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April 24, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by ericleala, November 10 2004:

This dvd recorder is a clone of the liteon LVW 5001, and the same hack posted by hikhak works for this unit.
Follow same steps.

Region code hack posted by hikhak, March 10 2004:
found a hidden menu on the "Setup" menu on Lite-On's LVW-5001.
you must do the following to open it.
Enter "Setup" menu on the screen.
Scroll down and highlight "Exit".
While "Exit" is highlighted enter 2,9,6, and 0 and press "Enter".
A hidden menu pops up and you can select your region.

PostRegion code posted by arynjon, December 15 2004:

I found this information from the user comments for the Lite-on LVW-5005
and it also works for the ilo DVDR04:


I have discovered a trivial workaround for the inability of later-made LVM
-5005 machines to record a macrovision (MV)-encoded signal.

1. On the LVM-5005, start recording from a source that does not contain MV.
A blue screen or the splash screen of your DVD player will work fine.

2. Just after the recording has started, press <pause>.

3. Start the source that contains MV. For a DVD movie, this would mean
loading a disc, navigating through the menu and and starting the movie. For
a VHS tape, this would mean starting it playing.

(I'm adding a little more information here which may or may not be ILO
specific: When you start your source, watch the icon at the top of your screen
- it will change from pause to the ø then back to the pause indicator. When it
is back to the pause indicator proceed to step 4)

4. Press <pause> again to resume recording.

I hope this works for everyone... It did for me.

PostOther hack posted by Guitarman, January 03 2005:

Please visit my ILO DVDR04/HD04 Firmware site for the latest firmware upgrades for these recorders. The site includes the latest firmware for the DVDR04, hacked to include LP 3-hour mode and disable MacroVision.

PostOther hack posted by Snesfan, March 23 2005:

Just for information this player also has a PAL converter and will play PAL discs on an NTSC TV once the region free hack is applied.

PostRegion code hack posted by Obtuse, March 28 2005:

Picked one up when my Liteon LVD 2001 bit the dust.
Region hack above works perfectly! For Macrovision-Free & 3 hour (LP) recording, download hacked firmware here:
(I used 1098 Rev. B hacked, burned Nero image to disc).
Works great!

PostRegion code hack posted by Lilliana Sanchez, April 24 2006:

please mention how to apply the hack

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