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Titlewriter is a program to used to add DVD_TEXT, and (Re)Add Original or Generic Menus to Dvd Compiliations (Specifically designed for DVDShrink reauthored mode Compiliations). DVD_TEXT is almost a requirement for dvd jukebox players internal menu systems and only about 13% of commercial disks contain it. If you ever get a jukebox and haven't been titlewriting you'll find out what a pain you're in for.

OS: Win
File size: 5MB
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Latest version

4.72 (July 31, 2008)


Download TitleWriter 4.72  5MB

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Software License

Freeware (Free download and usage!)

Supported operating systems


Complete Version history / Release notes / Changelog

Rev 4.72
Major Bugfix: At some point I disabled the pgc fixes (Import Menu) for invalid title, stream calls
Showed up during readding Orig menus for Doomsday and Never Back Down after DVDShrink Reauthor
Me Very Very Bad -- Sorry
This change will probably also decrease the amount of times Happyface is needed

Added DVDTEXT -- Support (Via Settings) to create dummy entry for Actor name

Added DVD_TEXT -- TW will import Actor name from database if dummy entry is present
This works for Pioneer DVD Jukes -- You can select either Genre or Actor for "Second line" on Menu
Untested on Sony Models (Pls Feedback)

Bugfix? -- Added Scrollbar for Windows DPI setting > 96(default)
(Make Menu & Simplify Menu Dialogs -- bottom of forms unreachable)

Tweak -- Make Menu -- Setup Menu -- Currently Active Subtitle will now be shown as highlighted in menu

Rev 4.71
BugFixTW>>Automated mode -- TW was selecting the wrong menu to add (IE movie Sleepwalking)

Rev 4.7
MakeMenu BugFix -- Tw will now intercept/Warn about FilePaths that the DvdAuthor Subprograms choke on
IE FilePaths that contain semi illegal characters !@#$%^&*?-
Automated Mode -- (DvdShrink as Transcoder) Tw will now set the Menu Added (Movie + Menu state)
To the Menu within the largest VTS - (Not the largest menu in the compiliation)
Added -- will now autoload DvdShrink Target folder name Using compiliation name and last target directory
Removed - Option to move Largest menu to First Title when selecting/changing a Video_ts.ifo
in Add Menus to Compiliation window
DVD_TEXT -- Movie Chapters Database -- Added more Movies (Over 2100 movies at this point)
Updated Chapter Name Database (Prior TW versions will not be able to access it)
Added -- Allowing searches of all info per movie (Actor names, Genre etc)
Note: Searches are case insensitive, Punctuation insensitive, and <Sp> insensitive
No longer supporting transfers to/from
Minor BugFixes

Rev 4.671
BugFix:Ver 4.67 MakeMenu >> Preview Main and Setup menus will now be shown properly
Added MakeMenu>>Chapter Thumbnail editor -- A brighten and contrast adjustor

Rev 4.67
Added MakeMenu -- You may now select which VTS sub menus are created
Added MakeMenu -- Chapter Thumbnail editor -- Selectable Images from the Movie chapter or import .bmp, jpg, .vob images
Added MakeMenu -- All Chapter Pages can be Previewed
Fixed MakeMenu -- Small foible -- Thumbnail text was being converted to Uppercase
Minor tweaks

Rev 4.66
Modified DVDTEXT Paste option will now use first entry into selected Title Name (As opposed to just Chapter Names)
Added I Have Started a database containing Movie Chapter Names -- Access Via RCLK on DVD_TEXT area
Chapter Name Info can be saved into selected title DVD_TEXT
Caution: If you completely remove the first chapter the names will paste in off by 1
Can be Useful when creating MakeMenu Generic Menus or for Players that display/use the chapter names (Like my Pioneer)
Users may Upload Movie-Chapter Name Info to the database from their compiliations
Pls Use Clean commercial Movie names (As you see on the DVD) in Title name if you Upload into the Database
There are currently over 200 movies with chapter names in the database
Added /DOTOOL to command line parser
Executes tool loaded into tw tools as last step in automated mode
BugFix -- MakeMenu generator error when character "-" was used in compiliation name Oops
Bugfix -- Tw Crash when opening Underdog (What A Mess -- A very badly authored compiliation)
Bugfix -- TW --Happyface -- Again the Movie Underdog -- Chapter Menu class will be properly fixed
Added -- Make Menu -- Chapter Menu -- Option not to generate thumbnails for chapters
(More room for text in list mode)
Added -- HappyFace -- Advanced -- A More comprehensive way to fix any Intra page Navigation between Chapter Pages
(See Help >> Happyface) Rarely needed
Added -- Make Menu -- Preview -- Will Now Generate/Display Vts (Movie) Menus (Main, Chapter, and Setup) in viewer
Note: Create Chapter ... must be checked
Added -- Happyface -- Advanced -- Option to link a button in "Main/Play" menu to next titleplay
(Got tired of creating a vmgm switcher menu to reach bonus/alternate scene or extra content created in DVDShrink as a seperate title
when readding original menus especially since theres usually a "bonus" button available)
Added -- Option -- Add Dummy Menu Pgc to Vmgm or Vts menus

Rev 4.65
Added -- HappyFace (Simplify Menu) Option to Fix Intra Chapter Page Navigation (IE the movie Rendition)
Notes: This will only work on Chapter Pages where the Intra page Navigation buttons are in sequence
And there are individual selector buttons for each page
Chapter Pages -- Main Menu button can also be simplified (0 means to skip it)
Do not use for Chapter pages using Next or Back buttons to select new pages
Fixed -- Some Small foibles

Rev 4.64
Bugfix-- TW was wrongly handling certain paths when "IFO", "VOB" text strings were part of the path (As in c:California) Oops
MakeMenu -- Bugfix Removed annoying black outline that sometimes appeared around text
MakeMenu -- Added Widescreen Support
MakeMenu -- Added support for more thumbs per page
MakeMenu -- Added Option -- Display Thumbnails as List (9 Per Page Limit -- More room for Name Strings in this view) default is Matrix
MakeMenu -- Added Option -- Thumbnail Text may now be set as the buttons
Added support to close Tool Program when a certain Window text string is detected
For Example
This line added to TW tools -- C:MyStuffProgramsRipIt4MeRipIt4Me.exe [SHUTDOWNPROGRAMIFSTRING,RipIt4Me,Done processing;]
And The option (In RipIt4Me) Save Logs >> check Ask
Will shutdown RipIt4Me (And then if the TW Option in Settings -- Shutdown Computer is checked)
will closedown the computer after ripit4me is done

