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Samsung BD-P1500

41 user region code comments

August 13, 2023 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by RABSP, August 20 2008:

I have a new BD-P1500, and after 20 minutes I got the following to work.

The trick seemed to be not holding the repeat key too long.

I have a Region B/4, running 080604.01_050708-1_XSA code.

I used the R4 code from below.

1) Turn on the player with no disc in the tray
Wait till the unit is at the Samsung logo screen.
2) Open then close the tray, wait to see the No-Disc Message in the top Left Corner
3) Now press the REPEAT button on the remote, followed by a five digit code.
In this case Repeat 76884

Now it to me about 20 tries to get this to work, It needed to be done without delay.
So if you donít get it to work straight away donít loose heart.

4) When it works a 4 will appear in the top left corner

5) Press 9 to make it regionless.
6) Press Eject to OPEN to open the disc tray.
7) Press Eject to CLOSE to close the disc tray.

8) Power the unit off

9) Now power the unit on again, it should now read all regions of DVD Disc.

From other threads I got the follow list of region codes.

R1 - 29334
R2 - 57538
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

PostRegion code hack posted by wasgo, September 17 2008:

I have tried the hack mentioned above on my new BD-1500 and couldn't make it work. But the software in it is about a month newer.
Does anybody have any new ideas how to solve the problem?
I have the region 2 version (Sweden)

Best regards,

PostRegion code hack posted by cbscd, October 13 2008:

PostRegion code posted by burt9100000kx, October 22 2008:

I have the Region A /1 dvd player, the above hack doesn't work.

PostRegion code hack posted by globaldude, October 30 2008:

I've been following news on this hack on another site. This hack appears to only work for region 4 players. No one else has been able to use this hack and there has been a lot of people trying.

I also have this player, region 2. I'm bummed, cuz I bought the player based on this entry regarding the hack. Now I have to resell it on ebay and find another model.

PostRegion code hack posted by khkim, November 03 2008:

I coundn't hack my DVD for 3 months and I almost gave up.
Now I did it today. I used the same script that 'Silver Surfers' posted for DVD-HD860. (Thanks again!)

My region code is 1 & version starts with '040808.02...'. My remote is 000613J.
You don't need special code for your current region ('2-9-3-3-4' stuffs). It never worked for me. Samsung probably have changed the firmware and it seems easier for region hack!!!

1. OFF/ON your DVD
2. Open the tray
3. Press 'INFO', you'll see version code
4. Press '9' repeatedly untill you see '9' overlapped with the version code
5. OFF/ON and enjoy!

I didn't expect it would work so I pressed '9' like crazy and I recognized '9' already appeared. I don't know how many times I pressed (maybe 10 times?). It doesn't matter because I would never try it again. If you find exactly how many times it requires, just let me know.

PostRegion code posted by Timberknick, November 03 2008:

i cant get either to work, gutted

PostRegion code hack posted by teepee7500, November 12 2008:

I just bought a Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Player and I used the same R4 code for the Samsung DVD-1080P8 I hacked earlier. The code works but the process is slightly different. You have to press REPEAT 76884 twice while the tray is OPEN. 4 will appear on the upper left corner of the screen. Press 9 then you're done.

PostRegion code posted by h45e, November 21 2008:

With S/w: 080702.01_072408B1_XSA version of firmware, NONE of the "hacks" work.

PostRegion code posted by waefwaeefwaefw, November 24 2008:

What about this german sw Version:


PostRegion code hack posted by akjager, November 30 2008:

I only just got the Samsung P1500 and none of the hacks work, its set at region 4. Can anyone help ?

PostRegion code hack posted by natrei, December 10 2008:

The region code hack posted by RABSP, August 20 2008 worked fine for me today.

I followed the instructions and it worked. The only tricky bits I found were these:

1) I was repeating the keys so quickly that I replaced the 4 with a 7. Seven being the first character of the region 4 code instead of the 9 that makes it region free. I just restarted the process.

2) There's a lot of key punching and it takes a while. Don't give up too soon and be ready to stop when the current setting appears in the top left-hand corner.

