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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Aegisub

06/09/18 - Aegisub r8942

Update to Visual Studio 2017
Drop Windows XP support
Fix typo in Italian translaction
Update Simplified Chinese translation (#55)
Add support for reading waveform selection in LUA
Fix joining as karaoke
Update moonscript version
macOS: destroy context when not in use to avoid having the system always think we're playing audio
find/replace: handle enter key in input fields
find/replace: bring window to front when activated
Fix autio volumn/etc. slider heights being zero on recent versions of macOS
Bump minimum macOS version to 10.8
Update Catalan translation
Properly set colorspace when loading video
Fix STL header writing

Aegisub r8898

New things since 3.2.2:

fontconfig has been dropped on OS X and Windows in favor of GDI/CoreText-based solutions
libass on Windows does not perform font substitutions when a font is missing glyphs to make it more obvious that you need to pick a font for those characters. This may become an option on other platforms in the future
Opening multiple documents at once is now supported on OS X, and in general Aegisub tries to behave like a proper document-based application. This is a work in progress.
A bunch of the automation machinery has been rewritten to work via LuaJIT's ffi rather than the C API
A bunch of bug fixes

06/09/18 - r8942

Update to Visual Studio 2017
Drop Windows XP support
Fix typo in Italian translaction
Update Simplified Chinese translation (#55)
Add support for reading waveform selection in LUA
Fix joining as karaoke
Update moonscript version
macOS: destroy context when not in use to avoid having the system always think we're playing audio
find/replace: handle enter key in input fields
find/replace: bring window to front when activated
Fix autio volumn/etc. slider heights being zero on recent versions of macOS
Bump minimum macOS version to 10.8
Update Catalan translation
Properly set colorspace when loading video
Fix STL header writing

04/08/16 - r8894

Check for glyph coverage of non-BMP characters in the fonts collector on Windows
Fix styling issues in the main edit box
Add support for opening media files with more than 32 tracks
Update to Visual C++ 2015 Update 2

03/13/16 - r8886

Statically link the CRT on Windows to simplify installation on versions before 10
Statically link ffms2 on Windows
Add the standard OS X "Window" menu
Update wxWidgets to 3.1.0
Fix double spaces between words when exporting to EBU STL
Switch to a maintained fork of universalchardet which should do a better job of auto-detecting some file encodings

01/10/16 - r8870

Fix opening files from Finder on OS X
Handle I/O errors when indexing fonts for collection on Windows

01/02/16 - r8868

Stop using fontconfig entirely on OS X and Windows
Libass and the fonts collector use GDI/CoreText instead
Fix a crash when reattaching video
Ensure that the fonts collector destination label gets wrapped on OS X
Set the initial control state when the fonts collector dialog is opened correctly
Restore the last-used fonts collector mode correctly
Update to libass 0.13.1

12/29/15 - r8841

Replaced the fonts collector backend on Windows with a new GDI-based one
Allow coalescing undo over autosaves
Mostly adopt the standard OS X document-based UI model on OS X and support multiple open subtitle files
Adjust the menu text on OS X to better match the HIG
File -> New Window now opens a new window in the same process rather than another copy of Aegisub
Perform autosaves on a background thread to reduce how long the GUI thread is blocked

12/08/15 - r8818

Opening videos actually works
Installer probably won't restart your computer without asking

12/05/15 - r8817

Improve indexing speed on media files with multiple unused tracks
Fix crash on truncated pcm files
Select the "Time" radio on startup on OS X
Fix typo that made the color picker's cursor appear in the wrong place in RGB modes
Add an error message for when creating the Lua state fails
Fix a crash when opening a new file when the grid is not scrolled to the top
Update to LuaJIT 2.0.4
Update French translation
Add missing automation files to the portable installer
Update portable installer to include the vs14 CRT
Use SWResample for FFMS2 rather than AVResample

07/31/15 - r8792

Windows version is now built with Visual C++ 2015. Exciting new bugs may ensue.
Libswresample is used rather than libavresample for audio downmixing. Should not have any noticable impact.
FFMS2 now always uses lavf to open files. Some video files work better as a result.
FFMS2 now supports files with discontinuous audio data.
Avoid briefly displaying the font indexing dialog when opening video or the style editor when the font index doesn't actually need to be updated.
Make toggle buttons on OS X much more visibly distinct so that you can actually tell if they're enabled or not
Update Vietnamese translation
Fix incorrect results for non-regex skip tags searches
Fix codesigning issues on OS X
Maybe fix OS X 10.7 and 10.8 support
Rewrite a bunch of the automation modules. Exciting new bugs may ensure.
Add "aegisub.argcheck" automation module which provides simple argument type checking for functions
Add "aegisub.lfs" automation module which provides the sane subset of lfs's functionality
Use fewer dumb bevels on Windows 8+

05/31/15 - r8732

Update ffms2
Fix some issues with copying and pasting Unicode on OS X
Include the stack trace for errors in automation validation functions
Set the new active line correctly after splitting by karaoke
Fix crash when splitting lines by karaoke

05/09/15 - r8725

Pass font attachments to the subtitles renderer
Allow negative rotation in the style editor
Fix a visual glitch when all dialogue lines are deleted by an automation script
Cancel karaoke templater execution immediately when an error occurs
Fix snapping audio markers when dragging inactive line markers with ctrl
Fix adding new hotkeys when the UI language is not English
Use the custom lua error handler during macro load
Eliminate a pointless menu refresh when opening subtitle files
Work around libass leaking memory when rapidly switching between fonts in the stye editor
Speed up grid painting, especially with many unique effect/actor values
Fix crash when deleting the last dialogue line from automation
Update libass to 0.12.2
Update ffms2 to 2.21.0
Update moonscript to 0.3.1