Rev 4.63
BugFix: Remove All Menus (Occasional crash)
Tweak: MakeMenu -- Cell Width for Chapter Thumbnail Text has been widened
Bugfix: Tw was crashing when opening Hot Rod Dvd in Automated mode
DvdText: Opened Search Link to via movie/title name to get chapter names for a dvd
If found -- To Copy/Paste into TW simply highlight the chapter names In DVDChapters >> Copy(Ctrl-C)
then choose the Title In DvdText (Highlight a NAME: Within Title) RClick and select Paste Option
Changed the Dvd Title Paste function to only transfer Chapter names (The first line is no longer the Title Name)
Beta testing submission of Movie DVDChapter names/info to (Temporary storage) directly from TW's DVD_TEXT area
Note: English Charsets Only (DvdChapter requirement)
Your firewall may ask for permission to allow TW to access the site (On your first submission -- Norton does) if the submission seems to be
drawn out look for a window asking if TW is allowed (simply click allow in all cases)
You should only use the original dvd compiliation (Not a reauthored version of the compiliation) for submission
as the times for the first/last chapters durations, entry times would probably be wrong.
To Submit highlight a Name entry within the title (That contains the chapter names) RClick and click Submit ...

Subnote: Dvd chapter names are available from a variety of sources -- Ecl (In tool folder)may help as it can reach
into other Windows programs and pull info from inside them(Even though Copy/Paste may not be implemented)
Sometimes such info is available in certain Dvd Software Players
And some sites (Such as will support copying
Note: ECL cannot "reach" into Internet Servers Classes -- No way am I allowing that
Or it can be copied from the Chapter Selection menus by hand
To view info contained in other programs Start Ecl>> Drag Findit Box to the control of interest>>
Release Findit box>> and look under in Ecl's Control Content tab
There is an option to copy ECL's control content to clipboard under RUN menu
Paste into word processor -- Edit at will --copy and use TW's Paste Title Chapter Info...
Reworked -- Remove Dvd_Text to Replace Dvd_text with dummy entries Created by TW
Added Options DVDTEXT RClick menu
Add Chapter Numbers to Name Entries
Remove everything After first [ found in entries

Rev 4.62
Bugfix: Titlewriter will now correctly create DVDTEXT segment according to the Title Play Maps -- Not Vts
(It really only applies to DVD's where there are multiple Titles per VTS)
AddedDVDTEXT Via RClick Options
Chapter Numbers
Chapter Times (Either Duration (Secs), Entry Time (Secs), Or Entry Time (Secs formatted -- hh:mm:ss.nn)
And a menu option to remove the Time entries (Removes all info between [ ... ] )
Added >>Settings
Checkboxes to auto create Dummy DVDTEXT segment with above times
(Only duration and/or entry)

Rev 4.61
Reworked DVDTEXT editor a bit
Delete entry,Copy To Clipboard,Paste Title Info from Clipboard and Rebuild DVD_Text Options Menu
now via RClick

Make Menu -- Added warning/trap if computer is set at < 32 bit color
And option to set color for session to 32 Bit

Automated Mode -- Added Ask for Genre Checkbox in Settings
TW will ask/add genre to Compiliation (If Settings -- Sony and/or Pioneer Jukes Second Line checked)
Note: Selector optionsDrama,SciFi etc
You can always change later in DVD_TEXT editor
BugFixes Minor Foibles

Releasing ECL.exe (E)xtended (C)ommand (L)ine(Titlewriter>>Tools>>ECL.exe)
ECL focuses on a control by Drag/Dropping the Findit box to the control you wish to study

This is an advanced diagnostic (Spy) proggie with the ability to execute command line script file
Allowing Other windows programs to be run -- buttons clicked -- Control content altered/accessed/copied
ECL can "Look for" controls system wide by either Handles/Id/Content in script mode
Conditional branching/loops are supported
If-Then is supported
Window size, position can be manipulated
Mouse position/Clicking is supported
It also can copy controls content to clipboard
Various Flavors of controls can be accessed using Alias
The Script language somewhat resembles C
Control content can be copied to and from ECL Memory registers (Strings)

Essentially this is a programming language that can dig into
and manipulate other programs at very deep levels

I won't be providing much support -- If you don't "Get It" and what this proggie does
you should probably avoid using this proggie

Rev 4.6 Beta Major Revision

I'm releasing this as a Beta -- Need feedback especially from The newer Sony Jukebox Owners
And Jukebox Owners In Japan

Added -- Rebuilt whole application to support Unicode
Major BugFix -- Rebuilt DVD_TEXT from scratch
Added -- Now supports filling in second line (Artist) on Pioneer DVD jukeboxes
(Click -- Volume -- Select ACTOR (In pulldown selector) then edit the name)
or use the next added option
Added >>Settings
When creating Dummy DVD_TEXT
2 selectors to create Dummy entries for Sony/Pioneer Jukeboxes

This change may also reopen the second line on the newer Sony Jukeboxes
(untested) for all compiliations using Ver 4.6 (Pls Feedback)
Added -- DVD_TEXT/Make Menu now Displays/Supports other Languages
Added -- DVD_TEXT creation -- Saving DVD_Text in Languages other then English (Settop must support other character sets)
Language Code, Character Set, and Code Page are now selectable
(Default English, ISO 646, Current Ansi Codepage) (these were TW's old presets)
Added -- DVD_TEXT Font Selector
Added /PV (command line) -- Create entry to fill in Pioneer Jukeboxes second line Artist
(Caution: Having Second line option vhecked in Settings
& /SV or /PV will result in multiple entries)
Bugfix/Tinkered -- Remove All Menus --TW will now create viable navigation to reach the first movie
Updated -- All MakeMenu rendering routines to current build (DVDAuthor)
Updated -- PgcEditPreview to current build
BugFix -- 4.52 -- MenuEditor wasn't allowing access to ttn pre/post commands or the vob/cells
Tweaks -- MakeMenu to improve rendering speed
Updated Help HTML's

Rev 4.52
Added --Installer
Note Most Registy Options will be set to Defaults
Tw will now Install in C:Program filesTitleWriter
Desktop shortcut will be created and entry in Main program group
Added -- Settings -- Option to disable "Confirm Action MessageBoxes"
BugishFix -- More commas in strings converted to spaces
BugFix -- Happyface wasn't saving certain changes in some fields when other fields were edited
BugFix -- Make Menu -- Back and Next were not being Displayed properly on Switcher

Rev 4.51
BugFixBroke The Pgc Command editor -- Fixed
And tweaked a couple of GUI foibles

