I/O Magic Internal 4X DVD±RW/±R (IDVDRW4D) DVD Writer

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I/O Magic Internal 4X DVD±RW/±R (IDVDRW4D)

Accesstek or BTC
Chipset:Sanyo or Mediatek
More info
$200 6.6/10
28 votes
Read 30


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1 KHypermedia 2.4xDVD+RW (CMC MAG.W01) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
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1 Mitsumi 2.4xDVD+RW (INFODISCA01) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
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1 Teon 8xDVD+R (CMC MAG.E01) comments, 1 good, 0 mixed, 0 poor.
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30 comments, Showing 1 to 25 comments
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Forget all the other long drawn out possible explanations as to why this drive has problems. The io magic mftr. number for this drive is IDVDRW4D.


Its acceptable newest acceptable firmware updates are:


Forget the other posts on this site talking about this being a btw drive or maybe an nec (some of i/o magics other drives are made by these brands). Dont go hunting for other btw and nec firmwares (although nec may have some compatability, dont try it your asking for a headache ). Its a cheap drive and it doesn't support a huge amount of media, but nonetheless it does support some. If you look on your drive or use a software drive ID'r youll also find out that its mftr number is a DD0203. This number crossreferences with Accestech and Optowrite just like the header at the top of this page says under the title at the left. These two brands and io magic share this particular drive.


I have the 2.30 firmware from io magic and it does ok. I cant burn a few type of discs but thats ok. I tried using a 2.5 firmware from one of the other sites and computer would do a continuous loop restart, probably a software conflict but if any of you feel lucky and want to test your fate and this drives limits try out the 2.5 upgrade from the other sites. I kept a 2.30 firmware hard copy to flash back to the previous version if the 2.5 gave me problems which it did.
(Try at your own risk another possible site for 2.5 firmware: http://club.cdfreaks.com/lite/t-93913.html)

Also optowrites site has a specific list for supported media which you can download in excel format to help you choose the write supported media so you don't spend your time burning coasters.

The bottom line: when it came out this drive was picky, tedious and slow but ok, it is now old and slow by comparison to the competition. So if you insist on using this drive follow these guidelines and you should be ok. But remember: stick to the 2.30 firmware (unless you want to test your luck with 2.5, but dont say i didnt warn you), it won't burn everything and in addition it especially likes the -R format more than anything.

Good Luck ..... Jim :)

Comments posted by jim from United States, December 22, 2004. Rated this writer 6 of 10.

This is a great Dual Dvd writer.I tried using Generic 4x Dvd-r's but they don't work at all.I have tried Memorex,bot 4x Dvd+r and 4x Dvd-r's,and they work flawlessly.It all depends on the media that you use.Most media will work in this burner but the some of the cheap kind won't.

Comments posted by Fistandantilus from Canada, June 08, 2004. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

Before going further: If you have installed the Pinnacle Studio Software (ROXIO) and are intending to burn DVDs for video purposes - **DO NOT INSTALL IT** or if it's already installed **UNINSTALL IT**
Factual statistics from over 70 different forums have shown that the #1 cause of problems with this player is the Pinnacle Studio software that comes with the unit. The software is specifically related to 92.4% of the reported problems with DVD video burning. The rest had to do with the drive being the Master/Primary Drive on the IDE cable wether alone or used in a pair. It is also very wise to have the latest firmware and software installed on your computer for any devices to work properly.
Please read my, and other, reviews to get more understanding of the technical issues related to this product. It is often best to use the most recommended software.

