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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for AudioMuxer

AudioMuxer Update 1 is available
Added: Workaround when installation path of the DTSHD Encoder is not present in the registry

Version - September 5, 2017
Added: Functionality for SpecWeb v1.5 (hosted on
Added: (In Application Settings) Option to show SpecWeb Console when playing files through SpecWeb
Added: Check that the SpecWeb version is compatible with AudioMuxer
Fixed: Issue using %prevtitle..% and %nexttitle..% tags in the text template for a slide

AudioMuxer Update 2 is available:

Fixed: Issue using %prevtitle..% and %nexttitle..% tags in the text template for a slide
Added: (disabled for now) Functionality for the next SpecWeb v1.5

AudioMuxer Update 1 is available:

Added: (In Application Settings) Option to show SpecWeb Console when playing files through SpecWeb
Added: Check that the SpecWeb version is compatible with AudioMuxer

Version - March 8, 2017
Added: Support for the SpecWeb Stereo to Surround converter (hosted on

Version - March 8, 2017
Added: Support for the SpecWeb Stereo to Surround converter (hosted on

Version - February 18, 2017
Fixed: (In Tools/Join Wav or Flac Files) Option to delete individual files from input list since it was broken
Fixed: (In Tools/Join Wav or Flac Files) Initialisation of Cover Art file when no cover art was found
Fixed: Progress indicator when using MKV tool set
Added: Atmos/DTS:X information when available
Added: Duration for DTS:X files (MediaInfo application issue)
Added: Duration for TrueHD files (MediaInfo application issue)
Info: Updated MediaInfo & MKV tool set to latest version (see Application/About)

Version - July 30, 2016
Fixed: Buffer overflow error when splitting Wav file
Fixed: (In Application Settings) Updated info that dcadec will be used when no commercial dts decoder is found
Fixed: Media info retrieval in background to speed up operation
Fixed: Intercepted file locked when Auto Verify option is active in the DTSHD Encoder
Fixed: Abend when Queue directory is not present the first time the DTSHD Encoder is run
Fixed: Qaac encoding abend by removing the experimental --no-delay option
Added: (In Audio Conversion) Resampling to 176.4K and 192K
Added: Info to disable Auto Verify in DTSHD Encoder to speed up the availability of the output file
Info: New version of open-source dcadec DTS(HD) Decoder included (v0.2.0)

Version - November 23, 2015
Added: (In Application Settings) Priority flag for commercial DTS Decoder (if installed)
Added: Warning and option to switch temporarily to the default DTS(HD) Decoder for 7.x streams
(when commercial DTS Decoder is active. Decoder is known to have some decoding issues with some specific 7.x DTS streams)
Added: Info which DTS Decoder is being used when decoding DTS streams
Fixed: Colour was removed for some items in status and log reports
Info: New version of open-source dcadec DTS(HD) Decoder included (eac3to v3.31)

Version - November 6, 2015
Fixed: Some cosmetic and screen refresh problems
Info: Open-source dcadec DTS(HD) Decoder will be used as the default DTS Decoder (eac3to v3.30)
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Option to use the commercial DTS Decoder (if installed) instead of the default open-source one

Version - October 26, 2015
Fixed: Font settings and DPI awareness to avoid blurry fonts in Windows 10 for higher DPI settings
Fixed: Usage of latest build of ffdcaenc (v2.1.3, build 2014-12-09)

Version - September 18, 2015
Fixed: Recompiled Setup file in line with Windows 10 guidelines
Fixed: Changed default font of application to default Windows UI font (Segoe UI)
Fixed: (in Tools/Change Volume...) bug preventing the volume change of mono Wav/Flac files

Version - March 30, 2015
Fixed: (In Application Settings) Bug retrieving Template & Loop Playback settings
Fixed: Rounding error created with change in v0.9.5.5
Added: 480p 16:9 HD encoding

Version - February 22, 2015
Fixed: Bug reading/writing size information from the Wav header when the Wav file was bigger than 8Gb

Version - February 3, 2015
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Retry mechanism to delete files when being locked by an external application
Added: msvcp71.dll & msvcr71.dll to ensure Eac3to continues to work with external encoders/decoders in Windows 8 or above

Version - January 9, 2015
Fixed: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) some tags are not copied when input and output are Flac files
Fixed: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) contents of some tags is duplicated if the Flac file contained different tags with the same meaning,
e.g. AlbumArtist / Album Artist, TrackTotal / TotalTracks, etc.
Added: Error trapping when selecting a non-TrueType font (Windows GDI+ limitation)

Version - July 14, 2014
Fixed: (In Tools/Extract From Blu-ray) Duration issue when extracting DTSMA files with a 96/24 DTS Core
Fixed: (In Tools/Merge Wavs) the merging of mono-wav files in extensible wav format did not always work
Added: Workaround for MediaInfo freezing on some .dtshd files
Added: (In Application Settings) Possibility to add MKVMerge command line options (development hacks)

