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Cyberhome CH-DVD 402

14 user region code comments

December 08, 2005 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by claus klammer, September 20 2002:

1.) open cd tray
2.) press the following keys to change the region code:
followed by pressing 'left' 3 times and 'right' 1 time
3.) choose the new menu point 'version'
4.) change the 'region code' to 0

PostRegion code hack posted by Frank3, October 28 2002:

1.player "on"
2.Open tray
3.push "setup button"
4.cursor down to "exit setup"
5.push 1,3,6,9 on your remote control.
6.push 3 times left cursor 1 time right cursor. tab appears "Version" "version"
9.go to "region code"
10.cursor left
11. change regioncode 2 in 0.


This crack works !!!

PostRegion code hack posted by Nohack, February 11 2003:

This is so great! I also just got this at BestBuy. But
before I tried the hack I decided to try my region 2
DVD without the hack. Well, they worked just fine
anyway, I only have region 1 and 2 dvds but they
worked fine with the player as it was without
hacking it!

PostRegion code posted by Henry Allen, February 21 2003:

I am interested in Cyber home 402 DVD and wonder if this Macrovision hack works before I buy it. Found it on another site.

Macrovision hack:
When playing a movie with Macrovision protection, press:

Stop > Setup > Video > System


PAL (enter) NTSC (enter) PAL (enter)

or vice versa if watching in NTSC

Exit setup and restart the movie.

The hack is not permanent and must be performed each time you LOAD a new movie as it appears Macrovision is only detected when the disc is being loaded.

It also only works with the latest firmware revision, 10.01, which is available to download from Cyberhome's website.

After the update you should change the Video > Format option in Setup to Auto:

Some people have reported no picture after the update. If this happens, do a "blind" video reset:


This should restore the picture. If not, press ENTER, UP, ENTER repeatedly until the picture restores (this just cycles through the video output formats until you find the required one).

PostRegion code posted by keith sanborn, February 24 2003:

There is no known hack for Macrovision on the 402. European users seems to be able to avoid Macrovision by using SCART leads into their vcr. Most reliable sources agree that the hack for the ch-500 does not work on the 402. No one I have seen has ever reported success with it. Also, it may only be the US models of the ch-500 which can be hack with the standard switch between output standards (pal/ntsc) or output formats (component/composite/s-video.

Keith Sanborn

PostRegion code hack posted by Mayumi, March 11 2003:

If region code hack doesn't work,see "PARENTAL".
(setup / general / parental)
If "8:OFF" is selected, change to another one.
(I selected "2 : G")(Password is "1369")

Then try Hack again!

PostRegion code hack posted by Argentophile, March 31 2003:

I did the hack, the way it was explained on here, except that I did NOT need to open the tray to do it.

1.Turn on unit

2.using the remote, press "set-up".

3.punch in numbers, 1,3,6,9 left arrow, (the one on the outside of the "enter" button) 3 times. right arrow, (the one on the outside of the "enter" button) 1 time.

6.New tab appears on the bottom of the selections, which reads, "Version"

7.Cursor down to version, press, goes to "region code".

8. Select region code. I put mine on 0. You are good to go.

Happy watching. I soon bought region 2, PAL discs, played them on my USA, NTSC TV, and worked GREAT!!

PostRegion code posted by Jeroen2674, May 07 2003:

Sorry but the macrovision hack is not working on the cyberhome CH 402, tried serveral times with serveral DVD movies and with both the systems NTSC and PAL but no luck
Best is to by the MACRO 2000 and hook it up between DVD and VCR or Modulator, and al is clear.

PostRegion code hack posted by Mayumi, July 14 2003:

If region code hack doesn't work,see "PARENTAL".
( setup - general - parental)
If "8:OFF" is selected,change to another one.
I selected "2:G"
(PASSWORD is "1369")
Then try that again!

PostRegion code hack posted by Mc.Crack, September 02 2003:

Deutsche Anleitung um den Laenderregionscode von CyberHome DVD-Player CH-DVD 402 zu aendern.

1.Disc-Lade oeffnen
2.Druecken Sie folgende Tasten auf der Fernbedienung
um den Laendercode zu aendern:
Druecken Sie `Setup` Sie sind jetzt in dem Menue
Geben Sie hier den Zahlencode 1,3,6,9 ein.
Druecken Sie die Richtungstaste nach links 3 mal
dann die Richtungstaste nach rechts 1 mal.
3.Jetzt sehen Sie ein neues Menue mit dem Namen
Gehen Sie in das Menue `Version` und aendern Sie den
`Laenderregion-Code` auf Null.
4.Stellen Sie im `Einstellmenue-Hauptseite`die
Deutschen Einstellungen wieder ein.
Damit Sie den naechsten Film nicht in Englischer
Sprache hoeren!

Viel Spass Mc.Crack

PostRegion code hack posted by Jerry, September 07 2003:

I bought the dvd player in Holland.
I did the hack, it worked.
I can play any region now

PostRegion code hack posted by e-am, January 17 2004:

I bought this unit for $54.95 at Best Buy, and just like Nohack says I tried it first without hackig its region code. I played dvds for region 1, and 2 only, and it worked. Didn't have to hack macrovision code, either. This is basic DVD player, and if you think that this type of quality is good enough, then this player is for you, just like it's for me.

PostRegion code hack posted by petesimon, May 12 2004:

The remote control hack stated here works fine.
See the setup screen with the region chooser menu at the URL below.

PostRegion code hack posted by Ken, December 08 2005:

The standard hack described here worked for me, too ... but the tray had to be open to get to the Regional options.

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