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Cyberhome AD-L 528

7 user region code comments

March 10, 2003 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Thomas Boehm, June 13 2001:

To enter the SECRET MENUE
-Turn on the player
-open tray
-press "Stop"
-enter 1 9 9 9

You can change the REGION CODE.
Itīs not possible to turn off MACROVISION at the moment.
Check for more information.

PostRegion code hack posted by rudi, March 07 2002:

i found a very tricky hack:

but it works fine

PostRegion code hack posted by gewse, March 13 2002:

Region code hack.

1. Turn on your dvd player
2. open the tray
3. press the stop button on your remote
4. enter 1999 using the remote

a menu will pop up.

5. select the region code using the remote (set it to ALL)
6. confirm it, using enter
7. leave the menu using the return button on your remote

8. close the tray

and your Cyberhome is now suitable for all regions :)

PostRegion code posted by JS, June 08 2002:


When playing a movie with Macrovision protection, press:

Stop > Setup > Video > System


PAL (enter) NTSC (enter) PAL (enter)

or vice versa if watching in NTSC

Exit setup and restart the movie.

The hack is not permanent and must be performed each time you LOAD a new movie as it appears Macrovision is only detected when the disc is being loaded.

It also only works with the latest firmware revision, 10.01, which is available to download from Cyberhome's website.

After the update you should change the Video > Format option in Setup to Auto:

Some people have reported no picture after the update. If this happens, do a "blind" video reset:


This should restore the picture. If not, press ENTER, UP, ENTER repeatedly until the picture restores (this just cycles through the video output formats until you find the required one).

PostRegion code hack posted by Jan Rompf, July 15 2002:

Tested with firmware 10.01.
1) Switch the player on
2) Open the cd Tray
3) Press Stop button on the remote control.
4) Press "3358" on the remote control.
5) Select "region-Code" by pressing region number (1-6)
6) Close the cd-tray.

PostRegion code posted by , December 13 2002:

Macrovision deactivation on CyberHome ADL-528 (for actual DVD):

Press STOP once (it actually goes to some sort of pause mode, macrovision effects should still be noticed even while displaying the menu of the player).

Press SETUP and go to setting VIDEO > SYSTEM (possible settings are PAL and NTSC)
Change the entry, press RETURN, change back the entry as it was before, press RETURN

Ready - the video encoder should be re-initialized and Macrovision disabled.

PostRegion code hack posted by rumpleforeskin, March 10 2003:

power on
wait till "no disc" displayed
open cd tray
press "stop" on the remote
type in 1,9,9,9 on the remote
select your region code using the up down keys on the remote
press select or enter to allow you to pick your region
"all" region free
"1"region 1 and so on
this code does not allow you to disable macro though
it was supplied with my dvd by the retailer i bought it from

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