01/31/15 - r8700

Fix crash when deleting the last dialogue line from automation
Update libass
Fix EBU STL writing on non-MSVC runtimes
Sort Automation menu items by display name
Fix crash when loading a dialogue line missing extradata
Enable assembly routines for libass on Windows
Make dummy audio provider generate non-periodic noise
Fix a few places where non-unicode string conversions were used on Windows
Fix a pile of places where abs() was used on floats, rounding them to ints
Cut the executable size a bit
Fix stack corruption when a script tries to select an invalid line
Update Spanish translation

Aegisub 3.2.2 Changelog

Update Spanish, Ukrainian, Hungarian and Finnish translations
Skip writing the Aegisub project stuff when exporting to ASS
Fix some ugliness in the OS X icon
Update the selection and scroll position after opening subtitles from video
Fix crash on a certain kind of malformed shift times history file
Don't set the YCbCr header field to "None" when resampling resolution without changing colors

Aegisub 3.2.1 Changelog

Actually register the SSA file handler so that SSA files can be opened and exported
Deduplicate Extradata entries created by Automation scripts
Fix loading subtitles from Matroska files which have [Aegisub Extradata] sections
Handle parsing errors when loading Shift Times history
Add Ukrainian UI translation

Aegisub 3.2.0 Changelog

Audio and Timing
Audio caching is now done in the background rather than popping up a modal progress dialog (#112)

The audio display is automatically scrolled to the active line when audio is first opened (if that option is enabled)

Drag all selected lines when Alt is held down when dragging in the audio display (#691)

Automation now uses LuaJIT in Lua 5.2 mode rather than Lua 5.1

Text controls are "infinite" length rather than limited to 30k bytes

subs.delete can be passed a table of row numbers to delete

Add the luabins and lfs libraries to the automation environment

Filter out redundant progress updates so that they don't make everything incredibly slow

Add support for submenus in the automation menu (insert / in the macro name) (#852)

Add unicode case conversion functions to the automation module (unicode.to_upper_case, unicode.to_lower_case, unicode.to_fold_case)

Only process selected lines in the Select Overlaps macro if more than one line is selected (#1751)

Add aegisub.project_properties() to get a table with stuff that used to be in the script info section of the file (but unlike the old script info entries, it's actually always up to date) (#1747)

Fix loading automation scripts when Aegisub is installed to a path with non-ascii characters in it (#1760)

Lua functions which take a path have been patched to support UTF-8 on Windows

Fonts Collector
Add a warning when a script using a bold or italic variant of a font that doesn't actually exist, as emboldening done by the renderer may not match what is seen in Aegisub

Make the installer translatable and use the language selected in the installer for Aegisub's UI language

Fix locale issues that could lead to find/replace stripping all non-ascii characters from a file (1587)

Use localized names for languages everywhere they're displayed rather than the English names

Fix a bunch of issues with RTL locales on Windows (but unfortunately there's still some major ones remaining) (#1354)

Improve HiDPI support

Add support for IMEs in the main edit box (#1247, #1672, #1695)

Fix crash when pasting emoji into the edit box

Use the OS spellchecker service rather than Hunspell.

Make fontconfig indexing about four times as fast

Significantly speed up passing subtitles to the subtitle renderer (as much as 10x faster), making the video display less laggy with large files

Speed up indexing Matroska files

Significantly speed up reading subtitles from Matroska files

Cut idle CPU usage when Aegisub is in the background by about 90%

Cut down the disk space used a bit

Resolution Resampler
Resample be and blur tags

Add support for converting between YCbCr matricies

Make the handling for AR-changing resampling a bit smarter

Use prettier string formatting for resampled numbers

Fix resampling drawings with AR changes

List the files which will be opened or closed in the Load/Unload files dialog

Support loading keyframes and timecodes files via drag-and-drop (#1749)

Subtitle editing
The edit box buttons (bold, italic, colors, etc.) try to do the right thing when multiple lines are selected, rather than just setting all of the lines to the active line's text

The subtitles grid has gained as Characters Per Second column, with customizable warning and error thresholds (#609)

Undo now restores the selected lines and cursor position that were active when the change being undone occured

Double-clicking on a word which is right next to a N no longer selects the N along with the word

Make default subtitle styles customizable: when creating a new file or importing from a format without style information, the styles from a catalog of your choice are automatically imported into the script (#962)

Add a button to open directly open the style editor for the current line's style (#1746)

Add Comment to the files which can be pasted over

Insert N on shift-enter in the edit box

Fix incorrect cursor positions when using non-BMP unicode characters

The edit box's background color is now customizable

Subtitle Formats
Fix crash when trying to open compressed tracks from Matroska

Add support for opening subtitle tracks with utterly insane CodecPrivate sections

Fix rounding error in the framerate calculations for CFR formats that sometimes lead to significantly wrong timestamps for long files

Add support for uncompressed RGB(A) files

Fix some of the issues with open-gop h264 files

Fix infinite loop when opening indexless matroska files (such as files written by x264 and not remuxed)

Fix some issues with interlaced h264

Add support for HEVC

Add option to resample the script rather than just changing the script resolution when opening a video with different resolution (1382)

Several of the tools have been somewhat restyled to make them less obstructive

Hide drag handles for commented lines

Don't automatically select all control handle in the vector clip tool when switching to it, as there's now box selection of handles

Update all selected lines when the origin is dragged in the rotate tools

Aegisub 3.1.3 Changelog

Return a rgba string for coloralpha lua controls (rather than just rgb)

Update to moonscript 0.2.5

Fix memory leaks when automation errors occur

Add an error check for trying to interact with an expired subtitles object rather than just crashing

Other Stuff
Fix a crash when deleting lines with audio open

Sort the actor and effect dropdown lists (#1715)

Fix crash on startup when the config file can't be written

Fix some performance issues with very large selections

Fix some cases where the taskbar progress indicator would get stuck at nearly complete

Speed up passing subtitles to libass a bit

Fontconfig reads installed fonts from the registry on Windows, adding support for fonts installed via font managers to the fonts collector

