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January 12, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Jesús, May 07 2003:

Make sure there is no disc in the player

Unplug dvd player

Plug system back in while holding the "Open/Close" and the "play" buttons (ON THE PLAYER, NOT the remote)

The word "Test" should come up on the player Display

Press "9" on the remote until the display on the player says "00A0 0000"

Press "Standby/on" (remote or player)

Wait 15 seconds

Turn player back on

(This Hack also works for the 300 *Black* version)

PostRegion code hack posted by PG, May 07 2003:

many times tryd this hack,but don,t work???

PostRegion code hack posted by Dave, May 07 2003:

This has been proved in the XV=S300BK Page that the above hack DOES NOT WORK.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ben, May 11 2003:

Hi all I have the xv-302sl's sister player the xv-332sl and got the dvd player to read 00a0 0000 I'm region 4 But I dont have another region dvd to test with but Know that 00a0 0000 is the last code of the sequence it takes about a minute of pressing 9.
By the way my dvd player says test 4 at start of hack could it be that the number after test stands for the region?

Let me know if it works.

PostRegion code hack posted by Viktor, May 13 2003:

Mine does say 00AD 0000 at first but if you keep pressing it, it will eventually say 00A0 0000 after going through the numbers about 3 times. I did this pressed standby waited 15 seconds turned back in put my buffy season 3 from america(region 1) and it says disc region error and will not play the damn DVD. So it don't work maybe it is differn't for everybodys regions? The people who got it working do you have region 1 or 2 or 4 players?.

PostRegion code hack posted by grrrrrrrrrrrrr !!, May 16 2003:

It seems that this hack does NOT WORK with the f****** german version of that shitty player. I can reach the 00A0 FFFF, and change it to 00A0 0000 (just press the 4 or the 5 button on the remote, after some weird stuff appearing on the display of the player it will be 00A0 0000, dunno what that crap means at all !).
Ten i turn it OFF, wait a few seconds,but it wont play RC1-DVDs. It seems that this hack has been disabled for the F****** german version of that wack player.

Im going 2 sell that f****** piece of sh!t.

JVC sucks.

PostRegion code hack posted by murko, May 16 2003:

This player can play all the regions if when powering it to service mode gives you TEST 00. The number after test is your region. With this, as most of jvc dvds, this can be done only with computer to upgrade firmware.

PostOther hack posted by rickeee, July 15 2003:

It's about the italian version of the player (probably the same in germany). the crack does not work. I tried both AD and A0 and nothing changes. hope someone will find a cure for this :)

PostRegion code hack posted by LEEBUX, September 18 2003:


PostOther hack posted by hj, September 24 2003:

Hey's a hack...if it's not working, don't blame JVC, blame yourselfe!

PostRegion code hack posted by pleaseanotherdvdplayer, November 22 2003:

Yeah, but where can such a FIRMWARE be found ?

btw, I guess u can restore all the test settings u manipulated to the factory default: just press the 3D PHONIC - Button on your remote, so "DTS" appears on the front display.

Another thing: when u have entered "Test Mode", press the following buttons: 3D-PHONIC, then MENU, then MENU again. dunno what the result means .

PostOther hack posted by help_plz, January 12 2004:

Yo, I tried this hack and founded the that 00a0 0000 and turned my player off, now when i turn power on it wont show any picture ?

So some1 plz tell me whats that address was which is default.

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