Comments posted by Doramius from United States, April 30, 2004. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

CPU________P4 2.2GHz skt 478
M/B________Soyo P4VGA
RAM________512k PC2100 Kingston
O/S________Win XP
SFTWR______DVD-X-TREME; DVD43 CSS remover
Drive has only simple annoyances:
Hold the button to eject, nice if you have kids. Tray doesn't auto close upon restart, nice if you want to swap discs for installation programs. If there is a major computer error, drive door may not open immediately or won't open until after restart.
Performance is excellent. Burns beautifully and even burns discs, that will and do play, most other writers have problems with. Burns work well in most DVD Players.
-*DVD-R & DVD-RW media seem to love this machine and play on practically everything you put it in. Will make practically any DVD-R play on any DVD player if burned properly.
-*DVD+R is a bit quirky and takes time to load and/or during the initial disc read. Depends on the DVD+R media used. Many DVD Players have minor issues with DVD+R, regardless of the burner, and sometimes require a funky routine to get the disc to play.
-*DVD+RW is very quirky, but usually plays in all PC DVD drives. DVD+RW has some problems alone working in regular DVD Playersanyway, so I would dismiss it if you're using DVD+RW just for file and program storage and not for DVD playback.
Recommended softwares to use with drive:
DVD-X-TREME (or any 321 Studios software)
DVD43 (CSS remover)
Power DVD (both regular and XP versions)
Other software that works well:
Nero 5.5 (or newer)
Roxio 6 (or newer)
DVD Decrypter

Comments posted by Doramius from United States, April 30, 2004. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

But I'm only running a one gig w/800 megs of RAM, with dedicated drives & the like. Pinnacle 8 big annoying problems. X Copy, only minor lockups. But they did burn on the much hated Maxell blanks.
As a drive, it's alright. The digitial ouput isn't always there, the eject is way too annoying (you have to hold the button).
It reads everything! Games play good off of it, but some games the disc keeps spinning.
Installation was a snap, as it should be.
Oh, door doesn't shut on restart. Odd that. Still waiting on rebate. If you can score this, for under 100 bucks, get it. With the 8X coming out, it'll drop nicely. Upgrade later, when it gets to 12X or better, & enjoy making your own dvd's w/o the annoying opening footage!

Comments posted by Frederick from United States, March 09, 2004. Rated this writer 4 of 10.

I finally got this thing to burn higher than 1x! After updating the firmware and trying numerous media including Ritek G04, it would only burn at 1x, anything higher and it would fail. Most of us probably added this drive to our system and now have 2 CD or DVD drives on the same cable. You MUST make sure that this drive is plugged into the first plug (the one on the end) of the IDE cable. I had it plugged into the second one or the middle one and it would tax my CPU at 100% then fail after a few seconds of a 2x or higher burn. Now it burns at 4x at about 4% CPU usage! Not sure why this matters but it does. I also updated the firmware to 2.3 which didn't help. So make sure you are on the right plug!

Comments posted by ghankerson from United States, February 05, 2004. Rated this writer 7 of 10.

Got the IDVDRW4D from Compusa back in Aug, 2003. So far so good on 1GHz AMD system. ***WARNING*** You better off buying something else if you want to get your rebate ! I am still waiting for I/O Magic to send me my $30 rebate since Aug 2003, they claim they don't have my submittion, had me email all my paper work and sales recipt to them twice, then they never answer my email since. Can't find out my rebate status from their homepage link either. Google search on "I/O Magic rebate" you will find a bit of complain from some forums on the same trick they pull on other customers. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM I/O Magic AGAIN!

Comments posted by larry from United States, February 03, 2004. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

has done an awesome job so far with dvd xcopy xpress at well over 100 burns and 3 failures that have obviously came from the software.
one catch is that you have to close down the program for each disk you put in to ensure autorun (or auto select with xp) doesn't try to loop the system. I have also used dvd decrypter and dvd 2one and all work great...

