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Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog / What's New for burnatonce

burnatonce 0.99.5 beta (17th April 2004)

- Added Settings -> Options window for most settings
- Added Delete Images option to Options -> General
- Added move output.txt to root of burnatonce folder
- Added new style 'browse for folder' dialog on supported systems
- Added specify speed used for disc erase (instead of maximum)
- Added specify --force for disc erase if selected
- Added Save Window Position option to Options Window
- Added user no longer needs to set UseProDVD=True in ini file
- Added read data cd and dvd to iso image format
- Added support of SPTI enabled ProDVD for dvd writing

- Added option to enable/disable dvd title guessing in data mastering
- Added status bar now shows compilation size in megabytes
- Removed checksum support in preparation of improved implementation

- Added set default audio temp folder to system temp folder
- Added clear audio temp folder on project clear and program exit
- Added ensure temporary audio track filenames are unique
- Added support for reading AAC, MPC and APE Audio header
- Added do not add audio file if header cannot be read
- Added reorder audio tracks using drag and drop
- Removed buggy implementation of freedb
- Removed buggy implementation of filename to cdtext

- Fixed incorrect (unix) format or missing text from cue/toc
- Fixed error reading ID3v2 tag which contains cover art
- Fixed hidden files/folders not added to data mastering
- Fixed titlebar not considered when resizing mastering windows
- Fixed relative path names not supported in audio playlist
- Fixed files in format of .something not added to data mastering
- Fixed incorrect reading of vorbis tag containing replaygain info
- Fixed relative path names not supported in audio playlist
- Fixed maximum frames allowed for track mark in/out and pause
- Fixed track mark in/out and pause text boxes character length not limited
- Fixed checking of track mark in/out values broken
- Fixed additional two second gap at start of audio cd in some cases
- Fixed inaccurate length calulation when importing cue/toc
- Fixed issues importing non-compliant cue sheets

burnatonce 0.99b beta (28th October 2003)

- Added support for USB and Firewire devices under SPTI
- Added support for older, non generic mmc compliant devices
- Added more compatible scanbus and interface switching routines
- Added parse driver options and transpose to write/read options
- Added non commercial license agreement on first startup
- Added darker text for main status text control
- Added moved write speed indicator to far right of status bar
- Added time elapsed for read and write operations in statusbar
- Added multisession and raw indicators are greyed when disabled
- Added do not change interface font or font size for CJK environment
- Added clear and disable device options if no device found
- Added free capacity field to media tab in device info window
- Added do not allow file open dialogue to lock parent folder
- Added more extensions recognised for supported audio formats

- Added HUGE speed improvement when adding to data mastering
- Added improved progress display when adding to data mastering
- Added use parent folder name if DVD Video folder named VIDEO_TS
- Added support for East Asian characters (CJK) in Data Mastering
- Added allow compile bootable disc with empty file system
- Added selection of 'All Files (*.*)' when opening boot image file
- Added warn user of filesystem limitations in ISO Settings

- Fixed runtime error on startup if reported SPTI devices <> ASPI
- Fixed runtime error on startup with virtual device in some cases
- Fixed runtime error in device info if media vendor unknown
- Fixed runtime error if loading file from network
- Fixed system freeze dropping folder into data mastering in some cases
- Fixed Joliet broken if session added and no rockridge exists
- Fixed Joliet truncation and false warning of duplicate names
- Fixed path list not allowing maximum path length
- Fixed CD-Text not defined for track whose fields are blank
- Fixed error when folder/filename in data mastering contains numbers only
- Fixed cancel not working when files/folders dropped in data mastering
- Fixed audio cue file could be imported into main window
- Fixed appendable status of disc not shown in device info
- Fixed adding duplicate file to data mastering displays incorrect size
- Fixed insufficient space warning when audio cd contains split tracks
- Fixed position of 'Folder Contents Only' with non standard dpi
- Fixed five character device id still enforced in some cases
- Fixed unable to add audio to open session
- Fixed Data CD ISO Settings disabled in some cases
- Fixed problem when folder/filename contains numbers only

burnatonce 0.99a (1st September 2003)

- Added Checksum file now named checksum.sfv
- Added ability to verify checksum files not created with burnatonce
- Added display first line of checksum comments in command log
- Added error handling to Device Info window internal routines
- Added rename commandlog.txt to output.txt - no longer deleted on exit
- Added write info for Device Info Window to output.txt

