automate switch to system font handling libs if the system fontconfig version >= 2.13
[fontconfig/freetype] Also check fontconfing version
[freetype] Add skeleton of a tool to check if system libfreetype2 is suitable
[appImage] Allow usage of system libfontconfig, freetype and fribidi
[directVaEnc] Do not overwrite the driver provided VAConfigAttribEncPackedHeaders value with zero, this fixes the encoder with recent Intel i965 driver versions + deduplicate code a bit
[appImage] Fix passing args to the executable
[videoEncoder] Add HW accelerated FFmpeg/VA-API based HEVC encoder
[core/hwAccelEncoder] Check for HEVC encoding support too
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, update German and Danish translations
[cmake/coreUtils/Mp4] Add decoding support for DNxHD in MOV
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/afnorm_max'
[editor/tinyPy] Add savePng to the interface
[tinyPy] Rename method to set audio gain to stay compatible with scripts created by older versions
[demuxers/MpegTS] Safeguard against crash in case we have no audio seek points
[editor] Fix crash loading video with fps > 2000 as (mis)detected by demuxer
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/afnorm_max'
[audioFilter/normalize] Make max level in automatic gain mode customizable
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/session_restore'
[Qt] Move restore session menu entry to 'Recent' menu + don't assume that we have exactly one script engine, fix blunder with edit menu taken for file menu in buildActionLists()
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/session_restore'
[GUI] Fix exit while playing
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/session_restore'
[Qt] Create restore session menu entry only once, not per script engine, add separator, fix regression video properties menu entry not disabled when no video is loaded
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/session_restore'
[GUI] Unlock scoped mutex on exit to avoid threading error when exiting Avidemux using keyboard shortcut
[GUI] Implement autosave feature for the current editing state on close
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/mjpegenc'
[videoEncoder/jpeg] Do not drop every second frame, respect quantizer setting
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/ffvaenc'
[videoEncoder] Enable build of ffVaH264 encoder
[videoEncoder/ffVaH264] Make it work, add configuration dialog
Merge pull request #169 from eszlari/patch-2
appdata: fix binary
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/lavdebug'
[ffmpeg] Stop log flooding from the MpegPS muxer
[coreVideoCodec] Fix verbosity level in lav log callback in debug builds
[ffVAEncH264] Fix context configuration (avcodec_open2 is happy, encoding still doesn't work)
[GUI] Add file name extension when saving audio, remove unused variables
[demuxers/MpegTS] Bump payload size limit, 2 MiB is not enough for 4k + remove unused define
[demuxers/MpegTS] Fix audio being silent during the first GOP
[GUI] Seek back to the currently displayed picture after appending video, frame-by-frame and keyframe based navigation may get out of sync
Merge pull request #168 from pavreh/czpo
Update Czech translation
[ffmpeg] Update to 3.3.8
Merge pull request #167 from pavreh/czpo
Update Czech translation
[demuxers/Mp4] Use movie scale as unit to fix track delay calculation
[coreVideoCodec] Set PTS of decoded image to the demuxer provided one for all codecs which don't support B-frames, move special handling of FICV to a separate decoder
[core/ffmpeg] Add support for FICV video codec
[fadeToBlack] Remove overzealous bounds checks, the one in configure() is enough
[demuxers/MpegTS/dmxTSPacket] Print PID both as hex and as decimal in debug messages, fix format specifier
[demuxers/MpegTS/tsAudioProbe] Add missing trailing newline, apply some cosmetics to debug messages
[core/queue] Move newline to the end of debug message
[demuxers/MpegTS] Disable debug output from H265 indexer
[editor/nextPicture] Update lastReadPts when the next image has been found in the cache
[GUI] Load default settings only after a new video is loaded, not before, do not discard audio encoder configuration provided by the default settings file
[demuxers/Asf] Do not lose audio on rewind
[editor/DecodePictureUpToIntra] Refuse to decode instead of crashing if the target frame is not flagged as intra
Merge pull request #164 from micrococo/master
Spanish translation update
Merge branch 'master' of
Merge branch 'support_2.7.1'
[2.7.1] Add missing json library
Merge pull request #165 from warchlak/master
Spanish translation update
wip pl_u12d
Merge pull request #163 from micrococo/master

Changes in Avidemux v2.7.0 v2.7.1
Encoder:Add LibVA based HW accelerated H.264 encoder (Intel/Linux)
Decoder:Fix last frames of video not retrieved from decoder
Decoder:Implement hardware accelerated decoding of H.264 on macOS
Decoder:Fix keyframe-based navigation in field-encoded MPEG-2 video
Demuxer:Fix crash in the Matroska demuxer with high bitrate audio
Demuxer:Fix too short duration reported for MKV and MP4 with B-frames
Demuxer:Fix PTS delay calculation in the Matroska demuxer
Demuxer:Fix audio delay ignored by the Mp4 demuxer
Muxer:Improve resilience of FFmpeg based muxers against decode timestamps irregularities
Muxer:Allow to force display aspect ratio in the configuration of the MP4 muxer
Muxer:Fix crash in the AVI muxer on switch to OpenDML
Images:Add PNG export, fix wrong colors with some colorspaces
Images:Add feature to export selection as JPEG images
Editor:Fix AVI with H.264 / HEVC without B-frames being not seekable
Editor:Make AVI with H.264 / HEVC containing B-frames seekable by decoding the entire video
New Filter:Still Image: generate video of specified duration out of a single image
Filter:Make eq2 video filter partializable
Filter:Implement fade-in / fade-out transition for "Add logo"
UI:Display selection duration in the UI, move filter preview toggle to the toolbar
UI:Warn right away if an edit would result in cuts being not on keyframes
UI:Improve time chooser dialog
Audio:Add Opus encoder
Audio:Allow LPCM in FFmpeg-based muxers
Audio:Show duration for external audio tracks
Miscellaneous:Improved overall polish and stability

