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Samsung UBD-K8500

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February 20, 2018 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by World Viewer, February 20 2018:

Per another forum:
This will only make the DVD region free NOT the Bluray!
To use the Samsung TV remote to operate your player you will need the following:

1.The Blu-ray plugged into the Samsung TV directly with a HDMI cable.. (not thru and AV
2.The ANYNET feature to be on Both the TV and the Blu-ray player
3.When operating the remote I found pointing it at the TV worked better than the direct to the
bluray. I think that's the anynet feature (be sure to test the remote works , if you cant move
the cursor around the page , then you cant do anything.) ( I was able to use 2 different
Samsung TV remotes)
4.Its all in the timing. I found it took me about 20 attempts till I got it.
5.Before trying the hack , maybe RESET the device to default.. (turn on player , press and hold
STOP on bluray player until its states RESETS all to defaults. Run the setup (I skipped the
6.If your attempt doesn't work , Unplug the device for a good 15 seconds and then plug in and
try again. (don't just turn off)

STEPS 1 to 7 are done with the PLAYERS control panel at the top of the player Steps 8 to 11 use
the remote

1. Ensure that there is no disc in the tray.
2. Unplug the mains power to the player wait 15 seconds and then plug back in. This is
necessary to reboot the firmware. (u may notice a quick UHD on the TV screen)
Press the power button on the player,But note, I found that pressing the EJECT also turn on the
3. Wait until the main menu page appears and the player stops doing anything, takes a second or
4. Press the eject button to open the tray
5. Press the eject button to close the tray.
6. Wait while the player searches for a disc.
7. As soon as the "No Disc" message appears at the top RIGHT corner do the

** You MUST do this BEFORE the 'No Disc' at top right disappears**
(Take your time and do it quickly but calmly, don't pause between button presses, you've got
about 5sec) Maybe have someone handle the PLAYER and you handle the remote

8. Press the RETURN button.
9. Enter 76884 on the number pad.
10. The region code "4" (Australian) appears at the top right corner of the screen in a black
11. Enter a "9" to make the player region free, Only press it once.
12. Press the power button to turn unit off, wait 10sec and turn it on again.
13. Insert a DVD with different region to your own to ensure it worked.

The above definitely works. Each time took a few goes, so don't stress.

ps the Samsung remotes were BN59-01247A and AA59-00465A

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