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Philips DVD724

21 user region code comments

March 26, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by gnat, August 18 2002:

To change to region zero simply:

Open Tray
Press 1 1 1 1 (pausing between each)
Press 0 (new region 0 message appears)
Close Tray

PostRegion code hack posted by gnat, August 18 2002:

To change to region zero simply:

Open Tray
Press 1 1 1 1 (pausing between each)
Press 0 (new region 0 message appears)
Close Tray

PostRegion code hack posted by Triskelios, August 23 2002:

The DVD724 does not respond to the "universal" RC6 code and Play+159 for Philips players. However, as reported in the user comments for this player, the procedure for effectively disabling region check is a very simple one that can be performed with the included remote.

To change to player region to 0:

* Open the tray (using the OPEN/CLOSE button or holding down 1 on the remote)

* Press 1111 (slowly)

* Press 0

The display should show "REGIN 0" (as spelt).

* (Optional) Place a test disc in the tray

* Close the tray

And that's it.

I have tested this with a DVD724AT (originally Region 1). Pressing Display with the tray open reports the firmware info as: "DVD724_171_V404_0308"

Region 4 discs now play without problems, and the built in PAL->NTSC conversion works great.

PostRegion code hack posted by Rob W, September 16 2002:


The remote hack as stated by others does indeed work. The only problem is that it resets itself back to region 1 after it is powered off.

PostRegion code hack posted by baskaran, October 21 2002:

I just tried the hack mentioned here on my Philips 724AT31 (manufactured in July 2002). It worked and the change DOES REMAIN even after power-cylcing the player!

PostRegion code hack posted by Mako, November 30 2002:

The above mentioned hack works flawlessly. It does not reset with power cycle.

PostRegion code hack posted by Capt. Mikey, December 05 2002:

Indeed this hack does work, but like the last fellow the PAL to NTSC converter seems a bit sketchy.
A 16:9 widescreen PAL region 2 DVD does play, but it is shown in full screen with the sides slightly chopped off.
I don't know why a letterbox PAL DVD is not playing in letterbox mode.
Region 1 16:9 DVDs indeed do play normally with the whole display intact.
The only effect is the loss of a full 16:9 display.
I am not getting choppy black & white video like the last fellow.

PostRegion code hack posted by Beaker, December 06 2002:

Just to add to my previous posting - the black+white scrolling image is happening because I was playing a region 2 (PAL) DVD and outputting a PAL signal to my NTSC (American) TV. The player can only output the same signal that is encoded on the DVD, so unfortunately for me, I will either have to buy a dual NTSC/PAL TV or buy a PAL/NTSC converter ($250 up...). If you have region 2 DVDs encoded with NTSC, then you will be fine playing them on this player.

PostRegion code hack posted by alex, December 06 2002:

the hack stated before in this section does indeed tell you you've changed region. It doesn't however convert your NTSC tv to a PAL tv. I got black and white picture and scrolling all over the place

I'm unaware what this does with other regions.

PostRegion code hack posted by Le Kangourou, December 07 2002:

The region 0 change using "1-1-1-1" with the tray open that has been reported so many times below also works with model DVD724CA31 (the Canadian version)

Worked no problems for me with firmware version 724_071_406_624

With regard to the PAL/NTSC compatibility, has anybody confirmed that the unit supports PAL playback on NTSC sets ?

I am using a Samsung worldwide VCR inline to do the conversion so PAL on NTSC is being done by the VCR not the DVD player.

PostRegion code hack posted by Johnny, December 07 2002:

I can confirm that the 624 (the 724's baby brother w/o progressive scan) does play Region 2 PAL dvd's on a NTSC TV.

PostRegion code hack posted by Smeghead, December 07 2002:


Open Tray
Press 1 1 1 1 (pausing between each)
Press 0 (new region 0 message appears)
Close Tray

PostRegion code hack posted by zer0, December 07 2002:

I have the 623, it DOES do PAL->NTSC

if you are playing the PAL Movie, on the remote, hit setup, and find where Video Setup is, then Video Output
hit NTSC
and BOOM!

PAL->NTSC, no converter required!

