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burnatonce is a cdrdao / mkisofs gui for windows. Supports also DVD, DVD-Video and DVD ISO writing.

OS: Win
File size: 4MB
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Latest version

0.99.5 (April 17, 2004)


Download burnatonce 0.99.5  4MB

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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

burnatonce 0.99.5 beta (17th April 2004)

- Added Settings -> Options window for most settings
- Added Delete Images option to Options -> General
- Added move output.txt to root of burnatonce folder
- Added new style 'browse for folder' dialog on supported systems
- Added specify speed used for disc erase (instead of maximum)
- Added specify --force for disc erase if selected
- Added Save Window Position option to Options Window
- Added user no longer needs to set UseProDVD=True in ini file
- Added read data cd and dvd to iso image format
- Added support of SPTI enabled ProDVD for dvd writing

- Added option to enable/disable dvd title guessing in data mastering
- Added status bar now shows compilation size in megabytes
- Removed checksum support in preparation of improved implementation

- Added set default audio temp folder to system temp folder
- Added clear audio temp folder on project clear and program exit
- Added ensure temporary audio track filenames are unique
- Added support for reading AAC, MPC and APE Audio header
- Added do not add audio file if header cannot be read
- Added reorder audio tracks using drag and drop
- Removed buggy implementation of freedb
- Removed buggy implementation of filename to cdtext

- Fixed incorrect (unix) format or missing text from cue/toc
- Fixed error reading ID3v2 tag which contains cover art
- Fixed hidden files/folders not added to data mastering
- Fixed titlebar not considered when resizing mastering windows
- Fixed relative path names not supported in audio playlist
- Fixed files in format of .something not added to data mastering
- Fixed incorrect reading of vorbis tag containing replaygain info
- Fixed relative path names not supported in audio playlist
- Fixed maximum frames allowed for track mark in/out and pause
- Fixed track mark in/out and pause text boxes character length not limited
- Fixed checking of track mark in/out values broken
- Fixed additional two second gap at start of audio cd in some cases
- Fixed inaccurate length calulation when importing cue/toc
- Fixed issues importing non-compliant cue sheets

burnatonce 0.99b beta (28th October 2003)

- Added support for USB and Firewire devices under SPTI
- Added support for older, non generic mmc compliant devices
- Added more compatible scanbus and interface switching routines
- Added parse driver options and transpose to write/read options
- Added non commercial license agreement on first startup
- Added darker text for main status text control
- Added moved write speed indicator to far right of status bar
- Added time elapsed for read and write operations in statusbar
- Added multisession and raw indicators are greyed when disabled
- Added do not change interface font or font size for CJK environment
- Added clear and disable device options if no device found
- Added free capacity field to media tab in device info window
- Added do not allow file open dialogue to lock parent folder
- Added more extensions recognised for supported audio formats

- Added HUGE speed improvement when adding to data mastering
- Added improved progress display when adding to data mastering
- Added use parent folder name if DVD Video folder named VIDEO_TS
- Added support for East Asian characters (CJK) in Data Mastering
- Added allow compile bootable disc with empty file system
- Added selection of 'All Files (*.*)' when opening boot image file
- Added warn user of filesystem limitations in ISO Settings

- Fixed runtime error on startup if reported SPTI devices <> ASPI
- Fixed runtime error on startup with virtual device in some cases
- Fixed runtime error in device info if media vendor unknown
- Fixed runtime error if loading file from network
- Fixed system freeze dropping folder into data mastering in some cases
- Fixed Joliet broken if session added and no rockridge exists
- Fixed Joliet truncation and false warning of duplicate names
- Fixed path list not allowing maximum path length
- Fixed CD-Text not defined for track whose fields are blank
- Fixed error when folder/filename in data mastering contains numbers only
- Fixed cancel not working when files/folders dropped in data mastering
- Fixed audio cue file could be imported into main window
- Fixed appendable status of disc not shown in device info
- Fixed adding duplicate file to data mastering displays incorrect size
- Fixed insufficient space warning when audio cd contains split tracks
- Fixed position of 'Folder Contents Only' with non standard dpi
- Fixed five character device id still enforced in some cases
- Fixed unable to add audio to open session
- Fixed Data CD ISO Settings disabled in some cases
- Fixed problem when folder/filename contains numbers only

burnatonce 0.99a (1st September 2003)

- Added Checksum file now named checksum.sfv
- Added ability to verify checksum files not created with burnatonce
- Added display first line of checksum comments in command log
- Added error handling to Device Info window internal routines
- Added rename commandlog.txt to output.txt - no longer deleted on exit
- Added write info for Device Info Window to output.txt

