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Samsung UBD-M8500

9 user region code comments

April 27, 2020 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Rodjo, August 05 2018:

Originally Posted by theintrepidfox In AVForums. For the Samsung UBD M9500

You will need a remote control that has numeral buttons on it. Or use a smartphone APP
ps the Samsung remotes I used were AA59-00465A

This worked for me first try! ( it is slightly different to method used for UBD-K9500 model)
1. Ensure that there is no disc in the tray.
2. Switch the player off and then back on. This is necessary to reboot the
3. Wait until the main menu page appears and the player stops doing
4. Press the eject button to open the tray
5. Press the eject button to close the tray.
6. Wait while the player searches for a disc.
7. As soon as the "Insert Disc" message appears on the lcd display, do the following:
8. Press the RETURN button.
9. Enter 768849 on the number pad.
10. A code "4" should appear at the top right corner of the screen in a white box
12. Press the power button to turn unit off, wait 10sec and turn it on again.
13. Insert a DVD with different region to your own to ensure it worked.

STEP (9). Depending what region you live in substitute the numbers for the ones for your region ( the ones shown are for
region 4 - Australia etc.... (9) has been added to the end for the region free code

For people from other parts of the world, all region codes are as follows
1 – 2 9 3 3 4 (US)
2 – 5 7 5 3 8 (Europe)
3 – 5 6 7 3 2 (South East Asia)
4 – 7 6 8 8 4 (South America - AUSTRALIA)
5 – 5 3 8 1 4 (India, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Africa) 6 – 2 4 4 6 2 (China)
9 - Region Free

Here is a list of DVD Regions and their corresponding countries:
R1 – Region 1: U.S.A., U.S. Territories and Canada
R2 – Region 2: Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland
R3 – Region 3: Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong
R4 – Region 4: Mexico, South and Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean R5 – Region 5:
Russia, Eastern Europe, India, Africa (excluding South Africa), North Korea, Mongolia R6 – Region 6: China

PostRegion code hack posted by Josh, December 29 2018:

These steps doesn't work for me. I never see the "no disk" option during the hacking process
though I followed all steps correctly.

PostRegion code posted by William, January 12 2019:

I have a Samsung UBD-M8500 Ultra Blu-Ray Player. There doesn't seem to be a specific hack to
make this region free. Been trying for days searching for something. Can anyone help? Would
also be good to be able to use the remote that came with it. I tried some smartphone apps, 5 of
them to be specific and none seemed to have worked to be able to input the code

PostRegion code posted by Filip020169, February 17 2019:

...Whΰt 'diplay'? There IS no (LCD- or other) display on the Samsung UBD m8500...

PostRegion code hack posted by Lee, November 09 2019:

It works. Samsung HD 860 Previous comment says there’s no LCD display, can’t key in numbers. Actually can key in
numbers with (123) button

PostRegion code hack posted by Dex, December 19 2019:

Ignore some of the steps in the top post. Just do this:

1) Make sure no disc is in the tray
2) Press Return on remote, you can press a couple of times to make sure it's registered
3) Press '123' on the remote
4) Key in the >>5 digit<< regional code as follows depending on which region your player is:
1 – 2 9 3 3 4 (US)
2 – 5 7 5 3 8 (Europe)
3 – 5 6 7 3 2 (South East Asia)
4 – 7 6 8 8 4 (South America - AUSTRALIA)
5 – 5 3 8 1 4 (India, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Africa)
6 – 2 4 4 6 2 (China)
9 - Region Free

5) After keying in the 5 digit, follow up by the >>1 digit<< region code (as shown above) you
want to switch your player to. Ideally it should be 9.
6) Wait 1-3 seconds and you should see a number in a white box on top right. That means you've
done it correctly, so just press done. The number you see doesn't have to be 9.
7) Test all your DVD!

Just note that for both Step 4 and 5, EACH of the digits must be keyed in no longer than approx 5
seconds from the previous digit. Yes, you have 5 seconds to move on to the next digit, easy

And for even further clarifications, you navigate around the numbers using the Ring button, and
you enter each number by pressing the OK button once (it's the button in the middle of the ring
button). You won't get a feedback that you successfully entered each number, so just stay close
to your blu-ray player to ensure it's registered.

If for some reasons the numbers aren't showing up when you press '123' on the remote, then open
and close tray once.

Above instructions are tested on UBD-M8500 (Southeast Asia) using firmware 1113.3

PostRegion code posted by Ruth, January 04 2020:

Rex, I have the same player UBD M8500 and
firmware you have but the hack didnt work
for me. When I enter the country code
followed by 9 box showed up with
number. Did you select done after you
entered country code and 9 or just wait
couple of seconds to see box?

PostRegion code hack posted by Dex, January 09 2020:

If you followed all instructions correctly and it doesn't work (the white box didn't show up), then
the only reason I could think of is that your blu-ray player is not of the region you think it is.
This usually happens when the seller imported it from another country before selling it to you. You
need to then figure out the actual region your player came from and use the 5 digit code of that
region instead, or just try all different region codes.

PostRegion code hack posted by Av, April 27 2020:

I bought samsung ubd-m8500 region 1 and i dont succeed
Try this
1. Ensure that there is no disc in the tray.
2. Switch the player off and then back on.
3. Press the eject button to open the tray
4. Press the eject button to close the tray.
5. Press the RETURN button.
6. Enter 2 9 3 3 4 9 on the number pad.

you can help me ???

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