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Apex AD-1110W

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December 12, 2008 Post region code/hack comment
PostRegion code hack posted by KP, December 28 2005:

Hack from ad1010w worked in my ad1110w.
This is the original post:
Region code hack posted by roger, May 24 2004:
Region code hack posted May 3rd 2003:
* Load your DVD in the tray
* close the tray
* As the DVD start to load the software press the button STEP in the remote several times.
* Whoooa enjoy your DVD's from other regions.
* You have full control of the remote control

PostRegion code posted by MONJE-The_Mad_Monk, December 12 2008:

If you tried repeatedly pushing the STEP button upon loading and it still does not work, it's not necessarily that this method is a fraud. There is more to it. This is not a code, you're really just tricking this DVD player to play a foreign region DVD as if it were a region 1 disc. Here are some guidelines that may help.

This doesn't always work immediately with the "STEP button method" it works after it has read something.

1. Insert any DVD or foreign region DVD
If you inserted a region 1 or 0 DVD: Just let the DVD player do it's normal function and read the disc.
If you loaded a DVD of a region other than 1 or 0: As it loads, repeatedly press 1. (This will play the DVD, but you won't be able to rewind, pause, access the menus, etc.)

2. Go ahead and remove the disc.

3. Insert the foreign region DVD of your choice.

4. As it loads, repeatedly press STEP. When the upper left sign switches from reading "Loading" to "DVD-Video" DO NOT stop pressing that STEP button! When the STEP symbol appears on the upper right of the screen, then you can stop pressing the STEP button. (Note: If you don't know what the STEP symbol looks like, it's a vertical line behind a right pointing triangle in a square outline.)

5. The DVD player is not doing much right now. Press any number 4 and up and quickly follow it up with the PLAY button. This won't work the first time. Push another number (above 3) and follow it with PLAY. DO NOT get impatient! Keep doing this with different numbers followed up by PLAY and LISTEN carefully to your DVD player. When you hear the playback function (it sounds like it's accepting any region 1 DVD) it will play the chapter of what ever number you pressed last.

Conclusion: You should be able to access the menus, rewind, fast forward, and use all other full functions of the DVD just as it were any region 1 disc.

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