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Samsung DVD-HD755

7 user region code comments

August 25, 2015 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Lyle Petersen, January 23 2006:

The "Aiwa remote" hack for the HD-850 also works on this model. I will talk about how I applied it.

Using my Harmony Universal remote, I downloaded a remote profile for an Aiwa mini-system (specifically, the XR-M7) and added it as one of the devices.

I turned the Samsung unit on with no disc in the player. Then, with the Harmony remote set to control the Aiwa mini-system device, I pressed the LCD button labeled "Clock". The Samsung DVD player opened its tray an the message "Servo Adjusted" displayed on-screen.

Then, with the Samsung DVD remote, I pressed the "9" key twice. Nothing appears on screen or on the player's display.

After turning off and on the DVD player (with the remote, but I don't think it matters), it could now play any region disc it was fed.

PostRegion code hack posted by Tom White, January 28 2006:

This is a version of Lyle Petersen's hack above, but with
a Sony RM-VL900 universal remote rather than the Harmony.

Assign the preset code "023" to an "AMP" button. 023 is for an Aiwa mini hi-fi system. If you're already using the AMP button, assign another button (I used MD) as an AMP.

Turn on the HD755 empty.

Press "VOL +" on the Sony remote assigned 023.

The HD755 opens and reports "Servo Adjusted" on screen.

Press "9" twice on the HD755 remote then power off.

Power on and play all regions.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ian Wilkinson, February 19 2006:

I'm in North America (region 1) and the HD850 hack worked perfectly, so I can now play my british region 2 DVDs:

I bought a Philips PDMVR8 remote for $29.95. I'll be making use of the 30-day return policy very soon. There were only two of these remotes on display in Fry's and both were open boxes and well worn, so I think the remote must be very popular for this very purpose!

Program it with the Aiwa audiocode 786 then press the display button, tray will open and screen will display "Servo Adjusted".

and your done! I did not test any other regions, so YMMV.

PostRegion code hack posted by dinkydoggy, March 15 2006:

I just bought this player from the Fry's/Outpost store at Manhattan Beach in LA for $79.99. I also bought the Philips Universal remote as suggested, in order to hack it to play a PAL disc. But I didn't have to do anything, because it played 2 PAL dvds, right out of the box. I tested it w/an NTSC disc, and it played that too. Don't know if it'll play other regions. But a HDTV compatible DVD player that plays PAL & NTSC, w/out any modifications, for $80 is a good deal.

PostRegion code hack posted by shli, April 22 2006:

I used a 5+ year old Sony TV remote (RM-Y168),
which can control 3 devices (VCR/DVD, SAT/CABLE, and TV).

This is what I did:
1. Set the code (344) for Aiwa VCR on the Sony remote.
2. Turn on the HD-755 without disc.
3. Press ">>" (FF) on the Sony remote.
4. The HD-755 open and display "Servo Adjust Completed" on screen.
5. Press "9" twice on the HD-755 remote.
6. Turn off the HD-755.

It works on my region-1 HD-755. I have tried region-1,
region-2, and region-3 DVDs without any problem.

PostRegion code hack posted by Hexland, June 07 2006:

Using the Aiwa remote hack, via an Onkyo universal remote that came with my HT-S790 7.1 Home Theatre system.

Use the Aiwa remote code (1291) and use the FF (not chapter forward) on the tape deck section of the control.

The rest of the instructions follow as above.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jimmyv, August 25 2015:

Need help converting this to region 2 (UK)

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