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AVSMeter is a CLI (command line interface) tool that "runs" an Avisynth script with virtually no overhead, displays clip info, CPU/GPU and memory usage and the minimum, maximum and average frames processed per second. Measuring how fast Avisynth can serve frames to a client application (x264, VirtualDub) and establishing CPU/GPU/memory usage helps with optimizing scripts and tracking down crashes, slowdowns and bottlenecks.

Free software
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Latest version (May 23, 2020)


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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

- Added check for duplicate functions
This checks for duplicate functions within .avsi files,
against functions in other .avsi files and against internal/plugin functions

Added new color space definitions (CS_RGBP8 and CS_RGBAP8), removed redundant CS_RGBP / CS_RGBAP
Fixed a version resource issue
Updated AVS headers

- Updated AVS headers
- Updated libcpuid

- Increased range for AVISYNTH_INTERFACE_VERSION detection

- Added GPU power consumption sensor readout
- Put back 'CreateLog' and 'CreateCSV' ini options

- Updated libcpuid to support AMD Threadripper (Castle Peak)
- Updated AVS+ headers
- Cosmetics

- Timing optimisations
- Minor fixes

Updated libcpuid
If the script runtime is too short, the number of frames processed and runtime are displayed in addition to the warning.

- Updated libcpuid (AMD Zen 2 support)

- Updated CPU extension flags
- Updated plugin type detection

- Added fftw library dependency check
- New ini setting: "DisableFFTWDLLWarning". See included documentation for more info.
- Removed some superfluous ini settings which are present as command line switches
- Cleaned up documentation

- Updated dates in some messages

- Fixed an error reporting bug
- More accurate memory usage measurements
- Limit performance data section in log/csv files to 10000 entries

- Added Veselin Georgiev's libcpuid (again) for better detection of some CPU features (such as number of physical/logical cores of contemporary CPUs)
- Minor fixes
- Refactoring

- Updated documentation
- Updated dates (2018 -> 2019)

- Timer tweaks (less overhead)
- Re-phrased some error messages
- Refactoring

Error handling improvements
Changed some error messages

Minor fixes/cosmetics
Documentation updates/corrections

Fixed a long standing exception handling bug

Regression from v2.8.3: Revert to "MapAndLoad" WinAPI function
Added switch "-v". In combination with "avsinfo", this switch adds a list of internal/external functions and DLL dependencies to the log file.

- Changed to implicit loading of avisynth.dll which seems more stable in multithreaded environments
- Fixed timing issue when deleting IScriptEnvironment objects

- Improved command line switch logic/verification
- Changed ini file default for "LogUseFileSaveDialog" to "0"
- CPU usage now displayed as rational number
- Memory usage now only displays the "Working Set" which represents the
amount of memory physically mapped to the process context.
- Various fixes and tweaks
- Cosmetics

- Various small fixes

- Fixed a display bug
- Further reduced memory overhead

- Reorganised command line usage (see above)
- Added switch "-o" which disables the script pre-scan
- Cosmetics

- Regression from 2.7.7: Supress duplicates in plugin enumeration

- Added switch to specify a avisynth.dll other than the one automatically loaded
- Updated AVS+ headers
- Regression from 2.7.6: Some warnings/notes were not displayed
- Refactoring

- Fixed a bug in the 64 bit C-plugin enumeration
- Memory tweaks

- Fixed a couple of bugs
- Re-organised the ini settings in logical groups

- Added ini option "LogUseFileSaveDialog". See manual for details.
- Brought back ini options "LogDirectory" and "LogFileDateTimeSuffix". See manual for details.

- Fixed a bug in the plugin enumeration

- Added new switch "-c". This allows in combination with "-avsinfo" to specify a custom plugin directory.
- "Save as..." dialog for all log/csv files when using "-log" and/or "-csv" switches
- Updated AVS+ headers
- Cosmetics

- When using the switch "-avsinfo" in combination with "-log", a "Save as..." dialog will open enabling the user to save the log file
- Minor fixes and refactoring
- Cosmetics

- Warnings and errors are reported in separate sections
- Updated list of exception messages
- Cosmetics

- avsinfo: If the version info is missing in (auto-load) plugins/files, the UTC timestamp is printed instead
- Simplified 'ESC' key handling

- Fixed a bug in plugin type enumeration (regression)

- Minor fixes, refactoring and cosmetics

- Detailed external function enumeration and duplicate report are still not working properly, removed for now

Added hint for error 127 (proc not found / procedure could not be found)
Minor fixes/cosmetics

