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AVI2ISO is an All-In-One DVD Converter, Input: AVI, MPG, RM, RMVB, WMV, MKV, Encoder supported: CCE-SP1, CCE-SP2, QuENC, FreeENC, FFMPEG, HCEnc. Features: multi-jobs, PAL/NTSC, menus, dvd-burning, subtitles

OS: Win
File size: 34MB
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Latest version

2.10.02 (February 21, 2010)


Download AVI2ISO 2.10.02  34MB

Download AVI2ISO 2.10.02 64-bit  34MB  Win64

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

AVI2ISO 2.10.02

- critical bug fix in jobs : in jobs mode, this bug could cause crash of HCEnc, audio out of sync...etc...etc..
when adding more than 1 movie with different framerates, etc...

AVI2ISO 2.10.01

rebuild 14/02/2010

- (fix) DTS to AC3 didn't worked in jobs mode
- missing quality filter in previous setup ( Smart Sharp Filter )
- some other small bugs fixed

AVI2ISO 2.10.01

release date : 07/02/2010

bug fixes :

- sometimes MKV and MP4 failed to convert due to bad track id
- excessive bitrate was applied when converting multi audio tracks
- multi threading ( multicore feature ) was bad synchronized
- some gui bugs fixed
- preparing the program for better menus ( menus was temporarily disabled ), they were old and ineffective
- better compatibility with Win7 64 bits
- some wizard bugs fixed

NOTE : you must uninstall the previous version, and reconfigure the program, paths to CCE etc...this is a clean install

RC2 - 15/07/2009

1) full audio multitrack support for AVI, MKV and MP4
2) AVI2ISO Forum RSS Reader
3) MKVs Delays was not properly treated
4) New filters was added
5) Subtitles bottom margin with more options
6) better AAC 5.1 mapping to AC3 5.1

RC1 - Final Release Candidate - 14/04/2009

(fix) pulldown failed in some cases when using long path names
(fix) FLV - Flash Videos failed to convert
(new) added a wizard, interfaces schema was definitely abandoned
(new) CCE better OPV encoding with qfactor simulation algorithm
(new) new option in subtitles for character spacing
(new) threads priority better control

what is missing in this release candidate :

- multiple audio tracks is not yet supported, that should be fixed very soon, I PROMISE !!!

BETA 3 - Build 05-03-2009

(FIX) rmvb with 30fps produced jerky playback, it stutters all the way
(NEW) CCE was tweaked for more VBR quality

BETA 3 - Build 25-02-2009

(FIX) some ac3 audio movies hanged during audio conversion
(FIX) tweaks was not properly saved
(FIX) CCE in 1 pass crashed sometimes, giving a Buffer Overflow Error, this is a very old bug now fixed
(FIX) selectable subtitles were sometimes out of sync
(FIX) bugs in audio conversion of MP4 movie sources, it crashed sometimes

(NEW) framerates conversions were definitely abandoned . There is no more framerate conversions, it uses other methods ( pulldown method ).

This is much better because as less you touch the audio/video..less sync problems you will get
If you're not satisfied with the results let me know

However, 29.970 FPS to PAL, and 24FPS to PAL/NTSC are special cases and they are treated differently; no changes from previous 2.10 versions

(NEW) some tweak filters were changed

(INFO) multiple audio tracks was temporarily disabled due to the lack of framerates conversion.
this processes needs to be reviewed ( later ) before the final version. Sorry, should be fixed

BETA 3 - Build 02-12-2008

(FIX) Program options were bad configured for First Time Users only
(FIX) Working Path was saved when it shouldn't
(FIX) Some PCs the conversion crashed using jobs
(FIX) Basic Interface was not working well in this new version

(NEW) Jobs menu with customizable titles text

BETA 2 - Build : 30-11-2008

- (fix) converting 29.970 sources to PAL was not perfect yet
- (fix) burning DVD was not working
- (fix) uninstalling avi2iso didn't remove program folder
- (fix) selectable subtitles were out-of-sync for sources of 24FPS or 30FPS
- useless and dangerous subtitles options was removed
- some other bugs fixed

BETA 3 - Build 03-12-2008

(FIX) Program options were bad configured for First Time Users only
(FIX) Working Path was saved when it shouldn't
(FIX) Some PCs the conversion crashed using jobs
(FIX) Basic Interface was not working well in this new version

(NEW) Jobs menu with customizable titles text
(NEW) First attempt to support AVIs with multiple audio tracks

BETA 2 Last update : 30-11-2008

- (fix) converting 29.970 sources to PAL was not perfect yet
- (fix) burning DVD was not working
- (fix) uninstalling avi2iso didn't remove program folder
- (fix) selectable subtitles were out-of-sync for sources of 24FPS or 30FPS
- useless and dangerous subtitles options was removed
- some other bugs fixed

