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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog for ALTDVB

v2.4 (2021-05-03)

– hardware interface: maximum devices extended from 8 to 64
– decapsulation of T2-MI streams
– LAN streaming, with remote control for VLC 3.x and MPC-HC
– unicode text for channel name, provider, EPG events. Characters decoding as is described in ETSI-EN-300-468 (v1.16.1), using internal tables for char translation of ISO-6937 and ISO-8859-05..ISO-8859-15 and windows CodePages 20949,20936 for KS-X-1001 (Korean),GB-2312 (Simplified Chinese)
– channel’s internal structure was changed to allow max 32 ES, 32 CA and channel/provider name up to 127 chars (UTF8).File extension was changed from *.adcl to *.adch
– screenshots button + hotkeys ([CTRL+S]=Current window, [CTRL+SHIFT+S]=Video window, [CTRL+ALT+S]= All app windows)

Other changes:
– added quick LOF settings for Ka Band, C Band Extended & X Band
– allow plugins to alter TS packets (eg. Pow..Vu E m u)
– option to select frequency units KHz/MHz (see Settings->General)
– added detection of stream type 0x32 = VVC (no parsing/demuxing yet)
– option to set default character set per transponder. Default: ISO-6937 DVB Superset
– the buttons with key from main window are hidden if no plugins loaded and enabled
– option: Don’t decrypt recorded channel
– save composition and ancillary page from subtitling descriptor
– device selector is now vertically resizable & remember lists height
– satellites list: minor GUI changes, font changed

Scanner window:
– the columns in transponders list can be hidden (right-click on columns header)
– window remembers width/height and hidden TP list columns
– fixed non-working menu item “Select TP with scan errors”
– text search in the transponders list (visible columns only)
– added some keyboard shortcuts to transponders list + mouse action [Ctrl+LeftClick] for check/uncheck

Scan result (update button from scanner)
– window is now resizable and remembers dimensions
– window has incorporated channel differences
– detailed differences report for ES and CA lists
– save differences report to .csv file

Channels tree:
– width of info column is adjusted based on content displayed
– not using fixed font for root/group nodes
– option to show SID into info column
– search text also search in group nodes caption

– automatically resize short event text box to fit content
– bottom panel (short & extended event descriptor) is resizable
– parse and display extended event items

v2.3 (2020-01-04)

– added support for HEVC
– added support for AAC,AAC-LATM and EAC3
– added support for EVR – Enhanced Video Renderer
– experimental built-in support for PLS and MIS.Currently only for TBS devices using my
– simplified directshow config
– portable: doesn’t use registry to store settings, run as standard user (without admin rights)
– new version of, used directly, does NOT need to be registered in the system using regsvr32.exe
– added support for “internal” directshow decoders (only LAV filters, for now)
– some optimization in TS packets demuxer & A/V stream path
– removed some unused/obsolete features (SDX files & coverage images,…)
– new directory structure.(files from dir. [SatFiles] moved to Channels, Configs, Transponders)
– new file format for channel list.
– new file format for transponders with saving informations about signal
– channel search by name moved above list
– new options for better filtering channel list
– introduced kHz precision for frequencies
– external config file for CA names
– added more MODCODE’s and Roll-off values
– fixed a lot of bugs, added new ones 🙂

Old Non-BDA interfaces:
* New: Dev_TTBudget.dll
– need drv. 2.19h (28.11.2006)
– you have to copy “ttlcdacc.dll” (ver. >= into ..AltDvbDevices
– tested with S2-3200

* Dev_SkyStar2:
– fixed DiSEqC command when using driver >= 4.4.0
– built without VCL

>>>>>> AltDVB 2.2 <<<<< 2006-10-22

- Premium cards (SkyStar1) not supported anymore.
- Old interfaces (Dev_???.int) are not compatible with new app.

* MPEG4/AVC Stream parser & demultiplexer
* Multi-monitor support
* Support for DVB-C/DVB-T/ATSC
* Multiple cards selector
* EPG/Channel (in main window)
* Mouse wheel actions
* New configuration window
* Process priority option
* Improved channel scanner
* Popup menu from tray icon
* Channels list can be filtered by satellite
* PIP1-3 selection buttons

* New: BDA Driver
- DiseqC: Raw diseqc support for Twinhan BDA drivers
- DiseqC: LNB1-4 select for DvbWorld
- DiseqC: LNB1-4 select for Technotrend (via put_Range() )

* New: DVBWorld
- RawDiseqC not suported now. (see Dev_DvbWorld.cfg)