2.7.0 180603 Nightly

[macos] Bump application bundle copyright dates
[audioFilter/bridge] Suppress repeated debug messages when dropping early audio packets, use plain printf for better legibility
[coreAudio/audioStreamMP3] Add missing trailing newlines to debug messages, replace plain printf with ADM_info
[coreAudio/audioStreamMP3] Provide duration for external mp3 audio files
[cmake/macOS] Fix build with Qt >= 5.11
[Qt] Compatibilty patch with newer qt (>=5.11), patch by Chris Clayton
[coreDemuxerMpeg/indexFile] Stop reading at null terminator, skip garbage
[editor/checkForInvalidPts] Abort early if we can't seek, remove unused includes and an unused variable
[core] Add remove dummy frame mpeg2 patch
[cmake/ffmpeg] Use a separate folder for unmodified upstream fixes
[coreAudioParser/aacadts] Don't refuse to consume data if we can't refill buffer
[py] print out proper field
[GUI] Fix navigation slider out of sync after A_Resync() + remove a redundant call to GUI_setCurrentFrameAndTime()
[tinyPy/pyPrintTiming] Print human-readable picture flags, remove tabs
[audioDecoders/ac3] Force downmix to stereo on switch from 2.0 to 5.0/5.1, based on patch by Basic.Master
Merge branch 'master' of
[build/macOS] Include plugin settings like on other platforms
[build/macOS] Add options to use system libass, liba52, libmad and libmp4v2 e.g. from Homebrew instead of the bundled versions
[aboutDialog] Update copyright date
[editor] Try to continue from the next keyframe if decoding fails
[x264/Qt][i18n] Fix label text and translations affected by the increased subme range
[demux/mpeg2] update pic structure correctly for mpeg2
[x264/Qt] Bump max subme to 11, automatically set trellis and aq_mode for subme > 9, non-interactively lower subme on disabling variance adaptive quantization or on lowering trellis
[audioIdentify/idMP2] Look for the max offset, not the first one
[ad_lav] Don't leave AV_CH_BACK_* channels unmapped, otherwise we crash encoding a 5.1 track with rear channels with lavcodec
Revert adding channel layouts with side channels, we don't support 7.1 for now
[demuxers/Matroska] Replace hard-coded value for undefined language with a macro
[demuxers/MpegTS] Substitute the invalid code for undefined language we were using with a valid ISO 639 one
Merge branch 'warchlak-master'
Merge branch 'master' of into warchlak-master
[core/audioIdentify] Check 3 frames when testing for AC3/EAC3, now for real, oops
[coreAudio] Improve AC3/EAC3 detection in external audio streams
[Qt/props] Reorder code blocks for better legibility
[Qt/props] Display correct duration for external audio tracks
[core/audioStream] Always initialize durationInUs, remove unused variable
[coreAudio/AAC] Handle corrupted or misdetected audio files more gracefully by refusing to overflow buffer instead of asserting
[Qt/audioTracks] Select the previous entry if adding an external audio track fails
[editor/audio] Refuse to add an external audio track with zero channels
[Qt/audioTracks] Go to the last read directory when adding an external audio track, keep the current track on cancel
[coreAudioParser/getAACFrame] Don't crash if calculated packetLen is insufficient
[ffmpeg] Update to 3.3.7
[core] Add support for bibliographic language codes
[mainWindow] Always zoom video on maximize, limit the scope of needsResizing to file
[myOwnPlugin] update vaEnc
[plugins] Add directVaEnc
[plugin] Remove vaEnc
[plugin] import vaEnc
[core] clean up global variables (incomplete)
[core] Fix compilation breakage
Merge branch 'master' of
[qt] initialize vaEncoder too
[core] reshuffle files between core and vaEncH264, else we run into chicken and egg problem
Merge pull request #158 from warchlak/master
[cmake] Fix fribidi version check, consistently use the correct library name
[qt4] Check if vaEncoder is working
[core] cleanup imported stuff from vaEnc into core
mainWindow > Audio tracks unified
[core] Partial activation of core part of vaEncoder, incomplete
[vaEnc] Move common part to core (uncomplete)
Merge branch 'master' of
[Core] Begin to import the core part of the libVa encoder, incomplete
[demuxers/Matroska] Replace invalid code for undefined language we were using with a valid ISO 639 one
[audioStream] Use valid ISO 639 code for undefined language
[winInstaller] Start to populate release changelog
[swapUV] Fix crash on making swapUV partial
[printInfo] Resolve identity crisis in printInfoFilter::getConfiguration
[editor] Move initialization of totalExtraDelay and desyncScore to the constructor to silence compiler warnings
[partial] Seek with the partialized filter only when in range
[muxerMkv] Allow to specify display aspect ratio in the configuration dialogas an alternative to display width
[GUI] Give seek to the end a chance to succeed even if we fail to decode the last keyframe
[vaStandaloneEncoder] remove big useless file
Merge branch 'master' of
[videoEncoder demo] cleanup
[previewNavigate] Skip seek and display refresh if the currently shown picture is already the intra we want
[myOwnPlugin] Add sample standalone videoEncoder, based on the in progress intel video encoder
[automation] Add missing include which broke build at least on Ubuntu (but not on Fedora so that it went unnoticed)
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, update the Danish and the German translations
[edVideoCopy] Check PTS-DTS offset due to early B-frames for all segments past given linear time, add more debug code to getCompressedPicture
[automation] Show comprehensible error messages if a script file cannot be opened
[savenew] Ensure we use full path
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, update the German translation
[editor] Make error message about dimensions mismatch when appending video fully translatable
[i18n/de] Add translations for some newly added strings
[debug] Print video encoder name to the log when changing video codec
[editor/seektoTime] Set lastDecodedPts despite the wanted image being found in the cache
[muxerAvi] Initialize baseOffset when switching to OpenDML format
[mkv] Recheck chan and fq by decoding extradata if they are there
[macOS] Fix wrong inclination of stripes on the clapperboard in the application icon
[Windows] Add high resolution, PNG compressed bitmap to the application icon
Merge branch 'master' of
[appImage] bump x265
[macOS] Refresh the application icon, set it as window icon for the main window
[appImage] update to jessie
[GUI] Reset audio track count on closing video
[editor/checkCutIsOnIntra] Restore the values of _currentSegment and lastSentFrame to avoid _currentSegment going out of bounds after undo, which may result in a crash
Merge branch 'master' of
[MpegTS/Demux] Dont use packet with inconsistent size (offet>=size)
Merge pull request #156 from oshrk/patch-1
avsfilter bugfix
[ad_lav] Prefer lavcodec to decode AAC
[QtFactory/timeStamp] Optimize by avoiding superfluous enabling of widgets before we disable them
[editor] Assume PTS = DTS for H.264 and similar codecs in AVI if we have found no B-frames within the check range
[coreImageLoader] Fix swapped U & V planes with PNG logo images in rgb24 colorspace
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, update a few translations
[editor/checkForInvalidPts] Fix language in dialog message
[QtFactory/timeStamp] Set the first enabled spinbox as buddy to fix kbd navigation
[partial] Set maximum value in the configuration dialog to video duration
[stillimage] Add keyboard accelerators
[black,fadeTo,fadeToBlack] Set max time value in the configuration dialog to video duration, add sanity checks when missing
[dxva2] Add missing newline in debug output
[resize/Qt] Increase width and height limits to match DCI 4K
[QtFactory/timeStamp] Set correct min/max values for spinboxes
[QtFactory/timeStamp] Set spinbox ranges first, set values second
[avsfilter] Fix build broken by missing scope in f40175d, oops
[GUI] Fix max value for diaElemTimeStamp in go to time dialog
[QtFactory/stillimage] Enforce min and max values in diaElemTimeStamp, dynamically set range and enable/disable spinboxes, remove obsolete comment
[macOS/Qt/mainfilter] Add a crude hack to restore the ability to resize dialog windows with Qt 5.10.1, removed in QTBUG-65668
[changeFps,avsfilter] Implement getTimeRange to propagate updated time range down the filter chain
[plugins/vf] Add new filter to generate still picture video
[partial] Provide partial filter time range to the son only, not to the next filter in the chain
[GUI] Respect volume level and mute toggle state on playback start, remove unused variable
[macOS/Qt] Keep navigation slider ticks hidden with Qt 5.10.1 and on as the Qt performance regression with Cocoa persists
[addLogo] Print full configuration upon adding the filter
[addLogo] Fix grammar in the new label
[addLogo] Fix dialog constructor, round fade-in duration to the nearest 100 ms, remove unused leftover variable
[addLogo] Add fade-in / fade-out feature for logo image + fix timing initially not displayed in the filter configuration preview + fix logo image missing in the preview in the filter manager
[partial] Fix range detection when saving video not from the beginning + allow partialized filters to query the time they are active
[coreVideoFilter] Add a function to query the start/end time to the API, useful for filters with transitions
[cmake, core, prefs, main] Allow to use VideoToolbox HW accel on macOS to decode H.264
[coreVideoCodec] Fall back to software decoding if setting up HW decoder fails
Merge pull request #155 from warchlak/master
[addBorder] Raise the upper limits for border width to a very high arbitrary value + remove redundant variable
[videoCopy] Don't add extra delay because of early B-frames if PTS/DTS delta is sufficient
[videoCopy] Always increase endTime by videoDelay to avoid last frames falling off the cliff
[demuxers/Matroska] Fix PTS delay calculation
[ass] fix build with newer clang/cmake
[build] Try to be nicer with newer clang
[mp4/demux] Unit in elst is in track timescale, not movie timescale
Merge branch 'master' of
[mp4/Demux] Optimize handling of Sn and Sc chunks + printf cleanup
[Qt] Use custom size grips for rubber control on all platforms
[MainWindow] Don't resize preview if resizing the main window leaves zoom more or less unchanged
[GUI] Don't try to spawn renderer with zero width or height + reset decoder name when closing video
[mp4/demux] Fix bad copy / paste
[mp4/demux] apply elst shift
Merge branch 'master' of
[MP4/Demux] Store normalized elst delay per track
[GUI] Set preview dimensions to zero on startup to work around transparent video frame with Qt 5.10.0
[MainWindow] Disable navigation slider during playback in filter preview mode or if no video is loaded
[Mp4/demux] Retrieve signed elst, handle 64 bits atom
[blackenBorder] Fix green bars being transparent with Qt 5.10.0
[Qt/macOS] Paint red triangles in corners of our customized QRubberBand to work around resize grips being fully transparent with Qt 5.10.0
[MainWindow/macOS] Remove slider ticks for 5.10.0 to work around Qt performance regression
[vumeter] Set alpha to 0xFF to fix VU meter being fully transparent with Qt 5.10.0
[ffmpeg] Update bundled FFmpeg to 3.3.6
[ffmpeg] Enable PNG encoder in bundled FFmpeg
[coreImage,GUI] Add feature to save current image as PNG
[plugins] Disable build of the currently non-functional PNG encoder
[ui_support] Remove some redundant includes
[jobs] Add external source file via cmake rather than including it directly, hopefully less ugly
[jobs/i18n] Don't specify Qt version in checkbox label, fix affected translations
[ui_support/jobs] Move translation-related functions to a separate file, enable translation for the jobs control window
[jobs] Add keyboard shortcut to quit jobs control window
[coreSocket/jobs] Initialize localPort, use printf macros matching the data type
[GUI] Revert to using the current display buffer for saving as JPEG or BMP image when filter preview is not enabled
[GUI] Resync current position in video before and after saving as image, reduce code duplication
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv] Try to restore original FPS when it is made of mostly FPS and some FPS*2
[GUI] Allow to save selection as a set of JPEG images, apply filters if preview mode is enabled
[coreImage] Set dimensions and pixel format for AVFrame when saving image as JPEG
[mainfilter] Restore the last playback position on closing video filter manager
[demuxers/Mp4] Don't bump video duration if it is unnecessary, the last patch was too overzealous
[demuxers/Mp4] Fix special case of advertised video duration = max PTS, we still must bump the duration to avoid dropping the last image
[GUI] Rewind and seek back to the current position to work around playback broken after saving video
[demuxers/Matroska] Set default frame duration to match 25 fps
[demuxers/Matroska] Fix video duration calculation with B-frames present and for the special case of a video containing only one frame
[videoCopy] Fix video duration calculation
[demuxers/Mp4] Fix video duration calculation, with B-frames the last frame is not necessarily the one with max PTS
[demuxers/Matroska] Fix debug message for audio offset
[core] Bump MAXIMUM_SIZE to avoid crash on loading 4K BMP images
[coreVideoCodec][editor] Do not treat RGB24 and BGR24 the same, fix wrong colors with PNG images in the RGB24 colorspace
[coreImage] Fix wrong colors in saved BMP images
[rgb16][editor] Fix slightly wrong colors when loading BMP images
Merge pull request #151 from sheppaul/patch-4
[black] Use correct integer type when printing configuration parameters
[NSis] Cosmetic
[Nsis/mingw] Add empty cross, else it is not escaped
Merge branch 'master' of
[nsi/vc] include a tag to avoid mixing files with mingw one
[editor] Reset _currentSegment on cleanup, otherwise we may crash loading next video if seek to the first frame fails
[editor] Remove leftover printf, oops
[editor] Swap U and V for RGBA input, this fixes wrong colors with PNG + remove obsolete declaration + reindent
[coreVideoCodec] Fix decoding of 32 bpp BMP images
[coreImage] Add ADM_COLOR_BGR555 to known colorspaces, don't crash with 16 bpp BMP images
Merge branch 'master' of
[NSI] Fix UAC on visual studio
[eq2] Print all parameters
[NSIS/VC] Mostly working nsis installer for Visual Studio
[avsproxy] Add new binary
[coreVideoCodec] Fix frame type display for HuffYUV
[avsproxy] update to newer visual studio
[NSI/VC] be more tolerant vav libxxx / xxxx
Merge branch 'master' of
[editor] Don't print debug message about video not starting at zero if it starts at zero
[editor] Fix playback broken after going to the end and seeking to the previous keyframe until the start is reached
Merge branch 'master' of
[NSIS] More cleanup x2
[NSIS] More cleanup
[Nsis] Prepare for Visual C++ nsis packager
[editor] Fix the bad fix for seektoTime, oops
[editor] Fix check for cuts not on intra broken by the optimization in seektoTime, fix some debug messages
Merge branch 'master' of
[win32/vc++] Fix plugins and plugin naming to be the same as mingw
[audioDevices/CoreAudio] Fix crash on stopping playback of a video without soundtrack
[editor] Don't try to skip decoding on rewind
[eq2] Make the eq2 video filter partializable
[videoCodec][editor] Drain decoder to retrieve last decoded video frames + move to the new lavc API
[Win32] Tag about with compiler used (gcc or vc++)
[win32] Fix cli
[win32] Fix rc file for visual c++, part 2
[Build/mxe] Fix mingw builds
[win32] make the rc file compatible with vc++ (incomplete)
[annexBtoMp4] allocate larger array
[plugin] Fix standalone build, part 4
[plugin] standalone build fix, part3
[plugin] Fix standalone build, part 3
[plugin] Fix standalone build, part 2
[plugin] Fix standalone build, part 1
[streamCopy] Bump video duration if we delay the first frame so that last frames don't fall off the cliff
[x265] Fix threads setup, printf format specifier
[x264] Fix threads setup
[GUI] Reset audio time shift settings when closing video
[GUI] Update audio time shift controls state upon exiting audio filter config dialog
[audiofilter] Fix positive audio shift ignored with the normalize filter in auto mode + replace the repeated chunk of audio with silence
[i18n/da] Fix one more translation affected by the change in logo.ui
[i18n/de/ko/ru/zh] Fix some translations affected by the change in logo.ui
[addLogo] Remove obsolete tooltip
[addLogo] Fix wording and grammar
[coreImage, addLogo] Allow to reduce opacity of logo images containing alpha channel
[gui_play] Remove workaround for an old bug in ALSA, it doesn't seem to be needed anymore
[coreAudioDevice] Stop sending data immediately after receiving stop request + replace the deprecated CloseComponent function
[coreAudioDevice] Print timing info on state change
[resize] Recognize 50 fps as PAL compatible
[GUI] Disable preview mode toggle on application start if no video is loaded
[coreDemuxer/editor] Flip the default return value of providePts(), use it to trigger dialog to fix PTS in AVI with h264 video containing B-frames
[autoScripts/PSP] Update container config, use LavAAC instead of Faac
[autoScripts] Fix ffMpeg2 encoder aspect ratio always remaining 4:3
[autoScripts/lib] Fix aspect ratio enum changes other way round to preserve compatibility with existing scripts
[auto/dvd] Use LavAC3 instead of Aften
[autoScripts] Update to the new swscale filter API
[gui_play] Fall back to the old behaviour if seeking fails
[gui_play] Resume playback from the same frame where it was stopped
[Qt/toolkit] Log the name of a reparented dialog
[GUI] Add an icon for the preview mode toggle button in the toolbar
[i18n] CN/TW translation update by Lee,Shin Chun
[Matroska/demuxer] Add splitter to have small enough (L)PCM blocks
[matroska] Add splitter access
[mkv/Demux] return max packet size detected for pcm, will help to allocate splitter later
[mkv/Demux] detect large PCM packet size, we ll add a splitting layer on top of it when it happens
[matroska] Revert split, keep it in git history just in case
[mkv/demux] Hook to check PCM audio blocks are not absurdly big
[lav/audiodecoder] Check the data are valid before using them
Merge pull request #149 from Hinterwaeldlers/master
Merge pull request #150 from poltsy/master
Don't hardcode number of cpus used to build ffmpeg
[muxerMp4] Add config options to specify pixel aspect ratio, disguised as usual DAR values
[editor] Fix the check for PTS going back so that we catch MP4 with broken PTS as well
[editor] Allow to reconstruct PTS lost e.g. by saving as AVI in videos containing B-frames by decoding the full video on load (ATM works only with MKV)
[editor] Skip trying to fill the 2nd field PTS if the video is not interlaced
[coreMuxerFFmpeg] Try harder to avoid DTS collisions as long as we don't request rounding
[editor] Don't trust unreliableBFramePts(), always run checkForValidPts when adding a ref video, remove unnecessary bool var and ADM_Composer::DecodeNextPicture API changes introduced by the last commit
[editor] Ignore container PTS if they are obviously wrong (PTS=DTS in H.264 streams with B-frames)
[ffmpeg] Bump FFmpeg to 3.3.5
[videoCopy] Allow to disable DTS sanitizing in copy mode + increase the catch up rate back to 5 ms per frame
[prefs] Add a pref to toggle DTS sanitizing in copy mode
[editor] Remove unnecessary define, fix the test for negative finalDts instead
Merge branch 'master' of
[demuxers/MpegTS] Bundle disabling of the prompt to append sequentially named files in one location
[demuxers/MpegTS] Don't unconditionally append sequentially named files while reading the audio section of the index, we may hit the limit of open file descriptors by drag'n'dropping sequentially named videos from a large directory
[mkv/demux] Check we dont overflow, assert if we do
[demuxers/MpegPS] Don't append sequential files while probing audio when the user declined appending even if we may lose a small chunk of audio at the end
[ffVTEnc] Add controls to set the profile, the GOP size and to enable B-frames
[ffNvEnc] Remove leftover unused variable
[coreVideoEncoderFFmpeg] Get internal PTS and the keyframe flag from the packet only, otherwise we end up with all frames marked as intra e.g. with h264_videotoolbox
[ffNvEnc] Allow setting the profile, the GOP size and the number of B-frames
[coreVideoEncoder] Get internal pts from packet if the encoder doesn't set it in coded_frame + make getEncoderDelay() virtual
[documentation] Update cross-compiling howto, x265 is available as a MXE package now
[prefs] Fix parameter range for downmixing
[coreVideoEncoderFFmpeg] Always set time_base in the codec context, otherwise we crash in avcodec_close if no matching codec was found + remove unused variable
[coreVideoEncoderFFmpeg] Revert increasing internal timestamp resolution, bump internal PTS to resolve conflicts instead
[coreVideoEncoderFFmpeg] Increase internal timestamp resolution to avert PTS collisions due to rounding, avoid repeated computations
[editor] Print modified marker positions to the log
[demuxers/MpegPS] Support retrieving a frame which is not the next one and not an intra (code copypasted from the MpegTS demuxer)
[i18n/de] Update German translation of the swsResize video filter
[resize] Add more items to the list of pixel aspect ratio values, default to square pixels
[GUI] Fix swapped actions for the DOWN key
[resize] Make lock aspect ratio checkbox state persistent
[editor] Fix the copy mode for videos with some DTS and PTS missing
[editor] Fix grammar in debug messages from the last commit, oops
[editor] Try to fix the fix for checkForDoubledFps, oops
[editor] Don't halve FPS if we haven't got any consecutive frames with valid DTS and PTS
[editor] Add missing newlines in debug messages in ADM_Composer::getFrameNumFromPtsOrBefore
[editor] Fix ADM_Composer::getFrameNumFromPtsOrBefore bailing out one frame too early
[GUI/i18n/de] Remove confusing checkbox in hwAccelText, fix German translation
[i18n/da,de,it,ko,zh_CN,zh_TW] Fix translations affected by removal of rich text from the encoding dialog
[Qt] Remove rich text from encoding dialog XML in favor of using default font style, formatting didn't look right in HiDPI conditions
[Qt] Prevent encoding dialog from being closed with encoding still running by pressing the ESC key
[cmake] Fix message mode
[x265] Add strong_intra_smoothing encoder config option
[editor] Catch up slower after delaying frames in copy mode to make messing up PTS order less likely + double the desyncScore threshold, report the linear time when we hit it
[resampleFps] Revert 598c62c which crashed in preview with other filters derived from ADM_coreVideoFilterCached in filter chain, fix seeking
[coreVideoFilter] Cast seek time in microseconds to double instead of float in goToTime
[coreVideoFilter] Fix video cache dump(), do not cast uint32_t to int
[editor] Allow to silence warnings about dropped frames in copy mode, warn about dropped P- and B-frames too + don't reset totalExtraDelay when we drop a frame
[hue] Improve usability of the saturation slider
Merge branch 'master' of
[i18n] Simplified chinese translation by Lee,Shin Chun
[build] Remove duplicated ELSE command from the cmake file to create plugin settings deb package
Merge branch 'master' of
[i18n] Fix extra >
[editor] Bump PTS for the first frame when we avoid time stamp collision by bumping DTS too, fix operator precedence
[muxerMP4] Improve comment (no code changes)
[i18n/zh_TW] Fix compilation
Merge branch 'master' of
[i18n] Taiwanese translations update by Lee, Shin Chun
[coreMuxer] Try to cope better with DTS going back and PTS < DTS irregularities in stream
[muxerMp4] Do not set roundup value
[GUI] Display selection duration in the selection widget, make filtered output toggle a menu action and add it to the toolbar
[editor] Ask user confirmation when delayed video frames might result in perceptible A/V desync
Merge branch 'master' of
[TS/Demux] Probe deeper to find pat, else it fails on high bitrate video
[editor] Try to handle DTS going back in time more graciously in copy mode, accept up to 100 ms A/V desync
[Qt] Make encoding dialog, broken by 62831ed, modal again
[GUI] Reject deleting the entire video already in the action since truncate may fail to do so due to padding
[editor] Fix ADM_Composer::checkForValidPts for videos not starting at zero
[editor] Skip search for previous keyframe in ref when refTime = 0
[editor] Fix debug message in ADM_Composer::seektoTime
[editor] Fix overflow and hang in ADM_verifyDts when the demuxer reports zero video frames
[avi/demux] Remove fraps empty frames (hack)
[Qt] Fix select audio track dialog broken by 62831ed
[crop] Fix autocrop of vertical black bars, remove unused variables
Merge branch 'master' of
[build] High Sierra fix (1)
[crop] Fix standard deviation computation
[audio] Always construct ADMCountdown for message rate-limiting, otherwise we crash in ADM_audioStreamMP3 destructor later
[seekablePreview] Remove show() from the dialog constructor
[plugins/vf] Make video filter dialogs with seekable preview modal again
[mkv/demux] use new API to find MKV_TRACKS when SeekHead is invalid or missing
[mkv/demux] complete the api to be able to easily get the container and not the content
[Addon] Fix build of mkvscan
[matroska] If seek_head is invalid, look for tracks (incomplete)
[Qt] Follow Qt documentation, call show() after changing window flags
[build] Fix compilation with glibc >= 2.27
[GUI] Stop trying to get audio data once the end of the stream has been encountered
[demuxers/MpegTS] Do not suggest appending sequential files for now, it mostly doesn't work right
[audio] Rate-limit debug messages when getPacket starts to fail at the end of an MP3 audio track
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/macos-videotoolbox-support'
[coreVideoCodec] Don't flood the console with empty lavc messages
[plugins] Add a rudimentary front end for the h264 FFmpeg VideoToolbox hw accelerated encoder on macOS
[cmake] Enable VideoToolbox support in bundled FFmpeg on macOS
[audio] Accept codec menu name for --audio-codec too
[editor] Revert to segments starting at zero DTS instead of the first frame PTS of the ref video
[GUI] Avoid seek errors on cut or delete
[editor] Notify user when we drop an intra due to a DTS collision while saving video in copy mode
[editor] Fix getNKFramePTS not to miss the first keyframe in a segment with start time in ref = 0 and ref video starting at zero + warn about video not starting at zero only if it really doesn't start at zero
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv/demux] Add mjpeg native id
Merge pull request #148 from Hinterwaeldlers/master
[editor] Fix nextPicture going past the end of the last segment
Appended the vapoursynth port selection within the gui
Allow to define vapoursynth proxy port via cli parameter
[editor] Add a comment in getLastKeyFramePts, make debug output slightly less verbose
[GUI] Go to the start of the video when resetting edits
[editor] Keep time in segment offset = pts of the first frame in ref when resetting segments
Merge branch 'master' of
[opus] Better error management, lower bitrates
[editor] Safeguard against getLastKeyFramePts occasionally returning a pts beyond the end of the last segment
[editor] Create a new segment with start time in ref = pts of the first frame + add padding when truncating video to keep the frame matching the A marker
[opus] Fix off by 1000 error
[opus] Correct bitrate + safegard
[opus] remove unneeded stuff
[opus] cleanup
[opus] Slightly more complete init
[opus encoder] Skeleton
[pcm/encoding] Set bps to 16
Merge branch 'master' of
[editor] Avoid non-zero linear start time of the first segment after delete
[GUI] Rewind to avert a crash deleting a chunk of video when seek fails
[editor] Remove forgotten unused var from checkCutIsOnIntra, reorganize debug messages a little
[GUI] Don't warn about cuts being not on intra repeatedly or if an earlier cut/paste operation was the true reason
[GUI] Warn about cut points being not on keyframes also when pasting
[GUI] Warn about cut being not on a keyframe right away
[crop] Set alpha in the green bars to 0xff on all platforms
[crop] Fix the right green bar being shifted 1px to the left + fix bars displayed black on macOS (idea by mean)
[crop] Initialize rubber band visibility state to visible
[crop] Allow to hide the rubber band[coreMuxeR/ffmpeg] Also accept LPCM
Merge branch 'master' of
[color] Add partial support for yuv 422 10 bits
[prefs] Remove obsolete output preferences
[crop] Add changes to the header missing in the last
[crop] Show resulting dimensions of the video
[fadeToBlack] Reset invalid start and end values, default to the total duration for the end value
[qtfactory/timestamp] Reindent, remove tabs
[qtfactory] Make timestamp dialog element a bit clearer
[core] Bump FFmpeg to 3.3.3
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/restyled-changelog'
[build] Not in release anymore

Changes in Avidemux v2.6.20/21 v2.7.0

FFmpeg switched to the 3.3.x branch
Fixed frame computation bug that led to bad cutting (euma)
Korean translation (sheppaul)
Put log files into the local folder (achim71)
Fix name of the executable search
Steplessly zoom paused video when the window is resized (euma)
Added Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut to copy the current PTS to clipboard (euma)
eq2: UI improvements (euma)
Fix VP9 decoding
Using rubber bands for crop too (me+euma)
Redone packaging on macOS
HEVC decoding via DXVA2 blacklisted on win32, active on win64
New Filter:
ADM ivtc
Distinguish between AC3 and EAC3 when importing

2017-05-01: 2.6.21: win64 build issue

The x265 encoding plugin was broken on win64 and regenerated. No other change.