Version 2.10.00 Beta

Provisory Changelog :

- (new) program interface more intuitive, with inline helps (large tooltips) for all options/controls
- (new) program options reviewed, manly with jobs - passes, matrices, bitrates
- (new) for compatibility reasons, DTS is kept only by choice otherwise it should be converted to AC3 5.1
- (new) AVISynth editing in sizable window, made a lot easier to code, and the script has comments that helps experienced users
- (new) some external programs will be updated
- (new) new matrices
- (new) built-in filters was split, now you can choose what filter you want to apply individually
- (new) editable comboboxes for DVD Size, Quantizer characteristics for CCE, Quantizer for HCEnc, and audio bitrate
- (new) Audio TEMPO (duration) change, ReClock ,critical A/V out of sync behavior when everything is normal at the beginning of the video file, but audio is gradually shifting during playback
- (new) more options for audio
- (new) AC3 encoding will be different, much better
- (new) new process of converting 29.970 FPS sources to 25 FPS ( PAL )

- (fix) the preview was damn too slow
- (fix) activating preview, your options were discharged (lost)
- (fix) some temporary files was not deleted
- (fix) using long path names and/or using special characters with DirectShowSource was not implemented, it crashed
- (fix) RMVB gives bad frame count in some RMVB movies with CCE-SP2
- (fix) MKV FILM sources - 24 FPS - was not supported - audio was always out of sync
- (fix) wrong conversion of 30 FPS sources
- (fix) wrong conversion of FILM ( 24 FPS ) Sources

Version 2.09.00 - 17/06/2008 - FINAL

rebuild 17-06-2008, changelog :

- Language blend in some dialog boxes
- Preview was a little slow
- some small changes in interface ( Authoring Tab and Setup Menu )

2.09.00 RC Rebuild 06-06-2008

(FIX) In some systems AVI files were unable to load giving an error of "bad video filename or format", tried to bypass that by retrieving AVI info from MediaInfo in case of errors

Version 2.09.00 - RC1 - Final Release Candidate - stable

Changelog of all the fixes and changes :

(NEW) MKV free to convert to PAL or to NTSC without sync problems
(NEW) MKV sources with very bad audio is now recovered to 5.1 channels
(NEW) Upmix better sync
(NEW) Italics in subtitles are removed by option
(NEW) It saves the working path in your preferences
(NEW) The preview is open for almost all video formats
(NEW) HCEnc with 1 pass is now supported
(NEW) Jobs list is expansible
(NEW) better speed converting AAC audio, useless processes removed
(NEW) Functional Menu for Join Jobs
(NEW) Overscan is supported
(NEW) Editing of AVISynth Script before conversion is possible

(BUG) RMVB with CCE SP2 out of sync
(BUG) Preview with special characters and long path names didn't worked
(BUG) CCE SP2 - bad GOP size converting to NTSC, could cause playback problems
(BUG) VSO - image cropped ( small ), bad aspect ratio in some videos
(BUG) VSO - crashed in some videos (Division by zero)
(BUG) Jobs, sources with sample rates <> 48000, get out of sync

2.08.06f - 12/03/2008

(FIX) subtitles - Only for Central European Charsets ( polish, czech..)

was not perfect yet, some characters didn't work in polish

2.08.06f - 16/03/2008

(FIX) adding 2 CDs + 2 subtitles, crashed - error due to the last changes I made

2.08.06e - 4/03/2008

- user request : included charset for subtitles in czech, polish, and other languages

- fix some bugs in JOBS with MKVs

Rebuild 28-02-2006

- (FIX) authoring only elementary streams could delete the audio (user Seavoices)

- changes in some program messages

Rebuild 24-02-2008

- better recovery of MKV sources with damaged AC3 audio (user DepthCharge & morcego2006)

it will generate a functional recovered DVD

2.08.06d - 16/02/2008

- added "quantizer characteristics" quality setting in CCE, and default changed to 27 instead of 16, which can avoid some pixelization

- (fixed) bad framecount in CCE with RMVB sources

- more about FFMPEG


- FFMPEG encoder review, a lot of bugs fixed, better compatibility with MKVs

- (BUG) MKV sources jerkiness playback in PC's players, missing pulldown(user DepthCharge)


- changes in 29.97FPS sources (user Mário)


updated 13-01-2007, 21H PM GMT

- MKV sources, more interface bugs fixed (user Seavoices)
- (new) added AAC 5.1 mapping

- BUG: failed to extract the right audio TRACK in MKV (user Acemang)
- some interface changes (user Acemang)
- (new) different encoding of HD movies (MKV), better compatibility with all MKV sources
- BUG: CCE crashed with some MKVs with multiple TRACKS

