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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for svtplay-dl

4.15 2022-11-22
tv4play: they changed their site again
sanitize the filename a little. like removing : from it. windows dislike it.

4.14 2022-10-24 improved detection of season and episode number improved ad detection
tv4play: they changed their site
tv4play: show an error message when geoblocked instead of crashing on retries, because they send 5xx error message instead of 4xx one
nrk: should work again
urplay: support for only audio files
windows: fixed so it works with windows 7 (time to upgrade…)
added a new argument --filename so you dont have to use config file to access it

4.13 2022-06-05 add support for vod videos
switched building windows .exe with python3.8. it should work with this old unsupported windows 7 again. people should upgrade to a newer version that have support… fixed an issue that made files huge (several gigabytes when it should only be one).

4.12 2022-05-13
tv4play: fix so all-episodes work again
solidtango: make it work again
config: fix so proxy work
Added a new argument --resolution. --resolution 720 will download 720p videos. --resolution 720,1080 it will look for 720p and 1080p videos. if no video with that resolution available it will show an error message.

4.11 2022-03-29
svtplay: fix so subtitles works again
angelstudios: adding support for add support for bonanza videos
fixed a crash with semi silent option

4.10 2021-12-19
discoveryplus: add a message that we cant download any more videos
svtplay: fix so all-episodes only download the same tv show
köket: add support for downloading videos
urplay: fix downloading thumbernail
viafree: dont crash on some videos
Improve help text on -M
tv4play: fix so all episodes work

4.9 2021-11-03
–subfolder can be used with –output when its an directory
postprocess: fixed an bug detecting ffmpeg.exe in the same folder was svtplay-dl.exe
svtplay: fixed an issue when the video page is up but the actual video is gone
svtplay: revert a change that made some files become very small.
urplay: update detection after site update

4.8 2021-10-27
svtplay: detect videos after they updated their site
postprocess: remove srt file when we merged it support for srt files in hls files dont crash on videos without subs

4.7 2021-10-19
viafree: fixed a crash that was in the previous release

4.6 2021-10-18
tv4play: another month, another update
viafree: fix so -A works again. forgot to fix it last time
postprocess: on windows systems only: if ffmpeg.exe is in the same directory as svtplay-dl.exe, it will use it if it cant find it in PATH

4.5 2021-09-15
tv4play: fix so it works again

4.4 2021-09-12
pokemon: make it work with other languages than english
tv4: fix so it works again
subtitles: fix a regression from previous version
output: proper fix paths with ~ in it
riksdagen: fix so it works again

4.3 2021-09-09
barnkanalen: fix so it work with the site again
pokemon: fix so it work with the site again
viafree: fix a crash on the site
fetcher.hls: fix so we detect audio better
subtitles: in some cases we used dot instead of comma in timecode

4.2 2021-07-23
discoveryplus: added support for olympic games video

4.1 2021-07-09
added support for output format “mkv” via ffmpeg with the argument –output-format. config value is “output_format”
add support for /genre/ downloads on, it will take some time to load.
fixed a bug related to merging multiple subtitles into the file.
fixed a crash related to miliseconds in dash files.

4.0 2021-06-17
Fixed an issue with multiple subtitles that was introduced in 3.9.1
Fixed a crash with subtitles with no language info in them, saw it on viafree

Add support for different audio languages and roles (see –list-quality to find what is available)
cmore: fix so –all-episodes work again and add dash streams support
tv4play: add dash stream support
discoveryplus: add support for standalone videos
Improve –list-quality output
Renamed dplay to discoveryplus, viaplay to viafree. display a warning message if the old names still in use.
Added –no-remux, –no-merge, –no-postprocess and –keep-original.

rewrote the code that find already downloaded videos and skip them.
discoveryplus: fix a crash with a seriers with an empty season
urplay: fix a crash downloading videos
urplay: fix all episodes work again
viafree: handle multi subtitles videos better
unrelaed note. there is a discord server now, link in the bottom.

discoveryplus: fix another crash and better way to detect related episodes
svtplay: improve getting the correct episode name
svtplay: fix a crash when downloading clips

discoveryplus: fix a crash in some cases downloading all episodes.
urplay: fix autonaming on movies.
–list-quality: list resolution on videos who have it.

svtplay: forgot the fix for all episode option in previous release.