Win32 are still 2.6.20

Changes in Avidemux v2.6.19 v2.6.20

Core: The bundled FFmpeg has been updated to version 3.0.7
Core Encoder: A crash encoding MPEG-2 with B-frames disabled has been fixed
Core Encoder: An error due to invalid decoding timestamps at the end of encoding with MPEG-2 has been fixed
Core Audio: Sound issues including audio dropouts with AAC in MPEG TS fixed
Core Audio: External AAC audio misidentified as E-AC3 fixed
MKV Demuxer: FPS calculation improved
MKV Demuxer: A crash with audio tracks using lacing extensively fixed
MKV Muxer: The FPS value is set correctly now
FLV Demuxer: File kept open preventing deletion fixed
VPX Decoder: Swapped colors fixed, support for VP9 added
macOS: Passing command line arguments to the application fixed
VDPAU: Decode MPEG-1 instead of crashing
Qt / Properties Dialog: A button to copy the data to clipboard added
Qt / Filter Manager: Dynamically disable not applicable context menu entries in the list of active filters
Qt / Filter Manager: Horizontal scrolling in the list of available filters eliminated
Qt / MPlayer eq2 Plugin: The sliders on the right becoming squeezed horizontally fixed
UI: File dialog not adding a file name extension when saving projects fixed (not in 64 bit builds for Windows yet)
i18n: Russian and German translations updated (TotalCaesar659 / eumagga0x2a)
Debug: Avidemux now prints the correct version string to the console or to the application log

2.7.0 Nightly 170727

Merge branch 'master' of
[x265] Analyze NAL to distinguish between I and IDR if using x265 2.5
[crop] Adjust rubberband's size and position when resizing the dialog window
[crop] Fix rubberband interaction with spinboxes
[editor] fix (?) copy/paste markers
[colorYUV] Fix bad copy paste, thanks fbruckman
Merge branch 'master' of
[codec] Add jpeg as alias for mjpeg
[cmake/x264] Cosmetics: remove tabs, fix indentation
[cmake/x264] Fix build with cmake 3.9.0
[crop] Fix auto crop
[crop/qt5] Mostly working, x2
[crop/qt5] Mostly working
[mjpeg/encoder] Set correct fcc
[crop/qt5] more cleanup, still incomplete
[crop/qt5] more cleanup
[crop/qt5] Cleanup
[crop] begin to simplify, x2
[crop] begin to simplify
[crop] More rubbe management (incomplete)
[crop] More rubbe management (incomplete)
[crop] Add rubberband management
[dxva/h265] Blacklist intel for the moment
Merge branch 'master' of
[d3d] Get video card vendor id
[plugins/logo] Use logo image location / last read dir instead of the program directory for the file dialog
[qt/factory] Respect last read/write dir in file dialogs
[nsi] Add font related stuff (blind commit)
[build/cross] Remove unused cmake variable from the bootstrap script
[core] Bump FFmpeg to 3.3.2
[osx/icon] Third try (66)
[osx] new icon, take 2
Merge branch 'master' of
[Osx] New icon by vangelis
[osx/build] Fail if we can't find qmake, not if MYQT is unset
[osx/build] Try to use MYQT specified via env, fall back to hardcoded values if it fails
[osx/build] Prefer the older qt5 version of the official build node, accept the current one if the former doesn't exist
Merge branch 'master' of
[plugin] More verbose if we skip libass
[osx/build] Unset CREATE_BUNDLE cmake variable with --nopkg, might help when rebuilding after a build with packaging enabled
[GUI] Fix small videos changing zoom to fit into window on stopping playback
Merge pull request #146 from sheppaul/patch-2
[osx/build] Allow to specify a custom Avidemux version string and dmg filename
Update avidemux_ko.ts
[osx/build] Remove unused now CREATE_BUNDLE define
[mp4] mostly ok lpcm in mp4, frequency is hardcoded to 44100 for now
[demux/mp4] better handling of lcpm in mp4/mov
[plugin/mp4] remove .orig files
[osx/build] custom bundle icon + use qt.conf rather than applicationDirPath()
[osx/bundle] fix name
[osx/build] using cpack now, so make package
[osx/cmake] basic cpack + simplify (blind merge)
[osx/build] Fix i18n dir path + fix Qt plugin path in avidemux_jobs + add --nopkg build option to skip creating an app bundle
[osx/build] also bundle jobs and cli, not working
[osx/build] Fix typo
[osx/build] Add the 2 entries for retina display + use template based
[osx/build] Remove duplicates and headers from framework
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/packager_osx'
[osx] Better bundle + create dmg
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/ratelimit-audio-debug-msg'
[demuxer/flv/audio] Rate-limit debug messages from getPacket and goToBlock, fix indentation
[demuxer/mp4audio] Rate-limit debug messages from getPacket
[coreAudioDevice] Add missing newline in a debug message
[editor/audio] Use plain printf instead of ADM_info to improve debug output legibility in getPCMPacket
[editor/audio] Silence repeated debug messages from refillPacketBuffer, fix indentation
[ivtc] Check both image to check if the same pattern is reused
Merge branch 'master' of
[build] disable d3d11 on win32, keep it on win64
[admIvtc] Optimize, dont do copy, evaluate inline
[editor] Resync curFrame with the temporary copy, oops
[editor] Try to cope better with getPtsDts failing for portions of video in getFrameNumFromPtsOrBefore
[admIvtc] Add entry for remove dupe
[ivtcDupeRemover] Adjust fps
[ivtc] use hinting
[admIvtc] Put hints for dupe remover
[Core] use ffmpeg copy_plan, it s accelerated on x86
[videoFiler] Ivtc, part1
Merge branch 'master' of
[admIvtc] skeleton
[videoCopy] Don't report not droppable B-frames if we've got none, report dts in s for clarity as videoDelay may be < 1 ms
[main] update contributors
[ownPlugin] blind update to 2.7 API
[about] bump year to 2017
[editor] Avoid overflow in getFrameNumFromPtsOrBefore, curFrame may become smaller than splitMoval anytime
Merge branch 'master' of
[msi] install any fdk lib, not just 0
[editor] Fix rounding of the search interval, otherwise we may end up with blind spots
[editor] Don't narrow down the search interval too soon, we may end up one frame short of the target, breaking the copy mode
Merge branch 'master' of
[msvc] Fix x265 detection
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/macos-menu-roles'
[GUI] Make use of menu roles on macOS to get the default shortcut for preferences displayed and working
[msvc/x265] we need X265_API_IMPORTS
[vs] dont install both foo and foo-57.dll
[vs] install ffmpeg dll one by one
Merge branch 'master' of
[msvc] Also install the .dll from ffmpeg import
[i18n/da] Add translation for the menu action to clear recent items
[i18n] Add qt5 translation file for Danish
[qt] fix install path for plugins
[install/msvc] install plugins
[Qt5] Also grab the plugin dir
Merge branch 'master' of
[vs] install core needed libs
[main] Fix vs2015 compilation
[i18n] Regenerate translation files, update German translation
Merge branch 'master' of
[TS/demux] Add partial support for LPCM in TS
[navigate] Fix regression total duration not updated after delete, oops
[documentation] Update cross-compiling howto for the current x265 release, mention NVENC, remove the now redundant libvpx from the list of MXE packages
[build/cross] Replace libpcre16 with libpcre2-16 in the list of packaged DLLs
[mkv] initialize nbSkip
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv] Remove 24 fps std framerate + dont count rounding twice
[GUI] Reinstate display resizing on playback, otherwise we crash in filter preview mode
Merge branch 'master' of
[main] Fix prototyping
[GUI] Fix keyboard shortcut to seek by 4s on Linux, remove platform-specific preprocessor directives
[GUI] Fix regression action save video remaining enabled after closing, oops
[UI] Default to MKV instead of AVI as output container
[GUI] Disable saving video and container configuration if there are no muxers
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv] Take into account skipped frame when computing best candidates, it helps when one of the candidate has slightly higher fps
[gui_play] Disable redundant code, we don't touch zoom in GUI_PlayAvi anymore
[Qt/working] Remove redundant check, uint32_t can never be negative
[GUI] Fix keyboard shortcuts to seek by 4s on macOS
[GUI] Fix keyboard shortcuts seeking by 1mn, 1s/2s on macOS (4s not working yet)
[UI] Speed up seeking by time
[crashHook] Remove stray printf
[mkv/demux] Hack to remove incorrect double fps video
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv/h264 info] Optionnaly keep the recovery time in case it is not duplicated every time. It helps finding IDR frame masquerading as NON IDR frame + recovery=0
[main] Choose CoreAudio as audio output and enable OpenGL by default on macOS
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkvDeviation] Use a more subtle metric, that should avoid false positive on minDelta + make it faster
[mkv] Change the metric used to compute differences
[Qt] Use strcmp to match shortCut
Merge branch 'master' of
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/stepless-zoom'
[editor] In copy mode, be more tolerant to timing error, allow 0.3 rather than 0.1 , that helps with dropped keyframes
[editor/audio] Even slightly better management of segment without audio, still not bullet proof
[audio/muxer] Slightly better management of missing audio track
Merge branch 'master' of
[core] bump ffmpeg to 3.3.1
[GUI] Properly align volume widget items, remove leftover stop button tabstop
[GUI] Make keyboard shortcuts more Mac-friendly
[build/plugins] Don't build the vpx decoder plugin, the internal ffmpeg can handle the task
[FLV/Demux] Probe deeper when audio is aac, not sure it is ok when SBR is used
[core/audio] Export AAC extradata decoding
Merge branch 'master' of
[core/vp9] the filter is inside the decoder, no need to add one when writting
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/partialized-filter-configure'
[partial] Fix preview when reconfiguring a partialized filter
[TS/Demux] Very simple brute force LATM /AAC prove
[vp9] Better cleanup
Merge branch 'master' of
[vp9] naive use of parser, not sure this is correct
[vp9] Add skeleton for new codec
[delogo] Fix rubberband not resizable on macOS
[osx/jobs] Fix cli exe name
[jobs] Build full path to cli/qt
Merge branch 'master' of
[osx] enable cli by default (test)
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/x265-tuning-none'
[x265] Rework disabling tuning
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga/x264-tuning-none'
[x264] Rework disabling tuning, fix zero latency option
[osx/jobs] set the libraryPath earlier
Merge branch 'master' of
[osx/jobs] Fix qt init
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/coreaudio-volume-control'
[CoreAudio] Implement volume control
[Eq2/qt4] fix compilation
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/eq2-reset-slider'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/filter-preview-autozoom'
[filters] Allow upscaling and downscaling for crop and blackenBorders
[flyDialog] update resizeMethod when we zoom
[filter] re-enable zoom on blackenBorder
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/delogo-rubberband-size'
[delogo] Fix rubberband size changing on toggling preview
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/filter-preview-autozoom'
[crop] Center the preview within the viewport, don't enable resizing yet
[blackenBorders] Center the preview within the viewport (resizing doesn't work right with RGB colorspace yet)
[msharpen] Make on-the-fly preview resizable
[hue] Make on-the-fly preview resizable
[chromaShift] Make on-the-fly preview resizable
[asharp] Make on-the-fly preview resizable
[eq2] Make on-the-fly preview resizable
[logo] Make on-the-fly preview resizable, fix logo position calculation, disable debug output
[contrast] Make filter preview resizable
[delogo] Make filter preview resizable
[seekablePreview] Make on-the-fly filter preview resizable
[cli] honor nogui better
[core/socket] cosmetic
[job] process everything we receive without waiting, only wait if we received nothing
[jobs] launch the right version on linux (qt4/qt5)
[blackenBorder] Declare as partializable
[Alsa/audioDevice] follow ffmpeg patch to cleanup, might help with the deadlock on debian
Merge branch 'master' of
[yadif] Use current frame number, not source frame number
[mplayer3D] cosmetic
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/logdir'
[win32] Copy admlog.txt to admlog_old.txt, don't use timestamps
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/logdir'
[win32] Copy the log to the application data folder, based on patch by achim71
[documentation] Add qttools to the list of required MXE packages
[build] Fix Qt GUI build, ADM_getLogDir() is Windows-only for the moment
[nsi/32] add twolame
Merge branch 'master' of
[win32] put logs in localAppData, patch by achim71
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/partial-use-markers'
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/active-filter-drag-n-drop'
[partial] Use markers A and B as the initial start and end values
[filter manager] Move filters, not just list items
Merge pull request #145 from sheppaul/patch-1
Create avidemux_ko.ts
Merge branch 'master' of
[build] move older mingw script to attic
[build] update win32 nsi, some packages are missing
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/active-filter-drag-n-drop'
[filter manager] Improve keyboard accessibility
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/active-filter-drag-n-drop'
[filter manager] Set item delegate in the ctor as it used to be
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/active-filter-drag-n-drop'
[filter manager] Fix font size logic, oops
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/active-filter-drag-n-drop'
[filter manager] Enable drag-n-drop for the list of active filters
[ScriptMenu] match allocator and deallocator
[automation] only refresh UI if we have a video loaded
[blackenBorder] Compile the right file for cli
[blackenBorder] more verbose conditionnal filter compilation, for clarity sake
[UI] Add file name extension to projects: convert std::string to const char* in the very last moment
[plugin/hue] Define M_PI if it was not defined previously
[build] add cflags to bootStrapmxe for 64 bits author env
Merge branch 'master' of
[audio] Check deeper if it is eac3, the 2 frames must be right after one another
[UI] Add a file name extension when saving projects
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/codec-widget-pushbuttons'
[GUI] Propagate the enabled state of codec widget controls to corresponding main menu items
[documentation] Update cross-compiling howto, the build with the bundled libass is fixed now
[build] Fix cross-compilation with the bundled libass
[build] Opps, w64Qt5 is used
[contrast] Fix layout
[denoise3d, hqdn3d] Fix label, differentiate dialog titles
[partial] Fix start/end time in the description
[helper scripts] Try to make a one-fits-all solution
[build] ignore ChangeLog.html
[osx] oops
Merge branch 'master' of
[build/osx] Get bundle version number from avidemuxVersion.cmake directly
[helper scripts] Bring the new cross-compilation script back from the attic
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/codec-widget-pushbuttons'
[GUI] Refine enabling and disabling codec widget controls
[build/osx] remove extra slash
[build] Osx fixes
[helper scrupt] move old stuff to attic
[osx] halfway done version relocation, still some hardcoded values
[cross] Also look in lib64 for cmake mingw
[build] out of dummy release mode
[changelog] use another way to install the file
[winInstaller] Fix ChangeLog copy + dummy file
[mkv/demux] increase max number of laces to 100, which is absurdely high
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv/demux] Search for MKV_TRACKS harder
[i18n/fr] Fix inversed 'PAL to Film' translation
Merge branch 'master' of
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv/demux] fix inverted fps
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/filter-label2'
[Qt/mainfilter] Set the filter label height in relation to the length of the description
[i18n/de] Start filter list label with an uppercase letter
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/filter-context-menu'
[Qt/mainfilter] Disable context menu entries when not applicable
[h264/info extractor] mb_height in sps is already multipled by two for interlaced content, no need to multiply it again
[ffmpeg/vs/import] Add missing file
[build] memalign hack no longer needed
[ffmpeg] update to ffmpeg 3.3
[ffmpeg] update to ffmpeg 3.3
[yasm] vs fix
[yasm] Add unit test for download texture
[yasmifi] openGl download texture, part1 luma
[coreImage] move old files to attic
[dolby] 2nd rounds of unit test
[dolby] Switch to yasm
[build] Tweak yasm install and macros
Merge branch 'master' of
[build] Disable asm locally rather than globally when visual c++ is used
Revert "[Qt/mainfilter] Fix selected available filter label bleeding into the active list"
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/modal-file-dialog'
[Qt] Give the file dialog a parent
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/i18n-update'
[i18n] Refresh translation files, update German and Russian translations
Merge branch 'master' of
[aften/Cross] go back to svn version
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/filter-context-menu'
[aften] Force aften 0.8
[vapoursynth] also fix gui
[vapoursynth] re-enable and fix
[Qt/mainfilter] Fix selected available filter label bleeding into the active list
[nsis] Semi hardcoded API version
[nsi] Remove vsProxy here too
[Plugin] more removal of hardcoded API version + disable vapoursynth take2
[vapoursynth] disable proxy, does not compile anymore
[core/AudioSTream] avoid diverging pts when dealing with AAC
[core/ptrQueue] pushBack means adding at the queue, not at the head
[build] dont use hardcoded API version. they should only be on the top projects (cli/core/qt/plugins)
[version] 2.6.99 for the moment finally
Merge branch 'master' of
[muxer/ffmpeg] Try to fill in the missing timestamps, AAC/HE will not work well
[build] that one will be 2.7.0
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/properties-dialog'
[Qt/props] Remove unused variable, debug message
Merge branch 'master' of
[Mkv/Demux] Fix fps for for 60/1001 fps *1k
[Mkv/mux] Set a valid average frame/s so that frame duration is set
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/properties-dialog'
[Qt/props] Add copy to clipboard
[osx] keep args when going through trampoline
[flv/demux] Fix local var shadowing an attribute and preventing close

2017-03-29: 2.6.19: General UI polish by euma, better support for HEVC in mpeg TS

* Filter : All filters with preview have better navigation dialogs
* Filter : Delogo filter UI redone
* Filter : Fixed changeFps/resampleFps seeking
* TS/Demux : HEVC support improved
* Flv/Demux : Support large files (euma)
* Audio : Allow EAC3 as external audio track
* UI : General usability cleanup (euma)
* UI : Allow using the last read folder as default save folder (euma)
* UI : 2 pass encoding dialog cleanup (euma)
* UI : Dynamically enable/disable menu (euma)
* UI : Customizable keyboard shortcut (euma)
* UI : Allow reverting page up/down (euma)
* Codec : Better support for 10bits
* i18n : Russian translation updated (TotalCaesar659)
* i18n : Greek translation updated (nikoss)
* i18n : General cleanup (euma)
* Updated ffmpeg libs to 3.0.7

[2.6.19 Nightly 17-03-29]