New/updated code for reporting duplicate plugin functions

Fixed: Updating very old ini files didn't work
Removed report of duplicate plugin functions temporarily
Some minor fixes/cosmetics

Fixed a problem caused by the 50 plugin limit in "classic" Avisynth

The list of plugin functions in the log file (-avsinfo -log) now points out duplicates (functions with the same name in different DLLs) by adding "[DUPLICATE]" to the function name(s)

Improved dependency check for FFTW support libraries
Updated CPU feature detection
Improved error handling for GPU-Z interface
Moved documentation for INI settings to AVSMeter.html

Improved error handling for Avisynth core (avisynth.dll)
Tweaks to reduce overhead
Fixed a display bug

Fixed duplicate error message
Fixed a minor console output bug
Fixed a couple of cosmetic issues
Added "_x64"/"_x86" suffix to the avsinfo log name

Improved exception handling for Avisynth core (avisynth.dll)
Updated Avisynth headers
Refactoring and cleanup

New CPU feature detection, removed libcpuid dependency
WoW64 process detection may have given wrong results in some rare cases, this should be fixed
Updated Avisynth headers
Various functional and cosmetic fixes

Added warning when no plugin directory references are found in the registry and "classic" plugin auto-loading is therefore disabled
Updated libcpuid
Moved log entries created by "-avsinfo" for DLL dependencies and internal/external functions to the main log file (avsinfo.log)
Minor fixes and refactoring

Improved the error checking for the GPU-Z memory interface which fixes a rare issue with GPU-Z communication
Updated Avisynth headers
Removed some unnecessary command line validations

Fixed a regression from 2.4.7 - some helpful hints in the error report were suppressed

Added audio info to the console output
Tweaked timer test

Fixed a bug that would display the wrong number of audio bits/sample in some cases
Fixed a bug that stopped enumeration of plugins when the Avisynth auto-loader threw a "too many plugins..." message
Generation of the log files "avsdeps.log" and "avsfunctions.log" is now optional and can be enabled in the ini file ("CreateDependencyLog", "CreateFunctionLog")

Added supported instruction sets to the CPU info
Reduced overhead of GPU sensor readout
Fixed a bug that would throw the Avisynth error "too many plugins loaded..." multiple times

Improved validation of INI settings
Updated libcpuid
Updated Avisynth headers
Updated NV GPU table

Added INI setting "UseUTC". If set to "1" (default), file timestamps are displayed as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time)
Refactoring of the dependency test code
Added some command line sanity checks
Moved the documentation for INI settings to the INI file itself

- Fixed dependency check for 2005 & 2008 runtimes

- Added "Simple mode" (switch "-s"). This mode just runs the script without gathering any runtime/performance data.
- Updated advisory messages for missing dependencies
- Re-structured the documentation a bit

- Export a third log file when using the "-avsinfo -log" switch containing DLL dependencies for avisynth.dll and all auto-load plugins
- Refactoring of dependency checking code
- Error handling improvements

- Split list of internal and external functions generated with "-avsinfo" into a separate log file ("avsfunctions.log")
- Refactor plugin enumeration
- Update some error messages
- Re-organise source file structure
- Other minor fixes

- Updated Avisynth headers
- Updated libcpuid
- Refactoring and cosmetics
- Perfdata -> std::vector
- Optimisation of some helper functions

- Updated Avisynth header to the latest AVS+ version (r2151)
- Updated color space detection accordingly
- Implemented some standard arrays as std::vector mainly for efficiency
- Refactoring and cosmetics

- Added enumeration of all color spaces supported by the latest AVS+,
including 16/32 Bit formats
- Added "VersionNumber()" (defined in internal.h) to the Avisynth info
- Fixed a buffer overflow problem in the string formatting code
- Refactoring and cosmetics

- Minor restructuring of the log files
- Added GPU hardware info to the avsinfo log if the "-gpu" switch is used
- Updated libcpuid
- For classic Avisynth 2.6.x, auto-load directory references exclusive to Avisynth+
(i.e. "PluginDir+" entries in the registry) are now excluded from the enumeration
of plugins/plugin directories
- Minor fixes
- Refactoring

- Fixed a silly bug that prevented correct detection of GPU capabiltities

- Added real (measured) CPU clock to the CPU info
- Reduced overhead of the process info functions
- Various bug and cosmetic fixes

- Added CPU info to log files (using Veselin Georgiev's LibCPUID)
- Removed some redundant info from the console output/log
- Added VP engine info for NVIDIA cards
- Cosmetics

