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Philips DVP3560

6 user region code comments

October 17, 2012 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by scaron, July 16 2010:

The hack for this machine is exactly like the last couple of dozen Philips model though don't bother opening the drawer as the hack works by just going to the preference page in the set-up menu.

1)Go to preference page in the set-up menu.
2)enter "138931"
3)go up or down to set region code 0.
4)press setup.

Enjoy your international DVD collection!

PostRegion code hack posted by sandhilllv1, February 07 2011:

Just purchased today..for the price you can not "beat-it"
1. No DVD in the tray. The tray closed. The unit and TV on.
2. Press "Setup" on the remote.
3. Press the "down" arrow repeatedly until the top heading shows "Preferences."
4a. Then press "OK" and Audio will be highlighted.
b. Press the "down" arrow and the next category "Subtitles" will be highlighted.
c. THEN enter this 6-digit code: "138931"
Immediately the screen will show "Region Code 1".
d. Press the "up" arrow and "Code 1" becomes "Code 0". All Region or Region Free.
e. Press "Setup" to exit.
5. Turn off and then back on to remove green bar along the top of the screen
This is basically a copy of the previous hack..Enjoy

PostRegion code hack posted by diyabolo, January 04 2012:

Just want to confirm that the above hack still seems to work. I just purchased this model in the US from a big box store with a manufacture date sticker of November 2011, and the hack worked. However, for whatever reason, it did take me several attempts at entering the code before I got the "Region Code 1" text to display.

PostRegion code hack posted by rotten77, May 09 2012:

I recently purchased this Phillips DVP3560 player and the above hacks worked perfectly, except when I tried to watch a DVD it asked for a password. The password is: 136900. Just thought I'd pass along the info.

PostRegion code hack posted by peewee4, May 25 2012:

Hi. I live in NZ, we are region 4. I am wanting to purchase a DVD from the USA (region 1), and read your converting stuff above. My player is a Philips DVD Recorder tho, a few yrs old. Do you think I can still change the region like you said? But from a 4 to a 1? And will I be able to change it back to a 4 when I'm done watching that disk? I also read on this web how some DVD makers can put a block or something on the disks now so they won't play on some players that try to convert the regions. Don't know if I want to order one from US and it wont play. Would appreciate any help, thanks :)

PostRegion code posted by alerwick, October 17 2012:

Why not just simply change the Region from Region 4 to Region 0 and leave it there?

Region 0 will play ALL Region Coded discs.

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