Rev 4.5
Many Thanx to Tetsuro_ja, Jinjin_jp, and Dirio49 for the unending testing and ideas

Added -- Fix for WinAvi compiliations -- Via Delete all Menus
(Note: Make Menu MUST be used to complete the fix)
Added -- Allow user to select folder containing bitmaps for buttons
Note: Only "English" filenames recognized
Added -- MenuEditor View/Edit "No Menu Selected title Pre/Post commands
Updated -- Make Menu -- Save/Load to cover new options
This renders old (Saved Pre 4.5) templates useless (sorry)
Added -- Optional To Recolor Buttons To System color
Tweaked "Blend Mode" for recoloring buttons
Added -- Support for creating Menus in Other languages via Translation file

Currently -- English, Japanese (Author Japanese Files -- Tetsuro_ja)
(If anyone wishs to create Other language support files
I'll add to TW's Language Support folder on subsequent releases)

You may also "customize" say English Menu strings at will via the same method

Added -- Support for "Remote Control Buttons">| and <| buttons various Remote Control tricks can be played on Movies without menus with these buttons
Many Tweaks, minor buglets

Rev 4.32

Added Compatibility with output of GUI for Dvdauthor/Muxman
Added -- Option --Globally Set Menu Puo's
Added -- Option -- Remove all Menus/dummy pgc's related to menus
Reworked -- Menu Editor -- Access/Edit All Vts ttn pre/Post commands
ReWorked -- FixVts Sectors -- Fixes more "Iffy" Ifo's
Added: TW will now recognize and handle more "Iffy" designed Pgc's
(Where cell info does not quite match IFO)
BugFix: Add Menu Links to Movie selector Menu Fixed
BugFix: Add New button Fixed
BugFix/Tinkered with VMGM Fp Set to Movie or Vts Menu
Changed --On Import Menu -- Set PUO = 4 Titlewriter will now Disable Title button on remote
To many problems if Remote Title button bypasses TW GPRM sets (mainly with "Generic" menus)

Changes Make Menu
Added Cute Auto Seek to Last chapter played in Scenes (Thanx to Tetsuro_ja, Dirio_49)
Fixed Spumux/DVDAuthor crashing if Compiliation Path contains spaces
Menu Support for Extras (Up to 5) -- (Multi Ttn compiliations --Play Only)
Compiliations will be treated (Per Vts) as Movie + extras
BugFix: TW Now kicks error if size of Chapter Menu thumb height computes to < 5 pixels
BugFix: TW Now kicks error if Setup Menu can not be drawn at current Font size
(Before TW was drawing "Interesting" menus when extremely large Font sizes are selected
-- Legal/And Somewhat Usable but Interesting)
Option Use Text To Draw bottom Buttons (Now default)
as opposed to using .Bmp files Play, PlayAll etc as "Icons"
Added: Oversized Text/Font Strings will now be Squished to Cell Display size
Changed: TW will display a Warning Window only once -- If Make Menu is Adjusting Text to make it fit (During Create Menu)
Log will show all Text TW adjusts
Removed Font Color Selector -- Menu System Color used to draw text/Icons
Had to rearrange GUI yet again
Button softening will now be applied to all menus (including Vts Menus)
Adjusted Initial vts play selector to Start with Menu
More closely resembles a Standard/Commercial Dvd Navigation
Option in TW settings to Auto set selector to either Start with Menu or Play Movie
Myriad Changes/Fixes/tinkering

Rev 4.31
BugFix -- DVDTEXT -- TW wasn't reading DVD_TEXT that utilized multiple lu
Tw will now read DVD_TEXT for the first language encountered
Note: On Save Changes Multi Lu text will be replaced by single LU DVD_TEXT
BugFix -- On Add menus TW wasn't remapping goto nowhere jumps to title 1 In Vmgm First Play
(And when did that happen)
Make Menu
Fixed DVD player lockup/exit if Resume hit before a Movie is Played
Moved a few buttons around for "elegance"
And a few more Tweaks to increase rendering speed

Rev 4.3
Added -- Make Menu -- Vts "Main/Root"menu -- more readily resembles a "Standard/Commercial" DVD
navigation layout
BugFix -- Make Menu -- Scenes -- Cosmetic -- Removed Back and Next Chapter Page Links
(when #Chapter pages =1 Duh)
BugFix -- Make Menu -- Tweaked alignment of TitleWriter resource bitmaps (Play, Movies, Etc)
(They were just a little bit high or low -- not aligning with each other)
Buggishfix -- Titlewriter wasn't clearing Viewer Selector bar back to 0 when loading a new image in all modules
BugFix -- Make Menu -- Cosmetic -- Scenes menu / 6 thumb grid was a little too tight added spacing
Fixed Foible -- Make Menu -- DVDAuthor/TitleWriter was creating 99 Vts Menu program entries (to match dummy.vob)
coerced to actual Number of chapters in movie
Tweaked -- Increased rendering speed a bit
(but since I've added another Menu its probably an overall wash)
Added -- On Create Dummy DVD_TEXT segment -- Titlewriter will now auto add Chapter Dummy Entries to all titles
CLI /ADDCHAPTERS eliminated and ignored
Added/Fixed HappyFace --Combined Fix chapters Macros/Options under a Selector menu
(Just no room for more buttons under Chapters Listbox)
Added Macros --To Auto renumber chapter entries by patterns -- Common patterns I Have noticed
(add sequentially,first cell duplicated ,all cells duplicated)
Smartened up -- adding new chapter entries -- TW will now fill in first,last chapter buttons using data from prior line
Many other minor GUI/code Tweaks

Rev 4.21
Added -- Make Menu -- Tw will now Import from DVD_TEXT chapter Text (If present) for Chapter Thumbnails
BugFix: --Certain GUI windows were being clipped (Seems like it was only for Japanese users --Monkey Scratchs Head)
Increased Rendering Speed a bit
BugFix -- Make Menu -- Preview -- Viewer was covering and intercepting clicks to Preview and Next buttons

Rev 4.2 Major Revision
Added Chapter, Audio, Subtitles Menu Generator to Make Menu
(Old TitleWriter Generic Chapter/Setup removed)
Option for # Chapter links per chapter page
Adjusted VMGM Movie Switcher for a "slightly cleaner" look
(Bottom menu buttons on there own line)
Altered all Menu resource bitmap files for cleaner display
Added ac3 support for Menu Audio
Added Color Menu resources -- recolors "Menu Resource icon" buttons
Updated Make Menu help a bit
Increased Make Menu rendering speed
TitleWriter will now display DVDAuthor,Spumux shell windows if a menu rendering error was detected
(If contacting me regarding rendering errors -- Pls Send me contents of the Window displayed)
(RClick>>Select All>>Copy to place text in Clipboard)
Many Many Many code cleanups to make all this work

