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AWGG(aka Advanced Wget GUI) is a lightweight multiplatform and multilanguage download manager, basically a wget frontend and other tools like aria2, curl, youtube-dl and axel(all included). Just copy and paste your video link and choose the youtube-dl engine for example.

Free software
OS: Windows Linux
File size: 8.8MB
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AWGG screenshot
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Latest version

0.5.0 / 0.6.0 Beta (January 21, 2019)


Visit developer's site

Download AWGG 0.5.0 Windows  8.8MB  Win

Download AWGG 0.5.0 Windows 64-bit  9.2MB  Win64

Download AWGG 0.5.0 Linux  3.7MB  Linux

Download AWGG 0.5.0 Linux 64-bit  4.6MB  Linux64

Download Beta, Portable and other versions

Download AWGG 0.5.0 Portable Windows  9.2MB  Win  Portable

Download AWGG 0.5.0 Portable Windows 64-bit  9.5MB  Win64  Portable

Download AWGG 0.6.0 Beta Portable Windows  16.5MB  Win  Portable

Download AWGG 0.6.0 Beta Portable Windows 64-bit  17.3MB  Win64  Portable

Download AWGG 0.6.0 Beta Linux  5.1MB  Linux

Download old versions

Download AWGG old versions

Software License

Free software / FOSS (Free download and also Free and Open Source Software)

Supported operating systems

WinWindows LinuxLinux

Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Changes in ( BETA):

-Update language files.
-Fix wget delay on start.
-Fix Internet monitor issue.
-Fix wrong complete download with wget.

Changes in ( BETA):

-Add Clear all completed context menu item.
-Add silent option to drop box.
-Add Turkish language.
-Reduced the clipboard monitor delay.
-Reorganized context menu to gain vertical space.

Changes in ( BETA):

-Add support for Opera, Chrome and Firefox browser integration with the (Download with Wget) plugin.
-Add support for magnet links.
-Add ability to download youtube playlists.
-Add ability to detect internet connection (native).
-Add option to change the URL for internet detect and the interval to check.
-Add option to no force names in the New download window.
-Add german translation.
-Add option in import downloads dialog to no force download names (in filter option).
-Add option to start main queue with internet connection.
-Add Cancel, Reanude later buttons, menus and cancel status.
-Add notifications and sounds for internet connection status.
-Add relative paths for the engines and sounds.
-Add Portable word to the main windows title if portable mode is active.
-Add option to use native system notifications.
-Add domain filter to clipboard monitor.
-Add button in New download window to add domain to the filter clipboard monitor.
-Add support for Opera, Chrome and Firefox browser integration with the (Download with Wget) plugin.
-Add the Torrent category.
-Add ability to change multiple downloads properties.
-Add intermediate download status like starting and stopping.
-Add individuals options to active diferents notifications and sounds.
-Now the tray icon turn gray if internet monitor is active and not internet is detected.
-Now AWGG automatic update the video name after add youtube downloads.
-Now the queues starting manualy stop automatic if not exit active downloads
-Now the main queue not continue with out internet connection if internet monitor is active.
-Now the download error notification only show with the last attempt.
-Now the user and password information are encode.
-Now AWGG select the best format video by defualt in youtube-dl engine.
-Now AWGG remeber the main window position and size.
-Now AWGG remenber the dropbox position and size.
-Fix aria2 engine output changes.
-Fix bug for multiple downloads stops.
-Fix bug for multiple click on Add new download button.
-Fix scheduler issue.
-Fix download error with torrent if download is seeding.
-Fix correct show speed and current download for torrent seeding.
-Fix youtube changes output.
-Fix youtube formats error.
-Fix download tray icons issue.
-Fix error that cause crach when stop some downloads.
-Fix correct estimate information times for downloads.
-Fix not detect some long URLs from clipboard.

0.5.0 AWGG
posted at (s) on February 12. 2016 8:41 by Reinier Romero
New Year new version and here AWGG changes (0.5.0):

Added support for youtube-dl engine.
-Added Option to use an external downloader for youtube-dl engine.
-Added Ability to download videos from youtube and another without extensions (thanks to the engine youtube-dl).
-Added Option to obtain and select the video formats available youtube and others.
-Added Drag box.
-Added Button to set the position in the queue of new downloads.
-Added Ability to pre-select the best engine for specific sites.
-Added New button in the notification window to resume failed downloads.
-Added Total progress bar in the window of file operations and increase the speed.
-New Possibility to change the position of downloads with drag and drop.
-New Possibility to change queue downloads with drag and solar the tree functions.
Now the download list displays information by moving the cursor on a download.
-THE Program can capture the name of the file by download engine (not in all cases with curl).
-New Program icon (made with LazPaint).
'The code was completely rewritten for better understanding and maintainability.
-The Tray icons are disabled by default in linux to avoid a bug in some versions of ubuntu.
He includes some debugging information (only indexes lines) to capture errors awgg.err file.
-The Icons for completed downloads, missed and failed were renewed.
He detected faults.

