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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Audio2VCD

2005-10-19 - Audio2VCD v2.0.0

There is now a freeware version of Audio2VCD!
* New: Ability to convert to the WAV audio format (in addition to the MPEG Audio Layer II for VideoCD). Thus, you can use Audio2VCD to make MP3->WAV, WMA->WAV and OGG->WAV convertions too!
* Fixed: Partial rewrite of the Threads Manager of the batch mode (the batch freezed in some cases)
* New option: "If Destination file exists... Overwrite existing file/Generate an error/Generate new file name
* New option: "On error... Stop batch/Ask/Continue"
* New option: "Delete source file when converted"
* New option: "Scan all subfolders when adding folder to batch queue"
* New option: "Immediately remove successfully processed files from batch queue"
* New: Added Spanish (Castellano) Translation by Antonio Fernįndez
* New: Added Swedish Translation by Mikael Hedman

2005-09-30 - Audio2VCD v1.1.0

* New: support of the WMA audio format added
* New: new version of the license of Audio2VCD commercial version in order to have "Free Lifetime upgrades" explicitly written
* New: frequency spectrum visualizer during playback
* Improved: the encoding configurations Mono/224 and Mono/384 are no more authorized (because not in the specifications)
* Fixed: the window maximized state was not correctly restored
* Fixed: the volume level is now saved
* New: Added Turkish Translation by Solid Development

2005-09-15 - Audio2VCD v1.0.1

* Fixed: The batch process could stop (between two files) on some Windows
* New: Added Polish Translation by Wojtek Wasilewski
* New: Added Danish Translation by Jųrgen Pręst
* New: Added Traditional Chinese Translation by koko
* New: Added German Translation by K.B.

2005-09-05 - Audio2VCD v1.0.0

* First public version of Audio2VCD.

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