[Release] 2.6.19
Merge remote-tracking branch 'eumagga0x2a/mkv-demux-ms-vs-us'
[mkv/demux] Use the right macro and units in debug output
Merge branch 'master' of
[mkv/demux] slightly better recomputation of delay and frame duration, still not perfect
Merge pull request #135 from eumagga0x2a/ubuntu-16-10-deps
[mkv/demux] dont stretch max dts/pts to the max when there is no valid dts
Merge pull request #136 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-da-update
[i18n/da] Provide translations for the newly added preferences
[build] Fix deb creation on Ubuntu 16.10, add alsa and xvid to deps in the simple build script
Merge pull request #134 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-refreshcommit
Merge pull request #132 from eumagga0x2a/nvenc-h264-dialog-titlecommit
[i18n] Regenerate .ts files, add a few DE and RU translations, fix some translations broken by recent changes in FR and DAcommit
[shaderLoader] add a reload buttoncommit
[Shader] Fix with pedantic compilercommit
[shaderLoader] Simpler setup/teardown + reinit after configurecommit
[openGl] Factorize some codecommit
[i18n/fr] update some translationscommit
Merge pull request #133 from eumagga0x2a/60s-seek-directioncommit
[GUI] Set tooltips for 1min backward/forward buttons dynamicallycommit
Merge pull request #131 from eumagga0x2a/encoding-hide-shutdowncommit
[plugins/NVENC] Fix H.264 encoder configuration dialog titlecommit
[Qt/encoding] Hide the shutdown checkbox on all platforms for nowcommit
Merge pull request #130 from eumagga0x2a/sync-nb-audio-tracks
Merge pull request #129 from eumagga0x2a/help-menu-items-after-playback
[Qt/cosmetics] Use MKICON whenever possible
[UI] Update the number of active audio tracks when running a script
[GUI] Reenable help menu items after playback
[GUI ] initialize menu pointer before using it
Merge pull request #127 from eumagga0x2a/ae-lav-max-bitrate
Merge pull request #128 from eumagga0x2a/filter-rotate
[ae_lavc] Fix max bitrate for mp2 and ac3
[rotate] Rotate clockwise
Merge pull request #126 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-refresh
Merge pull request #125 from eumagga0x2a/menu-recent-playback
[i18n] Update the German translation
[Qt/i18n] Fix a typo in gui2.ui, update translation files
[Qt] Disable items of the menu 'Recent' submenus on playback
Merge pull request #124 from eumagga0x2a/menubar-toolbar-context-menu
[Qt] Disable context menus for menubar and toolbar
[ts/demux] Make it more robust
Merge pull request #122 from eumagga0x2a/lastdir-read-drag-n-drop
Merge pull request #123 from eumagga0x2a/volume-widget-pulsaudiosimple
[core/Qt/pulseaudio] Use device properties, not the name to determine if the volume widget should be hidden
[UI/Qt] Hide non-functional volume widget with PulseAudioSimple
[Qt] Set lastdir_read on drag'n'drop as well
Merge pull request #121 from eumagga0x2a/action-lists
[Qt] Remove the now redundant call to buildActionLists() in the MainWindow constructor
[UI/Qt] Dont keep pointers to objects that have been cleared and recreated
Merge pull request #120 from eumagga0x2a/menu-go-previous-next-icons
Merge pull request #119 from eumagga0x2a/alt-keyboard-shortcuts
[polish] Use the same icons in the 'Go' menu as in the navigation widget
[Qt] Swap the icon for play/stop on playback in the Go menu too
Merge pull request #118 from eumagga0x2a/alt-keyboard-shortcuts
[Qt] Swap the play button icon on playback, remove the dedicated stop button
Merge pull request #117 from eumagga0x2a/alt-keyboard-shortcuts
[Qt] Enable and disable navigation buttons dynamically
Merge pull request #116 from eumagga0x2a/alt-keyboard-shortcuts
[Qt] Set tooltips in the navigation and selection widgets dynamically
[UI] Update shortcuts at runtime, bundle populating of action lists in a separate function
Merge pull request #115 from eumagga0x2a/alt-keyboard-shortcuts
[prefs/Qt] Add alternate configurable keyboard shortcuts (initial backend part)
Merge pull request #114 from eumagga0x2a/menu-auto-enabled-state
[Qt] Don't simplify where the code is not reused
[Qt] Fix regressions concerning menu items enabling and disabling
[Qt] and always available item (still cosmetic)
Merge pull request #112 from eumagga0x2a/vumeter-flyspeck
Merge pull request #111 from eumagga0x2a/gui-avsproxy-avoid-crash
Merge pull request #110 from eumagga0x2a/disable-menu-items
[polish] Hide the dummy VuMeter OpenGL widget after probing
[GUI_avsProxy] Return when called during playback, avoid crash
[UI] Disable menu items during playback, fix menus disabled after drag-n-drop
Merge branch 'master' of
[core] bump ffmpeg
Merge pull request #109 from eumagga0x2a/disable-menu-items
[UI] Enable or disable menu items dynamically
Merge pull request #107 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-da-scootergrisen-cleanup
Merge pull request #106 from eumagga0x2a/encoding-dialog-sharing
[encoding] Keep encoding protected within ADM_muxer
[encoding] Move pass 1 encoding dialog to muxer, reuse it for pass 2
Merge pull request #105 from eumagga0x2a/crashdump-newline
[debug][cosmetics] Fix ADM_info adding a space to the string to print
[crashdump] Add missing newline after file name
[color] Support for P010 merged manually from ffmpeg31 branch
Merge branch 'master' of
[Dxva2] Partial h265 10 bit support
Merge pull request #104 from eumagga0x2a/unified-encoding-dialog
[Qt/encoding] Set the dialog window title properly (missed in the previous patch)
[encoding] Use encoding dialog for the first pass (no re-use yet)
Merge pull request #103 from eumagga0x2a/build-do-not-call-it-qt4
Merge pull request #102 from eumagga0x2a/gui-reset-markers
[build][cosmetics] Don't call it qt4 if it may be qt5
[UI] Allow resetting markers from GUI
[pyNextFrame] Scan most of the file for decoding error
Merge branch 'master' of
[uyvy] Fix swapper u v
Merge pull request #101 from eumagga0x2a/last-read-as-target-dir
[prefs] Add preference to save in the same folder as the currently loaded video, avoid file name conflicts
Merge pull request #100 from eumagga0x2a/cosmetics-newline-after-fcc-print
[cosmetics] Add newline after fourcc::print at some locations
[py/navigate] Tune script
[py/editor] Begin adding navigation helper functions
[cosmetic] Proper header
[dxva] Try to see if refresh can work (euma)
[h265/TS] Better offset management with 5== header + startcode
Merge branch 'master' of
[h265/index] Print nal type in cleartext
[h265/TS] Also extract HEVC tag from HDMV registration field
[h265 extractor] be resilient to missing timeframe info in sps
Merge pull request #98 from eumagga0x2a/mw-resize-on-unmaximize
[UI] Refresh the main window on closing a video
Merge pull request #97 from eumagga0x2a/vdpau-render-zero-size
Merge pull request #96 from eumagga0x2a/mw-resize-on-unmaximize
[render] Avoid trying to use VDPAU render with zero size dimensions
[UI] Resize on unmaximize, slightly less ugly
[libva] silence output
[delogo] make the hack scope limited to the instance and not global
Merge pull request #95 from eumagga0x2a/mpeg2-vdpau
Merge pull request #94 from eumagga0x2a/delogo-fixes
Merge pull request #93 from adrienverge/feat/appdata
[vdpau] Fix detection of support for MPEG-2
[delogo] Fix interaction between the rubber band, the spinners and the zoom (quick and dirty style)
[desktop integration] Add AppData file
[dumpIndex] simple version
Merge pull request #90 from eumagga0x2a/main-window-size-unmaximize
Merge pull request #91 from eumagga0x2a/vdpau-wmv3
[vdpau] Don't crash with WMV3 videos
[UI] Resize the main window on unmaximizing
Merge branch 'master' of
[UI] in debug mode, display ffmpeg version used
[Core] Bump ffmpeg to 3.0.6
[Core] Bump ffmpeg to 3.0.6
Merge pull request #89 from eumagga0x2a/xvid-cosmetics
[xvid4][cosmetics] Remove extraneous right parenthesis in aspect ratio
[vdpau] Probe hw capabilities (experimental)
Merge pull request #88 from eumagga0x2a/save-output-filename
[core, qt] Use the base name of the currently loaded video as the default base name when saving
[TS/Demux] Add H265 to the valid video tracks found in PAT/PMT
[TS/H265] Slightly better extra data
[h265/ts] Annexb continued, still incomplete
Merge pull request #87 from eumagga0x2a/do-not-translate-printString-input
[ts/h265] annexB to mp4 hvcc continued
[ts/H265] Skeleton for annexB management (incomplete)
[ts/H265] Prepare for annexb handling
[ts/h265] Cosmetic
[ts/h265] Manage VPS as prefix for following image(s)
[i18n] Don't translate strings passed to printString, the latter is ASCII-only
[h265/ts] slightly better indexing
[libva] Allow mpeg2
[telecide] fix crash with clang
Merge branch 'master' of
[TS/H265] Better constuction of index file, frame type is still incorrect
Merge pull request #86 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-ru-corrections
[i18n/ru] Work around a crash with the hue and asharp filters, fix delogo translation
[i18n/ru] Correct a few translation, add kbd accels, remove a lot of broken lrelease heuristic leftovers
Merge branch 'master' of
[ts/H265] Try to decode properly slice type
Merge pull request #84 from TotalCaesar659/master
Merge pull request #85 from eumagga0x2a/faad-cosmetics
[faad][cosmetics] Improve debug output legibility
Merge branch 'master' of
[TS/demux] split indexer into several class, tidies things a bit
[InfoExctractor] Extract some needed info from PPS/SPS
[tsIndexer] being decoding slice header
Updated Russian translation
[infoExtractor] dont expose all the avcodec internals, it gets messy
[infoExtractor] Get everything from lavcodec
[H265/TS] Also extract VPS and PPS, that gives us framerate + num_extra_slice_header_bits
Merge pull request #81 from eumagga0x2a/regenerate-translation-files
[qt/i18n] Include updated Danish translation
Merge pull request #72 from eumagga0x2a/resample-fps-gototime
Merge pull request #73 from eumagga0x2a/fly-dialog-label-time
[flyDialog] Fix time display
[resampleFps] Apply the same logic as in changeFps to fix goToTime
[flyMSharpen] Fix preview
[flyMSharpen] small tweak
[flyMSharpen] cosmetic
[flymSharpen] Hooking stuff, incomplete
Merge pull request #71 from nikoss/nikoss-Greek-translation-001
upload Greek translation 001
Delete avidemux_el.qm
Add files via upload
[msharpen] begin to hook to flydialog
[msharpen] prepare for flydialog
[flyDialog] Hide a bit implementation
[blackenBorder] Fix build and window name
[flyBlacken] Fix cli, not working, still wip
[blakenBorders] rename ui
[blakenBorders] cleanup
[blackenBorder] skeleton
[qt] Fix _nextRdv init
[filters] dont assert when moving up 1st filter
[Ts] more groundwork for H265
[ts] more legwork for h265 support
[TS] fill in h265 tags
[flyDialog] more accurate timestamps + display pts
[flyDialog/delogo] silence
[flyDelogo] avoid looping on resize event, not correct but better
[flyDelogo] factorize
[crop] crop -> Crop
[audio] Add support for external eac3 track
[mp4/demux] Handle LPCM like PCM
[changeFps] Fix changeFps gototime
[delogo] Add a small helper symbol
Merge branch 'master' of
[delogo] Display help image, incomplete
Merge pull request #69 from eumagga0x2a/set-audio-codec
[delogo] cleanup ui
[UI] Preserve audio codec upon loading a video, now for real
Merge branch 'master' of
[mpdelogo] Keep old UI for the moment
[delogo] Refresh of UI, WIP
Merge pull request #66 from TotalCaesar659/master
[build] Not release anymore

2017-01-06: 2.6.18 : "Exactly worth what you pay for it".

* Preview : Fix auto resize when video has ~ same dimension as screen*
* Preview : Fix multiple preview breaking navigation
* Preview : Fix slider and tooltips (euma)
* Mp4/Mp4v2: Allow E-AC3 (fiftyplus/euma)

[2.6.17 Nightly 2017-01-05]

[filters] Make the preview modal and clean it up, to avoid using stale handles later on
Merge pull request #65 from eumagga0x2a/build-with-external-libs
[build/plugins] Allow system libmp4v2
Merge branch 'master' of
[MP4/muxer] Allow eac3 (fiftyplus)
Merge pull request #64 from eumagga0x2a/filter-preview-slider
[flyDialog] Fix navigation slider (WIP), add missing tooltips
[build] not release
[flyDialog] Tweak a bit more autozoom
[flyDialog] Begin to simplify zoom computation
[autoZoom] if unzooming make sure it is at least 1.5
[vaapi] Deeper probe
[vaapi] Deeper probe
[vaapi] check with have va_vpp.h

2016-12-31: 2.6.16 : BugFixes

* Build : Avidemux can be built with visual c++ 2015 (losing some ASM)
* OsX : Initialize fontconfig so that subtitling works
* Core : Update ffmpeg to 3.0.5
* i18n : Updated fr and ru translations (jean Elchinger/totalcaesar659)
* Build : Improved build scripts (euma)
* x265 : Enforce complicancy with most devices
* vaapi : Add resizer
* UI : Redone UI, revamped contrast filter
* Qt : Dont use too much CPU on playback when there is no audio track
* Qt : Reenabled nvenc + Fixed keyframe detection
* Qt : Fixed a crash when encoding starts very slowly (x265)
* Build : Allow use of system libass, liba52,libmad (euma)

[2.6.16 Nightly 2016-12-30]

[installer] update what s new
[contrast] dont autoscale histogram
[filter] misc tweaks
[vaapi] Put the filter in the QT section as we use vaapi with X11 only
[vaapi] wrong color conversion support
[vaapi] wrong color conversion support
[vaapiFilter] mostly working resize
[vaapi] more background work
[vaapi] Skeleton for vaapi resizer
[flyDialog] only allow multiple of 0.5 zoom up and down + cache the zoomed value
[videoFilter/contrast] improve UI
[flyDialog] Dont use QStringLiteral
[flyDialog] begin factorizing
[flyDialog] Generalised Auto zoom, part 1
Merge pull request #63 from eumagga0x2a/window-width
[flyDialog] first pass done
[Qt] Take actual dimensions of widgets into account when resizing the main window
[flyDialog] spread more
[flyDialog] spread the good stuff
[flyDialog] move toolbox buttons to flyDialog
[flyDialog] sort of fix autoZoom
[flyDialog] better playback
[flyDialog] Dont use things that belong in derived class from the base class
[flyDialog] the currentPts belongs to flyDialog, remove dirty hack
[core/ffmpeg] Backport nvenc not requiring nonfree flag from ffmpeg 3.1
[ffmpeg/patch] Backport patch from 3.1 ffmpeg branch about nvenc not requiring non free. Since it is possible due to the MIT licensing of nvenc header, it should applies to all branches
[flyDialog] proper export
[flyDialog] merge the 2 flyDialog files
[flyDialog] cleanup
[flyDialog] simplify more
[flyDialog] Simplify
[all] Move flyDialog to be Qt only
[plugin/flyDialog] simplify, move the flyDialog to Qt only part
[bootStrap] remove gtk
[plugin] remove gtk
[flyDialog] cleanup
[build] move flyDialog to Qt only to simplify it later
[core/flyDialog] cosmetic
[UI/QT] auto zoom preview window
[filter/preview] Bump api version + make playback stop on error
[Qt] Skeleton for backward/forward 1mn
[Qt] cosmetic
[Qt] Slightly better filter preview window
Merge pull request #62 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-minimal-fixes
Merge pull request #61 from eumagga0x2a/selection-widget-cosmetics
[i18n/de/ru] Add kb accels to the audio track dialog, add a missing translation and fix agreement in i18n/ru
[Qt] Reduce the minimum width of the selection widget
Merge pull request #60 from eumagga0x2a/vdpau-decoder-to-upper
[cosmetics] Show an uppercase string as decoder name for VDPAU
[libva] Export defines and flags from core
Merge pull request #59 from eumagga0x2a/build-with-external-libs
[build/plugins] Fix build with external libs (oops...)
Merge branch 'master' of
[va/encoder] reindent
[va/encoder] Better initialization
[va/encoder] helper functions
Merge pull request #58 from eumagga0x2a/seek-by-time
[UI] Move a variable declaration in GUI_lastFrameBeforePts where it belongs
[Ts/Demux] probe deeper to see if wanted audio track is there
[core/vs/import] Also import the dxva2 header files
[clock] re-indent + simplify
[cosmetic] Remove tabs
[qt] increase buffer to avoid stack overflow (1st bug found with vs)
[build] Better management of coreConfig
[core] Reenable dxva when compiling with vs, not fully working yet
[build] More vs2015 fix
[Qt] Fix openGl build on vs2015
[all] Try to avoid defining STDC all across the code
[build/openGL] Add missing glext.h file
[Qt] Proper dll linkage declaration, fixes a lot of warning (vs)
[filter] fix prototyping so it compiles with vs
[build] tweak a bit build so that ffmpeg builds with vs nicely
[playback] Dont busy loop when there is no audio track
[demuxer] Fix plugin export (vs)
[demuxer] dont use the stack too much, it crashes on VS
[filte] Fix and re-enable avsfilter (fahr)
[build/json] try to be compatible with mingw64 x2
[build/json] try to be compatible with mingw64
[x265] Only deal with recent (>1.9) version of x265 that supports utf8
[plugin/demux] Fix symbol export for vs
[build] Fix video encoder plugin for vs
[core] fix bad ifdef
[build] Export needed symbols for plugins (vs)
[build] fix redirect output + engine dll loading + list folder content
[Core] More vs fixes, alignedAlloc + list folder
[build] more vs fixes for plugin
[demux/avi] Fix packed keyword for gcc
[plugin] Fix audioencoder / lav
[core] Add missing export files
[plugin] fix most of the plugins for VS
[main] Try to cope more gracefully with non working tinypy engine
[all] Factorize alloca vs _alloca + some auto cosmetic stuff, damn atom
[audioEncoder/avcodec] Change the way we create multiple plugin from one file
[plugin/vs] Fix some VS compilation issues
[build/qt4] Factorize
Merge pull request #50 from eumagga0x2a/ubuntu-build-script
[vs/qt] Fix wrong libs to link with (oops)
[vs/qt] Fix wrong libs to link with
[vs/qt] Also link to Qt5WinExtra
Merge pull request #45 from TotalCaesar659/master
Merge pull request #46 from eumagga0x2a/default-audio-device
Updated Russian translation
[Pref] Return false if loading config fails, avoid selecting dummy audio device in this case
[Qt] Vs compilation fix
[win32] Dont look at dxva2 at all with vs for the moment
Merge pull request #44 from eumagga0x2a/ffmpeg-git
[Core/ffmpeg/vs] Partially install ffmpeg libs (actual dll are missing)
[Qt/vs] Make it compile
[Build] Fix archiving ffmpeg git checkout
[Build] Fix ffmpeg checkout from git as fallback
[osx] Set fontconfig so that libass works
[osx] Set fontconfig so that libass works
[core/vs] disable dxva2 for the moment, we are using a mingw version
[build/core/vs] More compatibility fix
[win32] Remove more duplicate
[win32] Remove duplicate functions

2016-11-19: 2.6.15 : Improved hardware decoding / encoding and usability bugfixes.

Make sure you enable hw accel and use the matching display (dxva2/dxva2 for windows). If you can use the win64 version, it works better.