* SkyStar2 :
- RawDiseq for SS2 new driver (4.4.0)
- Many changes in "Internal" PID filter

* Signal indicator for SS2 & driver 4.4.0
* Popup menu exception on ES/CA window if no ch. selected
* Adjust GOTO with location NOT saved !
* Fixed CPU usage indicator for dualcore/HT processors
* Fixed PTS in
* + many others :)

>>>>>> AltDVB 2.1 <<<<< 2006-02-10

* Custom aspect for floating window (Free/4:3/16:9)
* "Minimize to tray" as option (default=true)
* Channel bitrate viewer (Tools , only for budget cards)
* Last channel history (see "Previous" button)
* Quick favorites [F3] functional as in previous version
(Warning: It override first fav. item with "General")
* Preferred audio language (used on scan/update channel)
* New timer action: "Record"
* REC Stop time can be changed (select record then right-click)
* Channels floating window (see popup-menu from floating video)

* SkyStar1: Render/DirectDraw mode can be changed
* Pinnacle: No more app freeze on exit
* Twinhan : Support VP1030 and old/blue VP1020
* SkyStar2: Working in user (non-admin) account

* Win98 compatibility (tested only in VmWare)
* Device interface selector list empty
* Teletext button sometimes not enabled
* Teletext/Subtitles parser bug
* Record hotkey is working
* FullX problem (adding filter from callback)
* Option saved: "Video DblClick zones"
* Scrolling in EPG window
* Screensaver corectly disabled
* "Cannot focus..." error
* Bug in grouping by "CAID & PROV" or "Encryption Type"
* Goto previous channel works ok
* Category filter is now functional

>>>>> AltDVB 2.0 <<<<< 2006-01-25
# New hardware interfaces:
* Pinnacle PCTV Sat (no CI version)
Thanks to: MPatrascanu

* NovaPCI
Thanks to: Stailus

* Twinhan VisionPlus (tested only with VP1020a)
Thanks to: Rahaal & Neztiti

* Network Client
Full control of DVB card + TS streaming over TCP/IP
Server (AltSRV.exe) must be running on remote PC !

# Application:
* Minimize to tray
* Mouse gestures (on video & teletext window)
* Video: Stay-On-Top Floating Windows (magnetic to screen borders)
* Scheduler, with "Wakeup-from-Standby" option (hardware dependent)
* Software decoding using FFDeCSA (ported from linux)
* Direct shortcuts for scanning current transponder/current satellite
* Sleeptimer, with exit/suspend/hibernate/shutdown option when time elapsed
* Command line parameters (see CmdLine.txt for details)
* History graphs for signal,CPU & Memory
* Extended keyboard shortcuts & RemoteControl
* Multiple favorites per channel (max 4)
* Improved channels group/filter
* Operations on selected channels: Delete All,Set Favorites,Set PluginProfile
* USALS GotoX angle adjusted with your location (thanks to Ulrich B. [DF6JB] )
* Transport Stream information (PID DataRate & DataType)

# DirectShow:
* New source filter with internal A/V demuxer
* Automatic graph builder (by selecting filters)
* Configuration form .GRF/.XGR or .GRS (Graph Script)
* Manual aspect ratio settings (Letterbox,4/3,16/9)
* Overscan border in full-screen (optional)
* Color setting in VMR9 Mode (hardware dependent)
* Audio channel A/B selector (
* Audio/Video MediaType detection
* Can play AC3 stream

# Interfaces:
* Dynamic HW/SW PID filters for SkyStar2
* Software mode for SkyStar1
* Record for SkyStar1 (PVA format only)

# Plugins:
* Enhanced management
* User profiles (enable/disable group of plugins)
* Profile can be automatically changed on new channel
* Can deliver TS packets (188bytes) if PID |= 0x8000

# Scanner:
* Transponders: List editor
* Transponders: Synchronize & Update (from WWW or SDX or NIT or other INI file)
* Transponders: Selections using multiple condition (Freq Range,SR Range,Polarity)
* Channels with no service description (SDT) can be auto-updated from SDX file

# Record:
* Stop conditions (Size/Time) & configurable split size
* Custom filename format
* Full Transport Stream Recorder (DVB Card dependent)
* Single PID recorder

# Services:
* EPG Viewer with content and text filter/search
* Teletext subtitles (software mode)
* Native teletext (unicode) with hotlink navigation (page numbers & web addresses)

# Fixed:
* Recording OK when using FFDecsa
* Channel/Group sorting bug
* DiseqC commands for simple switches (Toneburst A/B)

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