- Fixed errors if no devices present for interface that is working
- Fixed Device Info, Error details and language windows not on top
- Fixed audio tracks can be added past file length when importing cue/toc file
- Fixed placement of messagebox if minimised to tray
- Fixed incorrect filenames for imported relative paths in root folder

burnatonce 0.99 (23rd August 2003)

- Added hide main window when mastering window is open
- Added match about and startup codepage to system default
- Added detect combo writers correctly despite incorrect drive-info
- Added verify checksum to Read/Copy (for use with data mastering)
- Added support in language file to define translated helpfile
- Added temp files in burnatonceexternalTEMP cleared on exit
- Added do not check media insertion after write if not required

- Added support of ID3v1.1 and APE Tags for Monkey and MPC Audio Type

- Added New folder in data mastering shows rename state
- Added use added folder name for dvd video label if not "VIDEO_TS" etc.
- Added progress display for compiling file list
- Added option to write checksum file to root of data compilation
- Added check filename length and truncate name without breaking extension
- Added do not check media insertion during iso file write

- Fixed only generic-mmc driver should be used to query drive-info
- Fixed device that does not return valid drive-info causes runtime error 5
- Fixed device id components higher than nine causes runtime error 5
- Fixed exiting after no devices found causes runtime error 9
- Fixed display of custom XP themes in device info window
- Fixed possibility to delete root folder resulting in errors
- Fixed pressing write does not display load image dialogue after erase
- Fixed size inaccuracies when deleting objects from data mastering
- Fixed correct size not always shown for ISO Image in Confirm Write
- Fixed folder tree in data mastering not sorted alphabetically

burnatonce 0.98 (21st July 2003)

- Added support for NT based SPTI interface in cdrdao and cdrtools
- Added multi-language support - translations required
- Added support for data and video dvd-r(w) mastering/writing
- Added only show speeds supported by writer and currently inserted media
- Added only show writer devices in the writer device combobox
- Added select first read/write device after first run
- Added save read/write settings for each device
- Added new device info window for information on device and inserted media
- Added smoothed display of read and write progress
- Added change write button caption to simulate as needed
- Added show if multisession is enabled on statusbar instead of simulation
- Added Device Info option to tools menu (includes media info)
- Added option to read data image to cue/bin files
- Added use of ProFont for Windows as default font for command log
- Added integrate System Tray control into main executable
- Added integrate manifest file into main executable
- Added some nice error reporting/handling routines to main window

- Added support for non english characters in data cd mastering
- Added option to browse dialog to only import folder contents
- Added speed up compiling data mastering file list significantly
- Added progress display when adding folders to data mastering window
- Added Write ISO file performed from within Data Mastering window
- Added rename and delete folders in left hand pane of data mastering window
- Added basic UDF filesystem support option to ISO Settings

- Added external decoder settings to ini file
- Added display media information in track properties window
- Added double click file in audio track list plays file in associated player
- Added support for WaveGain to normalise audio track volumes
- Added resample mp3 to 44100hz as needed without using CDDA format
- Added check for enough free space before compiling audio cd
- Added more tolerant vorbis tag reading
- Added use freedb query for split audio tracks function
- Added Text Search to Freedb service

- Removed media player from track properties window
- Removed support for discdump, cue/bin data images now created by cdrdao
- Removed 'Manage Images' option form main window
- Removed external tools dialogue, information now printed to commandlog.txt

- Fixed hidden files not added to mastered data cd when add folder used
- Fixed runtime error 9 when unable to read corrupted media header
- Fixed renaming bugs in data mastering window
- Fixed problem loading iso images whose filename was made of numbers
- Fixed crash if no devices found on startup
- Fixed mkisofs file permissions and ISO9660:1999 problems
- Fixed empty folders not being written to a mastered data cd
- Fixed crash reading ogg file header without min/max bitrate defined
- Fixed album title not being read from vorbis comments
- Fixed Compliant PVD allowing non compliant characters
- Fixed media information not set for tracks imported via cue/toc file
- Fixed change temp folder location not initialised correctly sometimes
- Fixed data mastering error when paths contain an equals (=) sign

burnatonce 0.97a (20th April 2003)

