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Toshiba HD-A2

3 user region code comments

July 31, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by sanderv, April 12 2008:

convert a hd-a2 to a hde1 (allows PAL DVD playback) then
hd-a2-to hd-e1- 1.6.iso 35.43 MB
HD-E1 FW Ver2.501region free - 35.81 MB (this firmware 2.501 is the hda2 cant be used on the hd-e1 direct)

PostRegion code hack posted by wewa, July 25 2008:

Tried Sanderv CD download region free hack on two of my A2 units.

My A2 with firmware 3.0 gives a 2007??? error and could not be modified. Need to downgrade to 2.7 or 2.5?

The unit I had with firmware 1.3 was modded with only the 2nd CD. And while it now does play some of my R2 & R3 DVDs, it will not play many, many of my R1 movies that it used to (RCE block).

I have done probably over 50 different models of DVD player region free hacks, and this is the first one where I am running into constant RCE blocks on movie titles (Barb Wire, Batman The Movie 1966, and more).

Is there a better region hack for the A2 or a workaround for RCE?

Now if I can hack the 3 HD-A3 units I have...


PostRegion code hack posted by wewa, July 31 2008:

To bypass RCE block after installing firmware 2.501, use the following remote command:

- tray open,
- T.Search,
1,3,9, and 1 (Region 1),
- T.Search,
(If you have remote beep enabled in the A2 settings, you will hear 4 quick beeps for confirmation).
- Play.

Unfortunately, it does not retain this setting between power off & on. So you need to do it each time you run into a RCE block SD DVD title.

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