svtplay: fixed a crash due to some issues on the web site
svtplay: improved detection on episode numbering
nrk: fixed an issue

tv4play: using -A incorrectly downloaded wrong videos sometimes
svtplay: fixed a crash with -A on some tv shows
svtplay: improve detection of season and episode numbers
svtplay: dont crash on non-existing video
subtitle: stpp support

svtplay: new site, new update
drop support for python 3.5, only support 3.6+
urplay: extracting filename metadata
viafree: fix subtitles

svtplay: fix a crash downloading all episode with no episodes available
barnkanlen: its working again via
svtplay: live barnkanalen is working again
discoveryplus: fix an issue with .dk and .no sites.
urplay: use wrst subtile instead of tt.
tv4play: fix an issue finding all episodes

svtplay: fix a crash downloading tv-show thumbnails
discoveryplus: better way to identify free and premium content
viaplay: find the correct subtitle language instead of use the first one.
fixed an issue with having cookies in config file

svtplay: fix issue finding videos on the new site
svt: add support for downloading videos from the recpie site
urplay: fix issue finding some videos
discoveryplus: add support for it
discoveryplus: show a better error message when people need the right cookie
changed behavior when using –merge-subtitle, it will force –subtitle
add support for –only-audio and –only-video, it will only work when audio and video is separate

svtplay: fix so -A work again
urplay: fixed so it wont download hardcoded subs.
dplay: fixed issue getting videos from .dk and .no sites.

dplay: fixed a crash in some special case.
urplay: fixed so we can get videos from the site again.

Add support for solidsport with user/passwd
Fix a crash on svtplay using -A

dplay: use the st cookie from the website and pass it to --cookies argument to access the site again
tv4play: fix after they updated the website
svt: fix so it work with the updated website again.
viafree: fix so it work with the updated website again.
removed dateutil as a dependency. it worked bad with windows
Fix so the script work with different video codecs and audio channels. list what is available using --list-quality then use --format-preferred to set which one you want ex h264-51. config value is format_preferred. by default its set to h264 and h264-51
Windows binaries is available for 64bit and old 32bit.

fix crashes on svtplay
added a new dependency python-dateutil

svtplay updated their site
Added option to list only episode urls --get_only_episode_url
Fix for downloading live videos from svt barn

The APT repo have a new key.
Fixes a crash when parsing dash playlist on svt
Dropped pycryptodome and replaced it with cryptography as dependency
Fixed a crash downloading subtitles from svtplay
Fixed a crash related to config files
Fixed an issue with NFO files had its show and title swapped
Fixed a issue with multiple subtitles adding multiple audio and video tracks.
Docker container is available at

The APT repo dropping support for ubuntu 14.04. install via pypi if you are using that ubuntu version.
Fixed some tv4play issues.
Dont try to download HLS drm files we dont support.
Fixed issue with download videos from cmore.
Fixed a crash outputting to a directory using -A

New mayor release that is python3 only
Changed the way we distribute windows binaries which means no false positive warnings from anti-virus
the windows binary is in a zip file now with a bunch of files which we need.
Replaced pycrypto to use pycryptodome. pycrypto is old and buggy
Added a new dependency pyyaml for config file feature
tv4play: should work again after they changed their site.
dplay: support for subtitles and download all different subtitles.

Fixed an issue pycrypto failed on windows
Fixed an issue with HLS where we thought it was two streams but it was only one.
Fixed an issue with postprocess fail to merge files together.

Fixed an issue with viafree that we failed to detect the videos
Fixed an issue with viafree that we downloaded the from video
Fixed so we can use -A on and .no
Fixed in weird cases we failed to merge (audio and video) .ts files to .mp4
Fixed a crash with dash on some videos on svtplay
Fixed so we can download the latest video from the program page on dplay
Fixed a crash on dplay using python2 and naming files.
Fixed a way to detect bad audio tracks from eurosportplayer

Fixed download videos

Added support for
Added support for eurosportplayer
Sometimes you need to remove a bad audio track like this. output from ffmpeg -i knasig.mp4. we need to remove the mp3 track.
Stream #0:1[0x4a7]: Audio: mp3, 0 channels
Stream #0:2[0x1e2]: Audio: aac (LC), 48000 Hz, stereo, fltp, 133 kb/s
ffmpeg -i knasig.mp4 -map 0:0 -map 0:2 -c copy bra.fil.mp4
Added support for ATG
Added support for
Fixed aftonbladet embedded support
Fixed support
Fixed viafree -A
Fixed svtplay –all-last order

