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April 22, 2009 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Christian Morin, February 08 2006:

You can use the hack that works for the LG dvd player:

It worked great on my RCA DRC6300N DVD-VCR Combo.

PostRegion code hack posted by prralex, March 11 2008:

Hiya! Well, sorta some luck getting the vcd/svcd extentions going on this beasty!

in dvd mode, no disk. hit pause, 1, 4, 7, 2.
this brings up "eeprom" menu w/ following values:

EEPROM: 43 41 00 47 12 02 74 00
00 00 c0 c0 23 21 02 f4

It's been suggested that changing 4th value from left in first row to df or ff would fix. not so. just black and white video screen. so any help here would be appreciated. just my two cents on the whole dealio.


PostRegion code hack posted by prralex, March 21 2008:

found this in my travels.. can confirm it works on this unit.
With many other models of LG DVD players, you can bring up an engineering service screen that displays all kinds of nifty info such as the player's firmware version, current region code, EEPROM optional bytes, etc.

This has been found to work on the French version of this player (8931H) and so should work on the aussie one as well, but of course there's no 100% guarantees in life so try this at your own risk.

Still with me? OK, here's the procedure:

- On the remote, press Setup
- Highlight "TV Aspect" and move the cursor over to the right and highlight "16:9" or "Widescreen"
- With the remote's numeric keypad, enter the following digits: 1,3,9,7,1,3,9 and then press Enter

You should now see the service screen. To exit, press Setup.

On some models this procedure resets the machine to the factory default DVD region. If this happens, just use the standard LG "pi" region hack (31415...) to make it multi-region again.

Very interested to see what version(s) of LG firmware we have out there.

BTW, the French players are up to firmware version 1.3532, dated November 2004.

PostRegion code hack posted by cpd2009, April 22 2009:

I tried the LG5083 hack above on my slightly different RCA DRC6350N DVD/VCR player. The main difference between the DRC6300N and the DRC6350N is the VCR component, with the latter having a six head HiFi VCR, but otherwise both are mostly the same.

I found that this hack listed for the LG DNX190UH, which works for this model as well as the Zenith XBV613 DVD/VCR combination unit as well. Here is how it works, quoting a hack on the VideoHelp forums:
First you have to download linked file called "LG36868.IMG"

1. Then you have to burn this file to a blank CD

2. After burning, insert the CD into the DVD player and press play

3. Then the region management menu will be shown.

4. Input “0” to make it multi-region and then press the “pause” key by Remote Control.

This hack works beautifully for my RCA DRC6350N DVD/VCR, and it probably will also work with the RCA DRC6300N for the reasons outlined above.

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