Aegisub 3.1.2 Changelog

Actually install the Dutch translation

Update Basque translation

Add Bulgarian translation

Bug Fixes
Fix some issues with file associations on Windows 7 and later

Make subs.deleterange(start, end) not do totally incorrect things

Fix some cases where the row to extend shift-click selections in the grid was not updated correctly

Fix assertion failure when built with boost 1.52

Aegisub 3.1.1 Changelog

Update Spanish translation

Update Simplified Chinese translation

Update Hungarian translation

Bug Fixes
Fix spellchecker dictionary listing on Vista

Reenable shift-enter to insert N in the translation assistant

Don't modify the "YCbCr Matrix" header when dummy video is opened

Fix constant codecvt errors on OS X

Aegisub 3.1.0 Changelog

Audio and Timing
Greatly improved downmixing for audio with more than 2 channels

Also move karaoke markers after the dragged marker if Ctrl is held down (#1557)

Improve Unicode support in the karaoke split/join bar

Report a more useful line number for bad lines in the Timing Post Processor (#1596)

Default to only showing the maximum in the waveform view

When zooming the audio display with the scroll wheel, zoom into the mouse's position rather than the center of the display

Significantly improve the automatic matching in the kanji timer

Skip empty lines when copying karaoke timing

Fix crash when something other than a string is passed to error()

Match HTML colors in a way that actually works in extract_color (#1575)

Implement the "coloralpha" automation control type

Switch the re module from wxRegex to boost.regex and fix a bunch of bugs

Drop support for non-UTF-8 scripts

The subtitles object can now be iterated over with ipairs as if it were a normal table

Add native support for MoonScript

Add support for using standard button ID in dialogs (#1609)

Load autoloaded automation scripts in parallel for slightly faster startup

Improve error reporting and actually include a stack trace

Double the size of the log window

Make it harder to break the included modules by defining a global function with the same name as a lua built-in

Trying to log a string which could be converted to a number now works correctly

Return full paths from and rather than just the filename

Create new files each time when autosaving so that opening an old version of a file after a crash doesn't overwrite the newer autosaved version (#1155)

Add a dialog for opening autosave and crash recovery files rather than having to dig around in %APPDATA%Aegisub (#781)

Case insensitive find now works for all languages rather than just things sufficiently English-like (#1342)

Add an option to skip override tags (##104)

Add an option to skip comments (##683)

Actually obey the "In Selection" option for things other than Replace All if multiple lines are selected

Search from the position of the character rather than the position of the last thing found

Remove the "update video" option since it didn't actually do anything

Fonts Collector
Improve reporting when a font is missing a whitespace character used in the script (#1553)

Fix some cases where the wrong font was being selected

Show a more useful error message when the style used by a subtitle doesn't exist

Significantly reduce the performance penalty of ASS Attachments

Vastly cut down on memory usage with large subtitle files

Speed up committing changes a bit

More work is done on background threads to avoid blocking the UI

Improve indexing performance

Prefetch the font list for the style editor to make it open much faster on systems with large numbers of fonts installed

Add partial HiDPI support

Use the native placeholder text functionality rather than the custom logic which worked slightly differently

Make it sort of possible but awkward to set hotkeys (#1589)

Properly handle dead keys in the edit box (but still not IMEs)

Fix a bunch of CoreText warnings on 10.9

Sign the binary to avoid Gatekeeper warnings on 10.8+

Updated from hunspell 1.2.1 to 1.3.2 on Windows

Improve spellchecker word splitting (#1206)

Allow removing added words from the dictionary (#1184)

Add an option to ignore uppercase words (#1460)

Fix changing the MRU limit for subtitle files (#1592)

Actually select the correct lines in the select overlaps macro (#1594)

Fix loading keyframe files with Windows newlines on non-Windows platforms

Add support for ffmpeg/avconv's keyframe format

Add support for the scroll wheel to the video slider

Eliminate a bogus limit of 100 for a bunch of rarely-used options

Add Backspace to the keys that commands can be bound to (#1631)

Add support for the Windows 7 taskbar progress bar

Make saving transient UI state in the file optional (#1535)

Improve support for locales which use a comma as the decimal separator

Subs Edit Box
The buttons in the main edit box can be hotkeyed

By default, Alt+1-4 activate the appropriate color buttons

Add alpha to the color picker dialog

Add a character counter which shows the number of characters in the longest line of the currently selected subtitle

Add an option to show the contents of the current line when it was first selected

Make syntax highlighting better match VSFilter's parsing

Always add the spellchecker language list to the context menu

"Split line at cursor" can be hotkeyed

Change the Effect box to a combobox like the Actor box (#1461)

Be less dumb when subtitles lines are pasted into the edit box

Subtitles Grid
Insert new lines before/after the active line rather than the first selected line

The grid can be scrolled past the end of the file

Paste over now replaces the selection if multiple lines are selected, since that's what most people seem to expect it to do

Do a better job of picking a new active line after deleting lines (#1595)

Only paint the margin values in the grid if they're non-zero

Replace "Duplicate and Shift by 1 Frame" with "Split lines at video position"

Subtitle Formats
Drop support for ASS2 since it didn't really work and no one used it

Drop support for the "Collisions" property in ASS file since VSFilter doesn't support it

Fix loading subtitles from Matroska files without track names

Improve behavior when character set detection fails

Add an option to not skip blank lines when importing plain text files

Fix double-prompting to pick a character set in some cases (#1512)

Make the SRT parser more forgiving of malformed files (#1614)

Support loading subtitles from improperly concatenated matroska files

Fix some issues with writing EBU STL files

Add Galician translation by Nuria Andión

Actually add the translations to the desktop file on linux

Drop MPC-HC VSFitler and default to xy-VSFilter now that CCCP has switched

Honor the color matrix tag from the subtitles file when appropriate (#1649)

Update the title of the detached video dialog when videos are opened (#1607)

Add the command video/subtitles_provider/cycle, which can be hotkeyed to quickly switch between VSFilter and libass on Windows