- Fixed errors if no devices present for interface that is working
- Fixed Device Info, Error details and language windows not on top
- Fixed audio tracks can be added past file length when importing cue/toc file
- Fixed placement of messagebox if minimised to tray
- Fixed incorrect filenames for imported relative paths in root folder

burnatonce 0.99 (23rd August 2003)

- Added hide main window when mastering window is open
- Added match about and startup codepage to system default
- Added detect combo writers correctly despite incorrect drive-info
- Added verify checksum to Read/Copy (for use with data mastering)
- Added support in language file to define translated helpfile
- Added temp files in burnatonceexternalTEMP cleared on exit
- Added do not check media insertion after write if not required

- Added support of ID3v1.1 and APE Tags for Monkey and MPC Audio Type

- Added New folder in data mastering shows rename state
- Added use added folder name for dvd video label if not "VIDEO_TS" etc.
- Added progress display for compiling file list
- Added option to write checksum file to root of data compilation
- Added check filename length and truncate name without breaking extension
- Added do not check media insertion during iso file write

- Fixed only generic-mmc driver should be used to query drive-info
- Fixed device that does not return valid drive-info causes runtime error 5
- Fixed device id components higher than nine causes runtime error 5
- Fixed exiting after no devices found causes runtime error 9
- Fixed display of custom XP themes in device info window
- Fixed possibility to delete root folder resulting in errors
- Fixed pressing write does not display load image dialogue after erase
- Fixed size inaccuracies when deleting objects from data mastering
- Fixed correct size not always shown for ISO Image in Confirm Write
- Fixed folder tree in data mastering not sorted alphabetically

burnatonce 0.98 (21st July 2003)

- Added support for NT based SPTI interface in cdrdao and cdrtools
- Added multi-language support - translations required
- Added support for data and video dvd-r(w) mastering/writing
- Added only show speeds supported by writer and currently inserted media
- Added only show writer devices in the writer device combobox
- Added select first read/write device after first run
- Added save read/write settings for each device
- Added new device info window for information on device and inserted media
- Added smoothed display of read and write progress
- Added change write button caption to simulate as needed
- Added show if multisession is enabled on statusbar instead of simulation
- Added Device Info option to tools menu (includes media info)
- Added option to read data image to cue/bin files
- Added use of ProFont for Windows as default font for command log
- Added integrate System Tray control into main executable
- Added integrate manifest file into main executable
- Added some nice error reporting/handling routines to main window

- Added support for non english characters in data cd mastering
- Added option to browse dialog to only import folder contents
- Added speed up compiling data mastering file list significantly
- Added progress display when adding folders to data mastering window
- Added Write ISO file performed from within Data Mastering window
- Added rename and delete folders in left hand pane of data mastering window
- Added basic UDF filesystem support option to ISO Settings

- Added external decoder settings to ini file
- Added display media information in track properties window
- Added double click file in audio track list plays file in associated player
- Added support for WaveGain to normalise audio track volumes
- Added resample mp3 to 44100hz as needed without using CDDA format
- Added check for enough free space before compiling audio cd
- Added more tolerant vorbis tag reading
- Added use freedb query for split audio tracks function
- Added Text Search to Freedb service

- Removed media player from track properties window
- Removed support for discdump, cue/bin data images now created by cdrdao
- Removed 'Manage Images' option form main window
- Removed external tools dialogue, information now printed to commandlog.txt

- Fixed hidden files not added to mastered data cd when add folder used
- Fixed runtime error 9 when unable to read corrupted media header
- Fixed renaming bugs in data mastering window
- Fixed problem loading iso images whose filename was made of numbers
- Fixed crash if no devices found on startup
- Fixed mkisofs file permissions and ISO9660:1999 problems
- Fixed empty folders not being written to a mastered data cd
- Fixed crash reading ogg file header without min/max bitrate defined
- Fixed album title not being read from vorbis comments
- Fixed Compliant PVD allowing non compliant characters
- Fixed media information not set for tracks imported via cue/toc file
- Fixed change temp folder location not initialised correctly sometimes
- Fixed data mastering error when paths contain an equals (=) sign

burnatonce 0.97a (20th April 2003)

- Fixed cue sheet being imported incorrectly in some cases (index 00 bug)
- Fixed runtime error 9 if no cd-rom devices found on startup

burnatonce 0.97 (19th April 2003)

- Added first attempt to fully importing all CUE/TOC sheets
- Added selection of silence, pregap and postgap in track properties
- Added disc catalog and track ISRC fields to track properties
- Added rewrite of audio cd mastering window internal structure
- Added save filter last used for importing CD-Text from filename
- Added do not import files from TOC/CUE file if file cannot be found
- Added always use short path name in new toc file when keeping tempory files
- Added option to use sortable date type for default data cd label