- Fixed cue sheet being imported incorrectly in some cases (index 00 bug)
- Fixed runtime error 9 if no cd-rom devices found on startup

burnatonce 0.97 (19th April 2003)

- Added first attempt to fully importing all CUE/TOC sheets
- Added selection of silence, pregap and postgap in track properties
- Added disc catalog and track ISRC fields to track properties
- Added rewrite of audio cd mastering window internal structure
- Added save filter last used for importing CD-Text from filename
- Added do not import files from TOC/CUE file if file cannot be found
- Added always use short path name in new toc file when keeping tempory files
- Added option to use sortable date type for default data cd label

- Fixed raw driver recommendation not shown (where necessary) for last device
- Fixed cancel ISO Image during write not available
- Fixed freedb submission always based on original length of tracks
- Fixed opening maximised mastering window causes runtime error 384
- Fixed truncated hour/minute in data cd label when zero or only one digit
- Fixed very rare instance of system tray icon not working correctly

burnatonce 0.96 (29th March 2003)

- Added support for discdump 1.10x (unsupported by it's author, XiT)
- Added common display of read progress on all windows versions
- Added restore burnatonce window after read operation
- Added display of source/destination size to copy on the fly
- Added Reset Writer to Tools menu (and reorganised Tools menu)
- Added prevent user from quitting data/audio cd when adding files
- Added status message if mkisofs print-size fails
- Added more status messages to main window during read/write operations
- Added play sound after write if confirm write not enabled
- Added play sound if unit not ready before read/write operation
- Added hide settings before all read and write operations
- Added hide log and settings when opening mastering windows
- Added explorer style window for data cd compilation
- Added use of file lists for writing data cds
- Added support for accented characters in data cd compilation
- Added ISO Image File is always written automatically when selected
- Added replace some invalid characters in data cd compilation
- Added support for creating ISO9660:1999 file system
- Added set default data cd label to current date and time
- Added double click file in data cd mastering opens file
- Added file icon to tracklist in audio cd compilation
- Added default temp folder on same drive as burnatonce
- Added support for ogg and flac files in standard install
- Added internal support for ID3v2.x tags in mp3 and mp2 files
- Added internal support for Vorbis tags in ogg and flac files
- Added internal calculation of wave, mp2, mp3, ogg and flac duration
- Added decode mp3 to cdda only if resample is required
- Added warning when no codec installed for media in track properties
- Added one click seek to media player in track properties
- Added display short filenames from playlist as long filenames
- Added improved loading of track properties and media player
- Added option to automatically write data/audio cd after compilation
- Added option to integrate pregap into audio data from previous track
- Added write CD-Text information to separate file in temporary folder
- Added full import of TOC file for audio CD mastering and editing

- Fixed incorrect mode/disabled controls in some cases
- Fixed missing drives when starting program from associated file
- Fixed incorrect icon shown after disc erase
- Fixed controls not disabled at start of copy on the fly
- Fixed incorrect log placement on startup when settings visible
- Fixed relocation of burnatonce window when Confirm Write enabled
- Fixed specified pregap not being written to audio cd
- Fixed user being able to cancel during disc erase operation
- Fixed some seeking problems with media player in track properties

burnatonce 0.95a (26th January 2003)

- Fixed runtime error 5 on startup when no devices found

burnatonce 0.95 (23rd January 2003)

