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Zenith DVB612

3 user region code comments

April 01, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code posted by denrock, November 26 2006:

Hack for vcd and svcd

The old hacks for Zenith players by chsnging the EEPROM code still work for this player (the old disc for making zenith players region free hasn't worked for me though...anyone know how to make this region free? Plays region 0 pal discs right out of the box [I'm in the USA]).

1) Power up with NO cd in the drive
2) Press PAUSE
3) Press 1472
4) At the EEPROM screen write down the code for backup (Mine was 55 53 00 45 02 55 E4 FF)

5)To enable this player to play VCD and SVCD

Enter: 55 53 00 46 02 55 FE FF

6) Press PAUSE to exit the EEPROM screen
7) Press POWER to turn the unit off
8) Press POWER to turn the unit on
9) Insert VCD of SVCD disc
10)Press PLAY when ready

PostRegion code posted by Aristotle, February 17 2007:

The system reset and information screen commands for the LGs also work with this player.

Power on (doesn't matter if from player or remote)

From the remote:

1. Setup
2. Display
3. TV Aspect
4. Highlight 16:9
5. press 1 3 9 7 1 3 9 ENTER
The screen might blank and then you'll get a system information screen, at the bottom it should read "Factory Reset..Done".

Now, I can get any of the region hacks to work, despite this player being the same make as the LG DNX190 series. I haven't been able to try with an LG remote control, maybe that would make a difference, I don't know.

PostRegion code hack posted by Aristotle, April 01 2007:

The region-free hack for the LG DN191H posted by RReyes works for this player as well!

Here's RReyes'instructions, my comments in [ ]:

"1. [Save the IMG file located at]
2. Burn that single file to a CDROM using the lowest speed possible. Faster 40x speeds would not work on my player.
3. Power up the [Zenith DVB612] and insert this cd, close tray
4. It will come up with a region selection screen within ~2min
5. Press 0 on the DVD remote
6. Press pause to save

Thats it! I tested with a BBC TV DVD and an American movie DVD."

I can confirm it works, and have tested it with a DVD from region 4.


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