- Fixed raw driver recommendation not shown (where necessary) for last device
- Fixed cancel ISO Image during write not available
- Fixed freedb submission always based on original length of tracks
- Fixed opening maximised mastering window causes runtime error 384
- Fixed truncated hour/minute in data cd label when zero or only one digit
- Fixed very rare instance of system tray icon not working correctly

burnatonce 0.96 (29th March 2003)

- Added support for discdump 1.10x (unsupported by it's author, XiT)
- Added common display of read progress on all windows versions
- Added restore burnatonce window after read operation
- Added display of source/destination size to copy on the fly
- Added Reset Writer to Tools menu (and reorganised Tools menu)
- Added prevent user from quitting data/audio cd when adding files
- Added status message if mkisofs print-size fails
- Added more status messages to main window during read/write operations
- Added play sound after write if confirm write not enabled
- Added play sound if unit not ready before read/write operation
- Added hide settings before all read and write operations
- Added hide log and settings when opening mastering windows
- Added explorer style window for data cd compilation
- Added use of file lists for writing data cds
- Added support for accented characters in data cd compilation
- Added ISO Image File is always written automatically when selected
- Added replace some invalid characters in data cd compilation
- Added support for creating ISO9660:1999 file system
- Added set default data cd label to current date and time
- Added double click file in data cd mastering opens file
- Added file icon to tracklist in audio cd compilation
- Added default temp folder on same drive as burnatonce
- Added support for ogg and flac files in standard install
- Added internal support for ID3v2.x tags in mp3 and mp2 files
- Added internal support for Vorbis tags in ogg and flac files
- Added internal calculation of wave, mp2, mp3, ogg and flac duration
- Added decode mp3 to cdda only if resample is required
- Added warning when no codec installed for media in track properties
- Added one click seek to media player in track properties
- Added display short filenames from playlist as long filenames
- Added improved loading of track properties and media player
- Added option to automatically write data/audio cd after compilation
- Added option to integrate pregap into audio data from previous track
- Added write CD-Text information to separate file in temporary folder
- Added full import of TOC file for audio CD mastering and editing

- Fixed incorrect mode/disabled controls in some cases
- Fixed missing drives when starting program from associated file
- Fixed incorrect icon shown after disc erase
- Fixed controls not disabled at start of copy on the fly
- Fixed incorrect log placement on startup when settings visible
- Fixed relocation of burnatonce window when Confirm Write enabled
- Fixed specified pregap not being written to audio cd
- Fixed user being able to cancel during disc erase operation
- Fixed some seeking problems with media player in track properties

burnatonce 0.95a (26th January 2003)

- Fixed runtime error 5 on startup when no devices found

burnatonce 0.95 (23rd January 2003)

- Added support for cdrdao 1.1.7
- Added support for cdrdao copy on the fly
- Added support for cdrdao subchannel read/write
- Added use of cdrdao for all cd writing tasks
- Added mkisofs 2.0 final for ISO9660 image creation
- Added official support for windows 9x
- Added 100% support for Windows XP themed controls
- Added support for non-standard DPI/Large Fonts
- Added support for different titlebar heights in Windows XP
- Added helpfile and F1 in any window brings up related help
- Added ability to change fixed width font used in command log
- Added option to keep burnatonce 'Always on Top'
- Added stick command log to main window when dragged within range
- Added verbose log of last session written to commandlog.txt
- Added remember MRU folder between sessions for each task
- Added lock writer device to prevent failed write on Win2k/XP
- Added automatic use of non raw driver if multisession disc
- Added use of driver table for devices that do not use generic-mmc
- Added recommendation for generic-mmc-raw driver where applicable
- Added device specific optimizations if available in driver table
- Added check media is blank/appendable before writing
- Added display size of image after loading
- Added display size of data to be written/free space on media
- Added prompt to erase CDRW before write
- Added more inteligent disc image management
- Added creation of command.bat to assist with debugging and support
- Added option to swap byte order of read audio samples
- Added Simple TOC option to disable reading the TOC of each session
- Added Finalise option instead of MultiSession option
- Added delete tempory audio files if Delete Images is checked
- Added all DDump options to read confirmation dialog
- Added display of DDump in Command Log on Windows 2000/XP
- Added display of DDump in separate console on Windows 9x
- Added option to purge empty DDump log files
- Added notification if DDump read errors occur
- Added CD-Text Editor to Audio Track Properties
- Added freedb import for CD-Text
- Added filter filename to cd-text
- Added support for mp3 files with non standard sample rate etc.
- Added support for mp2 file format
- Added support for mp4 file format - requires faad2
- Added automatic track splitting according to track length list
- Added Joliet Long to allow 103 unicode charactors in mkisofs
- Added check if changes have been made before advancing track
- Added use of F2 to edit destination in data cd
- Added bootable cd support
- Added command button to open Data CD - ISO Settings
- Added right click menu option to confirm ISO Settings on compile
- Added support for Tracklist files to Add Files dialog