Rev 4.15
BugFix -- Major -- Happyface wasn't cleaning up Code Name _The Cleaner properly
Added Make Menu >> Slider to soften Highlight and Select colors
Added Make Menu >>Movie Switcher -- Back button
BugfixMake Menu >>Very minor >> Intra menu buttons drawn over thumbs/Movie text on smaller fonts

Rev 4.14
Note:In the future pls use the terms "Squish" or transcoder if contacting me regarding TW (when applicable)
Bugfix: Make Menu >> Navigation when Number of Movies was an even multiple of 4
Bugfix: Happyface thumbnail viewer location in all screen resolutions
Added: MenuEditor mode Create New Button >> Menu or RClick on thumbnail
Creates a new button for menu showing in Viewer
(A Note on this function -- You can't "name" the image under the New button
On Original menus I've tested it Displays a colored rectangle (about 95% of the time) when selectedotherwise its invisible)
Added: MenuEditor mode -- Option to create relink buttons in each Vts back to Movie switcher
Applies to Readding Original Menus
Added: Make Menu >>Movie Switcher will show the next movie to be played
Updated Help system/Files
Myriad small changes

Rev 4.13
BugFix:Reactivated CLI (At some point I deactivated and forgot to reactivate --Oops)
BugFix:Fatal exits caused a complete crash of TW in some cases
Added CLI /FGUI [file]open TW and load compiliation in GUI file must be full path to video_ts.ifo
Added CLI /MAKEMENU [optional file] invokes Make Menu from CLI optionally loads .TWM file creates and adds menu to compiliation
Changed /M to /MENU in CLI

Rev 4.12
BugFix: Menu Maker ... Font selector -- will now load properly on initial update and show the last font used for successful Menu generation.
BugFix: Menu Maker .. Load Menu wasn't applying the saved font properly to current compiliation

Removed All SimpleMenus support (And SimpleMenu folder from download site)
They can still be used but will be treated "As is" when added to a Movie vts title 1 menu will not propagate to Other vts's
The functionality is replaced by the Make Menu subroutine

BugFix: Removed PgcEditpath (Settings) hard coded to TW/tool folder in all cases

Added Clear a selected menu (Menu Selector) (Not Elegant but functional)
Click on the line>>Hit Cancel>> Window will pop up asking if you want to remove current menu selection.

Reworked -- Help system to Current Ver release.

Rev 4.11
Fixed: The file Silence.mp2 wasn't

Rev 4.1 Release
Added Audio -- Remember 48Khz for dvds
(Besweet & Belight are painless for mp2 conversions)
Allowing -- Per Button selection of frames images, display rules
A number of buttons to auto fill all menu movie button cells
Cleaned up Silence.mp2 -- No more "Please remux" in DvdAuthor
Caution: On Successful Menu creation -- TW will turn Off your "Load Vts with generic " option in Settings
if any movie cells have "Apply TitleWriters Generic Vts Menu to this movie" unchecked
Fixed - Many silly things in the MenuMaker GUI
Removed -- SimpleMenus from TW (No longer really needed)
Updated Help

Rev 4.01Beta
Added Save,Loadselections menu in Menu Creator
Added Play All (Works best with DVDShrink Reauthored Compiliations ttn entry and exit strategy gprm=0 on entry, title on exit))
Individual Menu Buttons images can now be selected (No Longer global)
implemented No Vts menu from menucreator gui
Myriad tweaks in MenuCreator logic and GUI

Rev 4.0

Added A Make a Generic Menu switcher -- With thumbnails,thumbnail titles, and Volume Name -- Pulled from TW's

Dvd_text area on invocation (using DVDAuthor)

Will handle up to 99 Vts's

User can change backgrounds,frames,master text fonts, transparancy, play targets,etc

Icon type selectors over thumbnails are supported (Change button frame to starburst in TW's toolsmenufiles folder

(I will probably be deleting the generic simple menu folders entirely Later Feedback welcome as this is more elegant and can handle any number of Vts's )

Removed: The autoload of last menu used into Menu Selector window on open compiliation

Will now show No Menu if there isn't one-- Prior method was to confusing I guess

Bugfix Happyface chapter fixing was ignoring offset to first chapter button on each page (Always started with 1)

Bugfix When editing chapter fix area via certain macros -- changes

Rev 3.12
Bugfix: During Simple Menu Import Tw was altering cell duration time of Vts 2 -- resulting in a crash
BugfixDvd Command editor wasn't accepting changes in First play or Movie pre post commands
BugfixIn Simple menus import Tw was occasionally (and wrongly) Killing buttons for existing Audio/Subtitle streams
Tweaked the "What is a Chapter algorithm"(In Happyface)

Rev 3.1 5/12/2006
BugFix:when importing A Generic Menu - sometimes Audio/SubtitleButtons were being disabled

Rev 3.09/27/06 Major Revision (Download both TitleWriterFiles and SimpleMenus folders)

Added -- Support (In Happyface) if "Main" menu is in Video_ts with "Sub" menus (Chapter,setup etc.) in a VTS

Added Help (Guides) via Menu TitleWriter Help >> Help (All other guides are invalid/removed)

All Changes in MenuEditor/HappyFace will be reflected in all Vts LU's

Added --Completely changed the Backup Support for Multiple Backup (restore Points)
Caution: If opening an "Old" TW modified file (Pre 2.7)
Some sub files will be missing and the UNDO feature will not work

BugFix -- At some point I busted the Export DVDText for a Title -- Oops

Added -- TW can now Autosetup DVDShrink for Movie Only Compiliations (ReAuthor mode to Just Movie) + ReAdd Orig Menu)

To Use: Open Ripped compiliation in TW and Hit The DVDShrink icon (See Settings)--Then click yes)
DVDShrink Target size (I am Assuming Single Layer 4464) will be reduced by size of largest Vts Menu + Vmg Menu
And Reauthor mode will be started
(I'm almost lazy enough/tempted to step right over the cliff and
DBLCLK largest Movie entry on DVDShrink Browser list)
When Done Shrinking TW will Parse DVDShrink target folder
name to (DVDText) Volume and Title (Altering Underscores to spaces for title and removing them for Volume
and readd (Largest Vts Menu from Ripped folder) menu
Increased DVDTEXT support size to 32Kb from 2Kb -- Should eliminate need to ever Compress DVDText

Added -- Get Vts Sectors (Standard method -- Same as Ifoedits) Located in File Menu

