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Philips DVD625

25 user region code comments

January 19, 2007 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Richard McAuley, May 11 2003:

I can confirm this. Got a 625 from HongKong last week.
Open/Close 9,9,9,9,0 Open/Close. Don't rush, leave about a second between each press.

PostRegion code hack posted by Cecil Thomas, May 20 2003:

My Philips DVD 625 came region free (modified by the dealer) here in the United Arab Emirates.
I have tested the code I found on the link below and it works.

With the tray open, key in 9,9,9,9,0 and the player is region free. The display shows Region: 0
Using 1, 2 etc instead of 0 in the above sequence sets it to region 1, 2 etc... Should help with RCE discs(untested)

Love its slim design!

PostRegion code hack posted by Sam, July 27 2003:

I can confirm that the above hack works, just do this:
1) Turn on the player
2) Open the tray.
3) Press 9 9 9 9 on the remote, you can do it rather slowly.
4) Press what region you want, 0 is regionfree.

VCD works fine after the hack, I haven't tried SVCD yet.

PostRegion code hack posted by rob, August 25 2003:

i can confirm the above hack works just fine.
i purchased my 625 on 24-08-03 and its fantastic.
the hack makes the player open to all regions and it works just dandy.

1.turn on player and open draw.
2.the proceed to press 9 9 9 9 and then 0. the numbers slowly and the number 0 will appear on screen. not touch anything as the number will disappear ,and from then on it will play any dvd any region.

PostRegion code hack posted by Paul, September 14 2003:

One word of caution - you can only change region code up to 25 times with this method, then it will lock to the 25th region code entered - this according to who sell this model as "multi-region capable" - still thats a lot of changes ! ;-))

PostRegion code hack posted by ghost dog, September 16 2003:

another confirmation of the above hack this time from germany

1) open tray
2) press 9 9 9 9
3) then press the number of the region ( 0 = region free)

4) wait for the message to disappear
5) close tray

that's it

PostRegion code hack posted by Thaer, September 26 2003:

I can confirm that this hack works in Sweden too.
Open the tray with the "Open/Close" button, when it's open, press 9,9,9,9,0 with a second between each press.

After you've done that, close the tray by pressing again at the "Open/Close" button (DAH!?).

When that's done you will see a text: "Region: 0".
If it says that, that means it's right.

PostRegion code hack posted by Jonny B Hairspray, October 22 2003:

I Changed my Boot's / Philips player last night.

I opened the drawer
Pressed Display (text appears on the screen for a few seconds)
I pressed 9,9,9,9,0 (quickly before the display text dissapeared

A message appears on the screen for a couple of seconds saying Region Zero


I tested the memory of the player by unplugging it for a few minutes. When I plugged it back in, it still played Region 1 disks.

Hooray again!!!


PostRegion code hack posted by, November 30 2003:

I have a large selection of films on dvd from around the world. the above hack works great to unlock the unit for all of them, NTSC, PAL and 4 different zone's tested including 1 & 2.
Unit was purchased from argos in the uk.

Simple as above.

Open Tray

Press Display

enter 9 9 9 9 then 0

REGION 0 will appear on the screen for a second or two, and thats it.

This unit is great, slim and good looking with a very good picture.



PostRegion code hack posted by HJ, December 18 2003:

I just bought a 625 in Finland. The "open tray, slowly press 9,9,9,9,0" hack did NOT work for me. However, the "open tray, press DISPLAY, then QUICKLY press 9,9,9,9,0" did work!

PostRegion code hack posted by TommyW, December 27 2003:

I bought my Philps DVD 625 in Norway a few days ago, and the hack didn't work at first, but then I tried with three 9's and a 0, and i worked.
1. Press Open/Close
2. Press Display, and 9 9 9 0 quickly.
3. That's It! Working perfectly :-)


PostRegion code hack posted by Stefan Hedberg, January 07 2004:

Confirmed again from sweden.

This works fine but have the channel that shows the dvd-logo on and press display on the remot first. You will get some information about the player. Last it says REG:X. X depends on wich region it is set to. If X is zero then your dvd-player is regionfree. Else you type 9, 9, 9, 9, 0 on the remote to make it regionfree.

Good luck

PostRegion code hack posted by Hidden, January 10 2004:

This works in Brazil too:
1. Open the tray
2. Press "display" (informations shows in screen)
3. Press 9 9 9 9 0 (quickly)
4. Screen shows "Região 0"


PostRegion code hack posted by Anders, February 03 2004:

Did the same as most people: open tray 9 9 9 9 0 close tray
No reply on the display or screen so I figured it didn't work.
But the result was perfect: It's regionfree.
Bought in Denmark in January 2004.
Thanks to all.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mads, February 06 2004:

Follow instructions from ghost dog, September 16 2003,

1) open tray
2) press 9 9 9 9
3) then press the number of the region ( 0 = region free)
4) wait for the message to disappear
5) close tray

Bought in Denmark in February 2004.