- Improved cue/toc file checking
- Improved seek bar in track properties
- Improved text entry into pause textbox
- Improved calculation of operation duration
- Improved time taken to analyse size of TOC before read
- Improved operation of Auto Adv. and renamed to Autoplay
- Improved command log interpretation
- Improved console output class
- Improved ISO9660 compliance of Data CD PVD fields
- Improved installation to ensure corrupt system files are overwritten

- Fixed cancel read operation from filesave dialog box
- Fixed delete image not working for toc/dat
- Fixed broken file associations in some cases
- Fixed printsize returning wrong info for multisession compilations
- Fixed incorrect implementation of mkisofs -N switch
- Fixed rare error when writing additional data sessions to disc
- Fixed new imagefile being loaded during write
- Fixed long path and filename being written to audio toc file
- Fixed progress in window caption lagging behind actual progress (93%)
- Fixed non working buffer protection option (was always ON)
- Fixed command log not visible after minimize -> restore in some cases
- Fixed track properties mark in/out not working correctly

- Many more minor changes and improvements

burnatonce 0.91 beta (12th September 2002)

- Fixed determination of image size including possible system freeze
- Added possibility to cancel read cd during determination of image size
- Added possibility to cancel write iso image to file
- Fixed slow update of progress during write iso image to file
- Implemented work around for non standard themes in windows xp
- Fixed unclosed data disc being unreadable in explorer
- Improved write data cd operation and progress
- Check amount of data to be written before data cd write
- Removed Delete Image prompt after Audio CD write
- Removed display of pseudo write speed for cdrdao
- Added option to not read cdtext when using cdrdao
- Clear log before each read/write operation
- Maximised size of Command Log textbox to reduce text wrapping
- Added tooltips to Data CD, ISO Settings, Audio CD and Track Properties
- Added set destination before adding files/folders to data cd
- Moved Data CD ISO Options to separate form and added more options
- Added charactor checking to Primary Volume Descriptor fields
- Made Data CD window resizable
- Added support for creating multisession data cd
- Added rightclick menu to data cd compilation
- Added 'Save Tracklist' (as m3u) to Audio CD
- Fixed negative audio cd compile time
- Change form caption of Track Properties to be more readable
- Improved behaviour of pause textbox
- Enabled user to directly edit mark in/out
- Added Next and Previous track to Audio CD Properties
- Added Auto Advance to Audio CD Properties

burnatonce 0.90 beta (30th August 2002)

- Added support for Mkisofs and Cdrecord under Authoring -> Data CD...
- Added option to create cue/bin with D(isc)Dump (using modified exe)
- Renamed 'Authoring' to 'Authoring -> Audio CD...'
- Replaced lame support with the faster and more tolerable madplay.exe
- Added support for mppdec.exe, faac.exe and mac.exe*
- External tools (inc. cdrdao) must be located in [program folder]external
- Supported audio files now determined by presence of external decoders
- Merged 'Audio CD' and 'Authoring Settings' windows
- Added display of ID3v1.1 Track, Title and Artist
- Implented Add Folder and Drop Folder to Audio CD
- Display total decode time after compile
- Fixed Wave files not being added to toc file correctly
- Do not show 'Load Project into Main' if no tracks decoded successfully
- Disable controls while compiling and display animation
- Fixed problem of autocorrect imported tracklist not working
- Added Help -> List External Tools
- New console engine - thanks to Glen Sawyer, author of mp3gain!
- Console readpipe buffer tuned for best performance of each decoder
- Executable now compressed with UPX -
- Rewrote Read CD progress routines for cdrdao
- Added possiblity to cancel read operation and compile project
- Prompt user to load created image into burnatonce for writing
- Implemented dat filename check of toc files
- Removed cue file 8.3 filename warning
- Reinstated option to delete image after write
- Improved pseudo write speed display
- Disable controls while erasing cdrw
- Disable CD Reader Settings during read/write operation
- Replaced disc info window with message box
- More cdrdao error messages recognised
- More General code improvements

*directshow filters required for play length, preview and editing.

burnatonce 0.82 beta (4th August 2002)

