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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for AssFilterMod

- add: System tray icon
- add: Selection of external subtitles in context menu of tray icon
- add: Open settings by left click on the tray icon
- add: Use of fonts in External Subs Fonts folder for SRT subtitles
- add: Libass is built with harfbuzz support
- add: Support of font ligatures
- add: Option to disable auto-load of external subtitles
- fix: Auto-load of subtitles with unicode characters
- fix: Auto-load of SRT subtitles on a different codepage than en_us
- Settings page is now split in two: General Settings and SRT Settings
- Add support for Visual Studio 2017
- Use my fork of libass
- Update libass asm building tools : Now use nasm instead of yasm

- add: Reset Settings button
- add: Auto-load of external subtitles
- add: Better SRT subtitles parser
- fix: Blur setting not working
- Values in the settings are now more in line with VSFilter
- Update to Visual Studio Update 3

- add: Support(incomplete) for movable subtitles (SRT)
- add: Support for drawing subtitles at custom resolution
- fix: The Apply button now activate when a change is made in Custom Tags
- fix: Random crash when the media player open a file
- fix: "Please update your subtitle renderer" message on madVR
- fix: Badly displayed subtitles with mpc-be internal mkv splitter

v0.1 Initial Release

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