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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for AVSEdit

- added key (S) in preview to save the current frame to a file.
- added key (C) in preview to copy the current frame to the clipboard.
- added key (G) in preview to open a new "Go To Frame" dialog which accepts frame number or time.
- fixed negative values when cropping with mouse
- crop dialog, trim and filter preview work now if functions are called before the selection but defined after the selection
- gdiplus library included (another MB)

updated docs and filter descriptions
header added
focus issue fixed when invoking the help from the parameter tab
two mouse selection issues fixed in the TextEditor component
I don't remember other changes because I don't worked on AVSEdit for a long time


-----new features-----

crop dialog rewritten (almost from scratch) because DirectShow had to be replaced with the AVIFile API and the API's are to different to modify the dialog only. There was a strange bug with DirectShow, opening a AviSynth script did break all COM+ related API's in .NET. The new crop dialog is fully scalable, can be resized to original size, 4:3 and 16:9, is more precise, shows more values, it don't flicker, has a more compact outfit, reacts on the left mouse button so people without wheelmouse aren't discriminated any longer :)

other benefits are the AVIFile API takes less memory so the SetMemoryMax function usually can be left out. The startup is faster. AviSynth errors are always shown in the preview which didn't work always with DirectShow. Some DirectShow filters screw up the DirectShow filter chain that is automatically build when opening a AviSynth script and let programs that rely on it fail, finally this won't happen again in AVSEdit and DVX. The drawback is playback is not supported in the preview because it could be to slow, the externel preview (F6) can be used instead.

catalan and Portuguese translation

the RichTextBox of the script editor was replaced with the text editor control of the SharpDevelop IDE. Finally drag and drop within the script editor is enabled and the syntax highlighting is much improved because all this things are build in the control. There is no longer flickering

-----fixed bugs-----

colordialog didn't open for non hex values

string parameters which are variables were pasted in quotes by the parameter grid

the save toolbar button wasn't disabled properly

user functions in comments are not added

-----improved features-----

parameter description in parameter grid


filter definitions



fixed line termination bug

added support for custom functions

parameter grid shows info for the selected parameter

if the parameter name is filename, a open file dialog can be used

if the parameter name contains color, a color dialog can be used

better support for overloaded functions

more suggestions for the parameter grid would be appreciated


-replaced controls in parameter tab withproperty grid (the property control all.NET IDE's use) which is more professionaland supports filters with 100+ parameters(if there are any :)
-pressing any key for instance Ctrl exceptarrow keys will pop up a parameter infowhen the cursor is in the parameter section
-the filter list (Ctrl+Space) will displaya parameter info including plugin name +Filter name
-support for overloaded functions in theparameter tab and in the parameter infowhich will also be remembered when theywere selected in the parameter tab
-other small tweaks and fixes


-new key customization dialog
-filter categories can be edited
-url's fixed in the about box
-settings handling rewritten
-Toolbar buttons and menu items aredisabled when appropriate


-filter descriptions for all core filters
-spanish translation
-external preview with media player free of choice
-pressing F1 while the curser is within a filterinvokes the help of the filter
-small fixes and changes and internals changed

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