AWGG 0.4.0 stable
posted at (s) November 13. 2015 9:09 by Reinier Romero
AWGG 0.4.0 is here with new fixes and features below the list of changes:

-Added New option to update the download URL in the dialogue to replace.
-Added New option to update category folders when changing parent directory.
-Added New option to add new file types to the categories in the new download dialog.
-Improvements Integration with Mozilla Firefox with more parameters such as referrer, user agent and headers.
-Added New option to copy or move files to another directory downloads.
-Added New menu option to remove the disc also downloads.
-Added New button on the taskbar to restart downloads later.
-Added New context menu command output panel.
-The Main menu option Show-> Follow command output was moved to context menu command output panel.
-Added New hotkey to select all downloads with *.
-Added New option in the View menu to hide the function tree.
-Added New icon for downloads completed in which the file is moved or deleted there.
-Fixed Problem with the Start button in the window now New download when sometimes showed very small.

0.3.9 AWGG
published the (s) 24 September. 2015 13:10 Reinier Romero [updated September 25. 2015 9:20]
It's been a while, I know, but here I am again with the new:

Now you can stop a download, even if this is on the run queue.
-New Feature to save downloaded files to another location with the progress dialog.
-Support For the programmer daily when the end time is part of the next day (eg 8:00 PM-9: 00 AM).
-New Feature for integration into firefox with FlashGot plugin.
-New Popup notifications s with buttons fast operation.
He shows the connection speed or percent in the system tray, if possible.
AWGG 0.3.8 stable
posted at (s) on June 16. 2015 6:57 by Reinier Romero [updated on June 16. 2015 7:01]
I present the first stable version of AWGG, it comes with all the usual flavors and these are some changes:

-Open Category folders with double click.
-New "Other" category for unclassified files.
-Support For torrents with aria2 motor.
-Some And corrected fixes.

AWGG 0.3.7 Beta
posted at (s) 27 May. 2015 10:42 by Reinier Romero
We arrived to version, we are closer to our first official version, this beta we bring some changes, fix some things and add others, more details below:

-Added French language.
-Added Cotegorķas filter tree.
-Correction Icons QT downloads.
-Bug Errors in the translations.

besides this we include a (very alpha) version compiled for 64-bit linux QT5, enjoy it.
AWGG portable version 0.3.6 +
posted at (s) 7 May. 2015 11:58 by Reinier Romero [updated on May 7. 2015 11:59]
I am pleased to announce the new version of the most stable program to date and which includes a portable version for Windows and 64-bit for the same system, version comes with the following changes:

-Support For multiple connections by using the aria2 downloads motor (maximum 5).
-Support For a User-Agent browser type overall.
-New Icon button with [Start Now] in the window to add downloads.
-Buttons With icons in the section edit categories of downloads.
-Fixed The problem of menu icons for download in the systray.

Available for:

-Windows 32, 64-bit and 32-bit portable.
-linux 32 bits gtk2 and qt.
-linux 64 bits gtk2 and qt.
New version of AWGG available (0.3.5)
posted at (s) April 6. 2015 18:25 by Reinier Romero
Major changes:

-categorisation Configurable downloads by file types.

contextual-menu icons downloads in the system tray.

-mode Silent in the integration with the browser via FlashGot with the -s parameter.

0.3 beta2 AWGG
posted at (s) on February 23. 2015 12:31 Reinier Romero
Corrected some problems and some additional functions are just cooked the second beta.

-function Off the end of the scheduled downloads.

-button Control monitor clipboard on the taskbar.

-list Queue on the menu of the system tray.

AWGG 0.3.1 Beta
posted at (s) on February 12. 2015 10:07 by Reinier Romero
After 4 months of development is here the first beta version of the program now with a progress bar and many corrections.
AWGG version 0.3.0 with recorder included sites
posted at (s) on February 5. 2015 5:38 by Reinier Romero
2015 comes with a new version for you, even more refined and new functionality to copy entire sites I hope you enjoy.

AWGG version 0.3.0 with recorder included sites
posted at (s) on February 5. 2015 5:38 by Reinier Romero
2015 comes with a new version for you, even more refined and new functionality to copy entire sites I hope you enjoy.
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Review by rmmaniac on Feb 19, 2018 Version: AWGG 0.5.0 portable OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

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