- Added support for oggdec.exe (Ogg Vorbis)
- Added auto detection of external exe if located in program folder
- Command Log now maintains visible state
- Moved file association to installer

burnatonce 0.81 beta (1st August 2002)

- Switched to Inno Setup for installer (see
- Added more (selectable) write speeds
- Added auto detection/correction of incompatible cue files
- Fixed possible problem with association while already running
- Corrected internal version number format

burnatonce 0.80 beta (28th July 2002)

- Fixed 100% CPU Usage bug
- Added Audio CD 'Authoring' mode
- Added "Force Execution" option
- Rearranged Disc Info

burnatonce 0.79 beta (18th June 2002)

- On write successful time is displayed as "nn mins nn secs"
- Added (psuedo) write speed reporting during burn
- Read CD and CD Reader settings implemented
- Added Keyboard shortcuts to main window for greater accessability
- Rearranged discinfo

burnatonce 0.78 beta (26th May 2002)

- burnatonce now remembers device scsi id, not position
- Added prompt to associate on first run
- Fixed possibility window of exiting before disc info is finished
- Added more options to disc info
- Fixed clipboard bug when data already exist
- Removed 'Minimize on write'

burnatonce 0.77 beta (25th May 2002)

- Added fix for 'no load' bug on Win9x systems

burnatonce 0.76 beta (23rd May 2002)

- Fixed Disc Info error when no info returned
- Fixed Disc Info error when no cd writer selected

burnatonce 0.74 beta (23rd May 2002)

- Added Disc Info to tools

burnatonce 0.73 beta (22nd May 2002)

- Fixed no aspi layer bug

burnatonce 0.72 beta (20th May 2002)

- First *public* beta version
- Some minor code improvements

burnatonce 0.71 beta (19th May 2002)

- Taskbar and titlebar icon now indicate write in progress too
- Icon is now 'animated' while write is in progress
- Erase dialog added

burnatonce 0.70 beta (18th May 2002)

- Added erase fuction to menubar -> tools
- Minor gui changes
- About option added to System Tray Icon
- Minimize on Write option added
- Write in progress now indicated in system tray

burnatonce 0.69 beta (5th May 2002)

- Fixed INI Read Bug introduced in last release
- Fixed Form Unload Bug introduced in last release
- Icon changed due to another program being released using it
- Added option to install for all users

burnatonce 0.68 beta (4th May 2002)

- Added selectable Mouseover help
- Optimized, tidied up and commented code throughout

burnatonce 0.67 beta (3rd May 2002)

- Stopped user from exiting during write operation
- Rewrote association routines/interface
- Allowed user to disable autohide settings
- Improved INI Read/Write routines
- Added internal routines to aid testing in IDE
- Added Progress to window caption
- Added option to delete image after burn
- Added option to minimize to tray
- Added tooltips to statusbar
- Disabled settings during write operations

burnatonce 0.66 beta (2nd May 2002)

- Fixed installer

burnatonce 0.65 beta (1st May 2002)

- First 'official' beta version
- Console engine improved
- Statusbar added
- Menubar added
- Settings moved from registry to ini file
- Command Log window added

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11 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

Simply the best burning program available. And yes I am aware of the programs you have to pay for like nero and roxio and the like. So what this program still wins. And newbies it is not hard at all don't listen to that guy who posted that. This thing is much easier than most of the other so-called easy programs i've used.

Review by wislr on Jun 19, 2005 Version: .99.5 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

The new version (99.5)does not support DVD on my system--only CD. The older version that I was using (99a) did burn data DVDs abeit with some glitches.

Review by oldsalt on May 31, 2005 Version: 99.5 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 6/10

A bodacious good tool. Beat up any thing I had before, easy on the GUI, clean interface, along with ISO-Buster, and Daemon Tools, handles anything data related. The bloat/crap ware I paid good money for only burned coasters, these guys are my heros, they all get 10's. Only bad news is I'm weaning my computer off of Microshaft, this stuff's not available for linux, or openbsd.

Review by ronnyb on Feb 5, 2005 Version: 0.99.5 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 10/10

this program recognized a corrupted cue sheet and offered to correct it. Cdrwin 3.9f just quit on it altogether.

Review by erzug on Feb 5, 2004 Version: 0.99 OS: Win2K Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

Generally very good performance. Definitely works better than the popular bloatwares out there. Support is very good as the program's author personally answers questions in the burnatonce forum. My only complaint is multisession burning is VERY quirky. I tried burning multisession on a few cds but couldn't add to them afterwards.

Review by kalayaan on Feb 4, 2004 Version: 0.99b OS: WinXP Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 8/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 7/10

11 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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