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Philips DVD728

14 user region code comments

May 06, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Boukat, June 15 2003:

Press ‘OPEN / CLOSE’ on the front panel, so that you operate when the tray is open.
Use the Remote Control unit to slowly key in 9 , 9 , 9 , 9, 0 in that order.

Press ‘OPEN / CLOSE’ again, the DVD player will return to normal operation.

PostRegion code hack posted by Micke, August 08 2003:

... works fine !

PostRegion code hack posted by copycat, August 10 2003:

this hack works perfect

no problems what so ever

thanks :D:D

PostRegion code hack posted by nanuaraq, August 23 2003:

August 23, 2003
It works...Thanks a lot..

PostRegion code hack posted by jaro, September 14 2003:

Sometimes it is required to set specific region. You can achieve that on Philips DVD player by put 9 9 9 9 X where X is the required region number ;-)

PostRegion code hack posted by emma, October 18 2003: all my us dvds work! thanks

PostRegion code hack posted by frank, November 11 2003:

this worked first time, to the user asking about the change limit, just folow the code and you will not need to change again.the '0' is the region free part!

PostRegion code hack posted by Colin Jones, November 17 2003:

To let you know my last posting about not playing dvd's turned out to be faulty player, just coincidence replace unit applied hack no problems

PostRegion code hack posted by a.j., December 28 2003:

ahlan shalna va ska du göra du måste insstallera vcd åt mig

PostRegion code hack posted by MP, January 05 2004:

it´s works fine....

PostRegion code hack posted by big dave, January 26 2004:

absolutely problems at all...9 9 9 9 0

PostRegion code hack posted by Europe, March 02 2004:

Great hack, did work for me.
Bought two 728, both of them are now region:0

Thanks a lot.


PostRegion code hack posted by sorrel willis, March 02 2004:

Have just added this hack to our Philips 728 and it has worked perfectly. Made it multi-regional but can we now just leave it at that or do we need to change back to region 2 At the moment we only have one Region 1 DVD but intend on buying more

PostRegion code hack posted by mike spice, May 06 2005:

i just hacked my phillips 728/9 with this hack, the dvd that just arrived thro the post wouldnt play, its playing now fine.
no problem what so ever.
i didnt even power off, clos ehte drawer, let ir register no disc, and insert the dvd u want.

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