* Hw Accel : Fixed nvEnc and added simple nvEnc-HEVC (windows/linux)
* Hw Accel : Added support for HEVC/VC1 with libVA (linux)
* Hw Accel : Experimental Dxva2 video decoder + Dxva2/D3D display engine (windows)
* Demux : Mpeg TS, fix non multiple of 16 file management (euma)
* Audio/win32 : Fixed CPU consumption when playing audio
* Editor : Fixed copy /paste /delete /undo (euma)
* Editor : A *lot* of seeking bugs fixed (euma)
* Editor : A *lot* of marker management bugs fixed (euma)
* Audio : Added FDK-AAC as encoder
* x26* : Added a "None" preset
* x265 : Fixed 2 pass encoding on windows
* i18n : Qt4 vs Qt5 language fix (D. Amm)
* i18n : German translation updated (euma)
* UI : Added reload default settings (euma)
* UI : Allow minimizing to tray while encoding (euma)
* OSX : Update to Sierra

[2.6.14 Nightly 2016-11-18]

Merge pull request #39 from eumagga0x2a/time-display-tweaks
[Qt] Set the size of time display to fit the content
[ui/qt] bigger time display (flexible/euma)
[dxva] Keep trying if one configuration fails
[core/win32] Fix trailing backslash causing probem with some version of gcc
[win32/core] Change the way we go from slash to backlash + remove tabs
[QT] Display Qt instead of X11 for default renderer, to be detailed later Also use a null paintEngine for our custom Qvideo widget, that fixes the refresh issue with dxva it seems
[Core] Put dates in log
[Dxva] cleanup
[pulseAudio] no tab
[cmake] Fix i18n file processing
[escapeH264] better (safer) optimization
[i18n] Fix install on win32 + simplify
[i18n] Change patched function
[i18n] Re apply patch
[i18n] Add qt5 base files
[i18n] select between qt4 and qt5 base translation files (Daniel Amm)
[win32/audio] Sleep is in us, no ms (duh!)
[win32] fix busy looping
[win32/audio] simplify + dont do busy looping
[core] h264 unescape fix + optimize more
[h264] Slight optimisation + remove tabs
[dxva] If reusing the surface from dxva fails, copy back and forth
[libva] Free surface when downloading to yv12
[dxva] Disable bridge, it cant work since we use 2 different devices for the moment
[dxva] Not working bridge, 2 difference devices
[Dxva] Fix ref counting
[Dxva] shared buffers, Getting there
[Dxva] Shared buffers, almost working
[Dxva] compilation fix
[dxva] Half broken dxva shared images (does not work nor compile)
[dxva2] factorize dxva Render
[Dxva] cleanup and comment
[dxva/Render] Query capabilities
[Dxva/D3D render] Let the hw manage the zoom
[Dxva] Path 2: ARGB format when yv12 is not supported
[Dxva] Path 1: YV12 if it is supported
[Dxva] use ARGB for testing
Merge branch 'master' of
[dxva] Cleanup backbuffer
Merge pull request #23 from mm1044/patch-1
[Dxva2/Render] about everything is there, but still does not work
Merge pull request #32 from eumagga0x2a/encoding-minimize-to-ntfa
[UI] Allow minimizing to notification area from encoding dialog, remove preference setting
[nvENcHevc] Fix name (againx2)
[nvENcHevc] Fix name (again)
[nvenc] Bad case
[dxva] fix define
[nvEnc] HEVC, rename
[dxva2] misc fix
[nvenc] duplictae h264 to hevc
[Dxva2] Empty skeleton for dxva2 display
Merge branch 'master' of
[Dxva2] Disable debug
Merge pull request #31 from eumagga0x2a/i18n-updates
[i18n] Regenerate .ts files, update German and Russian translations
[i18n] Disable lupdate heuristic breaking some translations when regenerating .ts files
[Dxva2] Wrong field
[Dxva2] Move surface2ADMImage to core
[Dxva2] fix (?) alignment
[DXVA2] Move alignment to core,fix
[DXVA2] Move alignment to core,fix
[DXVA2] Move alignment to core
[DXVA2] move alignment to core
[Dxva2] proper cast
[Dxva2] Proper cleanup of context
[Dxva2] Proper management of dont copy for dxv2 (slow) + fully copy image (3)
[Dxva2] Proper management of dont copy for dxv2 (slow) + fully copy image
[Dxva2] Proper management of dont copy for dxv2 (slow) + fully copy image
[Dxva2] seems so
[Dxva2] copy issue ?
Merge branch 'master' of
[Dxva2] dont actually retrieve image
Merge pull request #30 from eumagga0x2a/demuxer-mpegps-correct-height
[Dxva2] add ref counting to decoder too
[Dxva2] Move surface to admImage to core
[cleanup] more cleanup
[DXVA2] Even more debug
[DXVA2] Even more debug
[DXVA2] more debug
[DXVA2] more debug
[dxva2] add debug statements
[dxva2] Fix typo
[Dxva] better init
[DXVA2] be more verbose
[DXVA] Try to dump error code
[dxva2] Fix prototypes
[dxva2] Create/delete decoder
[DXVA2] Create / destroy decoder
[Dxva2] fix cast
[DxvA2] move d3d surface wrapper to core
[DxvA2] move d3d surface wrapper to core
[DXVA2] Move surface wrapper to core
[Dxva] more fixes
Merge branch 'master' of
Merge pull request #27 from eumagga0x2a/undo-and-redo-for-segments-and-markers
[Editor][UI] Add unified undo/redo for segments and markers
[Dxva2] proper lib name
[Dxva2] rename+link to coreDxva2
[Dxva2] rename+link to coreDxva2
[Dxva2] fix typo
[dxva2] missing probe prototype
[DXVA2] Fix init
[Dxv2] bad copy paste
[DXVA2] Fix config.cmake file for dxva2
[dxva2] Being low level init of dxva2 (very incomplete)
[Dxva2] fix compilation
[Dxva2] proper install of core files
[Dxva2] fix wrong include
[DXVA2] More skeleton
[core/decoder] More dxva2 skeleton
[core/decoder] More dxva2 skeleton
Merge pull request #26 from eumagga0x2a/bootstrap-bash-prefix-option
[Build] Rework the patch adding the --prefix=DIR bootStrap.bash option
Merge pull request #25 from eumagga0x2a/bootstrap-bash-prefix-option
[Prefs] Fix dialog
[Debug] 3x search for crash on win32
[Debug] search for crash on win32
[Debug] search for crash on win32
Merge pull request #24 from eumagga0x2a/do-not-append-empty-clipboard
[Editor] Do not try to append from empty clipboard
[Dxva2] skeleton for app side
[DXVA2] Add skeleton
[Editor] Do not paste empty clipboard + clear clipboard on close
[pref] Cleanup
[DXVA] Ass missing file
[core] Fix dxva2 detection
[Editor] Fix pasting clipboard at the end , through append function (euma)
[UI] Disable hw accel if they can t be used
[UI/QT5] propagate changes to qt4Factory
[UI/QT4] Factorize
[UI/QT] Split favtory dialog in two steps so we can disable each elements if needed
[UI] Cleanup code + prepare for 2 steps initialization
[Editor] Go to previous frame fix when first pts !=0 (euma)
[UI] Add preference to dxva2, connected to nothing
[dxva2] Add broken detection for dxva2 + build ffmpeg with it
[AudioDecoder/ff] Fix decoding to float (obvious for mono streams)
[Audio] slightly more verbose
[all] propagate the crashHook change, ignored except on linux
[core] Also try to cleanup upon SIGINT
[Editor] Fix copy paste at the beginning (euma)
[libVA] Deeper cleanup at exit
[audio] Factorize out xiph extra data to adm extra data
[core/audio] Factorize more xiph
[coreUTils] remove warning (potential error actually)
[audio] Begin to factorize vorbis related stuff
[audio] Begin to factorize vorbis related stuff
[Editor] Undo for copy/paste (euma)
[libva] More verbose
[libVa] Fix probing, vp9 was aliased to hevc
[LibVa] Check that we dont lose VASurface and VAImage
[UI] Try to handle maximizing window and back a bit better (euma)
[core/ff] missing header
[libva] more debug info
[libva] Fix probing
[libva] Use our new cflags
[libva] incomplete support for h265/10 bits
[libva] Better detection of system libva (h265, vp9,...)
[Audio/lav] Enable xiph
[lavcodec/audio] Enable vorbis decoder
[Decode/vorbis] simplify
[vorbis] cleanup again
[vorbis] Simplify a bit
[UI] Fix detection of altered markers
[UI] Add a preference to select between reload default encoder setting or keep using current (euma)
[Vorbis] Try to get a proper error
[UI] slightly more robust
[UI] Dont keep marker A and B if they were not changed
[AD/Vorbis] Add some debug statement to help checking why it does not work on win32
[i18n] german update (euma)
[osx] use smaller icu libs
[Osx] Fixup deployment script
[Osx] Create framework folder
[osx] Sierra tweaks, we use macport now
[UI] Add a reload default setting menu entry (euma)
[AppImage] Add fdk
[UI] factorize a bit
[Editor] Add truncate (euma)
[UI] Simplify previous patch
[UI] Remove tabs
[UI] try to cope with go to mark A/B in a nicer way if go To pts fails (euma)
[UI] Preserve A/B marker when appending (euma)
[Editor] Fix debug display (euma)
[fdk] Remove newer settings, will not work with older fdk
[nsi/64] Add win64 dependency dll for fdk-aac
[fdk] Put in the proper section of plugin summary
[FDK] Simplify for now the settings of FDK AAC
[FDK] Try to cleanup
[FDK] Slightly better configuration (incomplete)
[FDK] cleanup
[fdk] Fix dithering
[Fdk] Move some variables to be instance variables
[libVa] Remove some va encoding stuff for now
[Qt] "All files" is now translatable (euma)
[18n] German update (euma)
[FDK] mostly correct initialization
[ffmpeg/muxer] Increase extradata alloc, sometimes getbits overread (mkv)
[audioEncoder] Actually calling the FDK functions
[plugin] transforming faac into fdk-aac
[audioEncoder/fdk] Fix up include and libs
[AudioEncoder] Skeleton for fdk-aac
[AudioEncoder] Skeleton for fdk aac
Merge branch 'master' of
[editor] If seek fails, try a second time. It helps with h26* + hw accel
Merge pull request #20 from mm1044/mm1044-ADM_tsIndexH264_cpp-u
ADM_tsIndexH264.cpp, printf : fix 2 %d, improve 1 %x.
[UI] If we fail to go to the previous kf, go the next one, that fixes the drag slider to zero (euma)
[editor] Remove warning (euma)
[editor] Add a comment, so that i can understand it again in 4 years
[editor] Dont return the PTS of the last video referenced by the last segment, but the PTS of the last frame of the last segment (read it again several times) (euma)
Merge pull request #19 from mm1044/ADM_last_cpp__removeTmp
[editor] One more seg vs pointer (euma)
[build] Stop if patching fails
Remove (now) unused "tmp" var.
[VA] Better probe of encoding capabilities (incomplete)
[pref] first step toward cleanup
[Bootstrap] Add clang
[nvEnc] provide probe function
[videoEncoder] Actually use the probe function
[cosmetic] Remove tabs
[videoEncoder] Add probe hook to video encoder public interface
[UI] Delete and cut are different things part2 (euma)
[ffmpeg] Bump tp 3.0.3
[webm] Use webm (lowercase) as default extension for webm (euma)
[editor] separate cut and delete (euma)
[Editor] Fix display of segment vs *segment (euma)
Merge branch 'master' of
[Editor] Remove tabs
[Editor] Try to keep marker after paste (euma)
Merge pull request #18 from ajschult/deleteCrash
Avoid crashing seeking for deleted keyframe
[cosmetic] Rename nvEnc to Nvidia h264
[cosmetic] Rename nvEnc to Nvidia h264
[core/ffmpeg] Add cross include folder
[editor] Fix copy to clipboard (euma)
[index/h264] Abort if we reach end of file while searching for a valid startcode
[UI] Set ms on fixed # of digits : 3, (euma)
[editor] Maybe fix for bad clipboard copy
[libva] put vp9 under ifdef, not supported by older libva
[Vdpau] Allocate all vdpau objects with size rounded up to next multiple of 16 to avoid problem. It is a hack.
[core/decoder] output proper display name
[codec] Enable hw accel for VC1 too
[cosmetic] Proper display of nvenc
[libVA] Add HEVC, VP9 and VC1. Supported by skylake range of processor
[nvenc] Re-enable nvenc. You *need* SDK v6.0 for it to work, not 5 nor 7
[nvEnc] Fix patch
[Build] Not release anymore

2016-09-17: 2.6.14 : Fixing bugs and polishing. For WIN32 only, YOU MUST DEINSTALL THE PREVIOUS VERSION FIRST.


* A lot more is now translatable (D. Amm)
* Hungarian translation (rezso)
* German translation update (euma)
* French translation update
* PT/BR translation partially fixed
* Dannish translation update (scootergrisen)


* Qtx : Automatically check if a new version is available once a day
* WIN32 : Reverted to MXE cross compiler, XP now works again
* OSX : Fixed the packager, it should work every time now (no more borked dmg)


* Decoding : Deal with corrupted stream in a nicer way (H264/TS)
* Decoding : Enable lagarith
* Decoding : Support for flac through libavcodec
* VDPAU : Try harder to release resources at exit
* Demuxer : Image loader improved and cleaned up, more jpeg formats are supported
* Editor : Try to deal better with corrupted audio in copy mode
* TS : Add support for new EAC3 identifier such as the ones used by numericable / DVB-T
* Encoder : Fix most of the libavcodec based encoders

[2.6.13 Nightly 2016-09-17]

[build/winXX] Fix ffmpeg configure not finding zlib because it is not in the compiler default ld path
[i18n] Ru update (euma)
[nsi32] Add libtwolame-0
[mkv/demux] Try to avoid crashing when ebml header is invalid (corrupted or truncated files). It may still crash later
[VideoFilter] Move asciview in the right folder
[VideoFilter] AsciiView
[i18n] German udpate (euma)
[nsi/32] Add back faac
[core/ffmpeg] Rebase patch
[core/image] properly export ADMImageResizer
[i18n] Couple of french translations
[muxer/flac] Remove the flac header if it is alreay there, else libavformat will duplicate it
[ivtcDupeRemover] Actually use the dialog return value
[UI] Check marker after loading crash file also
[coreMuxer] Dont crash if we cannot map the frames. It seems to happen at the very end when popping out delayed frames
[core/Muxer] Add flac support for muxing (incomplete)
[UI] Resync markers after each call to script engine
[editor/audio] Increase buffer size
[audio] Use correct fourcc for flac
[audio/Decoder] Add flac support for mkv
[audioDevice] Fix string vs std::string
[18n] RU fixup (euma)
[UI] Tweak slider dragging behaviour
[lav/audio encoder] Avoid un-initialized value when setting up the audio encoder
[Lav/AAC/Encoder] Bump max number of channels to 6
[i18n] Remove conflicting shortcut (euma)
[Win] Export all UI as EXPORT
[myOwnPlugin] Fix logo sample video filter
[build/nsi] Also put cmake files
[i18n] German translation update (euma)
[osx] Split post processing in two
[osx] Fix permission when copying libs
[build/osx] Fix typo
[Build/OSX] Add QtNetwork
[Build] Use the number of core as reported by ncore (euma)
[Qt/UI] Take all the encoder from the internal list, including the copy one
[Qt] Fix & in timestamp widget
[Qt] More widget cleanup
[Qt] more cleanup
[Qt] partial cleanup of i18n for diaElems
[i18n] Fix typo
[NSI/32] Add openssl dlls
[i18n] Try to get source code informations
[i18n] More french
[i18n] Adding pro file, it might help
[i18n] More french update
[i18n] More french update
[i18n] Partial french update
[i18n] Update the updater + refresh files
[i18n] Fix translation domain (D. Amm)
[i18n] Add pt and (fake) pt_BR qt translations
[i18n] repair a bit broken pt_BR translation (euma)
[cli] update markerA & B after running script
[UI] Clamp max timestamp
[UI/Qt] Try to avoid multiple scale event, ending up in multiple go to previous kf events
[i18n] German translation update by eumagga0x2a
[i18n] Fix language selection
[Core] Fix last read/write folder
[Qt] Fix Qt4 (?) + change update url scheme
[build] Fix compilation with older gcc
[Qt] Fix compilation with older version of Qt5
[TS/Demux] Add alternate type for EAC3
[Cosmetic] Reformat hour/mn (eumagga0x2a)
[build/mxe] Fix build
[cmake] Fix typo
[Qt] Cross compilation for Qt5Network
[Qt] Cross compilation for Qt5Network
[all] More string cleanup + check for update
[autoUpdate] Hook to UI
[prefs] Switch from string to std::string
[prefs] Change the name of the config file to force a reset. Now we have a api version field for later use
[prefs] update missing pref2_pref.h file
[all] Covert line ending to unix
[i18n] More translatable strings (Daniel Amm)
[cosmetic] Switch to LF EOF
[Prefs] Stdstringify + add API
[prefs] Add update related entries
[Qt] Propagate update to mainWindow
[update] exctract update info
[update] Hook skeleton
[update] Skeleton
[revert last patch]
[Qt] Change domain to re-enable i18n
[imageLoader] Factorize
[RGB decoder] Give it a name
[imageLoader] Factorize code
[imageLoader] Fix bmp loading
[pic] Trying to make bmp work, no success
[Qt] Fix translation changes
[i18n] Make more strings translatable (Daniel Amm)
[nv] Rename file to avoid conflict on case insentivie fs (Daniel Amm)
[imageLoader] more cleanup
[picLoader] more simplify + cleanup
[picLoader] simplify + cleanup
[coreCodec:RGB] Add a comment
[colorspace] simplify
[Demuxer/pic] Cleanup BMP/BMP2, incomplete
[audioCore] try to ignore packets that are out of range Dts wise
[Nsi] Fix installer path
[imageLoader] Get width & height from SOF0 or 1 or 2...
[demuxer/picture] Be more tolerant with magic of jpeg files
[imageLoader] Try deeper for jpg
[image demuxer] fix png
[FFmpeg] Enable lagarith
[codec] Add support for BRG0 pixel format, fixes some HUFFYUV files
[i18n] Preference window translation fix (eumagga0x2a)
[partial] Mismatched malloc/delete
[Main] Cleanup VDPAU after video filter queue has been purged
[Qt] add a space in timestamp for better UI
[App] propagate DA i18n name change
[i18n] Rename da_DA to da
[i18n] Enable hu language selection through UI (eumagga0x2a)
[i18n] da update by scootergrisen, without changing the file name for now (eumagga0x2a)
[index/h264] deal more nicely with corrupted input while decoding SEI
Merge pull request #17 from rezso/master
Add Hungarian translation
[VDPAU] Try to cleanup deeper when something bad happens, that should help preventing out-of-memory errors after a while
[app] remove extra / in (cosmetic), eumagga0x2a
[filter/addBorder] Fix typo
[build] Not release anymore
[build] Release
[x265] revert non patch
[x265/Qt] Add none preset (eumagga0x2a)
2016-08-18: 2.6.13 : Lot of bugfixes and cleanup. There are still some things that need polish but that version should be a nice improvement compared to the previous one.
* [OsX] Toolchain updated
* [Win64] Toolchain updated
* [Linux] AppImage (universal linux64 binaries)
* [Core] Update to libav* 3.0.2
* [Edit] Improved copy mode for h264/h265 video
* [Audio] AAC/ADTS import/export
* [Filter] new video filter : ivtcDupeRemover to remove duplicate after 3:2 pulldown
* [Qt] Revamped refresh screen
* [Filters] ASS/SSA fixes
* [Filters] Improved logo filter with alpha channel
* [Win32] Development files included in installer
* [Filter] ShaderLoader, load your openGL shaders as filters
* [Linux] Compatibility with newer gcc
* [Filter] Partial filter available only for one in/one out video filters
* [UI] Add go fwd/go backward 60 sec buttons
* [i18n] Translations updated