HLS live support for svtplay and dplay channels.
by default it will record until you press ctrl + c.
using the argument -c XXX (replace XXX with minutes to record).
Added support for
Added support for sportlib
Added support for proxy
Removed stdout output
cmore: detect id number better
viaplay: fixed an issue when trying to read json data.
svtplay: fixed sorting when using -A
expressen: fixed an issue when they started to use https
urplay/urskola: fixed an issue when they started to use https

cmore: support for login via operator.
cmore-operatorlist to check the operator name.
cmore-operator=name replace name with the operator name.
svtplay: fixed some cases when -A didnt work
aftonbladet: fixed issue with
dash: fixed an issue when the bitrate calculation was wrong

cmore: added support.
svtplay: fixed so -A works again.
disney: fixed a support for it again.
tv4play: use webvtt subtitles instead of smi.
tv4play: fixed an issue we could not find the id for the video.
viafree: add support for .fi.
viafree: -A broke and that is fixed again.
aftonbladet: they changed the layout of the page.
nickelodeon: fixed support.
urplay: support for -A for

nrk: Fix the right api url
svtplay: fixed so -A works again
svtplay: fixed a videoTitlePage crash
tv4play: remove login option.
viafree: dont crash when they use a text instead of an episode number.
viafree: fix so --exclude works with -A
viafree: fix so --all-last work as intended
öppetarkiv: fixed a crash accessing videos
öppetarkiv: fixed a crash naming files.

svtplay: fixed a crash with accessServices
tv4play: Add season and episode info in the filename
nhl: new service and vod support
svtplay: fixed a crash when we cant find a service
svtplay: add support for exclude with -A

svtplay: fixed an issue when new files looks bad
svtplay: added support for detecting syntolkat and teckentolkat
Add include-clips command to include clips when combined with -A
svtplay: Adds support for --include-clips as well as support to just download one tab of episodes by using ?tab="tab" in url, ?tab=sasong3 with -A will download only sasong3. remove ?tab=sasong3 if you want to download everything.
svtplay: using -A will try to download same episode twice
svtplay: Add support for tabs on genre pages
viafree: Added support for --include-clips
viafree: Download only specific season by using /sasongXX in url

svtplay: fix a crash after change on svtplay website.
dplay: fix a crash with show names with weird chars.
multiargs: will work with -A now
picsearch: new way to find the video if we cant use the old way.
solidtango: detect hls in a new way

postprocess: fixed a crash on py3 and windows with ÅÄÖ in the name.
svtplay: dont crash if we cant find subtitle
subtitle: dont add double extensions using --raw-subtitles
urplay: detect related videos for -A
urplay: fix subtitle detection
tv4play: check for live videos.
viaplay: support for wsrt subtitles
subtitle: dont double encode utf8

svtplay: fixes for -A and better naming of files.
tv4play: fixes for downloading HLS streams
dash: dont crash when we see live->vod streams
subtitle: dont crash if we get 404 calculate better end time.
tv4play: they changed the url to login.
viaplay: add support for new urls for baltic sites.

svtplay: update so we can download files again
sr: update so we can download files again
subtitles: dont try to decode None

viafree: detect video id better.
svtplay: changed again so -A stopped working
aftonbladet: fix so we can download videos again.
dash: support for segmented files.

fix a crash with dashparse on svtplay
new way to detect sista-chansen.
fix a crash with geoblocked NRK videos

tv4play: they changed something on their site and the script crashed because of it
svtplay: support for alt streams. in some cases the akamai one is not working.
postprocess: fixed a crash with python3 when using -M

A lot of new things in this version. Support for download videos from:, ,,, and
Support for twitch clips.
Using -A with sista-chansen and genre on svtplay, it will download every video on that page.
In some sites we can download more then one language in subtitles, download the raw subtitles.
Support for merging subtitles into the .mp4 file. you need to have ffmpeg to that.
on another thing. in the next major release 2.0, we will no longer support python2. We will release 2.0 around new year.

Updated the nrk service so we can get the videos again
fixed a crash during range with -q
Add support for
Fixed a crash on subtitles from tv4
Write all decimals on subtitles from tv3

Added --silent-semi, it will only print a message when the file is downloaded.
--all-subtitles it will download all subtitles from the page. urplay / urskola only have support it now.
-q will now takes ranges. like -q 2000-3000 it will download video if its between 2000 and 3000
Fixed with TV4 where we didnt find the video id and login issues for premium users.
-g and --force-subtitle will show the url to the subtitle.
-g with live video on twitch.

Major upgrade for the script.

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