- Added switch "-n" which disables the initial speed test.
- Updated Avisynth header to the latest AVS+ version
- Added enumeration of internal functions to the "avsinfo" log
- Some tweaks and minor fixes

- Moved enumeration and testing of auto-load plugins back to main.
- Changed file access modes in CreateFile() calls
- Various fixes

- Added hints to plugin error messages relating to missing support DLLs (fftw3.dll, etc.)
- Added graphics card / GPU model info to the console output and log file
- Added GPU clock / GPU memory clock info to the console output and log file

- Improved Exception handling. Module names in which exceptions occur and address are reported

- Fixed a couple of bugs
- Improved memory usage
- Added some hints to the plugin error messages (for example, pointing out potentially missing
restributable packages)

- Added OS version info
- Added plugin function enumeration to the "avsinfo" log
- Couple of bugs fixed
- Minor tweaks

- Added dependency checking for avisynth.dll
- More detailed and comprehensive plugin error messages relating to potentially missing dependencies

- Added DLL dependency checking
- Various fixes

- New ini setting "SkipSpeedTest", see documentation.
I put back the script "speed" test at the start because it is the best method to determine a suitable interval for measuring CPU/GPU/memory usage and minimizing the overhead for these measurements.

- Added ini option "LogFileDateTimeSuffix" which makes adding the date/time suffix for .log/.csv files optional.
- More detailed error messages when using "-avsinfo" and plugin loading fails

- New ini option "LogDirectory". If specified, all .log and .csv files will be created in that directory.
- All .log and .csv files now have a suffix containing date and time of creation.
- Various fixes

- Settings in an existing INI file will no longer be overwritten with default settings
by a new version of AVSMeter.
- ["-avsinfo" switch] Invoke "LoadPlugin" test for each DLL in the auto-load directory/directories
- ["-avsinfo" switch] Combined with "-l" or "-log", writes the info to a file ("avsinfo.log" in the current directory)
- Cosmetics

- Bug fix for audio-only scripts not being detected properly (this bug was introduced in 2.1.7)
- There is now a section for each plugin type:
- CPP 2.6 plugins
- CPP 2.5 plugins
- CPP 2.0 plugins
- C 2.5 plugins
- C 2.0 plugins

- Added additional error handling to the plugin enumeration:
- Test DLLs if they are valid Avisynth plugins
- 64/32 bit mismatch detection
- Separate sections for CPP- and C-plugins

- Removed the initial speed test. After some tests it turned out to be unnecessary
- The switch "-avsinfo" now also lists all plugin DLLs (with version info if present)
found in the directory/directories that are referenced in the registry

- "Efficiency index" ini setting disabled by default
- Minor tweaks
- Documentation update

- Added "Efficiency index" display (FPS / CPU usage)

- Fixed a problem with the time stamp determination of avisynth.dll
- Fixed a minor timing issue
- Some cosmetic improvements

- Added some more info to the log and info screen
- Minor exception handling improvements
- Refactoring
- Cosmetics

- Added switch "-avsinfo"
- Added switch "-csv" so this option can be set on the command line as well
- Added average time/frame to the csv file output

- Added ini setting "AVSDLL". The user can specify the avisynth.dll to be used.
- Added handler for C structured exceptions

- Fixes for potential timing issues when releasing the script environment
- Additional error handling
- Cosmetics

- Added ini setting "CreateCSV". This setting creates a .csv file (along with the .log file)
containing the performance data formatted as comma-separated values for direct import
in Excel or a similar spread sheet program (OpenOffice, LibreOffice).
- Added a slight delay between reading the last frame and calling "DeleteScriptEnvironment()"
to avoid sync issues with some plugins.

- Added "DisplayFPS" and "DisplayTPF" ini file settings. The user can now choose between having
FPS or/and TPF (Time/Frame in milliseconds) printed to the console.
- Added AVISYNTH_INTERFACE_VERSION to the log file
- Added INI setting "AutoCompleteExtension" which makes the feature added in v2.0.7 optional
- Minor fixes

- Fixed broken plugin autoload directory enumeration.
- If .avs file extension is missing, it will be added silently.

- Added ini option "ConUseSTDOUT".