2016-08-18: 2.6.13 : Lot of bugfixes and cleanup. There are still some things that need polish but that version should be a nice improvement compared to the previous one.
* [OsX] Toolchain updated
* [Win64] Toolchain updated
* [Linux] AppImage (universal linux64 binaries)
* [Core] Update to libav* 3.0.2
* [Edit] Improved copy mode for h264/h265 video
* [Audio] AAC/ADTS import/export
* [Filter] new video filter : ivtcDupeRemover to remove duplicate after 3:2 pulldown
* [Qt] Revamped refresh screen
* [Filters] ASS/SSA fixes
* [Filters] Improved logo filter with alpha channel
* [Win32] Development files included in installer
* [Filter] ShaderLoader, load your openGL shaders as filters
* [Linux] Compatibility with newer gcc
* [Filter] Partial filter available only for one in/one out video filters
* [UI] Add go fwd/go backward 60 sec buttons
* [i18n] Translations updated

[2.6.13 complete log]
[build] Release
[x265] revert non patch
[x265/Qt] Add none preset (eumagga0x2a)
[editor] When appending a video, dont reconstruct thus reset the audio pool
[Qt/UI] Bigger window patch (eumagga0x2a)
[Build] Try to fix the versioning for good
[decoder] workaround bad management of switch from sw decoder to hw decoder, it worked by miracle before on vdpau
[plugin] remove avsfilter for the moment, ppwrite is missing
[avsWrite] constify
[coder/decoder] Fix double free when using libva
[appImage] Add intel driver (untested) + fix command lines
[appImage] Recompile libva + nvidia-va with a more recent version, intel still missing
[appImage] Tweaks
[appImage] more fixes
[core] More cleanup
[appImage] also add xcb-dri2
[core] split platform dependant stuff
[core] split platform dependant stuff
[Qt/osx] Let avidemux manage the preference menu
[build/osx] Fix --rebuild on osx
[appImage] Use fusion as default theme, less problem
[AppImage] Support also translations
[i18n] Fixup some translation (eumagga0x2a)
[appImage] Add xcb libs
[main] Proper scriptEngine folder in appImage mode
[appImage] better (?) command line support
[build] Update El Capitan build script
[core/mac] simplify
[app] Remove cruft
[core] constify win32 version
[build] more getRevision tweaks
[i18n] german update (eumagga0x2a)
[i18n] Make more strings translatable (eumagga0x2a)
[appImage] Tweak build scripts
[appImage] add x264 and x265
[core] Tweak install dir folder
[appImage] add x264 and x265
[appImage] tune scripts
[appImage] more support libs
[build/appImage] more support libs
[build/Qt5] tweak include dirs
[appImage] audio deps
[appImage] skeleton
[build] getRevision, try also parent folder
[build] AppImage
[cosmetic] set proper name for hflip (eumagga0x2a)
[filter] Cosmetic rename filter (sl1pkn07)
[editor] Fix signed vs unsigned arithmetic, caused problem when copy saving some TS vids
[i18n] Sort language + remove bad russian i18n entry (eumagga0x2a)
[i18n] Add more language (eumagga0x2a)
[avs] fix path
[AvsFilter] Fix binary install
[plugin/script] Temporary fix for scripts needing Editor interface
[i18n] Dk translation by scootergrisen
[Build] Forgotten files
[build] More or less complete change
[build] Add audioCodec
[Build] Disable engine, fix other plugins. Still not ok
[build] no need to prefix audioCodec now
[build] Also install mpeg demuxer template as .h
[build] more shuffling files around
[build] Better install of files needed to build plugins
[build] Modular build, part2, still broken
[build] modular
[i18n] More german translation by eumagga0x2a
[i18n] Make more string translatable (eumagga0x2a)
[all] Remove old cruft
[QT] Fix menu shortcut (eumagga0x2a)
[i18n] german update by eumagga0x2a
[UI] update menu
[Render] Only resize when something has changed
[vdpau] Be less verbose
[misc] Cleanup + refresh UI after executing script to make sure we are not in a non reachable zone. That could trigger an assert
[Qt] 2nd part of display tweak for time
[UI/QT] increase digit size (eumahha0x2a)
[UI] Workaround resizing
[editor] cosmetic
[editor] Add comments
[editor] Cosmetic
[editor] Try to not drop bframes that will be used later as reference (h264/h265 in copy mode). Experimental, that can cause problems
[cli] fix build, should be done in a cleaner way
[build] Add rebuild option by eumagga0x2a
[build] Dont build vdpau, xv etc... when target is cli
[SDL] fix new style probing
[Qt] Remove extra ()
[main] Fwd declaration of vd6_cleanup
[cleanup] Move things around
Merge pull request #16 from ajschult/vd6_cleanup
Call ADM_vd6_cleanup on shutdown
[main] Cleanup, part2
[main] Cleanup code
[audioDevice] Dont delete stuff when the underlying dll has been unloaded
[Qt] Change signal from activated to triggered
[All] Change onexit management + some memleaks
[All] Try to exit in a cleaner way, to avoid fight between Qt and ADM
[demux/mkv] Ignore most of PTS with VC1, they are sometimes wrong
[core] Add VERY simple frame extraction for VC1
[core] Add VERY simple frame extraction for VC1
[build] Add a simple build script on ubuntu
[ass] Fix typo
[UI] Add fwd/bwd by one mn
[UI] Tweak icon
[UI/Qt] add new icons
[UI/Qt] Add button and actions for fwd/bckwd 1mn
[Ass] Fix clipping of out of bound bitmap
[partial] Better management of boundaries, slightly slower
[nsi] Add audio device plugin
[Render/GUI] Fix win32 compilation
[Preview] Fix declaration to avoid circular deps
[QT] Make sure we dont keep using stuff being destroyed
[Qt] Better management of redraw
[msharpen] Fix show mask
[nsi] Fix path
[nsi] Add shader
[glShader] Add and install demo shaders
[render] Make a copy, using a shallow copy is unsafe
[partial] User interface
[Prefs/couple] Add std::string in addition to char *, safer
[partial] Proper management of params
[UI] oops, that should crash
[partial] Mark a lot of filters as partilizable
[partial] Fix off by 1000
[partial] Fix tag position + parameters for partialized filter
[partial] fix parameters
[partial] Small fixes
[partial] Step 2
[build] X265 be slightly more verbose when we fail to detect a working x265
[build] Cosmetic, fix optional component build when the status is True instead of 1
Merge pull request #14 from ajschult/abs_unsigned
Merge pull request #15 from ajschult/max_unsigned_int
Explicitly cast to unsigned int
Cast to int so we can take abs()
[partial] Going fwd, still not working
[filter] Fix new method handling in plugin
[partial] Add missing function
[partial] Groundwork to be able to partialize some filters, not all
[x264/x265] use default copy operator, being a smart ass just leads to crash
[x264*] Change NULL to empty std::string
[x264/x265] update to std string
[avsFilter] update to std::string
[core] update json with std::string
[Ass] update param type to std::string
[all] Change parameter from char * to std::string, it is safer
[avsFilter] Fix compilation (untested)
[glShader] make a memleak rather than a crash (attempt)
[Misc] Change prototype for fileSel, dirSel from char * to std::string, that may cause bugs (a lot)
[fileSel/Qt] Cleanup
[shaderLoader] Use load from buffer instead of load from file, to avoid problems on win32commit
[All] Add load/save default settingscommit
[Gl] Add shaderLoader plugin as regular video filter
[shaderLoader] Tweak a bit shader3, add Pts uniform value
[plugin] Add a openGl demo plugin, pretty useless as it is
[cpuCap] Reindent + cap the range so that we dont have signed/unsigned issues
[nsi] No cli for videoEncoder
[NSI] Also install cli & qt5 version
[nsi] simplify installer + also install dev files
[Qt/build] Install some headers so that qt plugins can be compiled standalone
[Core/OpenGl] Force gcc/clang NOT to optimize hand written assembly, it messes things up
[openGl] Prevent compiler from optimizing too much by marking the var as modified
[Build] Tweaks for new win64 compiler
[core/getbits] Revert last patch, not enough
[build] Try to workaround compiler bug, looks like that one
[TS/demux] Try not to crash when no video frames are present
[Win64] Try to workaround the win64 bug when using getBits
[build] Use gcc or clang for Xcompilation (win64)
[core] Check get_bits boundaries
[H264] Make parsing more robust
[Cli] Propagate simpleRender changes
[Qt4] Unline interface of ADM_Qvideo
[Qt] Optimize simple render, avoid memcpy
[Qt5] Reshuffle the redraw management code to avoid copying things over and over
[VDPAU] Workraround, do not even try if colorspace is not yv12
[editor] Workaround bad display of first frame on interlaced content
[logo] Disable alpha spinbox when image has an alpha channel
[annexB] Fail nicely when splitNAlu has a problem
[imageLoader] Take the right channel for alpha
[Qt/Working] Slightly better management of cancelling a working dialog window
[H264] Make parsing more robust
[Cli] Propagate simpleRender changes
[Qt4] Unline interface of ADM_Qvideo
[Qt] Optimize simple render, avoid memcpy
[Qt5] Reshuffle the redraw management code to avoid copying things over and over
[VDPAU] Workraround, do not even try if colorspace is not yv12
[editor] Workaround bad display of first frame on interlaced content
[logo] Disable alpha spinbox when image has an alpha channel
[annexB] Fail nicely when splitNAlu has a problem
[imageLoader] Take the right channel for alpha
[Qt/Working] Slightly better management of cancelling a working dialog window
[Save] Cancel encoding if pass1 was cancelled
[logo] Fix some ui bugs
[logo] UI tweaks around alpha
[nsi] fix typo
[install/nsi] update nsi to propgate logo filter changes
[logo] Cli version
[logo] Ui tuneup
[logo] Cleanup
[logo] getting there
[ADMimageLoader] copy from branch 3.02
[imageLoader] Improve colorspace compatibility
[core] rebase yuv444 10bits patch
[oops] Revert last patch
[plugin/vdpau] Propagate changes
[Qt] Dynamically alloc QTranslator, they are being freed at exit
[build] Fix parallel build of lav* by splitting targets and adding dummy dependencies
[videoFilter] Remove debug mode for ivtcDupeRemover + change defaults
[core] Image diff, mark them as output, maybe enough
[core] Image diff, mark register as clobbered
[Installer] add ivtcDupeRemoval, remove decimate
[ivtcRemover] Fix CmakeLists
[videoFilters] Add ivtcDupeRemover instead of Decimate
[core] Reindent
[core] Image diff : Process 8 bytes at a time
[core] Image diff : Process 8 bytes at a time
[cosmetic] reindent
[CoreImage] Proper use of stride for core utils
Merge pull request #12 from knowledgejunkie/gui-error-consistency
[VS] add std=c++11, else it does not build
[VS] Fix build with newer vapoursynth
[Demuxers] Disable vapoursynth, better to use vsproxy
[AudioBridge] Fix casting error when seeking is not accurate (AAC/ADTS external track)
[muxer/Avi] Add a warning if h264/265 is used inside avi
[vsynth] Fix build on linux, might break on windows
[UI/QT] Manage wheel up/down differently, thanks to O. Molteni for pointing it out
[ADTS indexer] Silence
[Editor/external audio track] HAndle metadata (AAC)
[External AAC] Fill the header more completely
[AudioCodec] Cosmetic/reindent
[AAC/import] more flexible aac parser
[AAC/import] AAC/ADTS importer, still some seeking issue
[Audio/adts] Cleanup a bit the code
[Audio/AAC/ADts] improve seeking
[Audio/External AAC] Add seek points
[audio/AAC/import] Working import, no seeking
[AAC] Basic import of AAC/ADTS, no seeking
[core/audio] Detect AAC/ADTS file (very incomplete)
[Audio] Skeleton for external AAC file in ADTS
[AAC] Save raw AAC inside ADTS packets, very basic codebase
[Audio] Prepare ADTS wrapper to save AAC audio track(s) to file
[OsX] Build file for El Capitan
[Qt] Reduce granularity of seek bar, it causes problems
[UI] Cosmetic, use a define rather than hardcoded value
[osx/build] Add /usr/local to path
[OsX] update Qt to 5.6.0
[Editor] Drop frames more aggressively if they go back in time. May cause problem
[build] win32 / dev
[build] update win32 also
[build] subtitle path, again
[build] Fix change due to folder renaming
[build] oops, one of the include folder was misnamed, thanks kuh3h3
[build] Win64 change the way we split runtime and dev, some parts dont have tags
[build] split package for win64 too
[build] update videoFilter sample
[build] use new location of compile check files
[build] Rename compile check files
[SamplePlugin] Adapt to new header layout
[build] Rework installation for dev vs runtime files
[build] Rework installation for dev vs runtime files
[build] Default bootstrap to use QT5 rather than Qt4 + build cli by default also
[VDPAU] Add ivtc capabilities
[package] Remove x264/x265 for now
[x265] Fix ))
[packaging] Change a bit the deb package dispatch so that all non qt specific end up in common
[packaging] Add xvid as deb dep
[packaging] Better debian/ubuntu package dependencies
[packaging] Better debian/ubuntu package dependencies
[build] Fix mismatched if/else in cmake
[build] Not in release anymore
[packaging] begin to update deb dependency list (incomplete)
[i18n] update

2016-03-05: 2.6.12 : More bugfixes
*[H264] Fixed crash when saving h264 annexB in avi (Brundle)
*[Vdpau] Fixed VDPAU resize and deinterlace when height is padded
*[Mkv] Faster loading of VP9 and h265
*[MP4] Supports more flavors of H265
*[i18n] Spanish translation update by ringmaster
*[Edit] Another frame seeking bug fixed, happened rarely
*[All] Slightly better crash handler
*[FFmpeg]Update to 2.7.6
*[Muxer] Basic webm support
*[Jobs] Fixed right click menus with qt5

[2.6.12 160304 Beta]
[version] going 12
[Vdpau] Also manage deint when there is padding, i.e. 1088 vs 1080
[Vdpau] Manage resize when image has a height > visible part, e.g. 1088 vs 1080
[vdpau] Add getParameter for vidoeSurface and outputSurface
[separateField] Reindent
[i18n] ES translation update by ringmaster
[Gtk] Add stubs
[Editor] Cleanup code
[editor] Fix again search previoud Keyframe. The bug was that if we have found the right keyframe but the pivot was not zero, we move one more time and take the wrong frame, the error can be up to several minutescommit
[mkv/demux] Cleanupcommit
[Mkv/Demux] Factorize some code + use more informations from the SEEKHEAD atomcommit
[All] General compilation fix from Thanh Tung Nguyencommit
[Mkv/demux] get cue position from headercommit
[opus/decoder] silencecommit
[Qt] disable overwrite dialog, we do it application side
[editor] When using convertToAnnexB filter, duplicate extradata, they will be freed by the filter
[build/qt] Wrong include
[Main/Save] Be a bit more verbose when adding on the fly to/from annexB filters
[core/crash] Try to get a more complete crash dump
[debug/win32] Catch more informations when an assert triggers
[core/assert] Also capture file and linenumber when ffmpeg asserts
[ffmpeg] intercept internal ffmpeg asserts
[win32/crash] Use the other way of intercepting crash, may help
[mp4/demux] hvc1 is also a fourcc for h265
[coreSocket] include winsock2
[Build] Enable asan mode for clang
[Win] put exception handling in a function
[Muxer/webm] Also allow VP9 and Opus
[win/installer] Add webm
[muxer] Add webm
[core/ffmpeg] Enable webm muxer
[jobs] Use the right signal
[editor/audio] Display in 00:00:22.22 rather than in microseconds
[Demux/ts/Audio] dont take dts unknown as valid seek point
[Demux/Ts] Cosmetic
[build] We are not in release mode anymore
[bootStrap] Set the env variable so that qtselect picks the right flavor or Qt
[ffmpeg] Remove 2.7.2
[core] update ffmpeg to 2.7.6

[installer] update whats new
[2.6.11] Release
[UI] Make refresh cap a tunable
[UI] Use delayed refresh
[year] we are in 2016 now
[mkv/demux] silence
[editor] Dont fail completely when there is a decoding error or a bad timestamp
[Gui] Change the behaviour of slider
[fade] very basic fade
[FadeToBlack] fix pitch and display
[Demux/pics] Manage error loading image more gracefully
[Core] Support for greyscale
[jpeg] Better compatibility with large headers
[mkv] Use time rather than position to map keyframes from cue
[editor] Fix pivot search when looking for the previous kf
[Editor/copy] drop frame is DTS is <0
[ASF] Use duration of video, pretty ugly workaround
[demux/mp4] basic support for h265
[mkv/muxer] support opus
[installer/nsi] Try to do uninstall cleanly