Removed -- Menu Is Generic (Never liked this tickbox -- to confusing)
Note: If creating your own custom Switcher/Generic menu you MUST set provider field of VMG menu to "GENERIC"

In HappyFace -- Increased allowed variances/conditions in Initial loading of Chapter pages (re Button position size(
for preloading chapter pages --(Ie Silent Hill)
(Should more accurately determine "What is a Chapter page")

BugFix -- DVDCommand to string GUI was misreporting On/Off states of subtitle commands

Added -- In Dvd Commands editor -- list of frequently used commands -- for Quick pasting of common Commands

Bugfix -- Crash caused by clicking on next vob icon before before clicking on a line entry in MenuEditor

Changed --the default logic behind when to NOP Killed buttons (Default (unticked in Settings) is now to NOP command)
or to NOP command if Settings field is unticked
Added -- New SimpleMenus
Menu Buttons for all Vts Root Menu's
Play All (Gels nicely with DVDShrink Reauthor mode pre post ttn logic)
Note: Play All will stop if Main (VMG/Movie chooser menu) is entered)
For those who create custom vts menu's Add Movie pre command (gprm 0=0 ) and post command (gprm 0=sprm(4))
(or the VTS title number) (This matches DVDShrink post ttn strategy)

Added -- AutoKill of Menu buttons leading to removed VTS Root menus in VMG main menu

Added -- AutoFix the Class (Root,Audio,Chapter, etc)Pgc modification during Happyface of Pgc's being simplified (Turn on in Settings)

Pgc Class modification (Highlight the Pgc --Option in Menu)

BugFixs -- All over to better support Multiple vts menu import(original/custom) with a Generic Simplemenu as a switcher

Updated -- Happyface GUI to fix non-sequential (And screwed up) chapter menus aka "Final Destination 3" and "Edison force"
All Chapter Pgc's (pages) will be now handled individually
--to edit individual number entries in Advanced mode
click on number you wish to change on a already highlighted line (A selector will open)
-- New entries (Missed chapter pages on initial startup) can be created via drag drop pgc from viewer
to last "blank" line in list or Add button

Updated -- Happyface Wizard for above changes

BugFix -- Title in Vts_0? in Chapter jumps wasn't always correctly being updated to Title 1 of current Vts in HappyFace

Rev 2.653
July 15, 2006
Added-- A Newbie level Wizard to fill in Happyface form
A Checkbox in Settings to start Happyface with the Original Happyface
Added-- Happyface Option (Advanced mode) to remain in current Audio/subtitle Menu when new stream is selected
(Default is to return to "Play" root menu
BugFix -- Fixed Tw call to PgcEditPreview --was failing when Path to Source contained spaces/wildcards
BugFix -- HappyFace wasn't fixing button link to subtitle Pgc when audio pgc was 0
Not really a Bug --- but if TW detects no audio/substream matches between import menu
And audio/subtitle streams that exist in compiliation
Auto remapping of Existing Streams will be turned off

Added - Macro @ROOTMENU@ to command line parser -- used in menushrink CLI (In Program list)
Allows starting for Example MenuShrink on selected Menu Pre or Post Import
Its Just the File Path of the first line of (Menu Selector or Menu Editor) list
Caution: DON"T try to MenuShrink while DvdShrink is processing source (Automated Mode)
Strange and Deadly things happen
Minor Stuff:

June 29, 2006
Rev 2.652
In Happyface-- Support added to fix/handle "AKA Ultraviolet" style menus in Happyface
-- Im beginning to think Sony is going to start breaking our settop players
-- mucking around like this

Trivial -- When Killing buttons -- Option added (Via Settings)
to retain command instead of NOPing it
Added: A Help file showing an example of how to use happyface -- Happyfacehelp.rtf
BugFix: In Happyface wasn't skipping to right second page Pgc#/Vob when 1st and second pages
of chaptermenu were non sequential
BugFix: forced remapp of ttn to 1 on Jump Vts_tt commands where ttn exceeds actual ttn's in vts
Support added for pre,post,cell command editing of Vts ttns
Small GUI foibles

June 6,2006
Rev 2.651
BugFix -Looks like I broke the Menu Import routine fixing Freedomland Genre menus -- Was mapping chapters in template to cell count if cell count greater then programs count in VTS_PGCITI table.(Duh)
Lightly Updated Visualhelp.rtf explaining that when Generic menus (SimpleMenu folder) are used the
If Generic -- Import... checkbocx in Settings must be checked
I'm beginning to wish I hadn't Used this trick to reduce size of SimpleMenus folder

June 4, 2006
Rev 2.65
In HappyFace --Added support to create sensible (Typical) Pgn chapter structures for Dvd's where Cell structure is used for chapter support
(AKA Freedomland --Sony is really seeing just how far they can muck things up)
Including PgceditPreview in download folder
In Gui -- Altered Menu# prompts to More descriptive Pgc#
Fixed -- Small Minor foibles
SimpleMenus unchanged

May 22, 2006
Bugfix -- TW wasn't reading internal DvdShrink folders/settings properly in automated mode in all cases
Added Vob player (Via PGCEditView) in thumbnail (Menu Editor View) and ttn Vob entries
improved target accuracy in HappyFace during preloading form values
Trivial --Tw gui -- Menu Views changed to 1 click not doubleclick for line selection
Improved TW when using a SimpleMenu Vmg template with "original" VTS menus
Minor GUI fixes

Apr 20,2006
Rev 2.64
Added Frame Capture >> .bmp in Thumbnail viewer -- RClick in thumb >> Click Yes-- snapshots will be saved in c:temp directory
BugFix -- Menu editors horizontal scrollbar
BugFix -- Occasionally Wasn't pulling DvdShrinks Registry value for ImportFolder correctly
(sometimes was pulling while shrink was writing it -- Oops)
Added >>File Menu>>Create Backup (overwrites any existing backup)
CLI /B NEVER -- All requests for backup will be ignored
BugFix /M request in CLI was being bypassed
Added /GENERIC in CLI to tell TW generic menu is being added
Totally Removed TW dummy entries -- In PTT_SRPTI tables and VMG_PTT_SRPT
TW will now support menu addition to vts with multiple ttn's
(A La Recodes Merge function)
(I had to assume menu is to be applied only to the first ttn in VTS --
Not elegant since the user is probably cutting in the middle or remerging a split dvd)
But could be readding an alternate ending so the ambiguity)