- Added plugin directory info for AVS+ 32 and 64 Bit to the log file.
- Added avisynth.dll linker/compiler version info to the log file
- Minor fixes

- Added GPU/VPU data to the performance data section in the log file
- Changed app icon
- Added INI setting for "TimeLimit"
- Put back INI settings for "MonitorGPULoad" and "ProcessPriority"
- Code cleanup, refactoring

- Added switch "timelimit" which terminates the program after a specified time
- Removed (temporarily) "timeout" option due to thread sync issues with some filters
- Removed some INI settings that are already covered by command line switches

- Added more info to the log file (script name and path, command line switches, plugin directory)
- Everything pertaining to information about the loaded Avisynth DLL including utility
functions is now wrapped into one class.
- Various fixes

- Command line processing improvements
- Detection of outdated INI file didn't work properly. Fixed.
- Updated GPU memory monitoring to support cards with dedicated/dynamic memory

- Dropped support for Avisynth 2.5x. At least AVS 2.6 Alpha4 or AVS+ r1576 are required
- Added location of the loaded avisynth.dll to the log file
- Added detection of outdated INI file
- Refactoring

- Added monitoring of the NVIDIA Video Engine load (PureVideo SIP)
- Added switch and INI setting for specifying the process priority
- Refactoring, cosmetics and some minor fixes

- Fix for potential problems with the latest AVS+ versions

- Better detection of attempts to load 64 Bit avisynth.dll with 32 Bit AVSMeter and vice versa
- Added "UseFixedFrameInterval" ini setting ("-f" command line switch)
- Updated Avisynth headers to the latest version from (AVS+) Git
- Other minor fixes

- Improved and more elaborate exception handling (Win32 API)
- Added GPU memory usage to the console display and log
- Fixed a bug related to audio only clips

- Added a stream buffer flush to the console text output. Buffered text output through stdout/stderr caused problems with console re-direction for folks who use AVSMeter in their GUIs.
- Corrected a minor display bug
- Other minor corrections/refactoring

- More GPU info added to the log file
- Fixed a stupid bug in the command line parser
- Removed the Admin privilege test
- Added command line options for frame range and timeout
- All text output goes now to stderr, except the usage info invoked by "-help" or "-h"

- GPU/driver info is added to the log file when GPU monitoring is enabled/active
- Optimizations, cleanup and cosmetics

- Added switch "-gpu" to enable GPU monitoring from the command line. The switch overrides the INI setting "MonitorGPULoad=0".
- Added a check to make sure the user has admin privileges
- In some rare cases, Avisynth gets stuck on reading a single frame, mostly the first frame due to an extremely slow script, buggy decoder, etc. There is now a configurable timeout in AVSMeter.ini: "ReadTimeout=120" sets the timeout to 120 seconds which is also the default. Once the configured time has expired, AVSMeter will terminate. Values from 10 to 3600 seconds are allowed.
- Some refactoring and minor fixes

- Added GPU monitoring

- Internal memory usage tweaks
- Better error handling of wrong INI file settings
- Version info from the VERSION_INFO resource is now displayed in addition to the
version string returned by Avisynth.
- Changed "UseColour" INI setting to "UseColor"
- Many other fixes/refactoring

- Simplified and improved code for releasing the pointer to "IScriptEnvironent"
- Added text colouring to the console output. This can be disabled by setting "UseColour=0" in the INI file.

- Merged the 32 Bit versions into one binary. This binary should be compatible with all 32 Bit Avisynth versions out there.
- The implicit log file creation in case of an error that was implemeted in v1.4.8 is now working again.

- Made sure all return paths in "main" return the correct value ("-1" -> error; "0" -> OK)
- Other error handling improvements

- Improved exception handling
- More accurate timing functionality for very fast scripts
- Cosmetics and minor fixes/refactoring

- Cosmetics and minor fixes/refactoring
- Updated compiler for all binaries to VC10

- Fixed a bug that would terminate AVSMeter if the number of frames returned from a script is 1
- Updated avisynth.h for AVS+ interface to the latest version from Git

- Added audio info to the log file

- Refactoring
- New (undocumented) INI setting: "AllowOnlyOneInstance". When set to "1" (default), only one instance of AVSMeter can run at the same time.
- Added simple documentation to the distribution package

- Some improvements in exception handling
- Regression: The changes to the initial speed evaluation introduced other problems, reverted to previous behaviour.
- More robust command line processing
- Cosmetics

- Modified the initial speed test that determines the measurement interval. With some scripts, particularly with Avisynth MT, there are extreme time differences from one frame to the next, most likely due to caching. In order to determine the suitable interval, these differences have to be taken into account.
- Added 64-Bit build for Avisynth+ 64 Bit.
- Added "Current FPS" to the console display. It shows the speed for each frame interval.