Visual Typesetting Tools
Fix some cases where tags other than the one(s) being actively manipulated were being modified (#1513)

Update all selected rows in the clip tools rather than just the active line

Lock aspect ratio in the scale tool when alt is held down

Add box selection to the move mode of the vector clip tool (#1404)

Significantly speed up dragging lots of vector clip control points

Make the X/Y rotation grid much bigger

Apply the line's shear to the x/y rotation grid

Aegisub 3.0.4 Changelog

Fix context menus in many controls (#1619)

Work around access denied errors from antivirus scanners (#1618)

Update Basque translation

Aegisub 3.0.3 Changelog

Fix crash when playing audio before time 0 (#1556)

Round syllable durations to centiseconds when splitting syllables

Save the horizontal zoom correctly (#1597)

Uninvert horizontal scrolling on OS X (#1612)

Fix bug where FloatEdit controls would sometimes not report the selected value (#1610)

Actually select the correct things in the Select Overlaps macro (#1594)

File IO
Give temporary files proper extensions to make it easier to open them when something goes wrong

Show an error message when writing a file fails

Fix reading subtitles from Matroska

Fix a case where unicode characters would result in inconsistent and baffling errors when loading Lua scripts (#1576)

Fix loading non-ascii actor names from plain-text files

Obey the option for setting the number of recently opened subtitle files to remember (#1592)

Disable Ubuntu's global menu bar for Aegisub, since there's a pile of issues with it (#1531)

Use Lua 5.1 when both it and 5.2 are available (1559)

Fix a capitalization error in Info.plist (#1547)

Fix crash when trying to set hotkeys (#1589)

Subtitles Editing
Commit pending audio changes on Enter in the edit box (#1544)

Add Dutch translation

Update Finnish translation

Update Arabic translation

Fix some cases where the detached video dialog would get set to bogus sizes

Add .m4v to the list of video file extensions

Fix loading y4m files

Release mouse capture from the visual tools when the zoom is changed

Aegisub 3.0.2 Changelog

Allow framerate transform to/from variable without external timecodes loaded (#1530)

Honor the configured limits for the find/replace history (#1528)

Fix occassional non-error dialog when running multiple copies of Aegisub

Fix bug that sometimes resulted in later karaoke syllables moving when early ones were modified

Truncate overly long syllables rather than adjusting all of the other syllables to make them fit

Play right-clicked syllables

Fix splitting lines by karaoke (#1541)

Remove dependency on glu

Honor docdir and localedir configuration variables

The Fonts Collector actually works

Add support for 32-bit processors

Styling Assistant
Make it possible to type style names again

Subs edit box
Break undo grouping after 30 seconds of inactivity rather than 10

Switch the Duration field back to time mode when video is closed

Save a single wav containing all selected lines rather than a separate wav for each line with "Create audio clip"

Make pasting lines not horrible slow (#1534)

Subtitles Grid
Make the correct row visible when selecting rows with shift + arrow keys in the grid (#1533)

Fix a few errors in the German translation (#1523)

Update Czech translation

Update Indonesian translation

Update Hungarian translation

Add partial Arabic translation (#1532)

Aegisub 3.0.1 Changelog

Updated Russian translation

Updated Greek translation

Partially update Finnish translation

Fixed some errors in the Portuguese translation

Fix packaging issues with the Serbian translation

Make it possible to use all of the translations on OS X

Update the size of the karaoke syllable bar when the window is resized

Add scroll arrows to the karaoke syllable bar when the contents are too wide to fit

Change the color of the karaoke syllable split cursor to indicate whether it'll add or remove a split

Increase the hit area for removing karaoke splits a little

Remove the correct split when clicking to the left of a split line

Re-add the "Play current line" button to the audio toolbar

Stop video playback when the stop button is clicked in the audio toolbar as 2.1.9 did

Scroll the audio display after a click near an edge when auto-scrolling is enabled

Recenter the audio display if a newly selected line is very close to an edge in addition to if it's not fully onscreen, as 2.1 did

Fix subtitle timing issues after loading a timecodes file

Fix rounding error that resulted in 30000/1001 FPS video being treated as 30001/1001 FPS

Aegisub 3.0.0 Changelog

Aegisub 3.0.0 features a major rewrite of much of Aegisub's core. There are two main user-visible changes:

The audio display and related things such as the karaoke syllable splitting interface have been rewritten from scratch. The spectograph rendering is now much higher quality and faster, and many new features have been added.
Changes made in the main edit box and surrounding controls no longer have to be committed. Instead, changes are made to the file as you type, with the video display updating in real time.
Many things are much faster.

The main toolbar can be hidden.

The clipboard is not cleared on exit.

The mouse wheel scrolls the thing the mouse is over rather than the thing with keyboard focus.

Aegisub is now sort of usable on OS X.

Dragging and dropping audio or video files onto Aegisub no longer blocks the source of the drag while they're loading.

Added Euskara (Basque) translation.

Remove files from the MRU lists when they no longer exist (#717).

All of the toolbar icons have been replaced with new ones.

The audio display has been rewritten from scratch. As such, many minor details have changed.

The spectrum mode is higher quality and much faster.

The waveform mode shows the average value of the audio at each time in addition to the maximum. This can be disabled if it annoys you.

By default, left-click-drag sets the start of the line to clicked point and the end of the line to the dragged point, making it possible to time a line in a single click.

All selected lines are shown on the audio display.

The previous and next line can be shown in the audio display (in addition to previous or all) (#664) (#1386).

Adjacent pairs of lines with equal end/start times can be adjusted together similar to karaoke syllables by holding down Ctrl (#20).

Nonsensical line and karaoke syllable timings are no longer allowed.

The audio display jumps around less when the zoom is adjusted (#957).

The zoom/volume are saved across sessions.

Middle-click jumps the video to the clicked time.

24-bit and float audio are supported (#1292) (#1490).

Added an option to automatically load audio when opening video (#1134).