May have to add a switch telling TW that menu is to be applied to all ttn's sequentially
(Mostly has to do with chapter selection in second vts)(extremely tricky but its on my look at list)
Added (Trivial)-- TW will autofix # Vob_id's in VTS_C_ADT table to correct # (Known DVDShrink, Recode bug)
during menu addition

Apr 12,2006
Rev 2.63
BugFix: Happy Face >> Unending loop if Setup Menu# was last menu in vts
Tw -- Will now only Kick 1 warning if Can't create backup (as in opening Burned Disk for viewing)

Apr 8,2006
Rev 2.62
Fixed During Generic menu add last cell of last vob was being renumbered to 0

Apr 8,2006
Rev 2.61
Fixed Slight misbehavior when Menu is Generic is checked Add menu was being unchecked and sometimes menu wasn't added when requested
Thumbnail Vob viewer enabled for Video_ts
Added Checkbox in settings for repeatedly importing Generic menu in Vts_01 to all Vts titles in compiliation
(This significantly reduces size of menutemplates in SimpleMenus folder)
Make sure This is checked prior to adding any of my simplemenu's

Apr 7,2006
Rev 2.6Beta
Fixed some small Gui misbehaviors
Moved vob viewer into main Happy Face and Menu Editor gui's as a form of thumbnail (DBLCLK on Vob entries or Eye Icon)
Note: In Motion Menus Sometimes you will see a blank screen to start with (left & right buttons to move view around in Vob) or click on slide
The Magnifying glass zooms
In thumbnails implemented Drag/Drop of vob viewer button #'s/Menu #'s into form entries (Mainly used in Happy Face),
(For Menu #'s Grab where there isn't a button)
Caution: I'm allowing drops into ANY edit field in any App on desktop
Dragging a button to the small trashbin deletes the button in Vob
Clicking a button in thumbs starts command editor
Removed Kill Buttons field in Happy face (now superflous)
Added - In Happy Face -- A field for the actual # chapters reachable by chapter selection menus
(May not be the Number of chapters/Programs in the VTS -- Sometimes Dummy chapters at end of ttn unreachable by chapter select buttons)

Mar 22,2006
Can't believe I missed this
Fixed major bug -- File Open crashed if registry entry for last compiliation was NULL

Mar 20,2006
Rev 2.55
Gui Cleanups
Changed Main Load DVD to Load dvd folder (No longer have to Browse to video_ts.ifo file)
Note: Commandline mode /F still must have full path to video_ts.ifo

Added (In Settings) checkbox to Autoload Largest menu to Vts -- title 1 entry (During Vmgr menu selection)
Saves clicks when reAdding Original menu back into Reauthored compiliation

Added support (In Simplify Menu) if Audio/Subtitle Setup button (Main Menu) points to an individual menu linking to audio and subtitle menu's

Now Forcing TW backup to _UNDO folder syntax (Option of User select of Backup folder name removed)

Added (In Happy Face Menu) field for User to select Buttons to Kill (In Play, Scene select, Bonus, Etc Menu) leading to removed items (Seperate multiples by commas)
Removed "Use Vmg Menu as is","Use Import Menus First Play"

Menu Editor or Happy Face manipulations happen on the fly (Changes written directly to files)
No SaveChanges required

Mar 12,2006
Rev 2.546Beta
2.545 Broke some things fixed in 2.546
Added DBLCLK on entry in DVD_TEXT area to delete an entry
Added Settings Menu Option to Disable TW backup entirely (Only If not Adding Menu's)

Mar 12,2006
Rev 2.545
Added Auto import of ttn pre,post,cell commands on add menu (Generic/Original) to title 1 in each Vts
Finally Fixed Resume in Menutemplates -- Will resume properly in Ch 1
Removed -- On Add Menu -- Generic -- Start Play Movie/Menu
You can still select from toolbar after adding Generic -- But results will probably not work properly
Neatened/Smartened Gui

Mar 09,2006
Rev 2.544
Fixed Menutemplates again
Added -- On Import Original menu's Titlewriter will automatically remapp compiliation audio/sub streams
to the imported menu
and Kill Removed audio/stream buttons from menu (If Button contains SETSN command)
Note: You must Now tell Titlewriter if its importing a generic or Original menu

Mar 05,2006
Rev 2.543Beta
Fixed Stream description in VTS_ATRT table
Fixed Menu4Episodic Resume Logic

Mar 05,2006
Rev 2.542Beta
Reworked menutemplates to eliminate problem of dvd exit before any playback has happened
Removed Menu4Titlesets --redundant use menu4episodic
included menu chapter support in Menu10Titlesets
But TW can't auto kill the VMG redundant buttons --
to remove them DBLCLK on Vmgr entry and DBLCLK on button in Menu you wish to kill
if not removed and clicked -- Playback of Title 1 proceeds
TW autokill will still handle killing redundant chapter buttons

Mar 04,2006
Rev 2.541Beta
Removed Dummy title play maps,dummy Vts entries so output is more PgcEdit compliant
(PgcEdit makes assumptions that are technically incorrect)
Kill Button (Both Auto and Hand Kill) -- Will now support subsequent PgcEdit manipulations

Mar 03, 2006
Rev 2.54Beta

Fixed -- Lockup when Num actual titles > number menus being added
Fixed -- Start Play with menu/movie was being bypassed when more then 1 VTS present
In MenuTemplates_Simple -- Internal navigation between buttons made more elegant (more sensible)
A change in prompt "Use Vmg Menu as is" to "Use Import Menus First Play" to more accurately describe option

Mar 01, 2006
Rev 2.53Beta
Fixed -- Kill Buttons to non existant targets Subroutine -- Intra button navigation hangups were occuring
Added -- " -- Will now kill unused audio/video stream selection buttons
Fixed -- Problem Tw was Killing playback of Menu with buttons in VMGM realm
Added -- On Menu Simplify TW will apply Kill Buttons Subroutine after simplification

Feb 28,2006
Rev 2.52Beta
Moved Settings to Registry (will still update with the old .ini file then delete it)
Added Checkbox in Settings
if DvdText editor is the default Editor view on Load DVD
Dummy Support in imported VTS_PGCITI table (unnecessary but why not)
Removed - TW rewiring of Title jumps in Vmgm FP and PGC's to Vts 1 ttn 1

Feb 27,2006
Rev 2.51Beta
Fixed Misbehavior OnAddMenu() defaults/switches
Fixed Pgc Command Editor
Widened Program List toolbar to first 8 entries

Feb 22, 2006
Rev 2.5
Extensively simplified GUI
Added toolbar & Added links to first 6 program entries loaded in program list

