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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for Advanced Youtube Client - AYC

v3.25 - 26/May/2023

Fixed: Going back on settings > location changed location.
Fixed: URLs with '&' in them, often used for tracking purposes crashed normal and batch modes.
Fixed: Batch job names with quotes crashed ayc.
Improved: UI.

v3.24 - 25/May/2023

Fixed: All formats UI was cutting off on Vimeo and other websites with lot of formats.
Fixed: Opening settings via QuickKey will not apply changes to current console.
Removed: Universal Mode option in More page and QuickKeys.
Improved: Merged Universal mode functionality with regular youtube mode.
Improved: UI.

v3.23 - 24/May/2023

Fixed: Using unquoted paths with space in Settings>Location lead to a crash.

v3.22 - 22/May/2023

User facing:

Fixed: Input validation for spaces.
Fixed: Batch mode didn't error out if sample url failed.
Added: Delete job button in batch mode.
Added: Intro screen for dependency fixer.
Improved: Updated some strings.
Under the hood:

Use call instead of goto to check and fix all config files, this reduces disk activity from reading already read files.
Refactor url reciever in universal mode into two separate labels instead of if statements. No need for delayed expansion anymore.
Removing spaces from empty strings adds ' =' to the empty strings. Added a check to prevent it from passing input validation and triggering Universal mode.
Declared inherited window size and colors explicitly.
Removed unnecessarily checking for errorlevel 255 in choice.
Removed unused input validator in universal mode.

v3.21 - 18/May/2023

Fixed: Universal mode couldn't be manually started.
Minor UI fixes.

v3.20 - 13/May/2023

Improved: AYC now detects if the link is youtube or not and redirect the user to youtube mode or universal mode. No more extra steps to download non-youtube videos.
Improved: First run flow will now show version details.
Fixed: Batch mode was continuing even when no Job name was given.
Fixed: Batch mode was not informing the user if a blank URL was given and was saving it.
Fixed: Universal mode was continuing even when a blank URL was given.
Fixed: Universal mode was not erroring out when it couldn't fetch all available formats.
Removed: Portable tag from About.
Dev: Readability improvements and removed long chaining AND statements.

v3.19 - 03/May/2023

Fixed: Reset in rechecker only if current value is invalid.

v3.18 - 03/May/2023

Validate and fix download location on start.
Validate and fix rechecker limit on start.
Refactor error page.

v3.17 - 27/Apr/2023

Refactor banner.

v3.16 - 26/Apr/2023

Restrict filenames more granularly to work better with Windows MAX_PATH limit.

v3.15 - 08/Apr/2023

This update is focused on cleaning up the code for people who like to modify.
Unified batch mode and regular mode quality selectors. (110 lines reduced)
Unified success pages. (41 lines reduced)
Unified error pages. (46 lines reduced)
Cleaned up variables and labels.
Added QuickKey to open settings.
Now resetting AYC completely removes Data folder. Downloads are untouched.
Add support links to GitHub and Sourceforge inside script.
Minor updates to dependency fixer.

v3.14 - 29/Mar/2023

Fix downloads failing on long file names.
Automatically detect and use yt-dlp.exe, yt-dlp_x86.exe and youtube-dl.exe in that order.
Updated to ffmpeg 6.0.
Switched to wez/atomicparsley for both 32 and 64-bit.

v3.13 - 20/Oct/2022

Improved high-low quality selector in Batch and Universal modes.
Added ffprobe to support post-processing on some websites.
Updated dependencies.

v3.12 - 08/Apr/2022

Faster HLS(480p,1080p) and Non-Youtube downloads without sacrificing regular Youtube speeds.
Force aria2 in Universal Mode.
Force aria2 in Non-Youtube Batch Jobs.
Increase concurrent HLS fragments to 8 if aria2 is disabled.
Ability to change batch download type after creation.
Remove aria2 setup prompt on first run.
UI fixes.
Updated ffmpeg to 5.0.

v3.11 - 13/Jan/2022

Start download immediately in Universal Mode instead of waiting for it to fetch all available formats.
Added option to disable aria2 in Settings and First Run.
Added option to embed thumbnails and subtitles in Settings.
VP9/AV1 are now saved in MP4 containers.
Added dependencyfix for aria2c.
Detect when AYC gets updated and offer to reset old settings.
UI Fixes throughout.

v3.10 - 18/Dec/2021 (Replacing 3.9)

Added missing license to release zip. (Reason for 3.10)
aria2c multithreaded download enabled.
-- HLS/DASH/Non-Youtube downloads are significantly faster: 68sec --> 11sec on a Hotstar Video!
-- Youtube Downloads are slightly faster depending on your internet.
Ship old 32-bit binary of AtomicParsley for 32-bit release. Now it works on 32-bit PCs too. :)
Update dependencyfix with 32-bit links to AtomicParsley.
Append Video ID to end of file name to fix downloading videos with same title.

v3.8 - 08/Dec/2021

Fix batch downloads failing on non-youtube jobs.
Fix batch youtube quality selector going back to regular youtube format selector.
Fix VP9 resolution limit.
Fix VP9 video and audio failing to merge sometimes. Switched to yt-dlp/ffmpeg.
VP9 and AV1 videos will now save 160k opus audio insted of 128k aac.
Batch downloads now saves format code or resolution at end of file name.
Some TUI changes here and there.
Updated dependencies in release zip.