Added Shift-G to advance to next line and reset timing to default even if the next line is already timed (#946).

Spectrum mode is now the default (#943).

Spectrum mode now uses logarithmic scaling rather than linear, which usually better exposes speech (#944).

Enable the dummy audio provider in release builds (#1425).

The Karaoke split/join bar is hidden when not in Karaoke mode (#987).

Keyframe markers can be disabled in karaoke mode without disabling them for dialogue timing (#644).

Splitting and joining karaoke syllables preserves override tags and comments (#1190).

The karaoke split/join interface has been redesigned to require fewer clicks. Click in a place with no splits to add a split, or on a split to remove it.

The sum of the syllable durations must now equal the line duration.

Adjusting the syllable before the active syllable while the syllable is playing no longer extends playback (#886).

Removed Ruby and Perl automation engines since no one used them and they didn't work.

Removed auto3 since it's been deprecated for years and auto4 is much better.

Macros can now be hotkeyed. The command name for macros is "automation/lua/file-name-sans-extension/macro-name" (#517).

Added a few more stock macros (#120).

The clean tags macro no longer breaks clip (#1450).

The automation manager dialog is modeless.

Multiple scripts can be loaded at once with the Add button in the manager dialog.

Lines appended to the end of the file are automatically put in the appropriate section.

Scripts do not have to be UTF-8 (but generally should be anyway). As a result, adding a BOM is now generally required if a file must be treated as UTF-8.

Macros which do not run to completion (either due to the user cancelling or an error occurring) do not make any changes to the file, so it is no longer necessary for complex scripts to build up a table of changes which are then applied in one shot.

An undo point is now automatically set at the end of the macro if the macro fails to do so, or makes changes after the last undo point.

The standard Lua module system is now supported.

The active line argument to the macro processing function actually exists now.

The macro processing function can now set the active line by returning a second value containing the row index to make active. The new active line must be one of the lines which the selection is being set to, or it will be ignored (#1435).

The validation function can now modify the help text displayed for the macro by returning a second value containing the new help text (#1413).

A third function can now be passed to register_macro. This function receives the same arguments as the validation function, and if it returns true a check mark is displayed next to the macro in the automation menu. This is probably not very useful yet.

Added several new functions to the aegisub global table.

Added bindings for the standard platform open/save file pickers.

Added clipboard module for accessing the system clipboard.

Added re module which exposes wxRegex's regular expression functionality, which is significantly more powerful than that built into Lua.

Fonts Collector
The fonts collector handles bold and italic (#659).

The fonts collector actually works rather than just copying a giant pile of possibly related fonts (#660).

Fonts with non-English names are collected (#1061).

Add the current subtitle's directory as a destination (#1059).

There is a warning if a font used does not contain all of the glyphs needed.

There is a warning if the user tries to use more fonts than will work on playback.

The dialog is modeless.

On platforms where symlinks don't require admin privileges, fonts can be symlinked rather than copied.

Fonts used by styles which are used by no lines are no longer copied (#660).

Hotkey support has been completely rewritten. Many more things can be hotkeyed.

Customized hotkeys are not automatically migrated to the new format and must be recustomized.

Hotkey assignment is now more flexible: any command can be assigned to any context rather than a limited subset of commands having global versions. For example, rather than having "Audio Play" and "Global Audio Play" commands, there is a single audio play command which is simply bound to different hotkeys for when the audio display has focus and when anything else has focus.

The preferences system and everything has been rewritten from scratch. A bunch of stuff works better now as a result.

Preferences from 2.1.x are not automatically migrated to the new system. No one ever got around to writing the migration. Sorry.

Linux specifc
Fix std::bad_alloc errors with the Alsa player (#1395).

Fix infinite loop in Alsa player (#1394).

Portaudio player has been rewritten and now works much better (#997).

Portaudio player supports choosing the output device.

UI translations which require a locale which is not available are hidden in the language list (#1508).

Using the English translation with a non-English locale is now possible (#1508).

User dictionaries are now always stored in ~/.aegisub/ so that they work with system dictionaries (#1475).

OS X specific
Fixed a bunch of crashes on startup (#1469).

Dialogs now stay on top of the main program window.

Add support for 10.7 fullscreen for the main program window and the detached video window.

Unicode actually works.

Toolbar icons are actually the right size and so no longer look terrible.

Sort of try to follow the Apple HIG where possible.

All sorts of things that did not work at all or crashed instantly now work.

More of the UI translations are supported.

Shift Times
Double-clicking a history entry loads the settings from that entry (#1427).

The dialog is now modeless.

Saving history works with unicode usernames (#1269).

Spell Checker
All words can be added to the user dictionary, rather than just words which fit in the language's character set.

Commented lines can be automatically skipped (#1428).

Re-add hyphen to the word separator list since removing it caused more problems than it solved (#1459).

Subtitle Formats
Saving subtitles as a non-Unicode character set which does not have all of the characters used in the subtitles now replaced bad characters with ? rather than failing silently (#837).

Added support for more non-Unicode character sets (#639) (#666) (#849) (#877).

Fix rounding errors when generating SMPTE timecodes.

Add support for EBU STL unformatted level 1 teletext.

SRT files with only formatting supported by SRT can be saved directly rather than having to be exported.

Fix several issues with SRT reading and writing.

Improve handling of invalid ASS files.

Add menu entry to open subtitles from the currently open video (#253).

Improve performance when opening subtitles from Matroska.

Fix loading of subtitles from Matroska files greater than 2 GB.

Subtitle Rendering
The Windows 32-bit builds now ship with three subtitle renderers: MPC-HC VSFilter (default), xy-VSfilter and libass. 64-bit builds include MPC-HC VSFilter and libass. Non-windows builds include libass only.

Fix some crashes on malformed files in VSFilter (#1485).

Style Manager/Editor
The style manager dialog (but not the style editor) is modeless.

Renaming an unused style doesn't prompt to update the uses of it.