Added --TW Will now support some badly authored Dvd compiliations

DBLCLK on entrys in menu listbox to expand/change sub entries

Added--Post DVD menu addition
Vob/Menu Viewer Support (Uses PgcEditPreview)
Added Menu Button Command Editing/Kill support(DBLCLK on Button entry)
Added PGC Menu Command Editing support (Not elegant yet)
Added a Menu simplifier (Use if navigation/hangup problems when playing a DVD
after TW adds an original menu)
(This converts an original menu added to a VTS to its simplist requirements
Buttons commands will be rewritten to go directly to their targets
this eliminates post menu navigation problems
(navigation ->> a removed Item->>default Play movie ttn1 vts 1))
Note: Menu changes (Post Add Menu) are preformed On The Fly -- no Save Changes needed
This allows navigation changes made to show up in subsequent soft DVD player runs immediately

Added Commandline switches/SKIP_CRAP Bypasses VMG Playback (Non menu)
/DVD_TEXT_MIN Reduces Dvd Text entries to minimums

Aug 4, 2005
Rev 2.02
Added /B NEVER -- in commandline mode a backup will not be created (The default is to always create a backup)

Added Bypass Vmg playback checkbox (Under Add Menu)
Skips playback of all non menu items in VMG realm (used to bypass FBI warnings, you're going straight to hell crap)

Added (Single Title/Movie only compiliations)
All Title jumps in VMG realm will be rewritten to Title 1
All Root Menu jumps will be redirected to the root menu in VTS 1

Added Ability to rewire chapter buttons when re(Adding) menu on split dvd
(So the second dvd of a split compiliation chapter menu buttons/pictures point to the right chapter
invalid chapter buttons will be disabled)
set the chapter number to the # you wish to start the second dvd at)

Added RUNPROGRAM to extended commands
Stops current program and starts p1

Added SETWINDOWPOS to extended commands
Sets/sizes a window to position and size (This makes sure window is where you think it is in all subsequent runs)

Added TitlewriterSpy -- Used to make/edit extended commandline script files (Alot like Spy++)
its what I used to create NeroExpressBurn.txt file

Myriad GUI cleanups

Feb 20 2005

Fixed a nasty bug on SHOWWINDOW ext command -- wasn't always displaying window on top with mouse focus

Added @DVDTITLENAME@ to Macros Will be replaced with content of the first entry
following First TITLE: entry from titlewriters DVD_TEXT area
(I used this to create a 1 Clicker in my program list to add the Movie Name into an MsWorks database
containing all the Movies I have then sort it

I left the programline in programlist on provided startup as an FYI example
Since you won't have the database don't run - just delete it or use it to make your own.

Added DOESMACROEXIST,@MACRO@,label; command to extended command line parser
checks if macro has content if yes goto label

Feb 16 2005
Rev 2.0 Beta (Major Revision)

This is a Beta as I Don't have ability to test on all platforms

Added - Ability to run Multiple instances (First started -- Last done) of DvdShrink,Recode and TitleWrite
(And Optionally burn,view,Ifoedit etc)

Added - Run any transcoder from Titlewriter (Multiple instances DVDShrink,Recode only)
(And Optionally Automatically TitleWrite -- and/or burn,view,Ifoedit etc)

Added - Ability to run any .exe program (with/without commandlines)from Titlewriter GUI Essentially DblClick access to run (NeroCmd --burning) ,pgcedit,ifoedit vobblanker...
SingleClick --> Add,Edit,Delete Programs in Program list
(See Initial Programs examples supplied more on commandline options in Commandlinehelp file)

Added - Option to Automate GUI programs running under TitleWriter' GUI

I created a script processor to click locations/items,inject text,Push Buttons,
set HKEY_CCURRENT_USER ,RG_SIZE keys in other App's registry entries,
and do various things according to windows title text
into an application's windows

The Provided Extended Command lines were created on a 1670Mhz,XP,512 Ram machine
with screen at 1024 x 768 -- Obviously they will not run properly at other screen resolutions

This Hard to describe just get your compiliation ready, load in titlewriter
and when ready to burn DblClk NeroExpressBurn entry (if you have neroexpress)
Sit Back and Watch what happens -- All will then be clear
Other programs can be script/smart automated in the same way

Those who like to tinker will love playing around with the Extended Commandline

The Script Commands/Usage are in ExtendedCommands.txt file (See NeroExpressBurn for Ex.)

Essentially I'm heading for 1 main interface for doing anything to a dvd compiliation start to finish
with quick DblClk Access on individual steps and ability to automate Programs under TitleWriter

Added - (In Settings) After processing done shutdown computer/titlewriter

Added Settings Menu
Eliminated ShrinkTitleWrite totally -- Moved capabilities into TitleWriter
Cleaned Up Interface
Removed Clear Log Option
Fixed Start sector of VMG_VOBS if Video_ts.vob doesn't exist
Removed Use Alt VMG Menu -- It added to many complications for to little gain
Added Scan and "rewire" PGC Menu tables checkbox
(Used to rewire PGC jumps to removed/non existant items to existing items.)

Myriad Other GUI, TitleWriter, and Add Menu Fixes and Cleanups

Notes: The program(s) command(s) In ProgramList box Initial Startup may not reside at the same locations on your computer
Edit to fit
NeroCMD line burns Dvd Compliant compiliation,Showtime to view
or if you don't have Nero Retail you can use provided NeroExpress NeroExpressBurn entry

All commands use ...VIDEO_TS ... folder for location of compiliation
(I Like having my working folder look like the final result
Compliancy Issue --tick create Audio_ts and Video_ts folders in DVDShrink Backup Area)

NeroCmd will complain if the compiliation has a video_ts.vob of 0 length

Dec 7 2004
Revision 1.71
Added Option - Start Play With Movie - Start Play with Menu in vts1
Added Option - Clear log
Added a report (In log area) on currently selected Menu Template
Compiliation size (whether the menu will fit)
Probable Movie Vts number
Compiliation Size on Movie only (If you select a VTS number On Import Menu/Ifo etc
if Selected vts menu contains root,chapter,audio,subpicture,angle menus
Cleaned up interface
Command Line options added for new options (I wouldn't burn a compilation with Original Menus until I checked it)
Disables menu buttons that clearly don't point anywhere (deleted titleplay maps and chapters)

Nov 16 2004
Revision 1.7Beta
Added support to add original menu back into Movie only compilations (See TitlewriterHelp)
Deleted Select first play option
Added A choose your movie template box and menu finder button (no longer asks after Save Changes)
Fixed some Small foibles
I'll leave as beta until feedback

