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Eltax DV-100

10 user region code comments

March 04, 2004 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Gunde Svan, July 08 2003:

1. Have the cd out
2. Press 728180 (0=region code, 0=region free)

PostRegion code hack posted by Rick Neke, July 29 2003:

I could not get the hack from Gunde Swan, to work on
my Eltax DV-100. Maby Im doing something wron or
the description is too short.
Thanks anyway...

PostRegion code hack posted by Gustaf af Holstein, August 02 2003:

The hack above works!
What Gunde means:
"have the cd out"=have the cd-tray out
and then press 728180 (0=regionfree)
code whit the remote control.

many thanks Guunde(nara skjuter ingen hare!)

PostRegion code hack posted by les, November 09 2003:

Region code for this DVD supplied with the manual is does not work, this code does work:-72818 then add region code at end of the code.

PostRegion code hack posted by ron hunt, November 12 2003:

the above hack of 728180 works,i have just bought two of the player's from miller bros in tells you how to change to multi region in the manual,but it gives the number 628180,this does not work.i used the hack from this site and it works no probs.superb player as well it plays everything.the only thing i have not tested is macrovision,i will update when i have checked it.i am so impressed,that i am going to buy another player for my front room.

PostRegion code hack posted by Martin Smith, December 27 2003:

Tried the 728181 hack and it works, but my picture is only in black and white, what am I doing wrong?

PostOther hack posted by Mark, December 28 2003:

It sounds as if you are using the wrong Scart/S-Video setting. Try this: Open tray then press display. Your picture should now be in colour.

PostOther hack posted by Martin, January 04 2004:

Thanks Mark, tried that but it still is in b/w, so too are my photos from my digital camera, anything else you can think of before I take it back!

PostOther hack posted by dil999, January 18 2004:

Your TV may not be NTSC compatable/ or you need to set the video output to NTSC.

PostOther hack posted by Emil, March 04 2004:

think it sucks that its the wrong code in the manual...

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