Do a better job of selecting the right thing after styles are created, edited or deleted.

Fixed some memory leaks in the style editor.

Style names are now case-insensitive to match VSFilter (#777).

Subtitles Edit Box
Changes no longer need to be committed; anything done in the edit box is applied instantly.

Undo no longer does insane things when combined with changes made from the edit box (#586).

Undo no longer reverts changes to the filename from Save As (#1345).

The syntax highlighter better reflects how the line will actually be parsed for malformed lines.

Splitting lines leaves the old line selected rather than moving to the new one.

The color picker updates the color of the line immediately rather than waiting for the dialog to be closed.

Subtitles Grid
Much of the selection-related logic has been improved and made more consistent.

Fixed the "clicking near top/bottom of grid selects multiple lines" issue yet again (maybe for real this time) (#1041).

"Make time continuous" uses the next/previous line if only one line is selected (#822).

Concatenated lines are joined with spaces rather than N.

Concatenating out-of-order lines sets the start and end time correctly.

Recombine Lines can be used on any number of lines at once rather than just pairs of lines to join.

Recombine Lines now handles more cases correctly (#1468).

Subtitle lines can be sorted by several fields rather than just the start time, and either all lines or only the selection can be sorted (#1457).

Noncontiguous groups of lines can be duplicated.

The scroll position and current line are restored when reopening a file, similar to the current video frame position (#1417).

Shift-scrollwheel scrolls the grid a page at a time (#1407).

Alt-Up/Alt-Down move all selected rows rather than just the active one.

Timing Post-Processor
Lead-in is applied before lead-out, so that it is used if there is not space for both.

Overlaps can be automatically removed when not adding lead-in/out.

Keyframe snapping is in milliseconds like everything else (#548).

Translation Assistant
Now modeless, making it much easier to watch relevant portions of the video.

Enable spellchecking and syntax highlighting in the edit box.

Seeking no longer blocks the UI while video decodes, making seeking multiple frames (especially backwards) far faster and more responsive.

Video zoom levels are no longer constrained to a limited range.

Setting the zoom via hotkeys or the dropdown with detached video works (#493).

The script resolution is automatically set to the resolution of the first video opened. Alternatively, a default script resolution can be set.

Prompting when the script resolution does not match the video resolution is once again enabled by default (#1138).

The display aspect ratio is set automatically when opening anamorphic video.

Support for loading timecodes and keyframes from Matroska when using the Avisynth video provider has been removed, as it was horribly broken (#939) (#1049).

Seeking the video while it's playing works.

Fewer things cause video playback to stop.

Default to decoding all videos as if they were BT.601 rather than their actual colorspace to match VSFilter's rendering.

Write the colorspace used to the subtitle file so that the above hack can go away sometime in the future.

Enable multithreaded video decoding via FFMS2 as it now actually works.

Add support for VP8, VC-1 and interlaced H264.

Fix some more OpenGL issues with bad drivers.

Fix some rounding errors in the VFR logic.

If there are multiple audio/video tracks FFMS2 asks which to use rather than only supporting the first (#905).

Visual typesetting tools
Multiple drag handles can be selected at once to move multiple lines at once, or to shift multiple control points of a clip mask. Ctrl-click adds or removes a handle to the selection; clicking on no handles clears the selection.

Holding Alt while double-clicking on the video in the Cross mode sets all selected lines rather than just the active line (#513).

Holding shift makes all visual tools apply only the greater of the X or Y change (#993).

Double-clicking in drag mode does the same thing as in the Cross mode.

The visual typesetting tools can be hidden when the mouse is not over the video, to make it easier to see small subtitles.

The visual tools are now always the same size regardless of zoom level (#966).

The subtools are in the main visual tool toolbar rather than their own mostly empty one (#1401).

The tools support subpixel precision.

Visual tools can be hotkeyed (#992).

Add support for the scale parameter of vector clips (#1415).

This should list all changes in Aegisub between version 2.1.8 and 2.1.9. A few minor things may have been missed, but it shouldn't be anything important.


The release mainly consist of bug-fixes.
Completely rewritten SRT parser, much more robust and handles formatting codes much better.
Karaskel (and thus kara-templater) now correct for script/video resolution mismatch, you no longer have to make sure they match to get correct positioning in karaoke effects.
The Windows installer no longer includes spell checker and thesaurus dictionaries. This has made it about 10 MB smaller. Dictionaries are now instead offered as separate downloads.
Autocommit in audio karaoke mode works again.
We now ship with FFmpegSource 2.17 on Windows which has much improved media support, including 10 bit H.264 and MKV header removal compression.
After numerous complaints, the splash screen is completely gone now.
Rewritten ALSA audio player, meaning much more stable audio playback on Linux. Also fixed the PulseAudio player.
The Mac OS X build should be more stable overall, largely due to bug-fixes and improvements in wxWidgets.
Added translations to Farsi and Polish.