Version - February 4, 2014
Fixed: Error that could block the application under some specific circumstances
Fixed: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Album Art was not always copied if input and output was in a Flac format
Added: Check that Qaac is working properly
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) ".new" suffix will only be added to the output filename if there is a risk of overwriting the input file

Version - January 23, 2014
Fixed: TrueHD extraction from MKV
Fixed: (rare) bug when parsing eac3to log to retrieve names of mono-wav files
Fixed: Copy/Paste when retagging Audio tracks
Added: (Tools/Audio Conversion, Extract Audio From...) Show Log Report context menu option when right-clicking on list of input files
Added: Double-click on information node in log to open it in a dialog window
Added: Drag & drop functionality in Extract Audio From... user interface
Added: Provide info when loading file that it is being locked by another application
Added: Manual line breaks by adding %cr% in the text used to create the slide for a given audio track

Version - July 8, 2013
Added: AAC/ALAC audio can be loaded in the main Audio panel
Added: TrueHD audio can be loaded in the main Audio panel
Added: When muxing to MKV, the Audio part can be exported to Flac, Wav, Wav for CD, DTSWav, AAC/ALAC
Added: The MKV Export to DTSWav or Wav for CD can be automatically written to CD
Added: "Use Current" option in CUE Split to use the already present CUE to split the file accordingly
Added: Multi-Row/Column Paste when re-tagging audio tracks
Added: (In Tools) Option to extract audio from a MKV/MKA file
Added: (In Tools) Option to change the volume of a Wav or Flac file as a whole or per channel, including channel muting
Added: (In Tools/Merge) Files can now be merged to a 6.1 or 7.1 layout
Added: (In Tools/Merge) Possibility to edit the name of the output file in the main panel
Fixed: (In Tools/Audio Conversion)
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Automatic conversion to DTSWav (all channel combinations)
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Automatic conversion to DTS (all channel combinations)
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Loose coupling with the DTS-MA Master Audio Suite(TM)
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Conversion to AAC/ALAC using Qaac
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Audio can be remapped to a 5.1 layout
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Channel correction when converting MLP with a channel assignment group 18, 19 or 20
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Conversion from 6.1 to 7.1. Back Center will be copied -3dB to Back Left and Back Right
Added: (In Tools/Audio Conversion) Possibility to use ffdcaenc, a free DTS Encoder (no DTS HD), when no commercial DTS Encoder is present

Version - January 15, 2013
Fixed: (in Tools - Audio Conversion) Channel Info in Flac header was not present for some files

Version - January 5, 2013
Added: Initialize output directory when dragging & dropping files in the main panel or in the Join tool
Added: Load, Save As..., Save and Clear Project options added or rewritten to better handle AudioMuxer Project files
Fixed: Cosmetic changes and correction of some screen layout bugs in the Merge tool

Version - November 26, 2012
Fixed: CUE parsing was not working correctly when INDEX 02 entries were present

Version - November 15, 2012
Fixed: Proper identification of DTS Master Audio file with Core 96/24 DTS
Fixed: (in Tools - Audio Conversion) Check and indicate presence of Core stream in DTS-HD stream
Fixed: (in Tools) Extraction process of chapter entries on DVD-Video

Version - October 21, 2012
Added: (in Tools - Audio Conversion) Check that size of input Wav file is equal to the length of the Wav Header and Wav Data
Fixed: Issue when an existing CUE split is overwritten with a wrongly-formatted CUE file

Version - August 25, 2012
Added: The title of the track will be added as chapter name in the MKV output file
Added: Possibility to encode to HD 480p, including addition of HD 480p blank video file
Added: (in Application Settings) Option to enable or disable the template used for the text of the slide

Version - July 31, 2012
Fixed: (in Tools - Audio Conversion) Programming logic issue introduced as of re. DTSWav file structure fix

Version - July 8, 2012
Added: (in Tools - Audio Conversion) W64 drag & drop functionality
Added: More strict DTS frame size acceptance for DVD-Video

Version - May 19, 2012
Fixed: Issue during the Merge process with some non-standard formatted Wav files
Added: Drag & Drop File functionality in all parts of AudioMuxer (where it makes sense)

Version - March 23, 2012
Fixed: FLAC header made compatible for non-standard channel specifications
Added: (in Tools - Audio Conversion) DTSWav file structure check and fix when necessary

Version - October 19, 2011
Fixed: Issue during the Join process with some specific formatted Wav files

Version - June 10, 2011
Updated: AudioMuxer has been re-compiled to the .Net Framework v4 Client Profile
Added: Notification during setup of AudioMuxer if the .Net Framework v4 is not installed
Added: More thorough verification during the setup of AudioMuxer whether or not AviSynth is installed
Added: More details provided when there is a problem with the installation of AudioMuxer
Added: (in Application Settings) Option to enable or disable the playback loop of a AVCHD/Blu-ray
Fixed: An abend when not resizing the picture used as album art of a Flac file

Version - Mar 30, 2011
Fixed: HD Video Encoding & HD Blank video file (720p/1080p) updated for compatibility reasons with certain BD Players
Fixed: Incorrect error message when splitting a DTSHD file that still contained a header from the DTS Encoder

Version - Feb 25, 2011
Fixed: Some more regional settings issues

Version - Feb 19, 2011
Fixed: Issue when the text to display for an audio track is empty
Fixed: Issue for regional settings where the decimal symbol is not a period (.)

