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Release Name: 0.0.8

9 September 2007

Release 0.0.8 has mostly bug fixes since version 0.07. The versioning scheme for the Aften package has been changed to match the libaften shared library version number. A significant internal change is in the audio input module. Previous versions read WAVE files only, but for Aften 0.0.8, the audio input module was restructured to support raw PCM audio and to make it easier to provide future support for other audio formats.

Release Name: 0.07

Aften 0.07 is essentially a speed-enhancement release.Major feature additions include:
Additional MMX and SSE optimizations
Altivec support w/ optimized MDCT

- added C++ bindings (pass -DBINDINGS_CXX=1 to cmake to build them)
- API change of helper functions
- new and more precise bitalloc algorithm
- parallelization
- optional faster exponent strategy decision
- added SSE version of window function
- added MMX and SSE2 versions of some exponent related functions
- removed old build system
- frame-independent variable bandwidth
- minimum and maximum bandwidth settings for variable bandwidth mode
- altivec support framework (by David Conrad)
- altivec MDCT (by David Conrad)

Release Name: 0.06

Aften 0.06 is a big step forward.It features a new build
system using CMake which can create a shared library.There
have been many speed enhancements, including SSE optimizations
and a faster MDCT.Some of the algorithms have been enhanced
for higher quality encoding.The main feature addition in
this release is Dynamic Range Compression, which is working,
but is still in the early stages of usefulness.

- added SSE/SSE3 mdct code (based on vorbis lancer by
- added runtime SIMD detection code (Prakash Punnoor)
- added CMake build system with shared lib/dll support
- optional faster bit allocation by reducing accuracy/quality
- replaced MDCT code with implementation from libvorbis
- added Dynamic Range Compression encoding w/ profile selection
- improved exponent strategy decision
- accuracy increase in bit allocation
- new longhelp option for detailed commandline info

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