Attachments: The Attachments dialogue will now properly set undo points
Attachments: When closing the Attachments dialogue, any empty attachment sections are cleaned up from the file
Audio: Fix a handle leak and a rare deadlock in the DirectSound audio player
Audio: Might be a little faster when displaying keyframe markers (pink lines)
Audio: No more "You pressed cancel!" pseudo-errors when canceling audio loading
Automation: Fix for rare furigana layout issue in karaskel
Automation: The append operation for the subtitle object now intelligently appends dialogue lines to the end of the Events section instead of absolute end of file, solving issues with appending dialogue after attachments
Automation: Returning selections from Lua macros now works correctly, no longer shifts the selection down by one from the intended
Automation: The table.copy_deep function in utils.lua now works as advertised and handles self-referencing tables and circular references
Automation: Added new "remember/recall" suite of functions to Karaoke Templater
File i/o: Selecting charset/text encoding after opening a non-Unicode file now properly respects your choice
File i/o: Added support for writing the EBU STL (tech 3264) subtitle data exchange format
File i/o: Warn if trying to load a binary .sub file, which is likely a VobSub file (which is not supported)
General: Changed compilation settings to make the Windows binaries smaller without sacrificing speed or functionality
General: VSFilter is now linked as a normal DLL dependency instead of dynamically discovered at runtime, using alternative CSRI renderers no longer possible, this should make loading a wrong vsfilter almost impossible
General: Various input methods on Linux should work more reliably now
General: Fixed a variety of memory leaks
Help system: The locally installed help would never actually get used when using Help buttons or the Help menu
Hotkeys: Fixed a bug where having a hotkeyable item having no hotkey would cause wrong key combinations (try to) activate that anyway
Installer: Various changes making it more stable, issues with Kapersky Internet Security 8 should be solved now
Installer: The portable version is now (again) a self-extracting RAR archive, rather than an InnoSetup installer
Select Lines: The active line is now always one of the selected lines after using the Select Lines dialog
Shift Times: Made the shift times history display one-based frame numbers when shifting the selection onwards
Spell checker: Updated list of "word separator" characters, meaning punctuation such as hyphens should now behave better
Spell checker: You now get an appropriate message when no dictionaries are installed and you try to spell check
Style Manager: Duplicating a style and renaming the copy no longer gives a rename warning
Style Manager: Fixes to copying styles between storage and script
Style Manager: All controls are now dynamically resized, as a result it is overall a little larger and adjusts size to fit translated texts
Subtitle grid: The subtitle grid now also takes the width of column title texts into account when calculating column sizes, allowing translations more freedom in choice of column texts
Subtitle grid: Fixed the "clicking near top/bottom of grid selects multiple lines" issue, and other row selection issues
Timing post-processor: The "make adjacent" threshold now has the end of the range be inclusive
Translation Assistant: Fixed a control layout issue on Mac, preventing it from working properly there
Translations: Added Polish
Translations: Added Farsi (Persian)
Update checker: Fix a possible crash
Video: Canceling FFmpegSource indexing now stops video loading, instead of trying another video provider
Video: Fixed a bug related to first loading timecodes, then loading a video, causing subtitle rendering to break
Video display: Detached mode should work properly (again?)
Video display: Zooming video in works correctly again, it no longer compresses the video
Video display: As a side effect of the above, there is now no longer a sunken border around the video
Video display: The video display was consistently a little too small in each direction, causing blurry display
Video display: Other minor optimisations and improvements to error reporting
Video display: Fixed minor bugs with opening a new video without closing an already open one
Video display: The visual typesetting tools are now hidden when video is playing
Video display: Maybe made the OpenGL initialisation for the video display more reliable on poor drivers, might fix issues with some ATI/AMD and Intel driver versions

This should list all changes in Aegisub between version 2.1.7 and 2.1.8. A few minor things may have been missed, but it shouldn't be anything important.

* Official Mac, Linux and Unix versions. The Mac version is still alpha quality, though, and we don't have specific binary packages for many Linux distributions.
* Fixed the "Could not lock buffer for filling" problem when playing audio on Windows 7, and rarely on Vista too.
* The video display is now much more compatible with limited OpenGL drivers and should work on all systems, notably Windows Vista and 7 with standard drivers.
* Clicking "Play" on the video now only plays audio if you have explicitly opened audio from the Audio menu. If you want to hear any sound you now must load audio via the Audio menu.
* The Portable version is now (almost) full-featured, only missing is ASSDraw3, because making a portable version of that is non-trivial. We also have an upgrade installer saving you a lot of download, if you already have 2.1.7 installed.


* Fixed a bug with the Kanji Timer feature, where clicking some buttons before setting everything up could cause a crash. (#977)
* The Transform Framerate export filter didn't work correctly at all. (#1014)
* All common occurrences of "Could not lock buffer for filling" on Windows should be fixed. (#1028)
* Fixed a possible crash with an uncommon sequence of actions in the colour picker. (#1025)
* The Detached Video is moved into view on opening now, if it was partially or entirely outside the desktop area. (#1040)
* The version checking function was completely rewritten to work on all platforms and be more flexible. (#1071, #365, #970, #1080)
* The "play audio from video" function was removed, the Play buttons for video now only play audio if audio has been loaded. This is done because we can't support the playback reliably otherwise. (#1090)
* Handle malformed SSA/ASS files missing the [Script Info] line. (#440)
* Several strings that should be translatable weren't. (#791, #792)
* Fixed a glitch in the new DirectSound audio player, causing strange behaviour if dragging the selection start during playback. (#915)
* Split (by karaoke) sometimes created lines that couldn't be properly joined back by Join (as karaoke) later. (#929)
* If holding the Shift key while dragging audio selection start/end markers, sometimes the time edit boxes did not get updated (#942)
* Prevent making the audio selection have negative start or end times. (#942)
* The "relayer" function in Karaoke Templater did not work. (#950)
* Fixed a visual glitch with spell-checker suggestions in the subs edit right-click menu. (#971)
* The Hour field in the Jump to dialogue box was not filled in correctly when the box opened. (#1003)
* Added support for the undocumented fs+ and fs- tags to various transformation functions. We recommend avoiding these tags as they may not be supported in all renderers. (#1007)
* Rewrite the file type associations code and interface on Windows, to conform better to the guidelines and overall integrate better with the Windows shell. (#1037)
* Add support for the iclip tag to the "Clean Tags" Automation script. (#1044)
* The Windows installation program now confirms that existing shortcuts point to an Aegisub version being upgraded before overwriting them. (#1046)
* Automatically set the video zoom level on video load, so the video never takes up too much space in the window. (#1054)
* Fixed the subs edit not being able to use all fonts on Windows. (#1072)
* Fixed a crash in the style manager when copying a style from storage to subtitle file, and the subtitle file already had a style by the name. (#1096)
* Automation 4 Lua truncated the "spacing" field to an integer on read back, instead of keeping it as a float as it should. (#1019)
* Rewrite parts of the video display to better handle OpenGL drivers with reduced features, notably the Direct3D-based implementation by default shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7. (#1020)
* The Windows installer will offer to remove an existing Mesa3D OPENGL.DLL file in the Aegisub install directory, as it's generally no longer needed for reliable video. (#1057)
* The Windows installer now installs VSFilter as csriVSFilter-aegisub.dll to avoid possible clashes with VSFilter.dll files in other locations. Any existing csriVSFilter.dll is removed.
* General improvements to robustness of the Windows installer.
* If upgrading from 2.1.6 or earlier, an existing Aegisub.exe will now be renamed to aegisub32.exe during installation, to help Windows update existing shortcuts later.
* If the offline manual isn't installed, clicking a Help button will open the online manual instead.
* On Mac, added an option in the Help menu to open a folder with example files and other goodies. (#1033)
* The Mac version uses wxWidgets 2.9 instead of 2.8.10, which overall gives much better stability and UI experience.
* Update to a newer FFmpegSource2 version that fixes many video-related bugs. (#1017, #1030, #1048)
* Many fixes to the Unix build system. (#831, #989, #1064, #1074, #998)
* Added an OSSv3/OSSv4 audio player for Unix systems. (#1089)
* On Mac, show a message while FontConfig is building or rebuilding its index of fonts on the system, for subtitle preview. (#841)
* Fix a crash issue, if trying to add a word to a dictionary where the word contains characters that can't be represented in the encoding the dictionary file is stored in. (#999)
* Fixed several bugs in the colour picker, causing the screen dropper tool to only work on Windows. It now also works on X11 and Mac. (#748)
* Fix minor graphical glitch with the main tool bar flickering when changing line. (#1117)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009
Aegisub 2.1.7 released
By jfs at 13:43