Oct 18 2004
Revision 1.655
Fixed TDA compatability bug
(final results seem to be "more compliant to the Dvd Standard")
Turned off Add menu check boxs if menu exists -
misc little stuff
Added Menu template for 2 movies into Movietemplates_simple

Oct 6 2004
Revision 1.654
Added Export/Import Titleset Dvd_Text content

Oct 1 2004
Revision 1.653
Added Import Chapter Names from text file

Sept 25 2004
Revisions 1.651
BUGFIXS: Add menu with Use Menu pre/post command checked - now copies the menu VMGI_MAT End byte (0x80) to project
(PgcEdit run post titlewriter kicks a warning)
Minor usage cleanups
Changes to make ShrinkandTitlewrite shut down system/programs "cleaner"

Aug 15 2004
Revisions Titlewriter 1.641
Moved Some titlewriter command line options to editing fields (/T1,/C,/P)
Added option to Run last program multiple times
Added Amount of time transcoder has to be idle before forced transcoder exit/ titlewriter continue

Revisions/Additions Titlewriter 1.64
BUGFIX: IF Backup (/B in Commandline request - will now stomp on existing content of old UNDO folder
BUGFIX: More testing added --if condition=Menu exists when Addmenu requested --
(I hit a Weird commercial disk with Menu --
tested as No Menu --Menu added to dvd with a menu- what a mess !!!)
/U Commandline parameter added -Use VMG menu Pre/post commands = true
(Newbies /U-- If using my menu templates Disk Play starts with Menu not first title)
/SV "extendedname"Commandline parameter added - Fills in a second volume entry line (Sony jukes second line)
(I Have no way to test /SV on my pioneer jukebox standalone pls feedback if it does/doesn't work)
Proggie to automate Shrink,TitleWrite,Burn cycle (acts like a .bat file)

How To Use ShrinkandTitle:(I'll assume DvdShrink.Nero is being used in this example)

Fill in fields with your paths to transcoder.exe,titlewriter.exe ,and optional post titlewriter program/commandline
(Im using nero -- Im not sure but I think liscenced ver. is req. to use NEROCMD for burning)
edit titlewriter command line as applicable (I handle /F /M /V commands inside program)
edit Volume Name
If you don't want menu added -- blank it out
If you use my burn commandline alter --drivename g to your burner drivename don't add colon
Press Start transcoder button
Shrink normally
(Notes:In Shrink You must check Create Audio_ts Video_ts folder option in burn options for my commandline to nerocmd to work properly)
Disable Nero, Don't check Shutdown Computer option)

Start Backup In Shrink
Click on Shrinkandtitle window
Select Path to Target (And no I can't pull target folder info from shrink)
Post Titlewriter program/command line (If you don't want it blank them out or change How many times selector box to 0)
Optional (Shutdown computer checkbox)

click Press this Button at bottom of form

At this point You won't be allowed to make any more changes

Don't Pause DvdShrink after backup starts
How it works:

Titlewriter will wait until DvdShrink/Transcoder Kernal usage time goes to 0 in a 6 sec interval
then proceeds (Shrink essentially done stuck in a messagebox/error)
Shrink/Transcoder is forced close if still open (This may take up to 20 Seconds)
Or Titlewriter will start if Transcoding Application exits with 0 errorlevel (Like a straight bat mode file)

I then test if Video_ts.ifo has been created and fatal out if not (This is one of the last files any transcoder creates)
(Essentially traps for Read disk/encoding/Cycle redundency errors in shrink)

TitleWriting proceeds/finishes
Optional Post Titlewriter command line proceeds (If you don't want it blank it out )
Saves ShrinkTitle field contents
Program/Computer? shuts itself down

More notes:
Yes you can use dvddecrypter to burn (or any other burning software that has commandline option)
In Post Titlewriter commandline using
@DVDVOLUMENAME@ will be rewritten with contents of dvd Volume Name field
@DVDPATHNAME@ will be truncated with path to target VIDEO_TS,AUDIO_TS folder field of Path to dvd target field
Example: C:testVIDEO_TSVIDEO_TS.IFO will be truncated to c:test

You can alter Speed command in provided commandline for faster burning
Example: --speed 4 =Burn at 4x

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7 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

I had no problem installing and running it on my Windows 7 32 bit box.
After downloading the executable right click and go to properties and tick Unblock, then go to the compatibility tab and select run as XP SP2. The install as Administrator. You could also after unblocking it right click and right click and select "troubleshoot compatibility" and let the wizard do it for you. Windows 7 is far more forgiving than what the casual user give it credit.

Review by netmask56 on Apr 11, 2010 Version: 4.72 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 5/10 Functionality: 5/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 5/10

If you are using Vista or Windows 7, you cannot run it. You have to run it on a Virtual XP world running in Wmware or VirtualBox. Would be nice to know how to get it running directly in Windows 7. I would give this 10 across the board if it worked in Windows 7.

Review by monolithmonster on Apr 11, 2010 Version: 4.72 OS: Windows 7 Ease of use: 10/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

I use this program strictly for its MakeMenu function. All of the free authoring programs that I have tried force reencoding of video files. This program simply inserts a menu into the VIDEO_TS folder without reencoding your files. This is a great tool to use on compilations created with DVDFab Platinum Merge Mode or DVDShrink Re-author Mode. As of this writing, I have not found a Tutorial to point others to. The Help files included with the program are only a starting point. The Author is helpful for specific issues here: (Make sure the display properties setting on your PC shows 32 bit color prior to creating and adding the menu.)

Review by raycorri on Nov 7, 2007 Version: 4.6 (Oct.11, 2007) OS: WinXP Ease of use: 6/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

first of all, why even rate a tool 1's across the board that you haven't even used, because you cannot download it?

anyway, for people who are clueless when it comes to DVD editing, this may take some time to learn, but once you get the hang of it, its fairly easy. it also comes with help files with pictures to guide you.

paired with menushrink, i like to re-add the original menus to re-authored DVD movies, and this does just that. i've tried other methods of doing this, but all the other methods cause stuttering problems when used with DVD-rebuilder.

props to FallenAngel for making DVD menu editing fairly easy in his freeware tool, and his dedication to helping people with his tool who are in need.

Review by xycer on Jul 7, 2006 Version: 2.652 OS: WinXP Ease of use: 8/10 Functionality: 9/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

This is a very useful tool to add DVD-Text. The latest version now includes a simple document file explaining some of its menu making features.

Review by pkravchenko on Apr 11, 2006 Version: 2.6beta OS: Win2K Ease of use: 9/10 Functionality: 10/10 Value for money: 10/10 Overall: 9/10

7 reviews, Showing 1 to 5 reviews

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