PostRegion code hack posted by david jf, February 15 2004:

Can confirm it works in scotland bought from argos. Open tray press 9,9,9,9,0 slowly and it will say region-o which means it will play any region!

PostRegion code hack posted by G Scarlett, February 19 2004:

Using the region free hack on teh DVD625K with the open, 9,9,9,9,0 wait and close technique listed so many times on this site worked for me only after holding the remote very close to the DVD player. So if you are not succeeding try the up close and personal approach.

PostRegion code hack posted by Peter B, February 21 2004:

The hack works dated 30/10/2003

Changing Region Setting on Philips DVD62
Open Draw/Tray of DVD Player
Press Display

Whilst OSD in on the TV Screen

Press 9-9-9-9-0
On Screen display will confirm Region 0

0 = Multi Region VCD and SVCD Still work and RCE becomes capable
1 = US and Canada
2 = UK

The DVD can be hacked up to 25 times possibly 24 if you consider that the machine had to be set up in the first place. However in theory ones the DVD is set-up for Multi Region. Why would you need to change it again? I suppose it’s possible that putting in the same region DVD many times could fix it in that format however I for one am willing to take the chance as if one were to purchase a Multi region set you’d expect it to remain multi region for the life of the DVD Player

The hack doesn’t seem to affect any other reading format within the DVD.

Good luck

PostRegion code hack posted by MarlboroMannen, February 22 2004:

Greetings from frosty Norway :D

This region hack worked for my "Norwegian" Philips DVD625:

1. Turn on DVD with remote
2. Open tray using button on player
3. After a few seconds, type the button "9" on the remote control FOUR TIMES with about 1 second pause in between each time
4. About 1 second after the last "9", press the number corresponding with the region you would like to set your DVD Player to. 0 (zero) is for ALL Regions, i.e. "Region Free".
5. If you select to press "0" on your remote after the four "9"'s, "Region:0" is now displayed on screen (no on screen messages prior to this point.

And that's it - I pressed "0" and my Philips DVD625 is now region free.

Open/Close 9,9,9,9,0 Open/Close. Don't rush, leave about a second between each press.

PostRegion code hack posted by Dixey, April 08 2004:

The hack above only worked for me when my TV was turned on, so make sure you do that. The message appears on your TV screen, and not on your player!

PostRegion code hack posted by Siddharth, October 23 2005:

The Given Hack Works Very Well Here In India
It succeded Just in 1st attempt.
No one Here knows the hack (includes retailers!!!) so better do-it-yourself.

1.start player
2.hold stop button for 2-3 sec (Hint:this eject tray)
----or----- eject button.
3.quickly press 9 9 9 9 <region code>
eg.9 9 9 9 0 (for region free)
4.display shows REGION : 0
5.Done!!! Poor little DVD

Dont Try to Change Hack as it can just be changed 25 times!!!!!!CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!:-)

*********peace out********

PostRegion code hack posted by Aj, November 15 2005:

I have noted a peculiar problem.
There is somthing that resets the hack, cant figure out exactly what...!!
I had my player region free all this time, but suddenly yesterday, when i tried playing a Region 2 disc, which i was always playing, the player said "Wrong Region". Seems like something has reset the region code on the player. Would re apply the hack and see if it works..!

(My guess on what resets the region, having a DVD in the tray and switching off the player using the remote, without closing the tray. The player switches off after closing the tray...though i have not confirmed this. Does any one have a similar experience..?)

PostRegion code hack posted by Ottoniel Guglietta, February 14 2006:

To Unlock the DVD Player that i bought in Venezuela:
1.- Power On
2.- Open the DVD Tray (Pressing Eject key on the player)
3.- Press 9 9 9 9
4.- Then Press 0

Now in Spanish
En Español

1.- Encienda el Reproductor DVD
2.- Presione el botón "Eject" para que se abra la puerta donde coloca los DVD's
3.- Presione en el control remoto: 9 9 9 9
4.- Presione en el control remoto: 0

PostRegion code hack posted by NGD, October 19 2006:

The hack worked in India too!

1) Power On
2) Open Tray
3) Press Display
4) Press: 9 9 9 9 0 on the remote
5) Close Tray

Thats it!

PostRegion code hack posted by Kapsis, January 19 2007:

Without reapeating the same things: It works also to a dvd-625 tha i bought from ITALY.

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