It's been almost a month since the 4 year anniversary and the promise of 2.1.7 "within a few days", but lots of stuff happened, people were travelling and otherwise not reachable. But I dare say it's not a bad thing, this version of Aegisub we are releasing now is certainly more polished than what we could have managed four weeks ago.

So far, this release is just for Windows. Use the Download button above to get the new version. Release notes and more on what to expect after the break.

A lot of things have changed since version 2.1.6, and sure, it has also been a long time: More than half a year! Here's a summary of the more important changes.

* DirectSound audio player has been completely rewritten (again) - this should give much better stability of audio playback. Note that the old DirectSound player is still available, you can change to it in Options. If you're using Windows 7, the old one seems to be more reliable.

* PCM WAV audio provider actually works again, and with files of any size. (No more crashing with files bigger than 256 MB.)

* Tip of the Day has been removed.

* Loads of changes to FFmpegSource2 (FFMS2) giving better support for almost everything, making it more stable and so on.

* Lots of memory leaks have been fixed, Aegisub should use less memory now.

* Bug fixes in many file format readers and writers. Loading and saving subtitles to foreign formats should be more reliable now. Problems with frame-based/SMPTE timecode-based formats fixed.

* The Kanji Timer function has been almost completely rewritten, squashing all known bugs and giving a prettier GUI. The use is the same.

* OpenGL errors in the video display are no longer fatal. You will get an error message, and video won't open if Aegisub doesn't support your graphics card/driver, but it shouldn't crash. See below for a workaround if video doesn't work for you.

* Some additions to Karaoke Templater, you can now create loops with variable iteration counts (including infinite!) making a lot of effects more feasible.

* The "Local configuration" option was removed from Options. If you want a "portable" version of Aegisub (as it was intended for making) we now have a separate download package for that. It also actually works as advertised now. See the download page for details.

* An innumerable amount of other minor, cosmetic changes that just makes everyday use more convenient and smoother.

Aegisub 2.1.6 released
By amz at 2:31 AM


Apparently the fix on 2.1.5 caused audio selection to become much slower. This release will hopefully fix all of those issues. Since this is a very minor change, you can download a RAR with only the new executable (plus its pdb) and extract it over the 2.1.5 install (typically "C:Program FilesAegisub"). The RAR "patch" is available here.

Aegisub 2.1.5 released
By amz at 2:44 AM

Due to a fairly serious bug introduced in 2.1.4, here's 2.1.5. Everyone is advised to update to it.

* Fixed a bug in audio display that caused it not to update properly (introduced on 2.1.4)
* Fixed a bug that caused Aegisub to crash if you attempted to load any ASS subtitles with malformed embedded fonts
* Tweaked the layout of the visual typesetting bar

Aegisub 2.1.4 Released
By amz at 1:46 AM

Version 2.1.4 is now out for Windows. The highlights are:

* Hopefully removed the dependency on Visual C++ 2005 SP1 runtimes
* Greatly improved the draw speed of audio display (should make committing on spectrum mode much faster, depending on your settings) - please let me know if any instabilities are caused by this
* Fixed the aspect ratio of video when the audio display is too tall
* Added Hungarian translation
* Fixed a styling glitch in the fonts collector and translation assistant
* Made Aegisub capable of running if ffms2.dll isn't found

Aegisub 2.1.3a Released

Yes, it took a while, but here's a new release preview build. The biggest changes from 2.1.2 are:

* FFmpegSource2 is the new default audio and video provider, replacing Avisynth. This should provide frame-exact seeking (with keyframe support) on AVI, MKV and MP4 files, as well as other benefits. This is still a bit experimental, however. If you have any issues, just switch back to Avisynth in options.
* The DirectSound audio player was reverted to what it was in 2.1.1, since 2.1.2 seems to have critical issues related to it.
* Many small issues around the program were fixed.
* VSFilter has been updated to the MPC-HC 2.39 version, which includes jfs's new patches (see this post)
* Aegisub is now built against Visual C++ 2008 SP1 runtimes. Hopefully there will be no issues related to this (ASSDraw is still built against 2005 SP1 runtimes, due to library issues). If you can't run Aegisub, try installing this and reporting how it goes

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