I have a new BD-P1500,region B/4, running 080702.01_063008-0_XSA code.

I used the R4 code from below.

R1 - 29334
R2 - 57538
R3 - 56732
R4 - 76884
R5 - 53814
R6 - 24462

PostRegion code hack posted by leecraven, December 12 2008:

I can't get any hacks to work my firware software is: 081126.01_04282008_XA

Region is: A/1 (BD/DVD)

Anyone had any working hacks?

PostRegion code hack posted by b26354, January 09 2009:

Bought player this morning with firmware 080702.01_052808-1_XSA region 4 - works with hack posted by RABSP.

Timing is critical though - if you don't hit the repeat key just right (when no-disc message appears) it doesn't work. I tried about 10 times and was just about to give up when "4" appeared in the top left corner.

PostRegion code hack posted by joelbaldini, January 10 2009:

i have a region 4/b player and the above hack worked for me. thanks!
it took me about 5 goes to get the timing right.
unfortunatly it only makes it region free for dvd, and not blu-ray.
when i loaded a region a blu-ray disc, it told me wrong region.
anyone know if this even possible to make it blu-ray region free?
the guy at samsung tech support told me that the region encoding was a hardware issue, not a software issue, and therefor unable to be changed, although i don't really trust him...

PostRegion code hack posted by hsmokes, January 17 2009:

I have a Region B/2 with SW 080708.01_050708_XEF. I have tried the above mentioned methods with no effect but I know it can be hacked because the store I bought it from had a customer that hacked this player. Any advice? Once I hack it, I'll be sure to provide the solution.

PostRegion code hack posted by andyendi, February 06 2009:

I can't get any of the hacks to work on my region 2 player.
Besides the 57538 code as posted by others I tried these five digits which were suggested in another website where I paid for it: 38767. No luck. Frustrating. Seems like I have to get a separate multiregion dvd-player.

PostRegion code hack posted by tisjem, February 11 2009:

OK. Completely new to this. Have a new BD-1500 and have tried RABSP suggestion with no luck. First issue is how do I know what region I am currently playing on. I am playing UK DVD's so I guess tht's a clue . . .

And how does one know what fimware I am running ??? And how does one tell what my remote number is ??

Oh help . .

Ps My remote control has two REPEAT buttons. Both are at the bottom left of the remote, one is under the blue 'D' button and the other under the yellow 'C' button.

PostRegion code hack posted by MoshowNZ, February 14 2009:

I have just performed the hack as originally described in the first post by using the 'REPEAT' button under the yellow "C' button and then entering the 76884 code. I had followed the steps and pushed the 7 button when the 4 showed up on the top left hand corner on the screen as I was pushing the code over and over. So what I did was ask my girlfriend to let me know as soon the 4 appeared, so then I knew when to push the 9 button. It worked straight away then and I now have a DVD region-free BD-P1500.

So I would suggest to maybe have a friend or someone handy to let you know when the 4 appears like I did.

Good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by camuflager, February 23 2009:

It works for me as per firs post but i did it bit diferent

1 turn DB-p1500 on
2 open and close try ( without disk)
3 wait till"no disc" disappear from screen and than press and hold for about 1 sec each button when typing "repeat 76884"
4 when "4" shows in top left corner press "9"
5 open and close tray

Done - enjoy

PostRegion code hack posted by TIRO23, February 23 2009:


PostRegion code hack posted by sandmigue, March 06 2009:

My BD Samsung P1500 is region 4 and I changed to 9 which is regionless by doing the following;

1.- Turn on the DVD with no disc in it and right after that appears the logo screen and in the top left the "no disc" legend, press eject to open and immediatelly press again to close it. immediatelly after

2.- Press the "repeat" button (the one without the letters A-B printed)followed by pressing 76884, do it again and again and on the third or fouth intent in the top left of your tv screen will appear the number 4, press then the number 9 (if the number 4 appears and you type other number then you must power off and begin from step 1 again)

3.- Press eject to open and then eject again to close, afterwards turn power off.