I'm using it with an amd athlon xp 1800 and 512mb of ddr on an asus a7s333... 1/2an hour copy times

great buy for the $100.00 U.S. spent at Tigerdirect

Comments posted by Jim from United States, January 22, 2004. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

Ok here's the scoop so far.. I bought this dvd writer at best buy in canada for 199.99, and it came with a 75$ mail in rebate. i picked up some Pine DVD+Rs and some Mitsumi DVD+RW discs for the burner. when i installed the drive, windows set it up perfectly for me with no problems or conflicts at all with my CDRW drive.

so far the drive has been doing a great job writing DVDs. i have copied oh about 10 DVDs so far on both DVD+R and +RW and they both work great. i just use dvd decrypter to rip, dvd2one to resize, and nero to burn. an easy 1-2-3 process that takes only about 1 1/2 hours to do (burning at 2.4x).

the drive IS worth the money folks. i'm sure that there are some much better brands out there, but this drive has so far been really good to me and hasn't quit or anything. i'll keep you informed on the drive after about 200 DVDs and we'll see if she still performs.

Comments posted by teamgod13 from Canada, January 18, 2004. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

OK heres the scoop on this drive.
It is not an I/O Magic drive at all. It is actualy an award winning BTC drive. If you dont belive me check it out for yourself.
It dose however have a notorious problem with its firmware (V0039) that allows it to burn out its DVD reciver head(usualy the very first time a DVD is inserted). This make the drive incapeable of even acknowledging that ther is a DVD in he drive. The CD funtion will still work because 2 separate lasers are used for DVD and CD, but it shure makes for a pricy CDRW. The good news is that you can update the firmware and prevent the problem. the bad news is that if you allready have the problem you have to RMA your drive for a new one.

On a side note updating to the newer firmware also fixes most other problems reported with this drive(including compatability).

Firmware update=====> http://www.btcusa.com/drivers/zip/dvd_dual/IDPFLIDR1004.exe

The firmware update for the 8x version of this drive is also at the same location. Simply replace the 4 with an 8.

Comments posted by Enilanzer from Other, January 15, 2004. Rated this writer No rating.

I/O Magic makes the worst possible junk. They told me to update my firmware (did two updates - to 2.15, then to 2.30), still having problems. Firmware update process is horrible as well. Took it out of my system, put the much less expensive KHypermedia 8X DVD+RW in my computer... much better! Not to mention MUCH cheaper!

Comments posted by Peter from Other, January 13, 2004. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

Compatibility problems reading a -R -RW have not found one that it well write or read it know there a - R disk in the drive but that all. no help from I/O magic. no where on the box does it say what media brand will not work.

Comments posted by mark from Other, January 12, 2004. Rated this writer 1 of 10.

got it from Best Buy, paid cdn$169 - mir $69.

burned 15 pcs DVD+R Dynex.(paid at Best Buy 25pcs/cdn$29.99) no problem.

tried Video DVD, CD+R, DVD+R, DVD+RW(Mitsumi, $40/25pcs from future shop), no coaster.

speed is ok, it takes about 20min @2.4 for a 4.7G DVD.

Comments posted by brandnew from Other, January 04, 2004. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

Great Burner .. not one single issue with it. I've burnt DVD-R, DVD+R and DVD-RW. Make sure you use Nero 6.0 min, this software I trust the most and it has never let me down.

Also works great burning regular CD's too.

I got really lucky when I purchased this unit. It was on sale at BestBuys for 199.99 (Regular $349.95) and there was a $50.00 mail in rebate and I had a $50.00 coupon for Bestbuys so I got this unit for $100.00 cdn, can't beat that anywhere.

Comments posted by Ksonic from Other, December 08, 2003. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

I had ZERO problems with this drive, burning on TDK DVD-R blanks. No excessive noise, in fact the Sony DRU-510 I also use has the loudest tray I have ever heard. I was skeptical about this unit but the price led me to try it out, 129.00 at a local store. Make sure your set top player can read your media, that was my only problem at first. Since I bought the inexpensive Sony DVP-NS325 I have had excellent results playing recorded DVD-R.

Comments posted by Jeff from Other, November 16, 2003. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

It's unfortunate that so many people are having difficulty with this writer and its bundled software. The most likely cause of problems is the Studio 8 software, NOT the writer or the Instant CD Suite. Studio 8 has been a hot forum topic of late, and opinion is almost universally negative.