[build] Add admCPack *;
[deb] Fix deps between package *;
[build] per component cmake deb build *;
[Build] more split *;
[cmake] Try to make deb work *;
[build] Try to make nicer package with cmake *;
[x264] New x264 has utf8 on win32 *;
[Core/editor] Handle properly not coded frame (fraps) *;
[nsi] install avsproxy *;
[NSI] Add some missing entries in installer *;
[nsi32] Use common section *;
[nsi/64] Fix duplicate section *;
[nsi/64] Try to factorize 32 and 64 bits nsi *;
[nsi/32] install i18n *;
[i18n] fix (?) for i18n path on win32 *;
[nsi64] Install translation directly *;
[NSI64] Fix translation install path *;
[build] Using the right lrelease for Xcompilation *;
[i18n] Enable translation for qt5, not sure it will work *;

[2.6.9] *;
[Telecide] Less verbose *;
[CoreFilter] Cosmetic *;
[CoreFilter] Cosmetic *;
[MergeField] Fix output frame number *;
[Telecide] Cosmetic *;
[osx/qt5] *;
[Osx/qt5] Cleanup *;
[osx/qt5] *;
[Osx/] Experimental qt5 stuff *;
[VideoCopy] Handle slight computation error resultingin negative dts *;
[Core/thread] Dont assert on error, there is a static mutex being held somehwere. It triggers crash at exit *;
[engines] More complete cleanup at exit *;
[main] unhook our save/crsh hooks at exit, they have been killed *;
[Color] Support yuv444 *;
Merge pull request #5 from ajschult/jpg_image_save *;
[Mp4/demux] Add some debug code *;
[Playback]Initialize latency *;


[Telecide] Less verbose *;
[CoreFilter] Cosmetic *;
[CoreFilter] Cosmetic *;
[MergeField] Fix output frame number *;
[Telecide] Cosmetic *;
[osx/qt5] *;
[Osx/qt5] Cleanup *;
[osx/qt5] *;
[Osx/] Experimental qt5 stuff *;
[VideoCopy] Handle slight computation error resultingin negative dts *;
[Core/thread] Dont assert on error, there is a static mutex being held somehwere. It triggers crash at exit *;
[engines] More complete cleanup at exit *;
[main] unhook our save/crsh hooks at exit, they have been killed *;
[Color] Support yuv444 *;
Merge pull request #5 from ajschult/jpg_image_save *;
[Mp4/demux] Add some debug code *;
[Playback]Initialize latency *;
[ui] React instantly on stop playback request *;
[filterThread] oops + cleanup *;

2014-03-23: 2.6.8 : v2 binaries for win32/win64
One file was missing from the installer, blocking tinypy. The file has been added back to avidemux_2.6.8_winXX_v2.exe


Image/export: Proper initialization of Qz for jpeg export
UI : Add an override menu to force language
tinypy : Add support for os.environ
x264 : Improved settings (tobias)
Win32 : Fix crash when having an audio problem
Win32 : Re-add mp4v2 to installer files
Audio/FAAC : Fix channel mapping when source is mono
Audio/AMR : Re-enabled AMR
Audio/lavc : Fixed encoding for codec not supporting planar (MP2)
Audio : Fixed importing MP2 audio detected as MP3
Editor : Fix deleting chunks of the video leading to seek errors
Editor : Initial copy/paste support
Editor/audio: Fix issue when source has more than 4 tracks
Editor : Better detection of double fps input files
TS/Demux : Brute force eac3 probe
TS/Demux : Better initialization, avoid dropping audio
MP4/Demux : Fix management of PCM audio
Mkv/Demux : Proper re-indexing for mpeg2 in mkv
Mp4v2/Mux : Add fast start mode back
OpenSolaris : Some fixes by pfelecan
Subtitles : Update libass + very simple srt2ssa converter
OsX : Enables more optional codecs...
avsfilte : Performance Improvements (fahr)


Windows : Better management of non ascii filename with x264
Images : Better support for bmp and jpeg
Auto : Fixed PSP auto script (LJ)
Packages: Better RPM generation (mit)
Audio : Correct handling of 8Bits PCM in mp4/mov
Build : Support for cmake 2.8.12 (2.8.13) (ajschult)
mkv : Fixed seeking in mkv/h264
TS/Audio: Extend support for SBR in AAC/LATM
TS/H264 : Split at NALU boundaries, sometimes it was off by one byte


Windows : Fixed mp4 muxer
Windows : Patched x264 to use utf8
Mov : Fixed PCM/LPCM audio track management
Bumped x264 preset to v2 to make sure invalid qmax/qmin presets were not used any longer
Languages support for audio tracks


Re-enabled 64bits windows build using octave
libva hardware decoding
xvba hardware decoding, ported from xbmc, experimental
Only lock job database when adding a job
Fixed the doubled fps bug on mpeg ts
Fixed positive and negative audio shift having the same effect
Windows : Better drag n drop support
Added back save/load video filter set
Dv encoding
Fast, superfast and ultrafast x264 preset by bernd_b
Support for 10bits h264 decoding
Much improved speed for downmixing
Updated libav*


Switched to mxe-octave for win32 build, that fixes most of the crashes on win32
Better compatibility with AAC in mpeg TS
Translations re-enabled
Fixed a bug in x264 which could make encoding abort right at the beginning
Fixed msharpen when width was not a multiple of 8
Added camtasia codec support
Fixed VC1 in TS indexing
Properly clear things when loading a new video
Report proper audio duration for mpeg PS/TS
Report proper audio duration for mpeg PS/TS


Fix audio encoding through libavcodec


x264 dialog improved (KoolAidMan, steginger)
Fix project save/load when locales use , are decimal separator
mp4v2: Better management of constant framerate (jfx)
Fix editing when cutting on keyframes (jfx)
Added "Undo" function (jfx)
Better compatibility of h264 in avi
Updated libav* to 1.1.2
Fix dropped frames when copying
Partial management of non ascii filename for x264 stat file
Better A/V sync when creating avi


Various improvements to MP4, FLV and MPEG-PS/TS demuxers
Improved handling of input PTS and DTS
Improved external audio file support
Improved video seeking in editor
Fixed numerous memory leaks
Updated FFmpeg libraries (version 1.0.1)
Restored several x264 options
Restored non-blocking drag-and-drop support for Qt interface
Restored Fade to Black video filter plugin
SSA subtitle video filter plugin is available again on MS Windows


Avidemux is now time-based instead of frame-based to provide better accuracy when dealing with variable frame rate sources
Demuxers, muxers, video decoders, FFmpeg encoders and scripting engines are now plugins
Updated FFmpeg libraries (version 0.11.1)
Improved threading when decoding and encoding video
Job queue functionality has been moved to a separate application
Removed VOB to VobSub, VobSub to srt, and TS to srt subtitle tools
Removed language translations
The same video renderer is now used when editing and playing video for consistency
Accelerated video decoding on Linux when using NVIDIA GeForce 8 series or later GPU
Support for Sorenson Vector Quantizer 1 video decoding
Support for E-AC3 audio decoding
New AAC audio encoder (avcodec)
Increased the maximum number of supported input/output audio tracks from 2 to 4 for applicable video containers
Audio filters can now be applied to all audio tracks (not just the primary track)
AAC LATM/LOAS audio support for the MPEG-TS demuxer
MPEG-4 AVC and AAC support for the Flash Video demuxer
Improved OpenDML support for the AVI muxer
New MP4 muxer (MP4v2)
Removed the Ogg muxer
New Python scripting engine (TinyPy)
New ECMAScript scripting engine (QtScript) including debugger and reference guide
New Transform video filters: Resize (swscale), Greyscale, Add Logo, Horizontal Flip
New Colour video filter: Remove Plane
New Miscellaneous video filter: PrintInfo
New OpenGL video filters for Apple and Linux operating systems
Removed Transform video filters: Reverse, Resize, Fade, MPlayer Resize
Removed Interlacing video filters: Deinterlace, Drop, Keep Even Fields, Keep Odd Fields, mcDeinterlace, PAL Field Shift, Pulldown, PAL Smart, Smart Swap Fields, Swap Fields, TDeint
Removed Colour video filters: Blend Removal, Colour Curve Editor, Luma Delta, Luma Only, Chroma U, Chroma V
Removed Noise video filters: Cnr2, Denoise, Forced Postprocessing, Median (5x5), Light Denoiser, TIsophote, Temporal Cleaner
Removed Sharpness video filter: Soften
Removed Subtitle video filters: VobSub, DVB Sub, ASS, Subtitler
Removed Miscellaneous video filters: Add Framenumber, Mosaic, Whirl


Restored AC3 and MP2 encoding (regression introduced 2.5.5)
Added support for latest x264 core
Updated the FFmpeg libraries (version 0.9)
Drag-and-drop no longer blocks source application for Qt interface
Resolved Windows XP 32-bit stability issues (regression introduced 2.5.5)
Windows 7 taskbar now displays encoding progress
Improved crash reporting on Windows especially Win64
Compilation fixes for OS X Snow Leopard and Lion
Various minor fixes and enhancements


* Improved FLV reading capabilities
* Improved H264 parsing
* Support for x264 core 110
* (sloppy) support for gcc 4.6


* Added support for VP8 video decoding
* Improved decoding of VC-1 video in the MPEG-TS container
* Fixed decoding of UYVY video
* Support for DIB video that requires flipping
* Support for additional DV fourCCs (DVSD, CDVC, cdvc)
* Added support for latest x264 core and updated Qt interface
* Updated the FFmpeg libraries
* Added support for compressed headers, MPEG-2 audio and VP8 video in MKV container
* New AvsFilter for Linux (written by Fahr)
* New OpenGL video renderer for the Qt interface (SDL has been deprecated)
* New Plugin Manager for the Qt interface
* Restored most of the internationalisation support that existed in 2.4
* Compatibility improvements to auto wizards
* Improvements to Unicode support for JavaScript files on MS Windows
* GCC 4.5 support
* Various minor fixes and enhancements


* Added support for I420 video decoding
* H.263 video encoder now supports more profiles
* mpeg2enc video encoder no longer drops the last few frames and now works on Win32 with SIMD instructions enabled
* The majority of video encoders are now plugins
* Improved partial filter support
* Updated the FFmpeg libraries
* Updated libass
* Avsproxy now supports audio
* All auto wizards are now scripted and available in both interfaces
* Various minor fixes and enhancements


* Re-enabled Vorbis decoder (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Improved channel mapping of multichannel DTS & Vorbis audio
* Fixed decoding of 5.1 channel Vorbis audio in MKV files
* Updated the FFmpeg libraries
* Added support for latest x264 core and updated Qt interface
* Added support for H264 video, VP6A video and AAC audio in FLV container
* Added support for SEDG and WMVA four CCs
* Various fixes related to Xvid settings
* Fixed Xvid stat files remaining locked after encoding (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Improved MKV demuxer
* New Colour Curve Editor plugin for Qt interface
* Fixed partial filter support (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Fixed FluxSmooth filter plugin (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Fixed saving of filter parameters for Rotate and Equaliser plugins (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Added extra bitrate settings for LAME audio encoder
* Enabled JACK audio device plugin (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Various GUI fixes for GTK+ and Qt interface
* Fixed command-line interface support for various video filters
* Changed "save-jpg" parameter of command-line interface to honour "begin" parameter
* Fixed saving of crash file when Avidemux unexpectedly quits (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* Fixed GUI quirks when using Copy mode and AVI un/packing
* Further improvements to Unicode support for filenames on MS Windows
* Various minor fixes and enhancements

2.5.2 RC

* Re-enabled Vorbis decoder (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Updated the FFmpeg libraries
* Added support for latest x264 core and updated Qt interface
* Added support for H264 video, VP6A video and AAC audio in FLV container
* Added support for SEDG and WMVA four CCs
* Various fixes related to Xvid settings
* Fixed Xvid stat files remaining locked after encoding (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Improved MKV demuxer
* New Colour Curve Editor plugin for Qt interface
* Fixed partial filter support (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Fixed FluxSmooth filter plugin (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Fixed channel support for DCA audio decoder
* Added extra bitrate settings for LAME audio encoder
* Enabled JACK audio device plugin (regression introduced 2.5.0)
* Various GUI fixes for GTK+ and Qt interface
* Fixed command-line interface support for various video filters
* Changed "save-jpg" parameter of command-line interface to honour "begin" parameter
* Fixed saving of crash file when Avidemux unexpectedly quits (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* Fixed GUI quirks when using Copy mode and AVI un/packing
* Further improvements to Unicode support for filenames on MS Windows
* Various minor fixes and enhancements


* Re-enabled several video and audio encoders (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* Updated the FFmpeg libraries
* More video encoders are now plugins
* DV video encoder now supports more profiles
* Fixed loading and saving issues with LAME, x264 and Xvid options (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* Removed support for libamrnb and replaced with opencore-amrnb
* Removed support for libdca and replaced with libavcodec's DCA decoder
* AMR-WB audio decoding support using opencore-amrwb
* Fraps video decoding support
* Lowpass-5 mode added to libavcodec deinterlacer filter plugin
* Fixed formatting of parameters for various filters on 64-bit platforms
* Updated libass
* Fixed sizing of the bitrate control on various video encoder configure windows (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* Improved filter dialog for GTK+ interface
* New navigation icons for GTK+ interface
* Fixed the behaviour of several GTK+ open/save dialogs (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* asharp filter's Block Adaptive mode can now be disabled using the Qt interface
* Re-enabled the colour chooser dialog using the Qt interface (regression introduced in 2.5.0)
* GCC 4.4 support
* Fixed issues with CMake build scripts when using multiple make jobs (regression introduced in 2.5.0)


* Audio Codecs, Audio Devices and Video Filters are now plugins
* x264 and Xvid encoders are now also plugins with an updated Qt interface
* Auto wizards are now scripted and easier to extend
* Updated the FFmpeg libraries
* Various minor fixes and enhancements


Fixed crash when opening some MOV files (regression introduced in 2.4.3)
Improved support for H.264 in MPEG-TS and M2TS containers.
Improved support for H.264 in MP4 container (including constant frame rate fix)
Fixed bug where muxers could drop the first few B-frames (most containers were affected)
Fixed FAAC support so bitrate is correctly honoured
The same settings are now used for the first and second pass of an x264 encode
Improved JPEG file support
Improved PNG decoding (now uses libavcodec rather than a custom wrapper around libpng)
Improved BMP/DIB decoding (now uses libavcodec rather than using own decoder)
Improved colourspace handling for raw video, bitmaps and DIBs
Fixed Previous Black Frame functionality
Qt interface has been significantly upgraded and now fully functional (compared with its GTK counterpart)
Saving of video is now prevented if the A marker is greater than the B marker
Improvements made to ECMAscript including a new GetFilePath() function for the DirectorySearch class and fixes to the exec() function
Add support for AAC audio to the command line interface
Qt interface is now the default interface for MS Windows
x264 and Xvid stat files with Unicode characters are now handled on MS Windows
The application log file is no longer buffered on MS Windows to ensure sequential logging
Added support for ppc64 to the CMake build scripts
Updated the following translations: Catalan, Czech, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish


* Improved support for MP4 files including support for 64-bit files
* Decoder for Y800
* libavcodec is now the default MPEG-2 decoder (instead of mpeg2dec)
* Fixed memory leak when indexing DVR-MS files
* Fixed calculation of width and height for High Profile H.264 video in TS files
* Fixed dropping of frames using x264 2-pass encoding (regression introduced in 2.4.2)
* Restored missing code pages to the Subtitler filter (regression introduced in 2.4.2)
* Fixed crashing on MS Windows when opening multiple instances of Avidemux (regression introduced in 2.4.2)


* Improved input and output of audio streams in MKV files
* Support for MJPEG-A in MOV/MP4 files
* Fixed saving header information of AVI files with PCM/LPCM audio
* Fixed opening FLV files that don't contain audio
* Fixed corruption when decoding MP4 files
* Fixed crashing when using MPEG-4 ASP (lavc) and two pass average bitrate mode
* Flush the x264 encoder upon completion so the last few frames aren't dropped
* Fixed incorrect colour conversion of 24/32 bit BMP and DIB files
* Re-enabled AMR-NB decoder (regression introduced in 2.4.0)
* Support for additional VP6 fourCCs
* Xvid custom matrices are now activated correctly
* Fixed caching issue with Qt4 interface which would corrupt translated strings
* Fixed zooming when using SDL (regression introduced in 2.4.1)
* Windows are now centred correctly on multi-monitor setups
* Use alternate button ordering for GTK+ interface when GNOME HIG isn't appropriate, e.g. MS Windows and KDE
* Various additions to the Qt4 interface including a new calculator tool, drag and drop support, improved joblist support and an about window
* SRT subtitle support for Arabic, Baltic, Greek, Hebrew and Turkish
* Fixed iPod profile where audio encoding options weren't always set correctly
* Fixed Film to PAL audio filter so frames are removed and added correctly
* Batch importing of image files is no longer restricted by the file handle limit set by the C runtime
* New video filter for outputting the frame number
* PulseAudio support (Linux only)
* GCC 4.3 support
* Updated the following translations: Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish
* Fixed drag and drop support on MS Windows
* Improved Unicode support for filenames on MS Windows
* Prevent source files from being overwritten accidentally by the user on MS Windows
* MS Windows logging and settings are now stored under the Application Data folder instead of the User Profile folder
* Native file dialogs are now used for the Qt4 interface on Mac
* Various minor fixes and enhancements

Avidemux 2.4.1
Support for x264's new Hadamard Exhaustive Search method of motion estimation
Decoder for Windows Media Video 9 Advanced Profile (WVC1)
Re-enabled H.263 decoder (it was missing from the 2.4.0 release)
Fixed loss of audio when saving large OpenDML AVI files
Fixed various colour conversion issues with RGB codecs including BMP, Huffyuv, JPEG and PNG
Updates to the following translations: Catalan, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish
Win32 logging is now stored in an Avidemux folder under the user's profile. This allows Avidemux to operate under a non-administrator account.
Win32 CLI version nows outputs to console
New Quartz version for Mac
Better SDL support for Mac Quartz and Qt4 versions (SDL windows are now embedded and acceleration is enabled for Qt4)
Various video decoding fixes for PowerPC-based Macs
Fixed freezing when opening files on Mac

What's new in Avidemux 2.4 final
Input and output support for MKV and FLV containers
Rewritten MP4/MOV/3GP reader
Support for Nellymoser codec
New DV video output support
New MPEG-TS support including H.264 Elementary Stream
OCR support for MPEG-TS subtitles
New video bitstream unpacker (improved compatibility)
Capability to pack video bitstreams
New Yadif filter (ported from Avisynth)
Video filters can be loaded as external plug-ins (sample plug-in included)
Three interfaces now offered: command line, GTK+ and Qt4 (Qt4 is still incomplete)
Several key dialogs have been revamped (GTK+ user interface only)
Preview system refactored
Priority control added for encoding and video playback (Win32 only)
New Jog Shuttle control (GTK+ user interface only)
Support for Jog Shuttle hardware (Linux & GTK+ only)
New iPod and PlayStation Portable profiles
New Glyph Editor
Improved Bitrate Histogram
JACK support (Linux only)
DirectX support (Win32 only)
New Avisynth Proxy GUI (Win32 only)
Improved crash recovery - session settings are saved and reloaded upon application start
Numerous bugs fixed

2006-10-25: 2.3 final
* Fixed make install for po directory
* Fixed Ffv1rec
* Fix for multiple gthread_init call (aakef)
* Better audio dithering (Mihail+Josh Green)
* Support for DV in .mov/.mp4
* Resample crash fix when upsampling
* PCM in .mov/.mp4 sample size fix
* Fix for MP4/MOV files containing .url field
* Added smartcopy from cli or from javascript
* Fix encoding x264 with use bframe as reference + output to mp4

2006-10-18: 2.3 preview2

This release contains only bugfixes. One warning though, the default behavious has been inverted.