4.- Power on and insert you disc other than region 4, if the DVD do no read the disc, turn power off and then power on again, this time the disc must be read

Good luck

PostRegion code hack posted by heartbroken, March 15 2009:

Hi! I bought my shiny new BD-P1500 in December 2008. It's an R4 device. I was successful in hacking this device following the instructions of this hack (the REPEAT+5 digit code).
Then I was happily using it, when I bought 3 new BR movies: Mirrors, Max Payne, and Babilone A.D. The device failed to play any of them.

So I needed to update it. It had the 08...something firmware, and I updated it with the 090105_01_BDP1500_XAA version (dated January 2009). Trying to update it using a CD-R failed. Then, using an 8GB kingston datatraveler USB I got success. But the settings got defaulted to R4 again.

I tried to hack it again and again, with no success. I saw something funny: closing the tray with no disc, the device puts the message "no disc" on its own display but no message on the tv screen. But trying the process I turned on/off several times, then at some moment that message on tv started to be displayed and then in a very few attempts (less than 10) I hacked it again!!!

So, this hack kepts working with the latest update found today (March 15, 2009) which is great because I can play my mix of region coded DVDs and all my new BR titles!

Happy hacking ;)

PostRegion code hack posted by hendrix6969, March 20 2009:

Sansung BD1500 Region free for DVD only.

Turn Player on
1. Eject tray all the way open
2. Close tray
3. When no disc has gone of the tv screen top left corner
4. Press and hold the REPEAT key for 3 seconds
4. Type code 76884 (Region 4)
5. Press the REPEAT button half a second and look in the left top corner of
the tv
if you see the number 4 press the number 9 to change the region.
this has worked for me. The trick is to not be to fast when trying to type the
code in again.
Do like this..REPEAT,hold for 3 seconds Code 7..6..8..8..4.REPEAT then Look
at tv. This works on the latest firmware version i downloaded

Player of older firmware this work as well. but i had to repeat the code a few
times the 3rd or 4th time the region showed up on tv.
1. Hold repeat buton 3 seconds type code
2. press repeat look at screen type code press repeat look at screen dont be
too quick to go from the repeat button to the code look each time you press
repeat it will work..

PostRegion code hack posted by blu-ray frustration, March 23 2009:

blu-ray frustration Australia.
I read the entry from heartbreak on 15 March 2009.
Heartbrake is indeed the word for it.
I phoned samsung and they said it was not illegal to buy DVD's or blu-ray discs from the USA but they cannot provide an unlock code.
I tried heartbreak's technique and still couldn't play region A blu-ray on my region B player. I have however unlocked the player for DVD's.

I want "heartbreak" to tell us what blu-ray region his blu-ray's are and what his playes is.

PostRegion code posted by logan1983, March 27 2009:

im updating my player now and will then try the hack, just to let you know that there are some blu ray's in america that are region free thats probably how people are managing to play them on region B players

PostRegion code hack posted by ARANAJOSELUIS, May 20 2009:





PostRegion code posted by hieppo, May 21 2009:

Above instructions are not clear.

I have a 080811 fw A/1 player. I tried fast and tried slow REPEAT (no A-B) button press and 29334 with no success.

Those that was able to successfully implement this hack, please post your fw and player model?

PostRegion code hack posted by eloy_soto, August 22 2009:

Hey Guys, Quick question!! I use to have the hack in order to make my BD-p1500 region free. Turns out, I made the update firmware to version 2.4 and the region change back to 4. I have been trying to get the hack again, bu tit won't work. Do you know if I can't hack anymore my blu ray? or is there any new hack code? or does the last one still work? hope you know n thanks 4 the help!!!

PostRegion code hack posted by denny53, September 01 2009:

I have a BD-P1500 running software 080702.01_052808-1_XSA region B/4 (BD/DVD). I successfully applied this hack yesterday after receiving a region 1 DVD from Amazon UK that wouldnt play. The video now plays fine. Also it did not interfere with how my Blu-Ray disks play as some peopl e have reported. Thats why I decided to join this site, excellent! Thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by Big_D, November 12 2009:

I purchased a BD-1500 in January 2009 in Australia (Zone 4).
I am unaware of the firmware version.