- Added support for cdrdao 1.1.7
- Added support for cdrdao copy on the fly
- Added support for cdrdao subchannel read/write
- Added use of cdrdao for all cd writing tasks
- Added mkisofs 2.0 final for ISO9660 image creation
- Added official support for windows 9x
- Added 100% support for Windows XP themed controls
- Added support for non-standard DPI/Large Fonts
- Added support for different titlebar heights in Windows XP
- Added helpfile and F1 in any window brings up related help
- Added ability to change fixed width font used in command log
- Added option to keep burnatonce 'Always on Top'
- Added stick command log to main window when dragged within range
- Added verbose log of last session written to commandlog.txt
- Added remember MRU folder between sessions for each task
- Added lock writer device to prevent failed write on Win2k/XP
- Added automatic use of non raw driver if multisession disc
- Added use of driver table for devices that do not use generic-mmc
- Added recommendation for generic-mmc-raw driver where applicable
- Added device specific optimizations if available in driver table
- Added check media is blank/appendable before writing
- Added display size of image after loading
- Added display size of data to be written/free space on media
- Added prompt to erase CDRW before write
- Added more inteligent disc image management
- Added creation of command.bat to assist with debugging and support
- Added option to swap byte order of read audio samples
- Added Simple TOC option to disable reading the TOC of each session
- Added Finalise option instead of MultiSession option
- Added delete tempory audio files if Delete Images is checked
- Added all DDump options to read confirmation dialog
- Added display of DDump in Command Log on Windows 2000/XP
- Added display of DDump in separate console on Windows 9x
- Added option to purge empty DDump log files
- Added notification if DDump read errors occur
- Added CD-Text Editor to Audio Track Properties
- Added freedb import for CD-Text
- Added filter filename to cd-text
- Added support for mp3 files with non standard sample rate etc.
- Added support for mp2 file format
- Added support for mp4 file format - requires faad2
- Added automatic track splitting according to track length list
- Added Joliet Long to allow 103 unicode charactors in mkisofs
- Added check if changes have been made before advancing track
- Added use of F2 to edit destination in data cd
- Added bootable cd support
- Added command button to open Data CD - ISO Settings
- Added right click menu option to confirm ISO Settings on compile
- Added support for Tracklist files to Add Files dialog

- Improved cue/toc file checking
- Improved seek bar in track properties
- Improved text entry into pause textbox
- Improved calculation of operation duration
- Improved time taken to analyse size of TOC before read
- Improved operation of Auto Adv. and renamed to Autoplay
- Improved command log interpretation
- Improved console output class
- Improved ISO9660 compliance of Data CD PVD fields
- Improved installation to ensure corrupt system files are overwritten

- Fixed cancel read operation from filesave dialog box
- Fixed delete image not working for toc/dat
- Fixed broken file associations in some cases
- Fixed printsize returning wrong info for multisession compilations
- Fixed incorrect implementation of mkisofs -N switch
- Fixed rare error when writing additional data sessions to disc
- Fixed new imagefile being loaded during write
- Fixed long path and filename being written to audio toc file
- Fixed progress in window caption lagging behind actual progress (93%)
- Fixed non working buffer protection option (was always ON)
- Fixed command log not visible after minimize -> restore in some cases
- Fixed track properties mark in/out not working correctly

- Many more minor changes and improvements

burnatonce 0.91 beta (12th September 2002)

- Fixed determination of image size including possible system freeze
- Added possibility to cancel read cd during determination of image size
- Added possibility to cancel write iso image to file
- Fixed slow update of progress during write iso image to file
- Implemented work around for non standard themes in windows xp
- Fixed unclosed data disc being unreadable in explorer
- Improved write data cd operation and progress
- Check amount of data to be written before data cd write
- Removed Delete Image prompt after Audio CD write
- Removed display of pseudo write speed for cdrdao
- Added option to not read cdtext when using cdrdao
- Clear log before each read/write operation
- Maximised size of Command Log textbox to reduce text wrapping
- Added tooltips to Data CD, ISO Settings, Audio CD and Track Properties
- Added set destination before adding files/folders to data cd
- Moved Data CD ISO Options to separate form and added more options
- Added charactor checking to Primary Volume Descriptor fields
- Made Data CD window resizable
- Added support for creating multisession data cd
- Added rightclick menu to data cd compilation
- Added 'Save Tracklist' (as m3u) to Audio CD
- Fixed negative audio cd compile time
- Change form caption of Track Properties to be more readable
- Improved behaviour of pause textbox
- Enabled user to directly edit mark in/out
- Added Next and Previous track to Audio CD Properties
- Added Auto Advance to Audio CD Properties

burnatonce 0.90 beta (30th August 2002)