Version - Jan 29, 2011
Added: (in Tools) Ogg as input format in the conversion panel
Fixed: An abend when trying to split a .cpt file
Fixed: Error message removed if the audiomuxer.ini file cannot be found
Fixed: Issue when trying to identify a .dtshd file

Version - Nov 16, 2010
Fixed: Issue joining/merging files with a special quote in the filename
Fixed: Issue reading tags with special characters from a Flac file
Fixed: Issue with Export To Flac option in main panel

Version - Nov 15, 2010
Added: Option to load/save AudioMuxer project files
Added: Option to add a thumbnail in addition to the text on a background slide
Added: Thumbnail positioning and visual effect options for the thumbnail
Added: Left and right text alignment in addition to the default center alignment
Added: Blur option to blur the background slide and to save the result when necessary
Added: Album Art can now also be loaded from the Clipboard
Added: On the AudioMuxer main panel the Export To Flac option when splitting a file with a CUE sheet
Added: (in Tools) Option to export AC3/DTS files to SPDIF Wav/Flac
Added: (in Tools) SPDIF Wav/Flac option when extracting audio from DVD-V or Blu-ray
Fixed: Chapter limit for MKV/Blu-ray increased from 99 to 999
Fixed: Issue during the Join process with some badly formatted Wav files

Version - Oct 3, 2010
Fixed: Problem with special characters in filename during creation of non-blank MPG video files
Fixed: Removed 48kHz DTSWav files as input format
Fixed: Blank video file for NTSC & PAL updated for better compatibility with other tools
Added: (in Application Settings) GUI interface for the template that creates the text for the Audio track
Added: (in Application Settings) New keywords that can be used in the text template
Added: New DVD-subtitle engine to solve the 2 subtitle lines limitation
Added: "Comment" tag in Audio track information
Added: "Artist", "Album" and "Comment" tag can now be locked to facilitate the copying of these tags to other Audio tracks
Added: Auto-count option for the "Track Number" of the Audio track

Version - Aug 29, 2010
Added: Possibility to copy an image one or multiple times in the image list
Added: (in Tools) Conversion panel to change the text encoding of CUE files

Version - Aug 26, 2010
Fixed: Problem with special characters in CUE entries and derived DVD subtitles

Version - Aug 25, 2010
Added: Show log files of all external applications on one screen
Fixed: (in Tools) Issue with DVD-Video with a still image instead of a video stream

Version - Aug 05, 2010
Fixed: Problem with long filenames
Updated: Most underlying applications have been upgraded to their latest version

Version - May 26, 2010
Added: (in Tools) Option to use mono-channel Flac files in the Merge toolbox
Added: (in Tools) Option to group files from different locations in the Merge toolbox

Version - Apr 16, 2010
Added: Workaround for MediaInfo problem with some .dtshd files
Fixed: Smaller bugs and some GUI layout inconsistencies

Version - Mar 15, 2010
Added: Option to input/update a CUE sheet and to re-tag Flac files with that information
Added: Indicator in the main panel on the total audio time/size loaded
Added: (in Tools) For conversion to Wav, the Wav output format can now be selected and includes also W64
Added: (in Tools) WavPack as input format in the conversion panel
Added: (in Tools) Option to select the Flac compression level
Added: (in Tools) Streams extracted from Blu-ray or DVD can be exported to Flac, including splitting of the streams
Added: (in Tools) Files can be Joined or Merged to Flac
Fixed: Header information for Wav files > 4Gb was not compliant for other applications
Fixed: Blank video file for 720p & 1080p updated to make it more compatible for some specific Blu-ray players

Version - Feb 24, 2010
Added: Output can now be split by CUE entry when a CUE list is loaded for a given audio track
Added: References to Download page, Forum, User Guide and Changelog on added to About AudioMuxer
Added: (in Tools) Audio Conversion, Join Wavs and Merge Mono-Wavs now supports Wav files above 4Gb (W64 format)
Added: (in Tools) Additional menu option to extract audio from an non-encrypted DVD-Video
Added: (in Tools) Re-sample rate selection box added for conversion to LPCM, Mono-Wavs and Flac
Added: (in Tools) Audio extracted from Blu-ray/DVD-Video can now be loaded together with the extracted
chapter file in the AudioMuxer input list
Added: (in Tools) _LF, .LF, _RF, .RF have been added to the automatic identification list for Merge Mono-Wavs
Fixed: Some smaller bugs

Version - Feb 16, 2010
Added: (in Tools) Option to merge mono-channel wav files to multi-channel wav or flac

Version - Feb 12, 2010
Added: CUE files can now start with INDEX 00 00:00:00 for the first track

Version - Initial PUBLIC Version - Feb 8, 2010

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