I personally had no problem backing up several movies onto rewritable discs, just to test everything out, using DVD Shrink and Instant CD. BTW, the guides available on this site are first-rate. Then I made the mistake of opening Studio 8 and having a look round at its features. Notice that I did not attempt to start any projects, just had a look at it. This caused my computer to become unstable. After several reboots things seemed to be back to normal, then I made my next mistake, i.e. trying to burn a DVD-R. This failed. Back to square one, I read everything having to do with Pinnacle Systems and decided to uninstall Studio 8. Then reinstall Instant CD Suite and flash the firmware. No problems since then.

Fuji, Verbatim, TDK (both Taiwan-made and Japan-made), DVD-RW, DVD-R, DVD+RW and DVD+R, all have been burned successfully and have played on a Sylvania DVD/VCR combo player. On an Apex AD-1200, serial no. series "C", only RW media will play. This is just one of the known issues with that machine.

This is a good deal. You get both formats, the price is right, the end product is very good. Instant Copy is easy to use, and will work well with a decrypter like DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter. Just DO NOT install Studio 8, DO flash the firmware, and follow the guides available on this site.

Comments posted by fritzi93 from Other, November 15, 2003. Rated this writer 9 of 10.

this thing BLOWS!! I burnt a half of spindle of coasters using this. And the ones that weren't coasters had the worst underrun errors imaginable. I have always had good luck with I/O products but this is GARBAGE! Send it back if you bought it.

Comments posted by warlok from Other, November 10, 2003. Rated this writer No rating.

I also bought it at COMPUSA on sale. I was disappointed at first with the unit because the burned DVDs only worked on my Samsung player and only at 90%. After some search and destroy work, I found that the software supplied with the unit, Pinnacle instant DVD/CD was the problem. According to the tech at IO Magic, the software was not intended for burning DVDs for video. Basically, the tech was talking out of his ass and did not want to deal with me so he blamed it on the sioftware. Fortunately, he was partially right. So I got a copy of NERO and tired again. It WORKED. So far everything I burned works on all players. IO Magic's support is lousy so don't depend on it.

Comments posted by William from Other, November 01, 2003. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

I bought this at BestBuy for $150. I have problem with burning DVD-R(TDK, Fuji,Compusa,Verbatim).Only 40% succeed on writing DVD-R. I tried different programs and still the same(wasted more than 30 discs).No problem on DVD+R Discs.
I returned the burner and brought Iomega super DVD for $170 and this writer have no problem at all. Really super

Ps: firmware on the I/O magic was already latest.

Comments posted by Fox from Other, November 01, 2003. Rated this writer 3 of 10.

i bought it as circuity city was offering a 50 dollar rebate. the drive made quite a few errored nonworking disc's ranging from the compusa cheap dvd-r's, sony dvd-r's, and memorex dvd-r's. only thing it did seem to work for me on the first try was a imataion dvd+rw disc and a few dvd-r's. i'm gonna return it for sony dw-u10a drive and test my luck there.

Comments posted by rob from Other, September 18, 2003. Rated this writer 5 of 10.

I also bought this DVD writer. I did upgrade the firmware (which came highly recomended). I use the Pinnacle software that came with this product since I was having some problems with Nero. I later found out that the burner was not the problem, it was my video that I built that Nero didn't like. I have burned using CDR, CDRW, DVD-RW, DVD+R from different manufactures. My DVD player will not play these either (but that is my DVD player). Everything I have made will play in my Playstation 2, and every other DVD player that I have tried. This was a great purchase. Not the best, but then again I didn't need the best.