- Added support for Mkisofs and Cdrecord under Authoring -> Data CD...
- Added option to create cue/bin with D(isc)Dump (using modified exe)
- Renamed 'Authoring' to 'Authoring -> Audio CD...'
- Replaced lame support with the faster and more tolerable madplay.exe
- Added support for mppdec.exe, faac.exe and mac.exe*
- External tools (inc. cdrdao) must be located in [program folder]external
- Supported audio files now determined by presence of external decoders
- Merged 'Audio CD' and 'Authoring Settings' windows
- Added display of ID3v1.1 Track, Title and Artist
- Implented Add Folder and Drop Folder to Audio CD
- Display total decode time after compile
- Fixed Wave files not being added to toc file correctly
- Do not show 'Load Project into Main' if no tracks decoded successfully
- Disable controls while compiling and display animation
- Fixed problem of autocorrect imported tracklist not working
- Added Help -> List External Tools
- New console engine - thanks to Glen Sawyer, author of mp3gain!
- Console readpipe buffer tuned for best performance of each decoder
- Executable now compressed with UPX -
- Rewrote Read CD progress routines for cdrdao
- Added possiblity to cancel read operation and compile project
- Prompt user to load created image into burnatonce for writing
- Implemented dat filename check of toc files
- Removed cue file 8.3 filename warning
- Reinstated option to delete image after write
- Improved pseudo write speed display
- Disable controls while erasing cdrw
- Disable CD Reader Settings during read/write operation
- Replaced disc info window with message box
- More cdrdao error messages recognised
- More General code improvements

*directshow filters required for play length, preview and editing.

burnatonce 0.82 beta (4th August 2002)

- Added support for oggdec.exe (Ogg Vorbis)
- Added auto detection of external exe if located in program folder
- Command Log now maintains visible state
- Moved file association to installer

burnatonce 0.81 beta (1st August 2002)

- Switched to Inno Setup for installer (see
- Added more (selectable) write speeds
- Added auto detection/correction of incompatible cue files
- Fixed possible problem with association while already running
- Corrected internal version number format

burnatonce 0.80 beta (28th July 2002)

- Fixed 100% CPU Usage bug
- Added Audio CD 'Authoring' mode
- Added "Force Execution" option
- Rearranged Disc Info

burnatonce 0.79 beta (18th June 2002)

- On write successful time is displayed as "nn mins nn secs"
- Added (psuedo) write speed reporting during burn
- Read CD and CD Reader settings implemented
- Added Keyboard shortcuts to main window for greater accessability
- Rearranged discinfo

burnatonce 0.78 beta (26th May 2002)

- burnatonce now remembers device scsi id, not position
- Added prompt to associate on first run
- Fixed possibility window of exiting before disc info is finished
- Added more options to disc info
- Fixed clipboard bug when data already exist
- Removed 'Minimize on write'

burnatonce 0.77 beta (25th May 2002)

- Added fix for 'no load' bug on Win9x systems

burnatonce 0.76 beta (23rd May 2002)

- Fixed Disc Info error when no info returned
- Fixed Disc Info error when no cd writer selected

burnatonce 0.74 beta (23rd May 2002)

- Added Disc Info to tools

burnatonce 0.73 beta (22nd May 2002)

- Fixed no aspi layer bug

burnatonce 0.72 beta (20th May 2002)

- First *public* beta version
- Some minor code improvements

burnatonce 0.71 beta (19th May 2002)

- Taskbar and titlebar icon now indicate write in progress too
- Icon is now 'animated' while write is in progress
- Erase dialog added

burnatonce 0.70 beta (18th May 2002)

- Added erase fuction to menubar -> tools
- Minor gui changes
- About option added to System Tray Icon
- Minimize on Write option added
- Write in progress now indicated in system tray

burnatonce 0.69 beta (5th May 2002)

- Fixed INI Read Bug introduced in last release
- Fixed Form Unload Bug introduced in last release
- Icon changed due to another program being released using it
- Added option to install for all users

burnatonce 0.68 beta (4th May 2002)

- Added selectable Mouseover help
- Optimized, tidied up and commented code throughout

burnatonce 0.67 beta (3rd May 2002)

- Stopped user from exiting during write operation
- Rewrote association routines/interface
- Allowed user to disable autohide settings
- Improved INI Read/Write routines
- Added internal routines to aid testing in IDE
- Added Progress to window caption
- Added option to delete image after burn
- Added option to minimize to tray
- Added tooltips to statusbar
- Disabled settings during write operations

burnatonce 0.66 beta (2nd May 2002)

- Fixed installer

burnatonce 0.65 beta (1st May 2002)

- First 'official' beta version
- Console engine improved
- Statusbar added
- Menubar added
- Settings moved from registry to ini file
- Command Log window added

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