I followed hendrix6969's information and it worked for me the first two times I tried (enough for me to accidently to type '7' rather than '9'. And a second time to change it to '9' and confirmed that zone 1 DVD's played.

Although I have not been able repeat this thought to change the zone again.

hendrix6969 instructions were:
Turn Player on
1. Eject tray all the way open
2. Close tray
3. When no disc has gone of the tv screen top left corner
4. Press and hold the REPEAT key for 3 seconds
4. Type code 76884 (Region 4)
5. Press the REPEAT button half a second and look in the left top corner of the tv if you see the number 4 press the number 9 to change the region.

PostRegion code hack posted by Csabster60, February 13 2010:

I have tried every variation on unlocking the code for my BD 1500 for region 4 but to no avail - does anyone have any other suggestions. When I turn the unit on the screen blanks out for a few seconds before coming back on with the no disc message.

PostRegion code posted by kev282900, February 14 2010:

Sorry but none of these hacks will work for the USA player, if you a want a region-free blu-ray player and you are in the USA there only 4 or 5 region-free blu-ray players as of February 14, 2010. Samsung is most difficult if impossibly player to make region-free in the USA.

PostRegion code hack posted by bandicoot22, March 05 2010:

Worked like a dream for me (Region 4). Thanks for sharing!

When (re)trying just open and close the tray, wait for no disc and press repeat
and enter the region code a few times if it does not show the region nmbr
straight away.

Good luck!

PostRegion code hack posted by jnrbrazil, July 03 2010:

As it seems impossible to hack any USA player (region 1) the only way out is to uptade the firmware to another region. That´s what I´m working now. I´ll let you know when I get some good news...

PostRegion code hack posted by ghippo, July 23 2010:

I am in Canada and have done regular firmware update last year from USB, it worked fine.
I have tried to make it region free based on all recommendation also from the BD-P1600 model. Nothing worked.
My firmware ends with XAA, meaning it is US version despite the fact that unit was purchased in Canada. I have tried about 3 different HEX Editors and converted the Singapore firmware from XSS to both XAA and XAC.
If you try to download firmware from USB and the XAA country code does not match the current code, the player will only show that a USB is connected and does not proceed to update.
With the correct file name the update failed from USB and also from burned disc.
I have used 3 different HEX Editors, each found the XSS 3 times in the file, changed all 3 instances to XAA. The firmware starts and goes for about 2 minutes, but fails.
The remote control I used has in the lower bottom right corner 00070D. None of the codes help.
There is no hope in Canada to be multicultural, we are forced to watch only local.

PostRegion code hack posted by gravo123, October 12 2010:

hey guy i just use the hack rabsp first posted and it worked it took me 2 times to do it i have a region 4 bluray so don't know if it works for other regions

PostRegion code hack posted by geom, December 28 2010:

For the Samsung BD-1500 - Make sure you push the CORRECT REPEAT button!
It is the 3rd black button underneath the Orange C button. Easy to confuse
which button to press as the Blue D button also says REPEAT (Which I tried for 15
mins before I realised it was the wrong one!) When I got the correct button it
worked first time. Thank you very much as I can now watch all my US and UK

PostRegion code posted by Deino, July 29 2011:

With all the codes and hacks posted...have anyone check if the
disks are PAL or NTSC...

Because I can play dvd region 1 in my region 4 player as long
is "NTSC"...but any other disk or region "PAL" I can't.

SO besides the region hack...what would you do to change
NTSC/PAL if the player says only NTSC???...

Thanking any info...

PostRegion code hack posted by Don23, August 14 2011:

I tried the Hack for N.America/Canada region 1 and it does NOT work. Has anybody discoevered a CODE Hack that worked for a Region 1 Samsung BD-P1500 (Model # BD-P1500_XAA).
I want to be able to watch region 4 dvds (U/K on a US/Canada Region 1 Player)

Come on there must be someone out there who is GOOD ENOUGH to crack this CODE????

PostRegion code posted by Mia, August 13 2023:

none of the hacks listed above will work in R4 players if the firmware version
is 100322.01_112409BL.XSA
tested on a spares unit for almost an hour

However the hack works on firmware version

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