If you start avidemux and don't want the confirmation popups, use the --nogui flags as first argument.

The list of fixed bug is :

* Fixed display of GMC/Packed Bitstream/...

* Fade filter fix

* Fixed 2 pass encoding with multithreading enabled w lavcodec

* Save vop packed status in project/jobs

* Translation fix for windows

* Updated french/russian translation

* Crash fix when loading multitrack ogm files

* Improved bmp/jpg/png import

* Normalize fix

* MacOsX fix (Kuisathaverat)

* External audio import

* Nuv index creation fixes

* Mpeg PS output crash fix (for very short file)

* x264 compatible with r592

* More reactive UI (centove)

* Mixer improvement (Mihail)

Avidemux 2.3 preview 1
So after killing the 2.2 branch, we are back with the 2.3 branch and its first preview. It is a bit rough around the edges but works nicely. So what is new in that version ?

* Audio chain redone completetly (Mihail & I)
* Port of libass from mplayer (Moonz)
* Most saving to are multithreaded
* Support for aften AC3 encoder

Avidemux 2.2 preview 1, MacOsX binaries available
And now it is the time for MacOsX Binaries, thanks to kuisathaverat

Avidemux 2.2 preview 1, second round of windows binaries
* There was a big bug on win32 that prevented proper mpeg indexing Fixed in the new win32 binary, same download url

2.2 preview1, win32 binaries available
* Warning multithreading support does not work well on windows. Better not to activate it! The PSP support is not complete and does not work !

2.2 Preview1
* Output to mp4 file format
* Better x264 support
* Support for libdca (dts decoding)
* Better multi channel support
* Downmixing to prologic/prologic 2
* Partial support for multithreading (nice speed boost on multicore)
* Switched from toolame to twolame, now working on amd64
* Avsproxy support (able to read avisynth file, on both windows and linux, even 64bits linux through wine)
* Vbr audio for vorbis encoding
* New filter to easily create DVD animated menu
* Coloryuv filter ported from avisynth
* More robust mp3 handling
* More robust Packed bitstream depacking + faster

* SVCD/DVD at 23.976 were built with bad pulldown flags
* workaround to depack badly packed xvid bitstream
* unplayable avi by windows media player / totem
* bad computation of audio length for mpeg2 cut
* mplayer delogo ui
* some sub enhancement
* crashfix for some 3gp/mp4/mov files
* multiple audio track support for 3gp/mp4/mov
* properly initialize faad when sbr is usedin 3gp/mp4/mov
* better handling of bframe in 3gp/mp4/mov
* fixed ffv1rec
* updated lavcodec


* tons of fixes (Jens, M Zenkov,me)
* auto split subtitles so that they are not truncated
* some packed bitstream fixes
* Much better mov support, including h264/aac
* Incorrect mpeg header in 2 pass mode fixed
* Correct black value for add border
* OpenDML reading for AMD64
* Bottom slider sets the volume
* Broken pipe audio cut (alsa)
* Xv detection on amd64/xorg
* Wrong filter chain built from script
* Don't create audio longer than video on mpeg
* Inverted mono2stereo in project
* Project loading crash
* Gcc 4.1 (not complete)

New features

* altivec speed up merged from mpeg2enc (kuisat)
* Delogo filter ported from mplayer (not complete !!)
* lpcm audio codec

10 September 2005 : 2.1.0 step 2

Mostly bugfixes, with some new stuff
o Filter : Port of TDEint by tritical.
o Filter : Blend removal
o Filter : Analog pulldown removal.
o Filter : Mosaic.
o Experimental Vobsub creation.
o Experimental job queue system.
o Mpeg TS reading.
o Slowdown in mpeg PS loading
o Huge junk in openDML mode.
o Audio time shift for avi.
o Correct output size for 74 and 80 mn CDs.

12 August 2005 : 2.0.42 and 2.1.0 step 1
Ok, this time two new versions, some fixes on 2.0.42 that will be the last of the 2.0 branch. Nothing really interesting here.
o Shiny new mpeg parser. More robust for mpeg TS.
o Ability to change the audio track when you want when the input file has several audio tracks
o New UI, Jakub did it again :).
o Project file are now using spidermonkey ecmascript language, thanks to Anish.
o Colorspace conversion is now using mplayer code, and is more accurate.
o Fixed the requantizer so that it works now flawlessly
o PNG import
o Better support for slightly damaged files
o Dynamic Range Compression is now using audacity code, much better
o SDL support fixed (macOsX/win32)

25 May 2005 : 2.0.40
This is a wrap-up of all patches to 2.0.38 :
o miniocr fix : Fix error on decoding some subs.
o xvideco fix : Fix compilation issue.
o ffv1rec fix : Fix compilation issue.
o SSE2 display fix : SSE2 cpu flag display.
o Mplayer resize fix : Caused crash in some case.

15 May 2005 : 2.0.38+2patches
There is 2 last minute patches :
o avidemux_suse_patch.diff : To fix a bug that only strikes suse user (patch by M. Brand)
o 2.0.38_eq2_patch.diff : Fix gamma when MMX is present

14 May 2005 : 2.0.38
Ok, 2.0.38 final is out. Some important things to notice :
o - First thing you want to do is go to misc/pref and select audio and video device.
o - The --disable-mmx has been removed. All x86 stuff is now probed at run time.
o [Filter] Ported Asharp by MarcFD .
o [Filter] Mplayer Eq2 is now completly ported.
o [Cli ] New cli command --rebuild-index.
o [Video ] Accelerated playback selectable in misc/pref.
o [Audio ] Fixed mp3 decoding on low frequency mpeg.
o [Audio ] More tolerant with mpeg audio match codec (it created async in some rare cases).
o [Codec ] Fixed save as huffyuv.
o [Codec ] Fixed save jpeg.
o [Export] Fixed race in mpeg ps export (thanks to T. Rupp).
o [Import] Support mov file starting by skip atom.

30 April 2005 : 2.0.38rc3
Main topic : nasm is not used anymore, MMX code changed to be ok on AMD64 (faster!), code adapted to build ok on gcc4 (maybe not gcc4+amd64).
The doc has been partially updated too.
o [Filter] Mplayer Hue
o [Filter] Mplayer Eq2 (uncomplete)
o [Filter] Donalg Graft DGbob
o [Filter] Donalg Graft MSharpen
o [Export] Mpeg TS output rewritten from scratch
o [UI] Display container used
o [Filter] Fixed vobsub when languages were non sequential
o [UI]Display voppacked info in Properties
o [UI]Bitrate calc re-enabled
o [Demuxer]Better handling of dropped frames
o Lavcodec partially updated
o Mpeg2enc partially updated
o Mplayer resize partially updated

31 March 2005 : 2.0.38rc2b
. New:
o (very) Basic support for h264 encoding/decoding if x264 is there
o Mini OCR to convert vobsub to srt subtitles
o AMR narrow band decoder included (ref code from ETSI)
o All lavcodec deinterlacers available
o New linear blend ability added to resample fps (Entropy)
o Fast memcpy from mplayer
o Speed up decoding (~25% faster for mpeg2)
o Very preliminary export to mpeg TS
o Better bitrate calc (custom size + average bit/pixel displayed)
o Dump all black frames # to a text file (A Robinson)
o Some more cli commands (Jens)
o Drag n drop support (Cyrille)
o Probe for for mpeg4 h263 size in mov/3GP/mp5 files
o Speed up of audio chain
o Try to detect if GMC was used and display it
o Ability to select alsa device
o Fixed crash when loading video with filename containing a lot of digits (i.e. mythtv)
o Plenty of fixes (Jens)
o Full handling of 8bits PCM audio
o Fixed bug in 3gp reader

20 February 2005 : 2.0.38rc1
An interim release as it contains some fixes and improvements, notably the mpeg muxer.
o Use libmplex as output muxer.
o New filter : Fps resample to change the fps while keeping sync with audio.
o New filter : Vobsub.
o OpenDML write support by GMV (thanks!). Set it in misc/preferences
o [WIN32] Activate large file support.
o [WIN32] Fix openDML reading.
o [FFV1REC] sync with lavcodec code, added ffhuffyuv

12 January 2005: 2.0.36
* S . Deleeuw : autoappend changed to allow more digits.
* New filter : Luma equalizer to fix luma on VHS capture.
* Lavcodec based mpeg1/mpeg2 can now also output to Mpeg PS (mpeg A+V)
* Improved Xvid ratecontrol + lavcodec mpeg2 encoding in 2 pass
* Basic support for field encoded mpeg2 (ok, it is a hack).
* Display in info if Qpel was used to encode a mpeg4, useful for playback on standalone
* Buffered output for avi, a bit faster.
* Try to autofix the "lonely bframe" message that was annoying people.
* Crop UI redone, allow seeking to spot a nice image to use.
* The cutpoint for mpeg2enc based encoders is not in preferences (default 790 MB).
* Added SetFormat script command to select the output format.
* Some PTS/DTS issues fixed on mpeg muxing.
* Fixed ffv1rec file index loading/saving.
* Fixed crash when saving filter as script when the filter has no parameter
* Win32: Display quantizer.
* Display copy instead of none for audio in some cases.
* Fixed crash when unpacking packed vop in some cases.

11 December 2004: 2.0.34-test2
o New muxer(s) : Can now output VCD, SVCD and DVD audio and video program stream thanks to libavformat.
o New audio filter : stereo to mono, mono to stereo
o New 2 pass code for SVCD and DVD, based on Xvid cvs and much much better
o Save avi with 2 audio tracks is back
o Smart copy now supports bframes correctly (avi only)
o FFvrec improved (Michael Teske)) use -P to tune to xawtvrc channel name, mute/unmute
o Improved 3gp/qt/mp4 reader, including AAC and SVQ3
o Partial support for AAC-in-avi playback
16:9 ar for DVD(lav)
o Fixed save as DVD PS stall (by changing muxer)
o Fixed audio too short when opening pulldowned mpeg2
o Partial support for AAC-in-avi playback
o Non altivec compile fix ( darwin at otierney dot net )
o Avoid normalize scan popping too often

08 November 2004: 2.0.34-test1

Let's put it that way : 2.0.30 was awful. 2.0.32 was just bad. Most audio processings were broken. 2.0.34 is not average, it is good. All bugs are fixed and the version is globally good.

So please drop 2.0.30 and 2.0.32 and use 2.0.34.


* New ui layout (beccon/me/Jakub).
* Fix header for MP3 vbr in avi (reading & writting)
* New option : save unpacked vop mpeg4 to remove xvid & divx packed bframe mode.
* Audio processing fix (was leading to freeze).
* Improved bitrate calculator (Crocodil).
* Able to handle audio in copy mode for vorbis.
* Handle frame re-ordering for OGM.
* Write header compatible with newer libogg for OGM.
* Automatic fixup of older avidemux ogm (just read & write it) when using newer libogg.
* Fixed -msse causing problem on non SSE cpu.
* Autoindex cli option used for mpeg & nuv (Jens).
* --force bframe detection cli option.
* --force packed stream detection cli option.

26 October 2004: 2.0.32

There was a couple of bugs in 2.0.30, this is mainly a bugfix release. The only new feature is altivec X1 postprocessing. By the way, i've almost sold my ibook, so i won't support ppc anymore. You can probably help.


* Fixed null output when using resample.
* Fixed build on amd64
* Fixed wrong computation of pcm audio (nasty one)
* Null pointer anti crash.
* Fixed faac/faad autoconf stuff.

15 October 2004: 2.0.30

This version is a bit particular. Beside the external fix/enhancement, some internals have been deeply changed. The most visible part is the audio chain that now handles VBR audio much better and a result you can now encode in MP3 VBR, AAC or Vorbis.

The side effects is that some lesser used formats may not work anymore


o New filter : Whirl (useless but funny).
o New filter : Stack field (usefull to check interlaced content).
o Subtitles : Half of it redone from scratch. With shadow, kerning and hinting. Supports UTF8.
o Faster build mp3 index.
o Better read and write of OGM file format, including vorbis.
o Encoding in VBR MP3, Vorbis and AAC (if faac is present).
o UI improvement by Jakub and g-rem.
o Updated lavcodec, including AMD64 official support and snow codec.
o Support for interlaced mpeg2encoding using lavcodec.
o Bug with xvid 0.9 fixed, xvid 1.1 accepted as being xvid 1.0.
o There is now a tiny calculator. Very simple.
o Lot of endianness fix on big endian CPU.
o Fixed non macOsX PPC build, WITH ALTIVEC WORKING this time.

There is a lot more than that, but most of the other stuff is internal.

The amount of incoming patches is still really low, thanks to Mitja Vodopivec and Janne Grunau for the one they sent. Jens sent his usual tons of usability fix.

There is a real need for help concerning amd64 and PPC/macOsX support.

Last thing, Jens wrote a *very* nice DVD encoding tutorial (see in the doc). It is definitively worth reading.

12 August 2004: 2.0.28

Ok, so i broke accidentally ffmpeg mpeg1/2 output in 2.0.26. Here is an update.

If you have problem when avidemux crashes when pressing button, please build it with configure --with-debug. It seems to be mainly on Suse.

While i'm at it,

avidemux does not need ffmpeg, mplayer or transcode.
avidemux can edit, encode, requantize mpeg and avi including "divx"

A note of warning, you still need a recent autoconf / automake duo.


Ulaw audio codec (mainly for mov file generated by digital camera).
Faster pass1 for SVCD/DVD
Much better accuracy when 2 pass mode SVCD/DVD is used
Win32 binaries
-t parameter for ffv1rec (E. Strickland)

Fixed XVCD output
Fixed DVD (ffmpeg) output

23 July 2004: 2.0.26

A new release with plenty of nice stuff to play with. The most interesting topics are probably the OGM writter, the Mpeg TS reader and the shiny new scripting language.

A note of warning, you still need a recent autoconf / automake duo.


A bunch of new filters ported from Donal Graft avisynth library: Telicde, decimate and Msmooth, thanks Donald.
Try to autodetect Mpeg2 at 23.976 fps
Added SDL audio and video output for MacOsX primarily
Some altivec speedup
Small internal scripting engine, write your own avidemux script without the stinking UI
Mpeg TS demuxer, simple but works
Very basic faad2 support (VERY BASIC)
Simple OGM writter, audio can be either AC3 or MP3 CBR ATM
Added Big5 and GB2312 subtitle support, big5 is buggy

Cut AC3 on packet boundary, usefull if you edit for DVD authoring
Audio playback/filter on big endian cpu
Crop and autocrop redone
Smart copy fixed for divx3
Faster and deeper audio scan for mpeg
Fixed the "vop not coded" error
OGM reader improved, can read nono vorbis audio tracks
Fixed bug when mpeg file has audio that never rewinds

06 May 2004: 2.0.24

So here comes another release. This one has not a lot of new stuff, but resyncs with stuff i have shamelessly borrowed from other GPL projects (FFMPEG, Mplayer, LibMpeg2 ...).

This release contains numerous fixes and is far more friendly to non-linux system. The compatibility with darwin, ppc linux and even cygwin has been greatly improved

Finally, a big thanks to Jens that has fixed a big amount of bugs ;), and to the other patch submitters and bug spotters: Peter N, Axel A, Vlad...


Film2pal audio filter : To keep sync when you do FILM(23.976) to PAL (25).
libmpeg2 updated to 0.4b.
FFmpeg updated to cvs.
Postprocessing and resizing use runtime detection for MMX/MMX2/...
Altivec code for YV12 RGB on darwin.
Sound support on darwin.
Unpacked for divx packed bitstream. The resulting file is playable by ffmpeg based decoder (mplayer, ffdshow...), not by divx decoder!, low delay flag somewhere probably
Assembly for FFmpeg on AMD64, fast as hell.
Gcc 3.4 compatible.
Alsa 1.x support.
3:2 pulldown for ffmpeg mpeg2.
Added save as a bunch of jpeg (DVD menu creation).
Better subtitles rendering.

Edl file sometimes incorrectly read.
Fixed reuse log file for xvid 1.x.
Fixed ffv1rec with xvid1.x.
Fixed OpenDML with multiple RIFF headers.
Decoder option is not relevant to the video and not global.
Fixed some freezes when outputing mpeg (pass through, copy, requant).
Don't try to use Xv on remote display.

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