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Bose Lifestyle 18

4 user region code comments

May 03, 2017 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by Venkat, March 24 2005:

first insert a region1 dvd into drive. when it has been inserted using the bose remote control press and hold the plat key for 30seconds or more then let go of the play button and then type in 999 on the control and it will set iy yo multiregion - to change back do the same again but use the code 000. I have tested this on models sold in Singapore and works fine

PostRegion code hack posted by DBH, May 26 2006:

This came straight from Bose Australia and it worked for me.Start without any disc in a closed tray,with remote in hand ,push following buttons, RIGHT ARROW, UP ARROW , SHUFFLE ,STOP, MUTE.Once you have done that place disc in tray and push play.
Took me a couple of tries,study where the buttons are first as you have to enter them in a quick succession.

PostRegion code hack posted by, May 08 2012:

To unlock DVD Region code error in Bose Lifestyle 18
bought in India.
- Insert the CD/DVD into the tray
- The bose player will show "DVD region not supported" and the Television will also show a blue screen with the same text.
- Now leave the CD/DVD as it is in the tray and take the Bose remote
- Now press the following Remote keys in succession
- Right arrow
- Up arrow
- Shuffle
- Stop
- Mute
- Stop
- Shuffle
- Zero
- Enter

Once everything is done, the DVD will be ejected automatically. Thats it. Enjoy.

PostRegion code posted by mel, May 03 2017:

The hack above from bose Australia worked but for me only with the dvd in the tray. it then
started automatically.

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