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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for Advanced Youtube Client - AYC

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.0

Major Update - It's way better now.

What's new?

1) Removed custom window sizes and accompanying logic.
2) Redid download block.
3) Removed all unnecessary prompts and extra pages.
4) Unified stream selection pages.
5) Now uses a single download block instead of the old 4 per mode.
6) Code size reduced by over 40%.
7) Redid UI for quick access to everything.

It's a proper tool now rather than a fun piece of software.

What's New in v2.99.7?

1. Fixed wrongly selecting MP4 on format selection screen.
2. Ask if user wants to reset before resetting.
3. Increased aria2 piece size to 4MB from 1MB.
4. Fixed UI mistakes:
- wrong header
- padding
- wrong wording on rechecker settings
- different date formats in different windows

What's New in v2.99.6?

* Seperated 64 and 32 bit installers.
* Zipped version now available. :)
* Added youtube-dl update option.
* Cleaned up source code mess from my teenage years
-unnecessary things
-repeated commands
-visual c++ 2010 installer
-immature jokes
* Updated ffmpeg:
-thank you zeranoe for building ffmpeg for us windows peeps all these years.
-now using
* Updated aria2 and youtube-dl.
* Reintroduced controls for the installer.
* Removed 3gp support since it's broken. Need to find another way.

What's New in v2.99.5? (Compared to v2.99.4)

*Maintenance Update
Updated youtube-dl to v2019.04.30
Updated ffmpeg to 4.1.3 release
Minor UI updates

What's New in v2.99.4? (Compared to v2.99.3)

*Maintenance Update
Updated youtube-dl to v2019.01.30.1
Updated ffmpeg to 20190129 zeranoe nightly
Minor UI updates

What's New in v2.99.3? (Compared to v2.99.2)

*Maintenance Update
Updated youtube-dl to v2018.11.07
Minor UI updates

What's New in v2.99.2? (Compared to v2.99.1)

Batch downloads can be resumed by entering the job name.
More updates to batch downloader
Removed all custom aria2 tweaks. aria2c is fine for now. ;)
Updated youtube-dl to v2018.09.10 (fixed youtube audio download)

What's New in v2.99.1? (Compared to v2.99.0)

[IMPORTANT] Disabled aria2 tweaks from Batch and Universal modes (some weird youtube-dl bug)
Fixed bugs overwriting already downloaded mp3 files (might need some more testing, stay with m4a unless you really need it)
Fixed bugs in Universal mode and Batch mode
youtube-dl updated to v2018.09.01

What's New in v2.99.0? (Compared to v2.98.0)

-New feature: Rechecker
-New feature: AYC windows size can be now customized
-New feature: Reset switch to fix crashes due to wrong or corrupt config changes
-Logic updated for directory handling
-New failsafes to prevent crashes
-Updated youtube-dl to v2018.08.22

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