2.08.06 RC2 - Build 11/01/2008

- some interface bugs fixed (user Seavoices)
- default max bitrate changed to 8000, CCE may crash in 1 pass with higher values
- added FFDSHOW automatic registration/configuration

2.08.06 RC1 (final release candidate)

- bug-fix: FLV (youtube vídeos) out of sync (user Souldownload)
- bug-fix: crappy videos/clips with samplerate < 44100 crashed Besweet
- bug-fix: HCEnc gives an error with crappy sources with Height not multiple of 16
- HCenc updated to version 022
- Speed up HCEnc conversion by 40%, or whatever, tested on a Pentium 4, 2.80 GHz
- Subtitles Default Size changed to 47, after a lot of tests (user Souldownload)

- added Quad Cores option in HCEnc

2.05.06 - Beta

- bug-fix: Upmix caused audio out of sync in some cases (user Anderson C Desmarais)
- bug-fix: List out of bounds when all finished, crash of application
- bug-fix: Youtube feature stopped to work is back again
- bug-fix: Upmix feature was inadvertently open for mono sources (user Souldownload)
- bug-fix: bad colors using some combination of filters (user Souldownload)
- Subtitles defaults and settings changed for better compatibility for all TVs, better shaped (user pricer)
- First attempt to support MKV with AAC audio
- MKV with free aspect-ratios, colors filters and denoisers -> menu image (user xabregas)

2.06 07-Nov-2006

Changelog :

- Bug-fix:AVI Frames capture colors in green ( button Frames )

- Fullscreen AR added for 16:9 or 4:3 ( auto )

- some bugs fixed in other formats conversions, although this tool was mainly for AVI conversions

- some other gui fixes
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10 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

perhaps you have a bad installation or a unsupported system. If the version 2.10.00 RC1 works for others ( with XP or Vista with NTFS file system ) why shouldn't it work for you ? you can't load any file ? that is absolutely impossible. Anyway why you don't ask for help ? is that so difficult when there is a forum for that and this is free ? version RC2 works well with multi tracks, and that's the reason of this new version. You just need to select the audio(s) track(s) you want, that's all. If you don't know just ask

Review by Delta2 on Jul 16, 2009 Version: 2.10.00 RC1 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Couldn't get it to work. Every file I tried to add gave me an error about trying to load a file with incorrect format.

Review by mail2tom on Jul 16, 2009 Version: 2.10 RC2 OS: WinXP 64-bit Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 1/10 Value for money: 1/10 Overall: 1/10

This all-in-one application does almost everything right. I especially like the tabbed interface that guides the workflow. It's the best replacement for ConvertXtoDVD that I've found. Furthermore, it allows me to tweak brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, which ConvertXtoDVD does not. With a few minor tweaks this app could easily be a 10.

Review by mel2000 on Apr 4, 2009 Version: 2.10.0b3 OS: Vista Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

It works. Simple as that. I had a odd problem too. I had a movie that was in two parts. Encoded with RealMedia. French audio dialog and Chinese subtitles fixed into the video. I don't speak or read either. Found the English subtitles in two parts. Now the problem of putting it all together.

The sync was off on the subtitles the first few tries. I overlooked the FPS. The program showed the frames per second as 24fps. I re-sync the subs to that and it was off. I did them over at 23fps and everything lined up. I actually re-sync the sub five different ways. Then it was trial and error. Glad they have a preview option. The audio is off for previews, but I was just trying to get the lips and the subs lined up. In the end it all worked. I like the added option of combining the (in my case) two videos with two subs into one disk image. Also the program created the audio/ video folders containing the DVD information in the same folder as the IMG. Creating the IMG was slow. But not any slower than any other program. (ie Nero)

I had a real odd collection of parts and this program put it all together.

Review by nellouise on Mar 4, 2009 Version: 2.1 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

Preview i svery slow, even on on my Intel Q6600 3.2Ghz it takes an absolute age for the preview to appear.

The fact that is supports avisynth is a big bonus and HCEnc encoder is free anyway, so for basically nothing you get a conversion util that can convert AVI and MKV to DVD with as good a quality as possible, add in the fact that it uses avisynth and does actually appear to support more that very basic filtering makes this very useful.

Speed is not always a good thing, its the final quality that should matter, and if you intend to use the more powerfull and much slower filters and functions of avisynth then be prepared for a long wait as you need as much CPU power as possible as they really are sloooow, but the results can be quite startling compared to the original source.

It also support multiple types of encoders, also directly supports DTS audio and conversion of DTS audio is a another plus.

Yes, the interface is basic, but if you use HCEnc you can edit the .ini files the software uses to get more control over the encoder

Review by steptoe on Aug 13, 2008 Version: 2.9.0 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

10 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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