PostRegion code posted by Rob, December 09 2002:

this 1111 code works for all philips models for changing region codes But I will like to find out If some how I can turn off macrovision on philips 724

PostRegion code hack posted by P. Maizitis, December 22 2002:

Confirmed prior hack works without effecting performance other than PAL region 2 DVDs playback excessive interlace artifiacts in any action scenes if you have unit set to progressive scan.

Unit was tested and does not appear to have a zone-free counter.

Per Prior posts:

Open Tray
Press 1 1 1 1 (pausing between each)
Press 0 (new region 0 message appears)
Close Tray

Zone-free is not effected by power-down.

Don't knock my post off again ... this is a valid post.

PostRegion code hack posted by uniace, December 30 2002:

Hack worked with 724AT, but I got the weird black & white
scrolling someone else described when I tried to play region
4 DVD. However I fixed it easily, following advice found

With the remote, just hit SYSTEM MENU, look on the TV for
the menu. Go to SETUP VIDEO OUTPUT. Then for TV TYPE
choose NTSC (the default value is MULTI).

Remarkable! Thanks to everyone.

PostRegion code hack posted by P. Maizitis, March 07 2003:

The hacks listed below were verified and work in my recently purchased Philips DVD724.
"Open Tray
Press 1 1 1 1 (pausing between each)
Press 0 (new region 0 message appears)
Close Tray"

Assure that if playing a PAL DVD that you follow the past posts instructions:
"If you are playing the PAL Movie, on the remote, hit setup, and find where Video Setup is, then Video Output
hit NTSC"

Plays all my region one and 2-4 DVDs effectively.
There was a forum I visited on another site that talked of a region-free counter that locked once you hit 25 or 27 region-free changes. I tested the DVD 724 with 30 region-free changes (insert and start play on region 1 Conspiracy Theory then insert and start play on Mike Oldfield Millennium Bell region 2 -4) and the unit performed without locking up. There is no counter

The NTSC converter from PAL DVD was fair with signs of interlace artifacts that the Malata N996 did not show. Full review listed under "reviews".

Region-free did not effect playability after the hack of DVDs, test VCDs and SVCDs as we did a before and after comparison. There was no degradation of the audio and video performance in our tests.

PostOther hack posted by we wa, May 21 2003:

As with most DVD players, i have found that it will not play some titles unfortunately, unlike the posting above that says this 724 plays everything.

I have a Universe Laser ALL region DVD-5 title TOMIE Japanese Hong Kong made title (from ebay) that will corrupt and hang or show up as a MP3 disc and will not play. It will partially play, with errors, on my Ultima 16x DVD-ROM drive in my WinXP PC...

Still, it is much more disc compatible capable, compared to my region free AKAI DVP-S760 that i have given up on, although it has better video quality than the Philips 724...

My Apexs seem to play most everything but they are old and sucky now...especially picture quality.

PostOther hack posted by, September 16 2003:

For Phillips DVD724 :

To view PAL format VCD mpeg files on NTSC TV:

Go into the menu and setup the video output
type to NTSC

Verified with a NERO burned PAL VCD (352 x 288).

NOTE: The picture will scroll if using a NTSC
TV and video output type is set to PAL or set to
Automatic (sound is ok though).

PostOther hack posted by Dean, January 26 2004:

This is a drive replacement hack. More like a repair for cheeeeepe stock drive.

My philips 724 was killing me with constant freze ups making a powercycle nessary. Mostly with brand new DVD's too. Makes having people over hard. What happens when they use junk plastic parts in the laser heads.

Well, The player aint bad. Good features ect.. So I opend it up to see if maybe playing with the laser calibration was possible. It was more than possible. It has standard IDE interface. Just pop a new drive in. I used a old DVD drive I had laying around. Only thing is the jumpers on the replacement drive must be set to Master. I'm almost positive if a nice DVD drive were put in would make it a more powerfull console.

I put the drive from the philips in my computer to see how it posts. Comes up as a standard ATAPI DVD device. Weird but true. Reads DVD and standard types.

Hope this helps someone make some use out of a junker.


PostRegion code hack posted by TRAN, March 26 2004:

GOOD NEWS.I found the way how to get back the default factory set up.Go in the menu-Preference-set default-Reset.
I got back S-video output and Composite Video output as well.Also the region code 0 is still not reset!!!Voila!!!

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