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Samsung DVD-1080P9

17 user region code comments

April 09, 2015 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by susan123, April 02 2009:

1) Turn on the player with no disc in the tray
2) Press the Open/Close button to open the tray
3) Press the info button, the firmware version shows up (
4) After the version info disappears, close the tray again by pressing the Open/Close button
5) At this point, it will show "no disc" at the top. Press the Info button again, and this will disappear.
6) Now type the code that applies for your region (R2 is 57538). A '2' will briefly show up at the top left corner
7) Now press 9, and 9 will show up in the top left corner
8) Power off the player, and turn it on again. You'll have a multi region player

I've found the following codes at the 1080P7 hack:
R1 - 29334
R2 - 57538
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

PostRegion code posted by B2O, April 18 2009:

comment, the hack above doesn't work with the firmware version 090128.00.B.1080P9XEG that is currently shipping with these units.

PostRegion code posted by Lprieto33, June 15 2009:

Any word how to hack into this DVD? Anyone have any luck? Thanks....

PostRegion code hack posted by gifford72, June 17 2009:

This is cool for me.. I have never been able to help before.

I tried the above P7 hack and was concerned when the info button was not behaving in the same as my P7. Thats when i realised that the remote was more like the Blu-ray one I had used to unlock my BD1500 a couple of weeks ago. Searched the list, tried the hack and sucess!!!

Use the BD1500 hack to unlock the P9. Rather than search I have pasted it below. Rather than the info key it uses the repeat button rather than info.


1) Turn on the player with no disc in the tray
Wait till the unit is at the Samsung logo screen.
2) Open then close the tray, wait to see the No-Disc Message in the top Left Corner
3) Now press the REPEAT button on the remote, followed by a five digit code.
In this case Repeat 76884
4) When it works a 4 will appear in the top left corner
5) Press 9 to make it regionless.
6) Press Eject to OPEN to open the disc tray.
7) Press Eject to CLOSE to close the disc tray.
8) Power the unit off
9) Now power the unit on again, it should now read all regions of DVD Disc.

From other threads I got the follow list of region codes.

R1 - 29334
R2 - 57538
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

Enjoy Guys and I am stoked I worked it out for once!

PostRegion code hack posted by Lprieto33, June 18 2009:

Anybody have any luck unlocking the Samsung 1080P9 from Region 1? How about an earlier model, 1080P8 or P7?


PostRegion code posted by aussiegriff, June 25 2009:

Want to say thanks to gifford72 for his hack and his assistance, but I think the Region 1 players are (now?) unhackable.

Can anyone confirm that the European or Aussie ones that have been hacked have a voltage input range of 90-250 VAC?

My theory is that since my Region 1 player had a fixed voltage input of 110 VAC, Samsung might be making a US/Can version (fixed at Reg 1) and a rest-of-world version (which would need to support a region change, which is why it's hackable)

PostRegion code hack posted by region2hack, July 17 2009:

gifford72's method worked perfectly on a Region 2 Samsung DVD-1080P9XEG firmware: 090416.04.B.1080P9XEG

PostRegion code hack posted by Optika, July 22 2009:

All works!

PostRegion code hack posted by mrbigishome, July 30 2009:

Giffords hack worked well. I bought my player in Sainsbury Supermarket in the UK (region 2). I followed the instructions using the number 2 code. It took a few attempts, pacing the pressing of the numbers is the key and after about 5 attempts it worked perfectly.
Many thanks and be patient.

PostRegion code hack posted by wolfsign, November 04 2009:

I have a region 1 player and I too have tried all the hacks mentioned but none work. I may have found something though; see below;

1. Power on player with no disc in tray
2. Open tray using Open/Close button
3. Press 9 key and you have a number grid with 3, 7, 8, 9, 19 highlighted.

I can not find a way to unhighlight any numbers so to try and change a region but pressing the "RETURN" or "CANCEL" button turns this off. This could be some start for someone. I will keep fiddling though.

PostRegion code hack posted by HAR, November 13 2009:

Giffords hack worked perfectly on my second try on the 1080P9 I just bought
in the Netherlands (use the repeat button and enter 57538).

PostRegion code hack posted by VladCE, January 15 2010:

>3. Press 9 key and you have a number grid with 3, 7, 8, 9, 19 highlighted.

Looks like a 24-bit bitmask. If someone posts a working pair of her Region X password and the same kind of mask number, obtained as described by wolfsign, I may be able to crack this password algorithm.

PostRegion code hack posted by duckysan1, July 06 2010:

Please note the listed hacks/codes in this thread do not work with Region 1 players purchased in USA/Canada.

PostRegion code posted by tk422, August 07 2010:

Comment. Can confirm none of these hacks work with US bought region 1

Solution appreciated.

PostRegion code hack posted by Red Ranger, September 01 2010:

I got this from
participant hlemail...
Well, a little trial and error managed to unlock this DVD-1080P9 to all regions:

Turn ON as normal.

Press FORWARD button on the unit for a long time, to make the RESET appeared.

Select language, 1 = English.

The press REPEAT on remote followed by the Region 4 password = 7, 6, 8, 8, 4 on the remote. A number "4" will show on the top left hand corner of the screen.

Then press 9 on the remote to make it Multi Region.

Then I am not so sure what stored all this new information in its memory. I just turn it on then off.

Tried it with USA and Australian DVD and both works.

Good Luck.

PostRegion code hack posted by kueball, May 14 2011:

Help. I tried these solutions. No luck. Unit was purchased in France. Firmware Ver. 091023.12.B.1080P9XEG. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

PostRegion code hack posted by wolfsign, April 09 2015:

I have the Region 1 version of the Samsung DVD-1080P9.

I have confirmed this hack works with Region 1, 2, and 4 discs, as this was all I had. So
probably Region Free now.

1. Turn on player without disc in. You should get "No disc" in left corner.

2. Press Repeat button then:


3. A grid will show with 3, 7, 8, 9, 19 hightlighted.

4. Using your navigation keys (right, left, up down) move to 1 and press Enter to highlight
then remove highlight on all other numbers by moving to and pressing ENTER.

5. Click PLAY to save settings and machine will turn off.

6. Power on the player and the language selection screen will pop up. Press appropriate number
for your preference.

7. You should now having a Region-Free player.

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