- Added dependency checks on startup for yt-dlp, ffmpeg and atomicparsley.
- AYC will now guide users how to fix each dependency if any is missing.
- Removed unnecessary step in yt-dlp update menu, should be faster.
- Inform user about best/worst in Universal/Batch Modes.
- Use color to indicate ID in Universal Mode.
- Replaced all references to youtube-dl to yt-dlp.
- In release zip: Updated dependencies.

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.6

-> AYC will be released as batch files from now on and only as portables.
This is due to the horrible AV detection from Microsoft Defender that flags anything unpopular as a Virus.
-> Switched to yt-dlp. No more throttling, super fast to download and contains a lot of fixes youtube-dl hasn't merged yet.
-> Switched to the new AtomicParsley from wez (

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.5

-> Seperate Format Selector pages for MP4/VP9/AV1 and Audio Formats.
-> Fixed Wrongly downloading VP9.
-> New quality selector using vcodec instead of ext.(see youtube-dl readme#FORMAT-SELECTION)
-> UI Updates.
-> ffmpeg updated to AnimMouse n4.4 2021-05-12 08:09 734bf00 (64/32-bit) (see ayc github readme)
-> youtube-dl updated to v2021.05.16

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.4

-> Fix bug: AYC was creating aycdata folder while it already exists, this showed as an error momentarily while starting downloads.
-> Enhancement: Batch downloads can now pick a custom quality to download from a sample url.
-> Enhancement: Pass URLs directly to AYClient without using tmp.txt in Appdata.
-> Enhancement: Add rechecker to error page solutions list.
-> Enhancement: Minor UI Updates.

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.3

What's new?

-> Fix bug: Resetting AYC deleted youtube-dl.
-> Fix bug: Choice in reset window was listening for a non existing 3rd option.
-> Fix bug: Window size wasn't applied while preparing first run.
-> Enhancement: The zipped version is now fully portable instead of creating folders on the running system.

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.2

What's new?

-> youtube-dl can now be updated without admin permissions.
-> updated download failed pages with more information.
-> update youtube-dl on first run.
-> minor ui updates

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.1

What's new?

Fixed Bugs
1) 1440p, 4k and 8k downloads fixed. Youtube changed these to VP9 from regular H264 which broke 3.0 because it was looking for MP4 h264 streams. As a result anything from 1440p and up can now be only saved as MKV files.
2) Changing recheck counts only applied on restart, now it updates everytime it's changed.

Fix UI
1) Fixed displayed choice range in download window.

1) youtube-dl

Advanced Youtube Client - AYC v3.0

Major Update - It's way better now.

What's new?

1) Removed custom window sizes and accompanying logic.
2) Redid download block.
3) Removed all unnecessary prompts and extra pages.
4) Unified stream selection pages.
5) Now uses a single download block instead of the old 4 per mode.
6) Code size reduced by over 40%.
7) Redid UI for quick access to everything.

It's a proper tool now rather than a fun piece of software.

What's New in v2.99.7?

1. Fixed wrongly selecting MP4 on format selection screen.
2. Ask if user wants to reset before resetting.
3. Increased aria2 piece size to 4MB from 1MB.
4. Fixed UI mistakes:
- wrong header
- padding
- wrong wording on rechecker settings
- different date formats in different windows

What's New in v2.99.6?

* Seperated 64 and 32 bit installers.
* Zipped version now available. :)
* Added youtube-dl update option.
* Cleaned up source code mess from my teenage years
-unnecessary things
-repeated commands
-visual c++ 2010 installer
-immature jokes
* Updated ffmpeg:
-thank you zeranoe for building ffmpeg for us windows peeps all these years.
-now using
* Updated aria2 and youtube-dl.
* Reintroduced controls for the installer.
* Removed 3gp support since it's broken. Need to find another way.

What's New in v2.99.5? (Compared to v2.99.4)

*Maintenance Update
Updated youtube-dl to v2019.04.30
Updated ffmpeg to 4.1.3 release
Minor UI updates

What's New in v2.99.4? (Compared to v2.99.3)

*Maintenance Update
Updated youtube-dl to v2019.01.30.1
Updated ffmpeg to 20190129 zeranoe nightly
Minor UI updates

What's New in v2.99.3? (Compared to v2.99.2)

*Maintenance Update
Updated youtube-dl to v2018.11.07
Minor UI updates

What's New in v2.99.2? (Compared to v2.99.1)

Batch downloads can be resumed by entering the job name.
More updates to batch downloader
Removed all custom aria2 tweaks. aria2c is fine for now. ;)
Updated youtube-dl to v2018.09.10 (fixed youtube audio download)

What's New in v2.99.1? (Compared to v2.99.0)

[IMPORTANT] Disabled aria2 tweaks from Batch and Universal modes (some weird youtube-dl bug)
Fixed bugs overwriting already downloaded mp3 files (might need some more testing, stay with m4a unless you really need it)
Fixed bugs in Universal mode and Batch mode
youtube-dl updated to v2018.09.01

What's New in v2.99.0? (Compared to v2.98.0)

-New feature: Rechecker
-New feature: AYC windows size can be now customized
-New feature: Reset switch to fix crashes due to wrong or corrupt config changes
-Logic updated for directory handling
-New failsafes to prevent crashes
-Updated youtube-dl to v2018.08.22

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