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REAPER is a powerful Windows application for multitrack recording and editing of audio. It will accept avi, mpg or wmv files & give you a video preview, thus enabling you to mix extra tracks in with your source audio!. You cannot perform any video editing within Reaper, but you can work on the soundtrack. You can edit the existing soundtrack, and/or add create new tracks and media items to be mixed with it.

Trialware ($60)
OS:Windows MacOS
File size:8.8MB
Version history available

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  Latest version:
5.201 (May 25, 2016)

Download sites

Visit developer's site

Download Reaper 5.201 (direct link)

Download Reaper 5.201 64-bit (direct link)

Download Mac and other versions:
Download Reaper Mac version (direct link)

Download Reaper Mac 64-bit version (direct link)

Supported operating systems:
Windows Mac OS

Reaper screenshot
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Version history / Release notes / Changelog:
REAPER 5.201:

Metronome: fix project metronome pattern not applying immediately, regression from 5.18 .
Notation editor: fix potential crash when entering lyrics outside the bounds of the media item .
VST: better behavior when manually re-scanning shell plug-ins

REAPER 5.20: We are great programmers, folks. We make the best software. Really terrific software. Everybody says it's the best. (applause)

Notation editor
add MIDI notation editor!
handle most mouse and keyboard insert/edit behaviors identically to existing MIDI editor
save notation data with project MIDI; notation-specific import/export will come later
support single track or continuous scrolling multiple track view
support grid spacing (default) or proportional musical note spacing
support customizable display quantization
support optional automatic triplet detection
support inserting and editing arbitrary manual tuplets
support some articulation, ornaments, dynamics, pedal, octave notation
support lyrics, phrases/slurs
support automatic or custom beaming
support key signatures, clef changes, transposing instruments
support up to 3 voices, option to automatically voice overlapping notes
support non-standard accidentals (E sharp, G double-flat, etc)
support coloring selected notes or note heads by pitch, media source, velocity, voice
support custom note head glyphs per-note or per-pitch
optionally bracket tracks by project folder
make @serialize faster and use less memory
add WigWare Multi-Channel VU Meter
add midi_delay
eliminate more constant conditional expressions, improve code generation
fix match() matching %s at end of string .
send meta-events (beginning with FF) unwrapped via midisend_buf/str (do not treat as sysex)
Media items
add undo point when renaming source media
improve handling of zero-length items .
fix heavily-looped, resampled items .
fix very-zoomed-out peak display on very short looped items
improve stretch marker behavior with pitch shifting and 0ms stretch marker fade time
fix potential for incorrect take FX chasing/small seeks
vary take lane size in order to use all available space .
MIDI editor
add mouse modifier to select all later notes of same pitch
add mouse modifier to select all notes in measure (shift+alt+click by default)
add undo points when using velocity edit actions .
prevent note edit preview while recording .
allow separate selection link to visibility and editability in track list
change "paint notes or chords" mouse modifier to "paint notes and chords"
add trim volume envelope, actions to apply to/from trim to volume envelopes
fix inaccuracies reading mute envelopes when stopped .
improve actions to write all envelopes .
improve rounding behavior when at the end of square envelope segments .
.WAV files
avoid potential wave file reader crash .
fix junk being written to unused fields in certain cue chunks
improve fader/knob descriptions for VoiceOver and MSAA
improve project tabs/docker tabs/various other tabs with VoiceOver
fix certain keys in actions window filter box on OSX .
action to set item ends to start of next item only affects selected items .
try to normalize samplerates when opening multiple devices
only open one device when using a single default device
change default FX resize to down as well as up
reduce memory use for plug-ins with large state data
always encode color as RGB in .csv export .
fix cross-platform color translation issue
fix count-in rounding issue .
improve behavior when moving click sources across time signature changes .
fix potential hang when using theme that sets mcp_min_height=0 .
improve action behavior with docked but invisible master mixer
Project bay
improve handling of folders when full source media path changes
preserve source media folders when media is removed and re-added to project
update source media folders when renaming via media item properties
fix EEL match() matching %s at end of string .
fix potential memory leak .
fix incorrect history update when using save-as to an existing project .
warn when inconsistencies or errors occur loading undo history
add extensions to allow VST plug-ins access to video
support writing multichannel audio to video files using OS X AVAsset encoder
add global option, per plug-in compatibility options for ignoring/processing automation notifications
show shell plug-in scanning details when performing manual rescan
fix auto-mute UI disabling .
fix MIDI monitoring latency when stopped
reduce undo state memory use
fix potential crash when switching presets .
allow render blocksize as low as 4 samples
Save as
prompt when overwriting a file saved to a subdirectory .
add new master track layouts .
update play button state after various actions which stop playback .
improve MIDI_Sort function .