- Fixed a bug in the INI parser
- Added Version resource
- Refactoring

- Reduced the minimum script running time required to collect performance data
- Minor tweaks and fixes

- Wrote some handy string helper functions in order to remove the 3rd party (CStdString) dependency.
- Added detection routine for the 2.6 version that checks if avisynth.dll exports "AVS_Linkage".
- Reorganisation of utility classes/functions.

v1.6.2 / v1.5.7
- When an invalid frame range setting is specified in AVSMeter.ini, the program will display a warning message for 2 seconds and then continue with the default number of frames (which means processing all frames).

- Dynamic loading of avisynth.dll
- Added progressive/interlaced info (through Avisynth API)
- Minor error handling improvements

- Dropped Avisynth 2.5 support.

- Minor fixes

- Fixed a nasty bug where the program would crash when the script doesn't return a video clip
- Added an INI setting "LogEstimatedTime". When set to "1", this also displays/logs the estimated time in case the process was interrupted by the user

- Improved error handling
- Reduced internal memory usage
- Simplified the switches, it's now just "-i" for info and "-l" for log
- Added number of active threads to the performance data

- Better error handling in some rare scenarios
- Added switch "-i" (or "--info") which only displays/logs the clip info
- For consistency, the log switch is now "-l" (or "--log")

- For scripts with a frame time < 20ms (50 fps), the measurement interval is now 1 frame (previously 10 frames) Note: The smallest measurement interval for CPU and memory usage remains at ~100 ms
- Fixed potentially inaccurate timer readings from QueryPerformanceCounter() on multi-core CPUs
- Various minor bugs fixed
- Cosmetics

- Minor bug fixes
- Refactoring
- Optimizations

- Different implementation for the initial speed test (determination of measurement interval)
- Tamed the over-zealous auto-inlining from the Intel compiler

- Measurement interval for the performance data is now dynamic depending on the speed of the script
- Various fixes

- Create the log file irrespective of the "-log" switch or "CreateLog" INI setting if Avisynth throws an error (syntactic errors excluded) and causes the program to terminate.

- Various optimizations and fixes

- Added "InvokeDistributor" to the INI settings, might be useful for Avisynth MT users.
- Minor fixes

- More efficient code for string and file handling
- Minor cosmetic changes

- bug fixes
- more accurate memory usage reporting

- Various optimizations
- Minor bug fixes

- Fixed a couple of display bugs

- Added INI setting "FrameRange"

v1.40: New features:
- Display thread count, CPU and memory usage
- Improved console display and log file format.
- AVISynth 2.6 colour spaces are reported correctly
- IScriptEnvironment wasn't released in some cases. Thanks to IanB for suggesting a workaround ("env->~IScriptEnvironment()")

- Added support to pause program execution.

- Added ini file support.

- added time/frame to the performance data
- cosmetics

- Added "performance data", a list with fps numbers for each frame interval

- Added log file functionality

- Fixed poorly formatted output when using Avisynth MT versions.
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All features

Command line usage 1 (analyse a script): AVSMeter script.avs [switches]

-avsdll Specify avisynth.dll to be used
-info [-i] Display clip info
-log [-l] Create log file
-csv Create csv file
-gpu Display GPU/VPU usage (requires GPU-Z)
-range=first,last Set frame range
-timelimit=n Set time limit (seconds)
-hp Set process priority to high
-o Omit script pre-scanning

For normal operation, i.e. testing the speed of a script, the "-o" switch should not be used,
otherwise the accuracy of the FPS/TPF measurements will be reduced, particularly for fast scripts.

Command line usage 2 (display extended Avisynth info): AVSMeter avsinfo [switches]

-avsdll Specify avisynth.dll to be used
-c Specify custom plugin directory
-log [-l] Create log file
-lf Add internal/external functions to the log file

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AVS Meter

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8 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Extremely usefull software. Everything just works.

Review by Atak_Snajpera on Nov 30, 2019 Version: latest OS: Windows 7 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

crap software

Review by emu on Nov 30, 2019 Version: 2.9.7 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 1/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

It the software open source?

Review by ema on Jan 9, 2019 Version: 2.8.7 OS: Windows 10 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

No comments. Rating it only.

Review by Metaphorce on Feb 14, 2018 Version: 2.7.2 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

I wish there were a GUI for it but even with the command line interface it's very useful.

Review by TheHulk on Nov 17, 2017 Version: 2.6.6 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 8/10

8 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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