Comments posted by apromspkr from Other, September 16, 2003. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

This is a fairly good drive for the money. I haven't burned a coaster yet, and the speed is sufficient. For $140 at CompUSA, and it being Dual Format you can't beat it. However in the same breath, it has been kinda tough finding a good combonation in the media to use with my older Pioneer DV414 player and this burner. Not sure which is to blame the burner or player, but have problems with both really. Verbatium DVD-R did burn good as did HP DVD+R. But Sony DVD-R were not recognized. I did do the firmware upgrade and never tried to do anything before the upgrade. The only other down fall is the bundled software. It blows to say the least. For movies use DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter and burn with Nero.

Comments posted by wigs009 from Other, September 15, 2003. Rated this writer 8 of 10.

I too bought this drive from CompUSA and have had mixed success with my burning experience. Yet, I believe that it is a problem with the cheep DVD Players that some of my family members have. A couple have the Apex AD-1200(with the yellow ID sticker) and that is the only brand that I am having problems creating DVDs for. Otherwise, every DVD that it has burned has played in my Panasonic CV51 and Apex AD-5131. I have created DVD-R and DVD+R disk so far. Both of them burned in 15 minutes, which I was shocked at the speed the first time I burned a disk.

Comments posted by net from Other, September 14, 2003. Rated this writer 10 of 10.

I bought it from CompUSA for 140.(30 rebate)
I was able to burn DVD-RW but no DVD-R that will play in my DVD player. It also has problems detecting DVD-R. And it makes a lot of noise while working.I used Memorex 4x DVD-R. I will change it for another brand.

Comments posted by RG from Other, September 12, 2003. Rated this writer 3 of 10.

I too bought this writer for $140 (after $30 rebate) from CompUSA. At first all was OK. I did NOT need firmware update as it was already at the latest.

I bought CompUSA brand DVD+R and DVD+RW disks and recorded some home videos using the SW that came with the unit, Tmpgenc DVD author and Nero. Most played in my Daewoo player and my kids Panasonic dvd player in her PC.

The weird thing, after some testing, I put the orginal DVDs that played OK in my DVD player, but CANNOT BE READ BY THE I/O Magic IDVDRW4D WRITER!!!

I went to the I/O Magic support forum and no help. I also requested support and no response (1 week later).

I returned the drive and bought a Sony DRU-510a from J and R electronics ($209 after $30 rebate for the retail drive!).

I took a chance and it did not work out, I will not accept flaky hardware.

Comments posted by Jim from Other, September 08, 2003. Rated this writer 2 of 10.

30 comments, Showing 1 to 25 comments
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Single Layer(4.7GB) write speeds
1x (CLV) = about 58 minutes
2x (CLV) = about 29 minutes
2.4x (CLV) = about 24 minutes
4x (CLV) = about 14.5 minutes
6x (CLV/ZCLV) = about 10-12 minutes
8x (PCAV/ZCLV) = about 8-10 minutes
12x (PCAV/ZCLV) = about 6.5-7.5 minutes
16x (CAV/ZCLV) = about 6-7 minutes

Dual/Double Layer(8.5GB) write speeds
1x CLV = about 105 minutes
2.4x CLV = about 44 minutes
4x CLV = about 27 minutes

Single Layer (4.7GB) read speeds
1x read speed is 1.321MB/s = ~56 minutes
6x CAV (avg. ~4x) read speed is max 7.93MB/s = ~14 minutes
8x CAV (avg. ~6x) read speed is max 10.57MB/s = ~10 minutes
12x CAV (avg. ~8x) read speed is max 15.85MB/s = ~7 minutes
16x CAV (avg. ~12x) read speed is max 21.13MB/s = ~5 minutes

DVD Write types
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CLV = Constant Linear Velocity, the DVD is written at a constant speed.
ZCLV = Zone Constant Linear Velocity, the DVD is divided into zones. After each zone the write speed is increased.
PCAV = Partial Constant Angular Velocity, the DVD is being written at an increasing speed until a certain speed. After this speed it will not increase anymore.

Desktop = Standalone desktop DVD Recorder
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SCSI = Computer DVD Writer with SCSI connection
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