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Kristal Audio Engine

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A multi-track audio editor packing incredible number of features into a small download. Actively developed and supported on the official forum. The program is so intuitive, given an accumulated experience with other audio editors, that it doesn't need a help-file, which isn't provided, I imagine, because it would take too much effort to keep it current.

Nevertheless, nearly every option in the Preferences dialog is explained in a clear short sentence, which appears right on the program interface without opening resource intensive external programs, or requiring the user to skim through lengthy text. Functions in the dialog are also directly searchable, without needing to search the docs, and then following them to find the required button.

None of the above uses any bulky html/metro/net bloat. Where possible, the program makes use of Windows controls to draw the interface. The whole preferences dialog is very fast to scroll through. So the other comment about Win 3.11 isn't justified. Reaper did receive a major UI update of the skinnable parts once. But it is still possible to load the skin from verison 2 in the current v4 and continue using the familiar layout.

Reaper has codecs for practical, useful open file formats, there is a powerful batch converter (also with built-in help), which allows to use any installed DirectShow or VST (more reliable) effect. Reaper can load MIDI files, and unlike with sophisiticated editors, this process seems "lossless" (events aren't rearranged), and sometimes the reason why a file doesn't sound right can be found and manually corrected.

Later versions add video support through ffmpeg. But I've never found it to be precise or stable enough to be of any use for syncing. Reaper is not a sample-exact cut-and-paste editor; and doesn't replace Sound Forge for sound, nor Cakewalk Pro Audio for MIDI. It's a DAW works on a clip level.

Posted June 22, 2014 by . Tool version 4.32 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

If u use reaper and see its functionality, it seems to me that the other stalwarts like steingberg and presonus or other big names of the audio industry seems to be fooling the general public in the name of high-end products.

Posted March 04, 2014 by . Tool version 4.602 using OS Windows 8 64-bit
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

That's a stupid comment below, the pdf help file is excellent and fully comprehensive, and keeps up-to-date with all the frequent revisions. Plus it can be opened from within Reaper as a .chm file if you bothered to look into it a little bit.

The GUI is fully skinnable, so you can have the default functional GUI, or snazz it up to your heart's content, I don't see what you're gripe is here.

Pointless criticisms! Blah!

Posted March 23, 2008 by . Tool version 2.14159 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

* the help file is a separate download;
* the pdf file is poorly authored;
* the interface wants to "look cool" instead of being
"professionally-simple" --- the author would have much to learn
from the GUI of the old Midisoft Studio4 for Windows 3.1;

* you can try before you buy.

Posted March 22, 2008 by . Tool version 2.14159 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 5 of 10 Functionality 4 of 10 Value for money 3 of 10 Overall score 4 of 10

Superb software that rivals all the biggies like Pro-Tools, Cubase, etc. Easy to use "out of the box", but plenty of power "under the hood" (hint: right-click for menus!). Has sophisticated on-board plugins, and supports all VSTs and VSTi's. The "Reafir" plugin can isolate, for example, hiss or noise from a VHS capture & remove it. Reaper seems to be very actively developed, and bugs are generally ironed out very quickly before new features are added. This is the same guy who made Winamp! Non-restricted 30-day trialware!

Posted October 10, 2007 by . Tool version 2.0rc5 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 10 of 10 Value for money 10 of 10 Overall score 10 of 10

AWESOME....and I haven't used it for any video based audio yet...just for
making extended/enhanced mixes of some songs. VERY simple to use hasn't crashed
or faltered once since my experimenting began.
GREAT stuff.

Posted October 08, 2007 by . Tool version 1.888 using OS WinXP
Ease of use 10 of 10 Functionality 9 of 10 Value for money 8 of 10 Overall score 9 of 10

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