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Cyberhome CH-DVD 655

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February 09, 2006 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Odin, June 06 2005:

I tried it with BIOS 176.12 and it works !
1. Power on with your remote control.
2. Leave the drive empty and closed.
3. Use the "menu" button.
4. Push digit 1 and 9.
5. You should see a new menu enabling you to change the region code.
5. Press your "enter" button to display 0 (all regions).
6. Power off your drive with the remote.
7. Power on again and your drive is now region free.

PostRegion code hack posted by Greg, August 19 2005:

unbelievably quick and easy hack posted above.

took less than 20 secs to get a region-free player...

hint: to get to the hidden menu you may have to hold the remote's menu button
for a few seconds or you'll get the forbidden sign on the upper left corner.

great hack, great player and for only 80 bucks at wal mart.

and HDMI and up conversion is outstanding.


PostOther hack posted by Cheryl, September 27 2005:

Just FYI:
I did not have to hack this player in order to play any of my PAL DVDs. I have PAL and NTSC DVDs from many different regions, and they ALL played without doing anything to the player at all. My NTSC DVDs all played fine as well. No special settings. No hacks. Just put the DVD in and hit 'play'. I was quite surprised and pleased by this.

The manual it states:
Default setting: NTSC
Selecting the Video setting allows the user to select the TV standard. The following options are available:
NTSC = TV is NTSC. PAL content is played at NTSC resolution and frame rate.
PAL = TV is PAL. NTSC content is played at PAL resolution and frame rate.
AUTO = If the content is PAL, the output is PAL. If the content is NTSC, the output is NTSC. TV must support auto.

PostRegion code hack posted by Yahoo, November 30 2005:

I have bios 176.22 and the hack above works perfect. 10 seconds and you have region free player.

PostRegion code hack posted by tartantina, February 09 2006:

I have Bios 176.22 and just hit menu then 1,9 as described and lo and behold a region free player . Thanks for the help

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